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Granny Panty Annie, the Tranny

Lemme tell ya' about a
*ding-bat skit-zo 
bee-hotch* tranny
named Annie...

I met her one night 
under disco lights 
up at Candies

She was 
starin' at me
grittin' her teeth
aimin' ta' see 
if I wanted a piece
of he 
of she 
by way of flashin' granny panties

She was
shootin' pool
actin' a fool
so I 
took a shot
and one tiny glance 
but got caught

So I
lit up a smoke
and tried to play it off cool
but it was too late
she had pulled up a stool

She slurred,
"Hey young felluh, where ya' been all my life!"

I replied, 
"Sorry to burst yir' bubble, but I got a wife!"

"That don't matter kid, what she don't know won't hurt the girl" 
as she fisted my collar and yelled, "I'LL ROCK YIR' WORLD! Annie the Tranny is what they call me. Bet you been wanted ta' bone me since you first saw me!"

Fear and frustration danced on my face
I begged the bouncer to 
"Get this he/she outta the place!"

My pleas were to no avail, 
and that sea donkey lurked hot on my trail
flailin' it's arms and grindin' bar stools with it's tail

Speakin' of tails...
a shiny blue wale tail crept up her back
Her jeans were mean, but couldn't hold her underwear's elastic slack
but at least it beat feastin' eyes upon her crack
then she... 
wrapped her grimy hands around my neck and asked, 
"You n' me, boy, what the heck!?!"

I screamed,
"Look here lady, you seem real nice for a tranny;
ya' see...
ya' need 
to hit the bricks,
and yir' Granny Panties!"

At that point the joint started to really heat up
people were glarin' like they really wanted me beat up
I can't recall how the hell I got out of there 
alive and free
it was like a big manly freight train
headin' dead at me

I'm pretty sure I owe the good Lord a big favor
that beast was the devil
and Jesus was my Savior!

It's a night I thought would never end... 
the night at Candies Bar n' Grill
Granny Panty Annie got a thrill 
tryin' to make me her sexy friend!!!

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2012

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Tobacco companies you should be ashamed of your yourselves
pushing your nasty CANCER sticks
what a bunch of money hungry low lives and self centered PRICKS
GET out of my life forever hit the bricks!
I SEE BEYOND your propaganda and lies
I am aware of ALL your sneaky tricks
you get people addicted banking on their next FIX
When it comes your READY you've been waiting for THIS
I HATE YOU more than I can put into words
"it's not our problem" is your defense how absurd!
you pushed and sold to all ages all races
never caring one iota of decency wanna slap ALL of your  stupid faces
your a drug pusher that's a fact
Could care less about the lives you snuff out.. Boom just like that
a money hungry burrecrecy
lies smoke screens and untruths that's YOUR tendency
leaving behind broken families and death
Hope your real proud of your LEGACY
you have millions in your web stuck in nicotines trap
you didn't know cigarettes caused cancer don't fed me that CRAP!
you think we're ALL stupid  guess what? you don't know JACK
millions Ly waiting to die while your Wallets get FAT
IM onto YOU taking precious lives
one at a time
all the while your ONLY GOAL is simple...the BOTTOM LINE
even marketing to children with "flavored" cigarettes
you are SCUM as low as low can get
I plan to spread the word you haven't gotten  ME I Im gonna FIGHT
HAVE you every seen your loved one struggle to breathe with all their might?
don't  wanna hear your self righteous babble it's a free country I VE got the "right"
Hope you go up in smoke matter of fact here I've got a light
can't stand the sight of you your endless advertising ,posters , & even your catchy names
Hope you burn in HELL just like your death sticks
Go up greedy bastards go up in FLAMES
YOU are despicable you have no shame
how do you sleep at night killing 6 million people a year knowing  YOUR to blame?
that's just the tip of the iceberg to me you are WORSE than dope
killing many more annually with your nasty second hand smoke
your filthy product takes an average of 10 years off someone's life that's a fact that's SO clear
no big deal to you high up in your corner office relishing in your slimy   CAREER
will go to the ends of the Earth so nothing or no one will INTERFERE
with the billion dollar industry you hold so close & so dear
ALL over buildings,  billboards, & store Windows
marketing your selves as the "cool" thing to do
You need to WAKE UP get a clue
what a pathetic joke keep on lying to yourself and adding on the ZEROES
To the number of Mothers Fathers kids and loved ones you steal so selfishly
your NOTHING but a drug dealer in  harsh reality
don't worry I don't expect you to offer millions an APOLOGY
I don't WANT  one anyway keep going on doing what your doing lie to yourself that millions DIE
You could care less about the tears that I cry
Because you took from me someone precious you STOLE
Stealing my best friend and the one who made me WHOLE
You haven't won you haven't beaten me because I will continue to speak out against your lies and trickery
Only when we're done AWAY with you can we claim VICTORY
Only when people open their eyes realize YOUR product is a cruel joke
Than u can go away hope you GO UP IN SMOKE

Copyright © Diana Vee | Year Posted 2016

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When a push comes to a shove
And ministers still preach and promise love
Never put your piece down put your piece down and hold your peace now thug
Give me my condolences to the hypocrites and bugs
Leopards resonating while chasing Kellogg's
Tripping on scatter rugs
Grandma said boy pull up them draws
Only rich men makeup laws
When a push comes to a shove
And ministers still preach and promise love
Never put your piece down put your piece down and hold your peace now Thug
Wonder if the CIA has me bugged my daddy never gave me a hug
 mama where is the love where is the love double dip says man that ain't hit bra
Yo if I'm watching me who's watching you duh
Icy Hot vanilla shakes in a mug
Martial Arts Sweet Tarts drop a dime on me it smarts woo woo oh
When a push comes to a shove
And the ministers still preach and promise love 
Caramel apple raisin stallion wonder if being born again really matters
Gave up sin and I joined a gym
What's my name it ain't Village Jim
Life in my stomach just keep on Bubble bubbling
Like a river in a fountain like a beacon on an ocean
When a push comes to a shove
A minister still preach and promise love
Never put your piece down put your piece down and hold your peace now Thug
Violence and violence don't mix
Thyme fo you and your Posse to hit the bricks
Come on J E give me some riffs
This passionate mix makes me sick
Don't want to win or lose all I want is peace and Trues
Caveat Coco man Nissan cruising
All I need is Old Spice on my old man's shirt by Van Husain
Kris Cross wears a cross what you know about Jesus
Been being Spin blend hallelujah amen
When a push comes to a shove
Never put your piece down put your piece down and hold your peace now

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr
Arranged music by Jonathan Echtinaw

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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Devil's Crossing

Early the hour, before the sunrise.
Groggy from the rigors of moral stress.
I found myself quite numb with sullen eyes.
After a night, fighting my demoness.

She had me bound to a bottle of drink.
Which I could not escape, alcoholic.
And with my grog, like any dog would think,
I hit the bricks for chicks that would frolic.

And like some tales with a moral conflict,
The Lord was working on a plan for me
To find my way back to holy edict
And leave my demons by the burning sea.

The plot was different than you might surmise.
Instead of showing the light, he showed me
The dark, how clever the Lord in his guise.
Loosing the imp to meet me so early.

In the morning, foggy, loom and low sight.
Mephistopheles met me on the road.
Shadowy and dark as pitch, Hell was right
Beside me as I rode, my soul to goad.

A thing of black and hate was standing there
Looking at me, looking at my meager soul.
Dear God!  My soul!  It wants my soul to bare!!!
No dream, no drink!  This is real, this black hole!

I fled, rushing past it, just out of reach.
The hideous darkness nodded toward me,
And I scrambled for my life past the breach.
And away!  AWAY!  No look back to see. 

It was miles before I caught my breath.
With time to think, I had no doubts on this.
Satan himself was given course to set 
About pulling my soul to the abyss.

The Lord must have only given a pass
To let the dark be seen, but not to take.
The Devil did oblige ever so crass.
He scared out the evil for Heaven’s sake.


Early on a foggy, pre-dawn morning in February, 2007 while driving through Rand, West 
Virginia I saw something that terrified me to my core standing just off the edge of the road.  
I realize how this sounds, but given the circumstances of my life at the time, I firmly believe 
that what I saw that morning was Satan himself.  I haven’t been the same since, changed for 
the better.

Copyright © Beau Regard | Year Posted 2009

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Wyld Wood

I just wrote this about my friend
Who just changed his name on my social site
to Wyld Wood.

When I'm discussed and I feelin' down

I just hit the bricks and leave this town

And head for Wyld wood

Where's Wyld wood

When I'm bored, with nothin' to do

I just take a hike and I head for you 

Mr Wyld Wood

Mr Wyld Wood

Cause there is nothun' better in this whole life

Then drinkin' and jokin' all through the night

With Mr Wyld Wood

Yes, Wyld Wood

Wyld wood

Yes, Wyld Wood

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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Play My Game

Don't worry, I don't lie
I don't even try to make you cry
That's only coincidence
Just play along
Play my game

Don't worry, this game is fun
If you don't play we're done
So get ready
Just play along
Play my game

You play my game even though it's bad
I'm happy and I laugh even when you're sad
So beautiful, so easy
Just keep playing
Keep playing my game

You don't even realize this game isn't right
You don't resist, if you don't play we'll fight
You love me too much
Just keep playing
Keep playing my game

I'm done with you, leave, hit the bricks
No wait, come back, please stay till six
The other doesn't come over till then
Just keep playing
Keep playing my game

Now you can leave, I've found someone new
Hit the road, this is your cue
I'll hit you up for a good time though
So stay ready
We'll play again

Copyright © Kyle Perkins | Year Posted 2008

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Life of pain

 Here we go, The pains back again.
 So what do I do, Grab the paper and pen.
 I want to talk, But where do I start.
 All I have is this pain in my heart.
 I have fought with my mom. And dad hit the bricks.
 Now I live in agony, And the pain never quits.
 My uncle died while I was trying to save his life.
 Having to watch his children's tears, Haunts me every night.
 Nothing ever happens. At least nothing good.
 When your life is filled with pain, You can't expect it would.
 I usually deal with this pain, "All on my own".
 now I share some of it, With you through this poem...


Copyright © James Lowe | Year Posted 2016

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You know it kills me when I hear
people say I don't know what I'm
here to do, don't you know you've 
been selected as the chosen few 
and this life here ain't promised to last 
so, what are you holding onto.

You say I don't have a talent yet you
consider yourself as "hoodrich"
you say I didn't graduate from 
highschool but, your a mathematician
when it comes to 20's dimes and nicks
you say "The Man" is bringing you down
yet as soon as you get outta some detainee
center you hit the bricks.

You see the reality is we as Christians 
want to acknowledge the fact that we 
praise his name and were blessed
but don't wanna pick up that cross
nevermind the silhouette

Even more errie they fear us for what 
we are hate our offensive lyrics, hate the
fact that we were and always will be trendsetters
they say they want change but you know 
what the words says, "faith without works 
is dead"

So the reality is this nation has made it's 
own bed your a leader when you get someone
to follow what you've been chosen to lead
we're more than conquerors from the crown
of our head to the soul of our feet
reach one teach one yeah I hear evil
but check it I don't see none 
and no I ain't perfect thats just what 
I'm striving for, so you'll make it
thru the rain no matter how much it pours

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2008

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why Love Hurt

Love is something that should not cause pain, instead of sunshine there is only rain.You give your all and you expect the same But in some romances the heart can't maintain. Why does love hurt you give your all and be a man, but the heart is misunderstood and everyone around you treat you as a discarded piece of wood? Why does love hurt Love is something that should always bring joy, not to be played with like an unwanted toy.As it's been said throughout the years no matter how much love you give at times it just yields tears. Why does love hurt? Why does it hurt that is the question of the ages. it comes in a rush and disappears in stages. why does love hurt that I don't know why to tell you I would be telling a lie? at one point you are happy is what your mind tell you is so, at the other point says you better go slow All my homeys try to tell me they know what is wrong, I put to much trust in a love that's not strong. That's why love hurts. That's why love hurts how you feel it comes out, at last, all your love tell you don't mean a rat ***. You know you lie to me all this time, so pick up your rugs and hit the bricks. When the door slam behind you I will feel better pick me another.

Copyright © Delores Sanders | Year Posted 2018