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i'll slam this poem down your throat and you best be glad i'm giving you anything at all

i spit words much better than you
there is nothing at all that you can do
check out my spelling and my epic grammar
i'll smash your face in with a claw hammer
i carve my name in all your brains
remember me like the smell when it rains
with my fists of fury i'll knock you out
no-one can tell what the hell im on about
my poems make you think 
sit down fools and take a drink
while i amaze you all with my dark power
no-one wants to read a poem about a flower
or a fluffy cloud or falling in love
we want to read about death from above
i go against the grain and dont get a lot of views
but that certainly doesnt mean i'll go boo hoo hoo
it makes me stronger faster smarter
dont count me out i'll have your guts for garters

so what have we learned from me today
listen quite closely to what i do and say
don't self publish its ever so vain
im sure it'll cause you nothing but pain
when you get rejected
it cant be what you all expected
im the best poet in the world bar none
better than byron shelley keats and donne
i best be off to write a dreary haiku
oh wait thats not me its obviously you

Copyright © Daniel Corcoran | Year Posted 2010

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Live life to the fullest before its the final end

The sands of time are falling away
Make sure to make the most out of each and every day
Release all of your hate and conqueror your fear
Don’t have regrets and have time for cheer
Treat everyone around you as you want to be treated
Accomplish everything you can before it’s all completed

Raise your hands and raise your glasses 
Enjoy your life before your just ashes
Laugh and love with family or a friend
Live life to the fullest before it’s the final end

Forget the past the future isn’t set
Make love not war as much as you can get
Don’t back down from anyone but strive towards peace and harmony
Turn the other cheek when you can and be the best you can be
Be charitable and help for fellow man
Fill yourself with knowledge whenever you can

Raise your hands and raise your glasses 
Enjoy your life before your just ashes
Laugh and love with family or a friend
Live life to the fullest before it’s the final end

Dare to be different go against the grain
Stop and smell the roses and always kiss in the rain
Listen to music read poetry for your own sake
Be true to yourself and never be fake
Take walks on the beach and swim in the ocean
Be thankful for what you have and pray to God in Heaven

Raise your hands and raise your glasses 
Enjoy your life before your just ashes
Laugh and love with family or a friend
Live life to the fullest before it’s the final end

Take pictures so you can look back on your journey
Enjoy the arts sculptures paintings drawings or a movie
Give kisses and hugs to the ones you care about
Work hard and play harder before you check out
Go through life like it was your last day
Because it could be so enjoy it and make it count in every way

Copyright © Kevin Clark | Year Posted 2011

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I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination. 
   What i would do to hold your hand, and stroll along the beach
       tropical sun beams upon  picturesque shores
            Dawning sun, ocean rays,  blindingly reflecting flash.

                 Our love can be seen clearly,as the ripening pineapples
                    happiness felt,as the plain of day,sheer beauty in herself.
                       Laying down,side by side,only sound waves lapping our feet.
                         We drift into semi-concious,oblivious to the world.

                              Awakened, by the chill that the sea air does give
                                to see the huge sunset,sloping slowly into the ocean
                                   walking back,to what seems like reallity,
                                     people,shops,cars.The differance, a few hundred yards.


                MY PERFECT WAY
  A perfect life to me,just live in harmony
    no wars no conflict,religion against religion
      fighting rights, for your stance, to sell your ill needs
          please hear me when i say,do not path that way.
              Peace is so much easier,a longer life span to choose
                why go against the grain of life,you will only lose
                  love being the intended,sends a warmth inside
                    simplicity, family life, will fill your heart with pride.

                  THE BEAUTY THAT CAN GIVE .....

 Giving a bunch of lillys,each day a mundane change
    from smile and appreciation, to vasing its boquet
       each morning the opening,o seems so very slow
          little by little expanding cherished beauty.

            Until the day,nature really has took course
              semi-opened bulbs kissing the reef like leaves.
                 On a full scaled blossom,open armed pettles
                   beauty at natures highest,pleasure for the eye.



Paul Beadnall for Constance La France.  A rambling poet.

Contest .." 3 GEMS.. 1/8/11



Copyright © Paul Beadnall | Year Posted 2011

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Ode to an Arborculturalist

Why that no good little birch
I think I alder leaf her
My aspens in the dirt
Don’t you know I’m not that poplar
I damn near choked on a little oak
And though I tried I am not maple 
Now the branches are all broke 
and the limbs are so unstable
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Can’t see the forest for the trees 
Can’t tell just when the root will rot 
You know I think its elm diseased 
And I can do with out the knots 
Well now it’s really got me stumped  
Just when I should have sawed right through it  
And it’s too late to pack my trunk 
Or perhaps I just out grew it
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Some trees grow up in a grove
Others make a stand alone
But there ain’t no peach with out a pit 
And there ain’t no pine with out a cone 

I’m sure the heart wood ain’t no good
So I won’t go out on a limb 
But when a tree is being felled 
I wish that someone would cry timber
I just don’t think that I’ll ever see 
A poem lovely as a tree 
So I won’t Beech and I won’t Pine 
I’ll just remind you one more time 

I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later  
If you were sap then you’d run too

Copyright © SE Harvey | Year Posted 2014

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 what is it all about,
 you live,
 you learn,
 you figure it out.

Sometimes I sit back,
 having visions,
 of the good days,
 when things were alive and vivid,
 or am I just trippin,
 I don't know,
 but sometimes I just wanna blaze my own trail,
 and go solo,
 seems fit,
 Now recycle your struggles,
 and let that fuel your rise,
 your rise above it.

I go against the grain,
 you say I'am lost,
 I say your life is mundane,
 you don't know my struggles,
 you dont know my pains,
 in fact,
 I'll ride with you till the very end,
 cuz I'm a real friend,
 you see,
 forget hypocrisy,
 you gotta open your eyes,
 only if you wish to see.

Death must be easy,
 if life is a struggle,
 it's time to free yourself from the shackles,
 and burst the bubble,
 just 1 key to turn,
 and release your troubles, 
 they say to listen with the heart,
 and not the mind,
 opportunity knocks,
 don't waste your time,
 there's no rewind,
 it's now or never,
 today and forever,
 live for today

Sometimes I just wanna run and hide,
 ride off into the sunset,
 like bonnie and clyde,
 why can't the world be full of peace and love,
 why is it so heartless, 
 like when a hunter spears a dove?
 I guess the answers come from above,
 just find the hand that fits the glove.

Remember the pains,
 and all that you have been through,
 the good,
 the bad,
 all these things made you.
 Stay strong,
 fight on,
 and never lose faith,
 stand tall,
 with your chest out,
 like armored plates.
 Remember who you are,
 and stay true,
 if you let,
 I would ride with you.

My rhymes are philosophical like Socrates,
 all we are is dust in the wind,
 you and me
 our life is a free style
 just like poetry.
 Man is free,
 the instant he wants to be,
 you are what you think,
 so think carefully,
 let your mind create,
 and mold your reality,
 you say i'm crazy.
 I scream,
 The world is filled with hatred and brutality,
 to much bullshit,
 and not enough honesty,
 such a tragedy.

So lets change the way we live,
 time is borrowed,
 and back,
 we must give. 
 So every second counts,
 when ticking talks the way,
 conquer all your doubts,
 for your time,
 could end today.
 So just live,love,laugh,
 like theres no tomorrow,
 because a life only dreamed,
 is a life that brings sorrow.

Copyright © Aram Sarian | Year Posted 2017

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I hate needles

Fresco fringe
Inject happiness
With a serrated syringe
Tripped on a bottle
Falling down a bottomless binge
Far beyond the humanoid hinge
Everything went odd
In a pungent pinch
With all my strength
It still doesn't give an inch

Handsome haphazard
Snappy slum lord lizard
Alcoholic love fermenting
In an magical vineyard
I watch a display screen where
Reality is filtered, decay
And subliminal messages are whispered
And none of my questions are answered
Perhaps that is why I love to disobey
Go against the grain
Molding my own truth from clay

Copyright © Sebastian Aaron Baez | Year Posted 2015

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A Little Bit Of Positive

I wanna kick it with a positive spin
Who me?? I know, now where to begin
deliverin' the positive with a **** eating grin
so just sit back, relax and hit it again

I just wanna spread a smile to illuminate my soul
To spread my love and positivity is my new, improved role
The golden rule stands true and karma brings a heavy toll
to appreciate lifes beauty should be an everlasting goal

It should at least be on your mind
'cause you may, one day, look back and find
as everything in life has changed, you've been left behind
So take in everything you can and try your best to remain kind

Maybe you'll plant a seed that will grow within a brain
A seed that grows into a thought, a thought to go against the grain
To spread the love and joy even when there's nothing there to gain
You can always be a comfort, someones umbrella in the rain

So I'll change it up a bit from the words that I've been sharin'
Take a little time to show the world I'm still carin'
And I hope you take these word like I'm challengin' or darin'
You to spread youre happiness while the world keeps repairin'

Copyright © Eric Schojan | Year Posted 2014

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What is Poetry I Never Really

I never really question people’s word unless it has no emotions
I never really understood till now why poetry is such blessing
I never really thought to do such wonderful words with feelings
I never really understood why people seem to say it need more
I never really quite thought that being judge to say thing would be fun
I never really understood what a paragraph and sentence structure is
I never really ask why people want to change my words around
I never really understood why emotional remark on someone is so
I never really ask for any of any remark to bother me but it does
I never really understood why implicate to change some emotional value
I never really judge the peoples word because to judge is to find false
I never really understood what positive reinforcement till now
I never really had English as my first language and learned to speak it as a child
I never really understood why mimicking parents to say words was important
I never really once decided to write I am better than any one
I never really understood why it is important to let someone know you care
I never really let one to feel so down that they think about rewriting 
I never really understood why lectures is to improve, but they are to be aware
I never really like to go against the grain, but I do, and things are better
I never really understood why I am special, yet I seem to fall on words
I never really test one who has more experience, but ask questions
I never really understood how we are all the same in every word

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2015

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The night sky is made of black tar, and broken glass,
And the moon, if you melt it in a spoon, once was an old hubcap.
So by the light of night, ride the Milky Way’s bright stars
And by day, cruse the endless highway, 
Via cheap biker bars, expensive cigars, and blues guitars. 

A heart made of gasoline and chrome,
The oily platelets of mother earth, is the only blood in my veins.
The road I roam, together or alone, is my home. 
What is around the bend? And is it there still? That is all I ask.
So, fill the haloed hills with wonder. To wander is my task.

Brimstone, flame, and thunder, as I ride down the lane,
My brain, in a padded bucket, to prove that I’m not totally insane.
Picture my skin, some would call it a sin!
But, despite the pain, I like to go against the grain. 
Demons, angels, and all beings that have wings,
Or a naked dame, to me they are all the same.

The wind boldly whispers through my hair.
If I listen, it will tell me the truth, but most of the time I don’t care!
There is hell to pay in hog heaven I’m told
So, with Dionysus, I celebrate the mystery of the unnamed tree,
For me, I must set my mind free, and dare to bare my soul.

The ghost in the machine I found is me. 
And God, would you believe, I can make more noise than Thee?
In a gator’s abode my bones ride free, no cares to cross my ride
No law to abide, at least none that I saw!

If I were a serpent I would swallow my tail
And into eternity sail.
Where the rubber meets the road
There, forever, would be my abode!

Copyright © roger landry | Year Posted 2008

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Breathe in &dream,step up close,
let inner sensations inhabit this
collage perfected by chance.It
may go against the grain to create
the appearance of things with dramas
in the mind which appear to distort
and elongate.But,seen in a new light
without a second thought can become
a foretaste of rhapsody,a defiance that
revels in impressions,once  unregarded,
but which now radiate symmetry,
drawing the eye.
From my Lanterne poetry publication 2005 

Listen to me recite this part phrasis on youtube under my pen name ichthys chiro

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2014

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Archer of the Forest

Deep in the forest
Outlaws lie in wait
For well off noblemen
Their monies to take
They steal from the rich
And share with the poor
How long can they hide
In their forest so pure
This band of commoners
Go against the grain
The Sheriff of Nottingham
To have them slain
The followers who follow
These outlaws so bold
To introduce them
Your about to be told
There's Little Joan
A girl so large
She bowls men over
With the strength of her charge
Then there's Touch
The Miller's daughter
Who keeps doing things
She shouldn't off aught to
Willena Scarlet
Demanded clothing and a horse
If this never happened
Her language became coarse
Not forgetting
Nena the nun
Whose amazing beauty
Made the enemy run
And the last of the gang
Butler Bill
Whose amazing weaponry
Made this leader shrill
You've met her gang
Now meet their leader
She's Robyn Hood
An out and out heart bleeder
Dressed in black leathers
Low cut front
Cleavage guys die for
Which makes them grunt
It's not the poem
You thought it was
But why the change
Och, just because

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Trying to let go but gravity won’t let me

This is just another excuse for my heart

Because I want your company even though it’s bad for me

Everyone seems to ask for just a little more and then question their own 

Constantly looking for trouble and sinking in life when trouble finds you

Like backwards is forward we all go against the grain

Messing up leaving the heart lame the question is always why

Well the answer is you

p.s. you need some of the bad to fight the parasite trying to kill you…

Copyright © Post Skriqt | Year Posted 2017

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Life Lessons

Lessons in life are not always easy to follow Sometimes go against the grain, in pity we wallow Then it all becomes clear We get knocked on our rear Hiding in plain sight, truth can be hard to swallow

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Oh’ heart you are such a fragile thing, from you dancers dance and singers sing.
The painter paints their next masterpiece, with you in every stroke of the paintbrush or step, sudden movement in the dance routine.
You spark inspiration to pursue every ridiculous go against the grain aspirations hopes and dreams. Although you are the strongest muscle in the living body you are sensitive to pain, once you are broke how can you heal again? You are the root of all things that represent love and compassion. You are the fuel to where one can find their passion. Your language is a complex one because words are limited to what only emotions can say. You are the one who helps determine the tone of every day. If you are not feeling something than I’m not feeling something and the passion begins to fade. However once a connection is made the spark rekindles the fire deep inside to burn away to blaze a trail and follow whatever you are drawn to. Sometime in the form of I love you other times there may be the desire to do evil and corrupt things depending on the exposure. Once you are restored to your former state only you know the right time for everything and you are never late.

Copyright © Christen Foster | Year Posted 2018

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From now on

From now on

I must gain some focus

Find a way to be motivated,

Study and find the light and love

I wonder if I've been practising enough,

Nothing comes easy, that's a fact

Got to try and improve and up my act,

Fill in the gaps where I lack

And find the strength to come back,

I should not be waiting for things to happen

I got start to stir things up,

I've got to make things happen

If I want to get anywhere in life,

Come at it old

So I got to be bold

And try,

To fulfil my potential

I have wasted so much time,

I am an honest critic

And I am critiquing my life,

It's not good enough

To sit and watch life go by,

As if I am waiting in a queue

For my time to come,

For my fifteen moments of fame

It doesn't work like that,

I got set targets and take aim and achieve

And stop making excuses

It has nothing to do with age,

Yes I work hard every single day

But it's for other people

It's time to do something for me

And if I want to achieve this

I got to make my pen bleed,

I got face myself honestly

Accept the fact I've never done enough,

To push myself forward

I've lacked the self belief and that's tough,

I got start believing in me,

If I expect others to do the same

It's about time that I upped my game,

Stop looking for others to blame

Stop dreaming and wishing my life away,

From now on I got to go against the grain

And get on the fast train

And be who I want to be

And do what I want to achieve,

Don't look to others

This is all down to me.

Copyright © fauxcroft wade | Year Posted 2018