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Relationship pending

Its done
Its over
****ed up you know
I needed a shoulder
But the biggest reality check
Is this relationships shipwreck
What I say to you now
I would never say before
It doesnt make sense
How you made love to the door
I hit the floor 
Spent so much time praying
Man my knees are getting soar
Stripped down to the core
I loved the *****out of you
What did you expect me to do
What did you expect me to do 
Well after all life gets harder
And these walls keep getting louder
We broke it down to a powder
A substance so scary
And I might just use it 
Just dare me 
But the door is closing
And its time to go 
Once you can get back to me 
Just let me know
My aggression
Just a bit too condescending 
But atleast you get my message
Relationship pending

Copyright © Nate Callas | Year Posted 2013

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This is the TRUE Story of Six Sisters Part 3 The Guestbook

The Guestbook
I signed the guestbook, hoping that _____, Jenny’s mom would get my message and get in 
contact with me. In the mean time, every person who signed it, I got updates about.
Then, one Saturday, I got this e-mail saying someone had signed the guest book, so right 
away, I read it. It was someone named ________, from Ohio…and that she was Jenny’s 
biological sister, and she left a phone number. Now…I know this name…because my birth 
father’s mother had told me that name when I met her in January. So, I nervously picked up 
the telephone and dialed the number. Thank goodness the machine picked up, LOL…I said 
hello, my name is Melissa Powell, I am in Indiana. Jenny was my biological sister, by the 
same birth father, and I think that you and I may be sisters too. Give me a call when you 
can. Two hours later…the phone rang…it was ______…confirming we were indeed sisters! 
Then she dropped a bomb on me…I had another sister _____! Wow…I lost one sister 2 
weeks ago…and today, I find out I have two more sisters! What a blessing! So in the mean 
time, ____, _____ and I are getting to know each other, and our families. So we get to 
talking about possibly looking for other siblings because out birth grandmother has told us 
there are indeed more of us out there. So we look on Facebook with the names. ________ I 
wrote to about 20 _______ Even though when I saw her picture when I wrote her…I knew 
she was my sister…we could be identical twins! So a few weeks go by…then on April 3, I get 
home from Good Friday Church services and there is a e-mail from ______…Call me, I found 
_______… Not only did we find _______…we found _____!

So with the tragic death of our beautiful sister Jenny…it brought all of all us together!
Now we have the rest of our lives to be sisters and get to know one another. God works in 
mysterious ways, and we all believe that he brought us together using Jenny as our northern 
star. And there are even more of us out there! Current count…Six girls and we are told we 
may even have some brothers somewhere!

Copyright © I Dream In Poetry | Year Posted 2011

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On The Wings Of Prayer

A spiritual light kept out of sight.
Too quiet to be heard.
The wings of love could not be spread.
On this fearful little bird.

Silently, the prayer was heard by only it's own ear.
As hope was slowly washed away.
By the pain within a tear.

A meek request is this bird's best.
To try and stop the rain. 
It's fearful faith has failed the test.
As it slowly starts to wane.

Where can you go when you don't know?
How to connect with God.
You feel so lost and powerless.
That life just feels so odd.

I'm asking for your prayer's my friend's.
To get my message through.
Until my Robyn flies again.
I don't know what to do.

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2014

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You are the best

You are the best

Please give me all your knowledge, I have too much I need to learn.
Teach me about words; become my way of life college.
There are only so many ways that I can talk about her.

Inspire me to become better, I am chasing those stars.
I am still a poetry novice
And I don’t have the time to take your journey to get to where you are.

Patience is something I have never had,
Because I need this so badly!  I want to be write.
I want to right and imagine a good time, not this bad
And I am without the road map to be able to share your spot light.

In magazines I see your face and inside my mind I cherish your words.
I need your advice to help me to find my own way,
To cure this heart that still hurts.
It longs to be loved for doing the thing that I love
And I am so desperate to leave this home life behind me;
I have had enough.
But I have no idea as to how do I become good?

No, good is insufficient to explain the passion in my soul.
I need to be spectacular, unbelievable, great, amazing and wow!
I want to be one of the best, so I need to find my way to go.
What do I need to change, or do?  Tell me so that I can know.

I do all I can at the moment to write all the poetry that I can,
But it will never be enough until people need what I say.
I cannot sing, but I want a rock and roll life of a band
And if I have a book published, 
It would show me the way, to find my way.

Am I taking the right route?  Do I push on through?
What will it take to get my message through to you?
If all it can be is a hobby, without success,
Then at least I can say when I write my poetry,
That I have always been true to myself 
And I have been able to show you what goes on inside my head.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2017

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Cheeky Face

Cheeky Face                February 24, 2013

If I die when you’re gone remember my words I love you
I hope you get my message, if you don’t please imagine
You and only you know our feelings for each other
If my life has passed you know it’s forever
Remember the cheeky face of that beautiful woman I met
Those eyes and lovely smile, that smile I wont forget
You are a lovely angel that landed at my scene
I was so happy to have you, the best I’ve ever seen
I’ve seen you all, you know what I mean 
I love you my angel, I’ll never let you go
Cheeky and lovely the only way to go

Gerrard McGeachy

Copyright © Gerrard McGeachy | Year Posted 2016

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Writers Block

Staring at a blank page
Is there nothing left to pen
And I do feel a slight rage
As I look to begin again

My thoughts had been a swell
Flooding through all my head
Now not doing so well
Has me full of dread

Will I get my message out
or has it left for good
Does not help to scream and shout
Its meaning is misunderstood

Still I moan, wail, and cry
Inspiration be my muse
Anything you'd have me try
I will not refuse

I'll do all you ask of me
And try not to let you down
But if this cannot be
I will forever wear a frown

If it's not your desire to help this man
Then I beg you say no more
If writing's not in my life's plan
Please love make me as before

When I was but a simple me
And my words all slept in peace
My life as happy as it could be
Quiet beneath my golden fleece

But no a sudden sting from thee
Woke my soul to speak
Now it seems you look to flee
I'll be alone and weak

And I'll forget all my words
Their only meant for you
The whole idea is for the birds
And just what can I do

Staring at a blank page
My thoughts had been a swell
Will I get my message out
Still I moan, wail, and cry
I'll do all you ask of me
If it's not your desire to help this man
When I was but a simple me
But no,  a sudden sting from thee
And I'll forget all my words

Copyright © Steven Clark | Year Posted 2014

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Pillars Of Venus

My Heart, Calls,
For A Hero.
To Sweep me out of my chains.
I will be, here.
Waiting for one day 
For your Glow of Victory
To Swipe me and Break this Chains
That Bind Me, against my will.
All keep Singing for you to get my Message.
The Little Will left for you, is what keeps me alive.
Now, your close so hear me, am Here..
Shining like the Pillars Of Venus.
Now hear this Song, that will guide you.
Near me,
I see you now.
I will be happy in your arms
So just keep on the belief and I will be waiting.
For you to defeat, the Darkness that seal me away from you.
Tears of Joy running down my Skin, in just seeing your presence at last. 
My Prince

Copyright © Oscar Ibarra | Year Posted 2012

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Key To My Heart

Forget my acts and word of mouth

For the love i have for you i had no dout

Ive fallin to deep and cant get out

Yes i love you and thats whats counts

This hole you made i cant see light

How did i know this was a trap of life

My key chain is empty except for you

That one key to my heart and thats the truth

Ha Ha your funny

Did you get my message fool?

Who would have thought this would come down to 

I love you babe


I love you too's

Not that picture perfect guy

But better yet that guy that gives me a natural high

Sends me on more roller costers then Six Flaggs has rides

And makes my heart race faster than a race car goin to fast to see fly by

I am the angel God sent down for you

But the thing is you have my other wing so i cant fly without you

Complete is what you make my heart  every second of the day

Attention is what you give me when nobody has time to look my way

Love is what i needed and you gave it wit no questions asked

Value in our friendship is what we will forever have

In deed we have our ups and downs but being wit you my face can never keep a 

Never thought i would find a person that makes me feel as if i have no fears

Yes I LOVE YOU, you see you are what keeps me on my feet and makes my life 
worth livin and complete

First thing on my mind and last thing before i go to sleep

To you i give the world

But thats still nothin to what you have givin me

Copyright © Twaneisha Chovan | Year Posted 2006

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From Letters to Love

It was you who got me through one of the darkest times in my life.
Your letters providing my only source of comfort, and I never felt alone.
As if we were doing the time together, not just helping each other through.

When I got transferred, and they took away your mail,
I still never forgot you.
Instead you became my driving force, the light at the tunnel's end.
Everyday looking at your pictures, and vowing to make you mine.

Eventually they let me out, I was determined to track you down.
No way of knowing if you'd get my message, or if you'd even respond.
After three months, without a word between us, I figured you might be gone.
But, almost immediately I received your response.
Happiness engulfed me, and I regained my hope,
That I was one step closer to making you my girl, and giving you the love you deserve 

The following day you came to see me, looking as beautiful as can be 
I was shy, even bashful, nervous is not even the word.
But, you took control of the conversation, and put my mind at ease.
After months of waiting, and so much anticipation, 
I felt I might be let down.
But, your even more amazing in person, 
Than I could ever dream about.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe it's true,
That someone like myself would end up with you.
Our pasts so different, it's amazing our paths converged.
But, somehow us being different, seems to truly work.
We've built a bond that's unbreakable,
A love so real and true.
A love that lasts forever, no matter what we do.

I never would've believed when I got your first letter,
That you'd started into motion, our future together.
It seems impossible a jail romance could ever grow so strong 
Or, something that we did to pass the time would develop in a bond.
If you'd told me then, where we'd be now, I'd tell you, you were wrong.
But, all that matters is that we got here, it doesn't matter how.
And, I can't even imagine a life without you in it now.

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018

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I wonder

Why do I always torture myself, writing about things bad, every time I sit to think a little, all I feel is sad. Was my life that bad?, am I just bitter and scorned?, why do I find it easier, to write about thing gone wrong?. Though my life may not be fulled with joy, still I am content, I sort of understand the reasons now, it's all part of a bigger plan. Still I struggle to write of things, that would bring people much joy, it's just not in my nature I guess, to write things that make people smile. Still I ponder, why I write the way I do, Snap!!! Maybe it's the only way, to get my message through...
M.Mahauariki © 2012

Copyright © Murray Mahauariki | Year Posted 2012

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Write A Sonnet

Write a Sonnet

Wish I could write a sonnet maybe then you’d understand
That what I say about you will forever stand
I don’t have the words of Shakespeare, Byron or a Keats
Just the ordinary word of a man by the name of Yeates

When I look into your eyes and say the words I do
Telling you your special then know the meanings true
If I say your beautiful and I love you so
Please don’t laugh and turn your head for in my eyes it shows

If words of poets can describe the way I really feel
Then I’d leave it to them just to show you my love is real
For a simple wordsmith as myself it seems, I cannot find the words
If I could write those feeling or sing them like the birds

For you deserve a sonnet of love that’s just for you
But by now I guess you realise this will have to do
For I’m no famous poet if I were it would be a breeze
I could tell you what’s within my heart and put your mind at ease

So simple words will have to do to get my message through
So you will learn across the years how I feel about you
Perhaps no bard’s sonnet but all that I can do
Is simply writing it 3.8.1. so you know that I love you

Finally I’d like to say I’m ecstatic were engaged
I’ll be ten times more elated when our marriage has been staged
We will live our lives together until at last I find
The way to write a sonnet from the heart, soul and mind

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2011