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Work for it

Back to school
Not gonna mess around, act like a fool
Can't hit rewind 
Can't turn back time
So. Lets go

Start the first day on the right foot
Stop talking about XBOX and hit the books
There's no way I'm gonna fail
Man, that F turns me pail
Aiming for that A
Might not be there now,
but gonna get it the next day 

When was that mentioned?
Can I do my work there?
I aint falling behind this year

Mock week!
Time to prove that I've
been revising like a freak
Hit that pen with paper
Not a second later
There's no maybe or might
Worked for that A day and night

Results day!
Wonder what that
envelop is gonna say

Main course down
Time for desert 
If I see an F, thats gonna hurt

ICT and RE
The only grades I see
is those A's I deserve

History and Geography
Wonder what it's gonna be
AB or BA

Now I'm fully charged
and ready to go

Whats Product Design gonna show?
Looks like I've jumped over the bar
Forget the sky being the limit
I'm on the moon
Now I can tackle the world with a BOOM!

For those who worked for it

Copyright © Mohammed Azim | Year Posted 2015

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Call Me or Lose Me Forever


Hit the books...see stars ON MAR'S SWEET...ask Me!
Class is RIGHT or LEFT...or WRONG-TEST...don't Ask-Me!

Hit the books...see stars ON STAR'S SWEET...ask Me!
Class is RIGHT or LEFT...or WRONG-TEST...don't Ask-Me!

When Summer's done...just-for-fun...DON'T...ASK-ME!
THAT'S...when Summer's done...just-for-fun...DON'T...ASK-ME!

Class-to-cool...or...JUST-A-ZOO...don't ASK-ME!'s...ALL-TOO-COOL...or-a-ZOO...ASK-ME
OR-HER (or-HIM)?


Kid...BE-TIGHT...Ma' (a man)'LL-BE-THERE


Summer's march-to-Fall...another-beat...ROLLING-TO-THE-LEFT-OR-RIGHT!



Poet's Own Notes:

Do you realize the dream Steve Jobs had still lives?
Steve Jobs really IS you realize that?

Copyright © Thomas Hsi | Year Posted 2014

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The Offishal Spelling Champ

I did something that most kids consider hard.
I got all straight A’s on my report card.
I hit the books and go to class without fear.
Let me tell you, there is no smarter kid around here.

I know my grammar like anyone should.
I have this friend.  He don’t talk too good.
He did not do nothing at all in school.
Now he has to repeat the year.  That ain’t too cool.

There is one subject that makes my mind tick.
Most people have trouble with it, it’s arithmetic.
Some of my classmates can’t even add and subtract.
I know that six and six are thirteen, that’s a fact.

I am the best student that goes to my school.
Fall, winter, and spring, I am the one to rule.
Take it from me, there is nobody higher.
I beat up another kid because he called me a liar.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2011

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Role Reversal

If teachers were students,
They would certainly be prudent.
When they would get a teacher free class,
They would certainly be seriously studious.
None to dictate and lecture the class,
Would let them hit the books obviating usual fuss.
If their freedom limit is even infinite,
Classroom is “Pin drop silence”, that’s definite!
Even when Half Yearly is finished,
Their wish for studying wouldn’t be diminished.
Trousers from the waist, head with oil base,
Big spectacles covering the whole face;
Would they miss a single instruction?
Even a single note because of the Annual Function!
If they committed a mistake, though once in a blue moon;
Even imagining doing it again would make them swoon.
But if we go deep down these perfect souls,
Down their memory lane, there must be some hole.
Now let’s come back to the tangible world,
Where the real students are completely unfurled;
Let’s hope the above conditions be true
Otherwise how can we show what we can do?
Wishes are wishes, “sky is sunny blue”
Could you suggest how to put it through?

Copyright © Swaujas Xavior Ae Pain | Year Posted 2010

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Revision revision revision 
There is no decision

When it comes to exams you
need to stop. learn and revise
because it is the only way to become
number ONE!

The journey may not be fun
But in 10 years time you'll be 
in a penthouse with your hun

So stop, wait a minute
hit the books get your head in it
Turn your phone off, close the door
That way you can't get distracted anymore

Listen to my voice
You don't have a choice
Follow this path and you 
wont be the needed but
you will provide

You can save the World tomorrow
But revise tonight

For all the tests on our life

Copyright © Mohammed Azim | Year Posted 2015

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religion is evil, turning people on people..

from muslims to christians, through murderous aquisitions.

with ignorance peaking, polititians speaking-

poisoning our youth with falsified truths-

righteousness pourin out their mouths. Ruthlessly

invading our minds, exposed to hate crimes

so easy to believe when they pay em' just to leave,

soldiers command to kill, against his time to grieve

Now there's blood on the hands of good men and women-

guilty as sin 'cause they hear but don't listen..

I lost a friend to cancer, you've lost a friend to war,

what for? a folded flag dropped at your door?

defending this country was never wrong,

but imposing on others where we don't belong?

burning books of Gods, outweighing the odds

of what this world was meant for.

no shame. killing children and mothers. turnin brothers on brothers.

kids more familiar with bombs than thunder, burrying hope down under

the world they dream of..

900,000+ alone, just in Vietnam-

you think we'd have learned, yet instead-

dropping bombs. who's to blame? it's a game, only rule:

no shame.

motivated by vengeance. powered by hate.

when will we learn? it's already too late..

one more death. one more motherless child.

like a destructive tornado, or fire growin wild..

but worse. because we've done it to ourselves.

And lets not forget what we've done to the


from it's creatures to forests,depleting it's worth..

BP on it's knees

for the harm that it's caused-

Congress, hit the books. Time to rethink the laws..

and all it took was devastation.

I hope it was worth it.

all the poison me make, and take just to live-

without ever thinking, maybe it's our turn to give


and I don't give a ---- who the president slept with,

I'd rather know about who the president met with,

crept with, put us in debt with.

it's more complex than portrayed; the edges are frayed..

believing the governments scandals, how the government handles

the drugs, the poor, and the people in need-

power in the hands of those powered by greed.

I wish I could cleanse the souls

of all i meet- reintroduce compassion

so we don't have to compete. mistreat. and abuse

our brothers. find forgiveness and redemption.

erase these exemptions that make one inferior to another.

peace is not cliche, or out of reach-

& those who say it is are simply weak.

its easier to believe, & to follow with neutrality

than to stand up for whats right and fight

for morality..

Copyright © elena volden | Year Posted 2010