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A questionku is a type of short form poem that creates a question for the reader to ponder. The rather new style of writing was created by poet Richard Lamoureux. The questionku style is similar to a haiku or senryu in the respect that there are a certain amount of lines and number of syllables on those lines that must be used.

The rule for a questionku is that the poem is written on only three lines. Some questionku style poems are written as a series of three line stanzas. In any case, the three lines must each contain a specific number of syllables. The first line must have four syllables, the second line has five syllables, the third line contains six syllables and usually asks the main question.

The purpose of most questionku poems is to raise a question about life or humanity that the reader will think about. Usually, the first two lines set up the background and the third line pops the question. Although, some questionku poems ask questions on all three lines and others question the reader in the first or second lines of the piece. 

3 lines
4 5 6
Ending with a question


Single planet
Billions of people
What's the meaning of life

Richard Lamoureux

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