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Picture This

Picture this.
Exploding pipe bombs.
Land fields that can take your arms off.
Driving off road, and frenzied, with excitement 
Adrenaline RAGING.
Oh, yes, Syrian Teenagers,
It is “Let’s See If We Are Really Alive” day.
Okay, we’ll let in some Africans too, but
Only if they are wearing hoodies.
The Mexicans want to join us?
Okay, but you have to climb the T-Wall first,
As a little joke, to amuse the Donald.
Yes, it is happy MIND Field Day in America!
We got tweeted the details last night.
It’s like Hunger game Day, and Grab the Poppies Day.
HAHAHAHA Why would I use the other word?
I’m not the misogynist racist tweet-stupid chicken bully!
I’m not even allowed to say “You’re fired.”
So, today in the land of “Let’s see if you’re alive 
We have a side game called “Let’s go after Syria
So the Congressmen and Senators
Who only want to keep their jobs at all of
Our expenses,
And possibly the expense of the
Social security fund which they
Have decided to STEAL from us….
The Congressmen and the Senators
Who are also learning how to tweet
And be stupid declared today
“I won’t have to show my taxes or 
Pay a vendor day, and the little guy
Can play in the exploding pipe bomb field
Because it keeps the adrenaline pumping,
And we want to see if they are really alive.”
Hey, I’m in!
I am the first in line.
I want to take my jalopy and drive recklessly
Across the mind field. I really really do!
Some younger women are behind me, laughing
Because they think not only am I invisible, but
I cannot hear them.
I can hear you making fun of me I tell them,
In my mind because I’m polite and socialized and 
I’m so excited about the races and the thrill of almost
Being killed minute by minute with the stuff they are going to
Catapult in – toilets, old refrigerators, Russian foot soldiers, etc.
That I can BARELY think straight.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” the handsome door man says. 
“Excuse me.”
He excuses me and a bunch of excited young men
And Bernie Sanders and a mask-wearing Bette Midler,
And we all stare at each other in anger as all of the young
Available beautiful WHITE ladies are ushered in.
All of a sudden I realize all the beautiful young gorgeous
Brown ladies are still out here with us and I start screaming
And shouting and tearing it up.
Bette and Bernie understand immediately. The three of
Us lead the fray, and we become a mighty mob and
We are yelling and screaming and demanding our
Turn until we look in the glass T-tower walls and
See the mayham that is taking place. Young beautiful
White women are being killed and maimed with pipe
Bombs, and three-headed dogs are ripping their legs off
And stuff. There is blood and screaming and gruesome 
Real tearing them up over there. The others are watching
In horrified fascination, and I can watch no more.
I turn away and begin to cry.
I cry that America has become so corrupt
That a misogynist chicken-bully who professes
To be a rapist could have been elected to office
In our country.
I cry that we have elected a President who
Did not pay any of the little guys when they worked
For him – the plumbers, the electricians, the tile layers, the air conditioning men.
I cry that the only ones who thought they
Were admitted to the T-arena to participate
In “Let’s See if They Are Alive Day” were young
White women, not those of us in hoodies, or those
Of us from Africa, or the Irish, or any of the young men.
I guess it makes sense.  
Because the ones whose vote counts now are the
Hillbillies, and the trailer trash, and the glued-to-the-Fox
REAL news channel people, 
The non-thinkers,
The non-dreamers,
The ones who get
Angry if we want to
Abolish the electoral
College, because we would like a vote too.
Please ignore all of this; I don't do politics
in Kansas, where only the elitist Republican's
vote count.
I am learning.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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