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Goldfinch by Beachboard, Deborah Guenther
goldfinch by Kendrick, Sara
Goldfinch pair visit by Kendrick, Sara

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My Golden Dream

My darling sweet, wake to me! A beautiful melody is your morning treat. Wake and hear the euphony coming from a leafy tree. Look, my darling sweet, and a goldfinch you will see. In his trill is poetry sounding joy replete. Hasten to your window seat. Look outside and see dawn greet you with its first ray. Rise, my love, and with bare feet, through the fields of amber wheat we will run today. Come follow me. I entreat you. Hasten, love; time is fleet. Darling, don’t delay! There is nothing to waylay us. This is a golden day. Where marigolds gleam in the meadow we will play. Then down where the cattails sway by a sun-lit stream, all the afternoon, we’ll stay. Come with me, love. Come away to my golden dream. For David Williams' Virelai Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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                                Quiet ... to ... Hush ...
                                     Quiet ... to ... Hush ...
                                The Butterfly wings gently over the flowers
                                     As the Flute whispers in the wind ...

          Soft ... to ... Gentle ...
               Soft ... to ... Gentle ...
          The Goldfinch warbles its song across the lake
               And the Strings add their rhythmic hum ...

                      Mild ... to ... Mellow ...
                             Mild ... to ... Mellow ...
                      The Crickets click their heels as evening falls  
                              While a solitary Drum holds court in melodic bass ...

     Rest ... to ... Calm ...
          Rest ... to ... Calm ...                    
     The Trees sway in cadence with the breeze
          So, Too, the tinkling of Bells chime in their harmony ...

                                Caress ... to ... Love ...
                                     Caress ... to ... Love ...
                                 A Teardrop warms its cheeky path
                                      For the Symphony has touched a Heart ...

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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haiku 12

a goldfinch feasts
among the ripe concord grapes --
purple stains my lips

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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something poverty can't deny you

northern winters harbor harshness
freezing confetti and sun to overpasses 
and bottlecap alleys..
snow angels never warm the backs 
of cinderblock children and gray eyed
a plea to the hobbled hobos and bums...
toward the equator,
nibble the candied ribbons of warmth
sashay the deer and goldfinch trails
far beyond the smokey smokey hills
and bombed out indifference,
pluck a meal from a friendly palm,
mind flirt with the woman in the pastel skirt
guess the color of her uncaring eyes
tiptoe across the ocean
wash the salt from the skies
place your heart in the warm sky nest
combing sandollars, beach glass and shiny dreams...
pretend your a white shoed-flower breasted tourist for an afternoon
inhale/exhale the boardwalk tunes
let it run up your spine-swirl
like a napa valley wine
skip sweetly like an ivory spawned child
turn today into butterfly arms
make a sand angel
even poverty can't deny you this

Copyright © Anthony Slausen | Year Posted 2012

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Winter Learning Ducks

Afternoons the sky shuts down around the swamp's warning tapes
propped up with restoration piping and dirt leak fencing.
We’re fleeing toward the wild, seeking the names and shapes, 
the same way the Cedar Waxwing flit and grip for berries tree to tree.

Canada Geese are easy, they lead off down the lane leaving residue,
Widgeons have green stripes and gold stripes, one American 
the other European, and they’re all mumbling our family phew-do
they didn’t burn the kid, they can’t keep the house clean, drugs…

Blink away the cold wind tears. Forget all that, only remember
Shovelers have the long low profile and the long bill from studies
in New Zealand, like a deep breath, we set aside work, unlimber
spy the race of killdeer away from their guarding territory in gravel.

Our boss didn’t try to replace us, he ducked out to a new job
leaving the crime ringing in our ears like the police car roaring past.
Head down, we tunnel under the high way finding the dunk and bob
of mergansers and their hallowed or red heads,

remarking differences when the sudden scream of honking
mallards flee up river. Caught off guard, we wonder did we cause
all this pain? The rise and dunk flying goldfinch happily chirping
cling to the thistle, their favorite waste near the waste water

ponds where all the Black River water flows for cleaning
spilling into the nesting lower stages of the tertiary treatment.
That’s all this is, treatment for the shock wave week riding
current events on our shoulders, almost like the red-tailed hawk

that screams and skims our head, rising up to the setting sun 
turning the sky purple and pink and bruised. That’s when wood
ducks skim into view, our breath captured and then steaming undone
but soon the heavens offer confirmation, blue angels
with their huge oversized wings soar in pairs down as gift.
We hold each other then, let screams silence, detail enriched.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2014

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  goldfinch dazzles 
  in winter sun -
  hawk watches

Copyright © LINDA JACKSON | Year Posted 2014

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The Immaculate Hike

a mahogany walking stick
pearls sliding off the skin
blue jay and goldfinch duet
sun blessed violins

painted turtles surfing logs
cardinal pines and queen anns' lace 
dust devil lay silver necklace
on the nape of sleepy pond

sipping ribbons of shade
dragons flit the edge of mind
lavender chanting from the glade
can god be far behind
can god be far behind

Copyright © Anthony Slausen | Year Posted 2016

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male goldfinch eats seeds free for him at the feeder... summer's mate dines last

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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If I Was Your Man

If I was your man and you my woman
I will be a caring, loyal and faithful man
And will love you with all my heart, mind and body
I will shower your life with joy and happiness
And like the extinct goldfinch egg I will treat you

Because your life is more valuable than anything
I will build you a mansion surrounded by a defensive wall
And hire hundreds men to guard the queen of my heart
Like a confessed man, I will protect you with my life
And nothing will do you any harm in my presence

And if it will make you more happy
I will humbly kneel down and ask you to marry me
And invite all our friends to witness us tie the knot
On the altar, I will not even hesitate to say I do
And nothing, even death will do us apart

I will give you three good-natured and admirable sons
Name them after the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and David
And together as a family we will build our own world
A world were no darkness fall, were only us matters 
And like the bright moon in the sky, we will outshine the rest

If one day I could not evade the bad day of my life
The day were I have to choose between you or death
It will be the day I will die
And wait for our paths to cross again in the next life
Where we will be together again, this time for eternity

Now that we are just two different strangers
That met in a cafe at the corner of the street
All of this is just a dream, but if you could read my mind
I know you will wish the same...
If I was your man and you my woman

Copyright © Paavo Johannes | Year Posted 2016

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Summer Dandelion

dry brown summer grass dandelions gone to seed goldfinch eat their fill

Copyright © Ann Roske | Year Posted 2012

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Goldfinch pair visit

Goldfinch pair visit birdbath seeking cool water.... water way too deep male Goldfinch inches down Willow Tree limb to bath... fear enters halts plan male Nuthatcher drinks water from swallow birdbath... Goldfinch pair learn fast

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

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Goldfinch singing high up in white cherry plum tree holds me on the path

Copyright © Diana Rosser | Year Posted 2012

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Nature Trail

If eager goldfinch, looping and stitching
Through Hawthorn by urgent instinct driven,
Are a crimson surge; a secretive dash;
When summer scorches, it could be me.

If a dark lake’s troubled surface reflects
The dying sun’s final stony silence...
When time seems frozen in eternity.
As late November breaks, it could be me.

If gathering swallows in late autumn,
Scissor the night’s reddened skies seeking home
And darkening eves beckon them to rest.
When shadows slowly dance, it might be me.

But if spring’s cold earth breaks the winter’s fast;
Exploding in lush’ll find me at last.

Copyright © brian DUFFIELD | Year Posted 2017

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The Mood

I am in a writing mood
But someone wants me to fix some food

I had a line that I hadn't forgot
Someone wanted me to check the clock

I love these moods when words just flow
Someone stepped on my toe

The rain pours down in continous rhyme
But right now I haven't got the thyme

The thyme slows down in January
And I can enjoy the singing Canary

Or Goldfinch as it feeds on Rebeckia
A dash of yellow on bleak cloudy Yucca

Slip out on the porch in damp and cold
Just what I need to restore my soul

Green is showing on Japanese Magnolia
Buds are popping and really acromegaly

Star Magnolia what a treat
Buds could be open in a week

But I know within my heart
Colder must come before spring starts

Out on the porch one more time
God granted me a few more rhymes

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

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My happy butterflies

My happy butterflies

Bright yellow wings, scalloped in velvety back, are fluttering 
In the mellow morning air,
Dancing in happy search of nectar on a purple, 
sweet scented clover bud.
Joined by his mate, equally wondersome decorated.
They greet each other in a joyful dance.

“Follow me, I know of a fragrant, red butterfly weed blossom
over here-- come on!”
“Oh yes, I like this! Now come and  taste this gorgeous orange-
 painted Zinnia.”
“Why, thank you, it’s quite good, I like it too!”

A goldfinch is clinging to a swaying milkweed, 
but it does not bother the frolicking couple,
It takes to the air, swooping  further down the colorful meadow,
While my happy Swallowtails found a rain puddle.
“Ah, this is just what we need , a cool drink,”
 they smile.

Copyright © Bridget Aubrey | Year Posted 2007

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Waiting to Fly

From his perch in the aspen tree 
A young goldfinch sings 
an ancient melody, 
‘searching for wings 
to help me fly 
through the afternoon sky. 
Eyes contemplate wisps of cloud 
floating by.’ 

Mind clings and grasps. 
Rainy Mountain 
blocks my path. 

Heart has her own task, 
food comes first. 
Then thoughts of future 
or past. 

I seek guidance, 
but wait with impatience 
For the bluebell to blossom. 
What is this flower’s wisdom? 

Says Master Hsu, 
‘Waiting has it’s virtue.’ 

Set loose from its cage, 
The wind blows open a new page. 

Copyright © Ailill Ailill | Year Posted 2010

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Three Haiku

a Goldfinch hoping
along an old weathered fence
pear tree blossoms

early afternoon
green woodpecker in field
hidden by wet grass

a small garden pond
hundreds of tiny tadpoles
wriggling at the edge

Copyright © Diana Rosser | Year Posted 2012

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In The Wake Of The Dying Fall

the dusky clouds eastward, slowly sailing
a chiling breeze from the trees wailing
the goldfinch, scared of dark, hiding
leaving me to the night without singing

everything in the open is gloomy, neglected
streets void of moving souls, stark naked
and while  the night lets down the curtain
night shadows steal out quietly to frighten

i light the soul's candle and drown in wonder
a soft light and the silence adequete in my chamber
past times and heydays were first to remember
to journey thru a trance by the light of the candle

papers, bits of sheets to highlight the drama
sink in the souvenirs of devine poetic coma
relish the dreams, pink and red in sweet aura
of poetic sleep, deeply in some mystic nirvana

mirth cut through by a storming thunder
the joys faded away like misty summer
sleet and hail showered from silver heaven
Winter's uprising, Autumn a soldier defeated

whiles by a candle light years of mirth
revival of feelings after romantic dearth
warmth of the silky dreams once we did
to innocence of  childhood, farewell i bid

Copyright © Poetic Flame | Year Posted 2015

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Bird Watching

A crow cawing and clawing. A sparrow darting through the air. Robins nesting, blue jays resting. I truly do care. Watching birds on a warm summer morn, Remembering the good times, and what she meant, I know I cannot have her; thus I mourn. A goldfinch sings its song. An eagle flys overhead. A baby chick chirps for its mother. The things I wish I had said. The birds fill the sky, now. But soon they will move south. I know I cannot have her; I tense my brow. I will move on someday, this I know. I won't forget, but I must let go.

Copyright © Andrew Walker | Year Posted 2017

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plumed gems
flit and flutter
from whitest Queen Anne's Lace
To purple thistledown roadside

Copyright © Deborah Guenther Beachboard | Year Posted 2018

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A bird is visiting my yard
One that I have never seen before
Eating from the ground so vigorously
Pecking like a Sandpiper or a Woodpecker

That pecks on a tree
Looks like a Woodpecker
But not exactly and there are really four
I suppose there could be more

He has the ladder back
On  his back, and a long strong thick beak
A red spot below his head
On the top of his back its said

His upper chest or top of the breast
A half moon as dark as night
Accented on the bottom half by mostly white
He works and works pecking the ground

Why he almost wears me down
Now he's joined by a goldfinch
Of such a brilliant hue
A male Bluebird eats undistrubed too

When the mystery bird takes
To flight on his tail there is a spot of white
I could watch him all the day
But responsibility calls me away

(My daughter said her husband said that it is a Northern Flicker and I looked it up and the 
pictures of the Northern Flicker match what I am seeing.)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Sunday afternoon
On a bench in the park
Friendly breeze
Moderating September heat.
She been to church
But it was nothing
Except people and practice.
God was almost silent.
Not the same
With Lloyd gone
He used to sing
Big and bold
With the tenors
And she sittin
Across an alto
And smilin at her man
Midst the songs of Zion.
Hardly seemed like Sunday
The rush all round.
But here in the park
Half way to the apartment
There was Church.
Laughter of children
Old men at the dominoes
Bright colour waking in the trees
Robin and goldfinch
Singing and stretching
For the coming trek.
Jessica with eyes closed
Felt His warm Hand
On her face
And began to speak out
“I was glad
When they said unto me.
Let us go into
The house of the Lord.
Our feet shall stand
Within thy gates
O Jerusalem.”

Copyright © Doug Blair | Year Posted 2016

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SENRYU MICRO ANTHOLOGY the magical sky solar powered... atmosphere belies pollution four seasons... fickled nature begging... don't pollute... provokes extinctions our earth... self-seeded conjecture... fact... or fiction... nature holds the key... beautiful all life... yet we are self-destructing... too late to debate... cloud cuckoo land... dreams introduced then ratified by misled leaders soon all will return from whence it came... pure carbon will nature restart... o that first springtime the only way life could spread oceans... seas... the wind nature erred giving mankind power to reason she will not forget to hunt and gather sustenance... mankind survived we should start again doom and gloom... oh yes... note... what have we created our armageddon on a lighter note... the goldfinch sings... tinkling bells when it forms a charm nature will survive don't think one can fence it in... it lives on both sides... reach out... lend your hands many can repair mountains don't stamp on molehills

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2017

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Haiku Poem 2

along the roadside
chicory and a goldfinch
this August morning

Copyright © Tom Cook | Year Posted 2018

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A haiku anthology

************* the human race how many subspecies do you know orange sunsets they were once all red the status quo housemartins... late nesting on a window pane swallows in the porch dunnock feeding on suet balls for the **** goldfinch on niger smooth newts... fifty plus til the lawned was mowed no pond for miles facts of life humans make them up not natures ways sun skipped the surface light dancing on the waves then came the trawlers the sky ablaze the sea reflecting fire seagulls screaming honey bees dying mites and climate changing stop pollution now mountains moving hot rocks cruising on a plate shapes shifting the rushing rivers rapids... falls... always searching returning home clouds carry rivers waterfalls biding time flash flooding nature... world's doctor twenty-four seven... open inundated **************

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018