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Best Gnat Poems

Below are the all-time best Gnat poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of gnat poems written by PoetrySoup members

An Atoms Tale Is Epic
If I die before tomorrow
Though the sun won't shine for me
Take pleasure in it's warming glow
There's a future there to see

No life will last forever

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Categories: gnat, life, nature, space,

Love Bug
The smallest, most annoying pest,
Seeks the heartbeat of your breast, 
In search of where to build its nest,
Bites you, and forgets the rest. 

It's venom...

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Categories: gnat, love, nature, passion, heart,

Premium Member The Thinking Gnat
A gnat is annoying my nose today.
She keeps coming back and landing on me.
She is fast.
Faster than my grabbing hand.
I am eating an apple.
Land on...

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Categories: gnat, humor,

Premium Member An Alien Landed In My Thoughts Today
An alien landed in my thoughts today in the form of a gnat,
Right on the paper, it happened like that.
Not bothersome, not a worry at...

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Categories: gnat, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Three funny Poems-Haikus (Poems from 7th Grade #6)
1. A gnat under blue
    days will next spin on apples 
    Look! More frogs arrived 

2.  The...

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Categories: gnat, funny

Premium Member All That I ...
All That I ...
                  Authored by Chuck Keys


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© Chuck Keys  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gnat, devotion, faith, inspirational, time,

Premium Member The Gnat
The spider Queen, aloofly vain!
She rules a silent ruthless reign,
with black-bead eyes like pearls of rain
that damp the depths of her demesne. 

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Categories: gnat, nature, society,

   Aquatic nymph to dragonfly.
   A rainbow coloured acrobat,
   With diamond facets in each eye.

   Feeding on...

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Categories: gnat, nature,

A sad old flea
A sad old flea and a silly old gnat
were boogieing it down
on the neck of an aristocrat
When suddenly Splat
they're flat
And that was that

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Categories: gnat, fantasy, funny, old,

Venus and the Soldier Ant
Venus politely introduced herself to the passing soldier ant,
The ant did gaze for long, at the pretty crimson plant-
Impressed by Venus's beauty, it listened to...

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Categories: gnat, fantasy, feelings, children, friendship,

My Sorrowful Soul
“Sometimes, a hug can mend a sorrowful soul like mine” – J W M Earnings
What’s the point of sorrow when I have tomorrow to look...

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Categories: gnat, angst, anxiety, deep, depression,

Premium Member Toad and Troll
There was a fussy old toad, yes; some might call him, a curmudgeon, at soul. 
When his ladylove died, he took it in stride, and...

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Categories: gnat, adventure, funny, imagination, uplifting,

Premium Member Little Bugger
A gnat did fly up my nose,
on purpose, I must suppose.
He set off a pet peeve,
as his wings made me sneeze,
I did pee into my...

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Categories: gnat, funny

Premium Member The Last Semblance of Sanity

Paraded endlessly, this spectacle the Elephants know to be degrading,
And their counterparts from the sea , the Orcas, resist in captivity
By refusing to unfurl...

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Categories: gnat, imaginationtime,

I'm a briny whore
wit' reekin' drawers
me honor ter make yer acquenchance
th' skipper's maid
me port's decayed
one doubloon, yer seafarin' urchin?

Yer scurvy rat
a-crawl wit' gnat
orf seadog scourged...

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Categories: gnat, funny,

Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster

You have the compassion of a blizzard and the patience of an avalanche
Your derision trickles like a monsoon.
You drown me in disdain.
Flooded by your...

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Categories: gnat, depression, divorce, goodbye, judgement,

Unlucky Me
While gazing at the sky
A gnat flew in my eye
Causing me to wince in pain

Using the faucet spout
I tried to flush it out
So I could...

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Categories: gnat, bird, care, humor, insect,

We fought, we laughed,
   we wrestled in play.
For years, on the very same bed
   we lay.
Into the night, we'd whisper and...

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Categories: gnat, brother, childhood,

The Summer Holidays
Sunday - Sunday and what a start to a beautiful day 
The kids are on their summer holidays, hip ho hooray

I get time off work...

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Categories: gnat, children, funny, holiday, humor,

I Slept with a Female Mosquito - part IV
I Slept with a Female Mosquito – part IV 

I have gone gnats!
My residual blood is boiling and bubbling
Whole frame sweltering and shuddering
Discolored rage –...

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Categories: gnat, politicalme,

Premium Member More More More

In England way back in the 18th century
“Pants” was considered a bad word
Probably coz it sounds like heavy breathing
In bedrooms it could often be heard


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Categories: gnat, humorous,

Premium Member Cat Tales in the Glaring
Put purring sounds around me, yes, I'm the apple of your eye.
Your furry form is always warm, your purr is a lull-a-bye
Arms and legs entwine...

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Categories: gnat, animal, baby,

acceptance of failure
is a talent acquired over time
the young man i was
could never comprehend 
the freedom failure
the feeling of humanity
in every tear shed
over an impossible...

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Categories: gnat, death, imagination, introspection, philosophy,

No Chapeau
One time in the past, I saw a picture of me.
I was a child; I wore a cowboy suit with cowboy hat.
I don’t remember this,...

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Categories: gnat, funny, introspection, lifetime,

Now, wasn't it sad about Snyder,
The light hearted, fun loving spider?
He got a gnat in his eye,
While pursuing a fly,
And fell into a barrel of...

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Categories: gnat, animals, children, funny,