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Best Suffusing Poems

Below are the all-time best Suffusing poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of suffusing poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Ramblers
’Tween hither and thither we wended our way
skipping, dancing through sand dunes, in seascape croquet.
While woven in waves watching dolphins at play
I first tasted her...

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Categories: suffusing, fantasy, love,
Form: Quatrain

Watercolour Painted Skies
Watercolour painted skies of ochre tinged with grey;
early sunset settles on a dying autumn day.
Ancient oaks resplendently release their rain of gold,
crisp leaves catch the...

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Categories: suffusing, nature, seasonsautumn,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Winter Blues - A Photo, Faded

So close, you were skin to my flesh,
     Marrow to my bones ...

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Categories: suffusing, heartbreak, lost love, passion, soulmate, true
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Vignette of Nature
A flower breaks out afresh from its swollen, 
green bud and then stretches outward into
the sun-drenched sky. A thing of nature that's 
timeless and...

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Categories: suffusing, flower, nature, spring, summer,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Schrodinger's Monster

Don't open your eyes!
          Horrid sounds - screams and scratching,
     an odor...

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Categories: suffusing, analogy, emotions, fear, horror, metaphor,
Form: Free verse


ONE HEART, TWO HOMES; (was first written in December of 2011)

Belize of my birth; where my first love bloomed
You've showed me sweet freedom, to grace...

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Categories: suffusing,
Form: Dodoitsu
Each measure of bliss lets you think home sweet home
Each climb you climb bids surrender, two become one
The air is fresh and light, it invites...

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Categories: suffusing, blessing, celebration, fantasy, good night, happiness,
Form: Romanticism
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

...for Carson McCullers

Terse language scored to the bone   
with naught leftover, 
truth suffusing every word 
without a shred of platitude.

She faced her ghosts...

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Categories: suffusing, on writing and words,
Form: Quatrain
Milky skin
Warming me inside
Suffusing my body with joy.
Every cell reaches toward you and shivers in glee.
Anticipation knows no bounds as you whisper across my skin...

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Categories: suffusing, love,
Form: Fibonacci
The Rhythm Of Love
Your eyelids fluttering with desire
My eyes gaze deeply into yours
Your soft lips suffusing scarlet
My kisses light your glorious fire.

Eager, you slip into my embrace
Against my...

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Categories: suffusing, happiness, love, passion,
Form: Romanticism
It's a day for taking a pledge
That we wo'nt litter earth with garbage
It's a day to introspect
About grim fact of greenhouse effect
An occasion of contrition...

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Categories: suffusing, inspirational, life, nature, day, time,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Morning Mesmerizes
Morning Mesmerizes

Pastel painted skies
Mirrored heavens suffusing
Mountain reflections....

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Categories: suffusing, nature
Form: Haiku
Beneath a Dire Moon
The moon hovers there, shining aloft,
its form the infamous crescent,
its glow so luminous as to reveal the rest of the orb,
oft-hidden when its time in...

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Categories: suffusing, dark, fear, halloween, horror, scary,
Form: Free verse

Looking at the sun as it sets
It’s light suffusing the clouds
The day has come to an end
The setting sun; setting space for the moon
The night...

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Categories: suffusing, adventure, life, sun, time,
Form: Triolet
The Great Union

The rising Sun spills her golden yellow shine 
suffusing the Sky with glowing embrace they combine
celebrating this union the Sun kissed flowers dance and chime...

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Categories: suffusing, nature,
Form: Free verse
Paul Dice
Ameliorate the sensation sans being caught 
   between the devil and the dark blue sea,
This tethered to the oblate spheroid earthling 

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Categories: suffusing, angel, appreciation, blessing, character, encouraging, friendship,
Form: Ode
Prince of Darkness
one moonlit night i was spawned, 
a fallen angel with desecrated wings...
a changeling child, my eyes glistening menace...
and God shuddered when he saw me, 

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Categories: suffusing, angst, imagination, music
Form: Free verse
Creamy pale  flour toasting slowly in clear butter
Rhythmic strokes glaze it glistening ochre brown
Suffusing  sanctum with spiritual fervour
Wafts of rich aroma languidly...

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Categories: suffusing, community, imagery, may, spiritual,
Form: Verse
Isis in the Smoke
Isis in the Smoke
A hush has rested this quiet afternoons sunless wing
While his thoughts hang on a trembling tip between nowhere and knowing
And the...

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Categories: suffusing, losstime, blue, day, garden, lonely, love,
Form: Free verse
Musings on a Southern Novelist
Terse language scored to the bone 
with naught leftover, 
truth suffusing every word 
without a shred of platitude. 
She faced her challenges with fortitude, 

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Categories: suffusing, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member FactoidMan and ShallowMan - Part 3
“ShallowMan, if you’ve conflictions
owing to your mind’s addictions
to subconscious maledictions,
due to doubt in old convictions;
tell me now of your afflictions.”

“FactoidMan, I must confess
I understand you...

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Categories: suffusing, society, truth, universe,
Form: Rhyme
With the convergence of the night,
   in the misty morning,
	I see the moon rising,
		without a star,
		without any cloud,
And the eyes scan the tides...

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Categories: suffusing, art, faith, imagination, inspirational,
Form: Blank verse
In the part tonight 
all the eminent guests arrived
with their best apparels on,
full of illimitable mirth.

The assembly hall danced
with the fragrances of the deodorant;
cheer lightening...

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Categories: suffusing, angst, imagination, introspection, life, philosophy,
Form: Narrative
Out of Body Experience
My seeking spirit
unfleshes it’s body
and spreads
it’s wings of fire,
for your bright blue soul
lies with me
on our wave carved
island rock.

of  the
jagged fingered
floods the moment
of our...

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Categories: suffusing, passion
Form: Free verse
In Dreams of You.

scarlett lips blurring,

my phantom fades.

lucid eyelids




breaking blueness

unfolds your shape,

drawing your soft image





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Categories: suffusing, lost love,
Form: Free verse