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Best Goldfinch Poems

Below are the all-time best Goldfinch poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of goldfinch poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member My Golden Dream
My darling sweet, wake to me!
A beautiful melody
is your morning treat.
Wake and hear the euphony
coming from a leafy tree.
Look, my darling sweet,
and a goldfinch you...

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Categories: goldfinch, romance,


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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goldfinch, love, music, nature, peace,

Premium Member haiku 12
a goldfinch feasts
among the ripe concord grapes --
purple stains my lips...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Premium Member A World Without Songbirds

To lose our songbirds would be so tragic
their sweet tunes hold a special magic.
For nature’s music unburdens the heart 
providing ebbing souls with a jumpstart.


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Categories: goldfinch, 10th grade, beautiful, bird,

The colorant of dawn, the cardinal sees,
intoning its hues with, “pretty...pretty...pretty.”

As I covet red feathers, in the teaberry tree,
the sunlit chickadee harmonizes, “hey sweetie.”

The woodpecker...

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Categories: goldfinch, bird,

Premium Member something poverty can't deny you
northern winters harbor harshness
freezing confetti and sun to overpasses 
and bottlecap alleys..
snow angels never warm the backs 
of cinderblock children and gray eyed
a plea to...

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Categories: goldfinch, hope, people,

Premium Member Winter Learning Ducks
Afternoons the sky shuts down around the swamp's warning tapes
propped up with restoration piping and dirt leak fencing.
We’re fleeing toward the wild, seeking the names...

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Categories: goldfinch, angel, beauty, bird, family,


  goldfinch dazzles 
  in winter sun -
  hawk watches...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Premium Member goldfinch
male goldfinch eats seeds
free for him at the feeder...
summer's mate dines last...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

If I Was Your Man
If I was your man and you my woman
I will be a caring, loyal and faithful man
And will love you with all my heart, mind...

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Categories: goldfinch, crush, love, true love,

Summer Dandelion
dry brown summer grass
dandelions gone to seed
goldfinch eat their fill...

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© Ann Roske  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goldfinch, animals, food, nature, seasons,

Premium Member Goldfinch pair visit
Goldfinch pair visit
birdbath seeking cool water....
water way too deep

male Goldfinch inches
down Willow Tree limb to bath...
fear enters halts plan

male Nuthatcher drinks
water from swallow birdbath...
Goldfinch pair...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Goldfinch singing high
up in white cherry plum tree
holds me on the path


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Categories: goldfinch, nature, uplifting,

Nature Trail
If eager goldfinch, looping and stitching
Through Hawthorn by urgent instinct driven,
Are a crimson surge; a secretive dash;
When summer scorches, it could be me.

If a dark...

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Categories: goldfinch, beauty, nature,

My happy butterflies
My happy butterflies

Bright yellow wings, scalloped in velvety back, are fluttering 
In the mellow morning air,
Dancing in happy search of nectar on a purple, 

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Categories: goldfinch, nature, happy, happy,

Premium Member The Mood
I am in a writing mood
But someone wants me to fix some food

I had a line that I hadn't forgot
Someone wanted me to check the...

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Categories: goldfinch, funny, on writing and

Waiting to Fly
From his perch in the aspen tree 
A young goldfinch sings 
an ancient melody, 
‘searching for wings 
to help me fly 
through the afternoon sky....

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Categories: goldfinch,

Three Haiku
a Goldfinch hoping
along an old weathered fence
pear tree blossoms

early afternoon
green woodpecker in field
hidden by wet grass

a small garden pond
hundreds of tiny tadpoles
wriggling at the edge

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Bird Watching
A crow cawing and clawing.
A sparrow darting through the air.
Robins nesting, blue jays resting.
I truly do care.

Watching birds on a warm summer morn,
Remembering the good...

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Categories: goldfinch, for her,

plumed gems
flit and flutter
from whitest Queen Anne's Lace
To purple thistledown roadside

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Premium Member Help
A bird is visiting my yard
One that I have never seen before
Eating from the ground so vigorously
Pecking like a Sandpiper or a Woodpecker

That pecks on...

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Categories: goldfinch, animals, imagination, mystery, naturebird,

Sunday afternoon
On a bench in the park
Friendly breeze
Moderating September heat.
She been to church
But it was nothing
Except people and practice.
God was almost silent.
Not the same
With Lloyd...

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© Doug Blair  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goldfinch, bible, joy, marriage,


the magical sky
solar powered... atmosphere
belies pollution

four seasons... fickled
nature begging... don't pollute...
provokes extinctions

our earth... self-seeded
conjecture... fact... or fiction...
nature holds the key...

beautiful all life...
yet we...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

A haiku anthology

the human race
how many subspecies
do you know

orange sunsets
they were once all red
the status quo

housemartins... late
nesting on a window pane
swallows in the porch

dunnock feeding
on suet balls...

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Categories: goldfinch, nature,

Haiku Poem 2
along the roadside
chicory and a goldfinch
this August morning...

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© Tom Cook  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goldfinch, animal, august, bird, flower,