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Vigilante Justice

"That is him, he did it I tell you"
"I got the rope, take him to the Oak tree"
An angry mob wants justice for the one that they lost"
Most likely, an guilty agitator  stirring up the stew
Blind with anger and not on of them can see
Maybe an innocent scapegoat will pay the cost

We see all these malitas pop up, even on the Mexican border
A lot of loose cannons, fighting for a cause
Or just old pot bellies with a .45, looking for attention
Going to over throw the government, re-store law and order
"By God, get her back to the way she was"
Without any common sense, much less any direction

Taking the law into their own hands
Just hang someone so they can get justice
But maybe it is so to get the crowd to look the other way
Once a peaceful crowd, now murdering bands
"Oh it is him I tell you, just trust us"
"We are burning daylight, just do what I say"

This is the case, "two wrong don't make a right"
Most always the guilty dog will bark the loudest"
Pin the tail on the donkey and if the shoe fits, wear it
In time, the truth will shed it's light
The guilty, until caught most always will act the proudest
For vigilante justice, personally I have no use for it

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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Scorned and scorched by the flames of the sun
Burnt by hell’s fire, her reign’s begun
I tremble with fear of the chosen one
Ballsy, cocky, arrogance well hung
This talentless slander seems to be fun
(k)No(W) judgment or guilt, excuse the pun
But if the shoe fits, wear it and run
While tucking tail, think temple and gun
and Russian roulette or combustion
Stick a fork in yourself, you’re overdone

Copyright © Brandon Basson | Year Posted 2005

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Food For Thought Vol.II

Somebody please tell me where we went wrong
how we as a people go from we shall overcome 
to uplifting these ghetto drug infested slums?
How we go from dreaming about and reaching 
the promise land to teaching generations that 
for money pu$$y & power is what they
should take a stand for? since when was 
the same streets that killed our 
brothers & sisters ever worth fighting for? 
what happened to rec centers &
positive role models? all I see now is
so called...real men that teach youngins 
to throw up gang signs & pop them hallows
yeah that's the motto...marriage is a joke 
nowadays we live in a day where kids
look up to d-boyz & self proclaimed gangsta's
yeah this is what Martin Malcolm & Nelson
died for to see you destroy the community
y'all the real wanksta's...maybe we should 
look at them parents who thought they were
to good to spank ya! what because you providing for your immediate fam illegally 
you want me to thank ya? But you know what they say if the shoe fits...wear it 
most these people won't even look their self 
in the mirror cuz the truth they can't bear it
I swear it everybody's glorifying these
rap stars like they the next prophet 
I ain't never seen a thug wit skinny 
jeans on man y'all need to stop it 
looks like history is bout to repeat itself
just imagine if the hottest rappers & diva's 
in the game started to lift up our 
Lord & Saviour's name, Imagine if they put
down their diamonds & necklaces 
and went back to rhyming & singing 
bout some life changing messages 
how bout if women went back to owning 
their territory got off the block 
and back in the household, Imagine if 
these men were lovers of their families 
instead of being disrespectful too the same
people that... wiped their *** feed em and 
cleaned that nose Imagine if we as a people 
went back to that mission
to following God's laws on Holy Living

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2009

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Man i hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it..
I've become a freak of nature all kids stare at
Who walk around bumpin' raw
With the **** blarin'
Sayin "**** school!" and droppin'
out like a miscarriage

I'm embarrased,
And I'm ashamed I play the part in
This devilish game makin' ya
Common sense perish

But I ain't taking the full blame,
Cause most you chumps
Runnin' around here ain't never
Had strict parents

All of your brain cells rottin'
From weed,
You feelin' like if you ain't got it
Life's not complete

You havin' sex with every mutha
Fuckin' body you see
With a past so dark that satan'd
Jump out of his seat

But you still out in these streets,
Thinkin' you hot as can be
Without the knowledge of needs,
So you just follow the sheep

Makin' sure your lame swaggers 
All polished and clean,
While your favorite rappers like 
"Yeah,he got it from me."

You been brainwashed by a fake life
That you used to livin'
When I say the word "fun" 
What do you invision?

Prolly, drinkin' and smoking out
With your crew
And chilling with clueless women
You tryin' to bang 
Bumping new edition
Is that all you think life really is?

Well if so, then you are a fucking idiot
I honestly feel like grabbing your had and hitting it
Matter fact you don't even deserve a brain
Gimme it!

Do you even have any goals?Aside from baggin' these hoes?
And packing a bowl?
Well let me guess

You only in school
Because your parents make you go
And all you do is play beer
Pong and hangout with your bros

Yo,society's got you livin'
For a whack cause
You're a fucking adult with no skills at all
You don't read any books or play ball,you don't draw
You literally do nothing at all

Still you fiend for the glamerous fruits 
You don't have
Cause you idolize rappers that do
And all they say is "I got money and a stack to the roof"
And now you think it's goin' magically just happen to you?

How? You lazy *** don't commit to labor,
You pick somethin' up,tryin' it out and put it down 2 minutes later
Then you complain about your life cause it ain't gettin' caterd,
Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshits a hater

You wanna succeed?
You have to try
Or one thing you'll get older and regret it all
Cause you can't provide

Your friends are low lifes, don't act surprised
Look,let's cut the bad fruit off the tree,
Make the sacrifice

Girls stop acting like
You want a guy with traits
Like Romeo,
***** that's a fuckin' lie...

To be continued...

Written by; Reagan Musore

Copyright © reagan musore | Year Posted 2017

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If the shoe fits wear it, if rules convict declare it put on walking

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.
Copyright © 2018

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018

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Bobby runs track, if the shoe fits wear it?

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. ©2018

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2018