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Unchained - 'Memories' 8 - Final

Memories Episode 8 - The Final Episode 
… continued from ‘Amnesia’ - (Memories Episode 7) 

But first things first - my nurse has something to show me
If I feel I'm up to taking a bit of a walk  
I mutely nod my head - yes why not?
Maybe she has a new room for me
With her arm protectively around my waist she guides me
I am vaguely aware that the policeman outside my door follows
Down the long corridor we walk 

Another police officer materializes out of nowhere
Is this the norm to have so much law enforcement in a hospital?
Anyway it worries me not - nothing matters really

We reach a door which she gently nudges open
All the while she protectively holds me close 
The room is just as drably furnished as mine
But the window is bigger and it seems a bit brighter
I look towards the bed

Under all the bandages and drips and machines that beep
There’s a man lying there 
My heart does a complete flip
I know - Oh my dear God - I know
I feel him - like I always have - I know him well 
A memory branded in my brain

I would sense him anywhere - he is my Soul Mate Connected at Soul level to the physical state I believe once you have truly connected so deeply Love is sealed forever - now and through to eternity The surging power passing between us so intense Beyond analysing - beyond laws of gravity - beyond making sense Oh My God! - My Jackson is alive!
Just as well my nurse has a tight hold around my waist Because I pass out When I come to and the waterworks start yet again She tells me that even though he’s stable He’s in a coma though still in a serious condition Only a matter of time before he comes to But will he come back whole? Will he too have amnesia just as I had? I’m deaf to her caution I am just so grateful So grateful that he is still alive So grateful that he will see our baby And I am going to make sure to never leave his side Till he opens those beautiful eyes of his My ears prick and my heart does a flip When she tells me something I nearly missed That a patient hearing a favourite piece of music Has been known to come out of a coma In a flash I know exactly what music to play again and again His favourite song from his favourite movie Interspaced with me telling him how much I love him How in my pregnant state I need him more than ever How I want him to take us in his arms And I’m not leaving his side Till he does
The weeping of souls and Heavenly joy abounds Succumb to the raptures of that moisture upon a cheek Transcendental souls speak their own language of tears We are just their harboring hosts as each other they seek No longer tears of pain - but ‘Tears of Soulful Joy’ Into my open mouth as they stream down my face - Happiness surpassing all bounds - exquisite is its taste Priceless in worth - no remorse will ever take its place Awakened memories of when our souls did first connect A Metaphysical Truth – A Bonding - Life’s Mystery The feeling of De’ja’vu - halted in its stride - Time stood still A beacon of blinding light that streaked from you to me
Episode index in consecutive order: Memories - Episode 1 Blind Terror - (Memories Episode 2) Wistful Expectations - (Memories Episode 3) Deception - (Memories Episode 4) Run Run As Fast As You Can - (Memories Episode 5) Running - (Memories Episode 6) Amnesia - (Memories Episode 7) Unchained- (Memories Episode 8) Video clip - Le Ann Rimes – ‘Unchained Melody’

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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An Early Morning Walk On The Beach

I woke up after hearing a noise on the roof of the cottage, it sounded like a couple of seagulls, probably fighting over a piece of bread.
I was awake now and looked over at the clock, it said 04.00, and I decided that I would go for an early morning stroll on the beach and try and catch the sunrise.

First things first, a cup of coffee to start the day, I opened the front door closing it quietly as I went out so as not to wake the rest of the family who had slept through our early morning visitors.

I made my way down the boarded path that would take me to the beach
The sun had not yet risen and there was coolness in the air and I was sorry that I had not brought a light jacket with me.

Undaunted I carried on down the path with dunes to the left and right of me, marram grass grew in clumps on each risen dune.
Looking upwards towards the west I noticed a few stars still visible in the darkish patch of sky but it would not be long before they disappeared from view.

I continued on and then I was aware of a sound that I had heard many times before, it grew louder as I walked down the path and I stopped for a moment to listen to it, Yes, 
It was the unmistakable sound of waves crashing on the shoreline, such a soothing sound I thought, the relaxing sound of the ocean.

I reached the end of the boarded path and the view I witnessed would stay with me forever and I just stood in total awe and wonder.
A golden orb was starting to rise on the horizon of the ocean, it blinded me for a moment and I looked away then turned back to look at it peripherally, at the spectacle, the birth of a new day.

There were seagulls squawking in the distance providing me with an audible reminder of where I was.
I carried on walking along the smooth white sand that had a scattering of little brown and white shells here and there.

A girl out for an early morning jog lifted her arm to give me a good morning wave; I waved back and continued to the waters edge enjoying the beautiful moment of the sun rising.

I walked along and at least an hour had gone by since I had set out, by now the sun was warming me up and I just knew today was going to be a scorcher later on.

I love these early morning walks where I feel that I have got the whole world to myself but all good things come to an end and now more people were starting to arrive to share my world, joggers and people walking their dogs, it was starting to get busy.

There were friendly exchanges and smiles and I couldn't help but wonder if it had been a busy street in a city would we even have seen each other, in modern living today it would seem that people do not have a second to spare and any delay , however small would interrupt our already busy schedule.

My deep thoughts were interrupted by Mozarts piano concerto 21 , my cell phone ring tone, I answered and it was my daughter Hayley to inform me that everyone was up and breakfast would be served in about half an hour.
I about turned quickening my pace and began the walk back to our holiday cottage. 
Yes, I thought, breakfast, the second best thing to happen this morning and the day was only just beginning.

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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This is about you

When you have downfall on your mind chaos is all a mind can find, its time to change all the things you had held so deep inside, they cause rage, your trapped in while your caught up in the cage of life an easy life with out strife, no more pain or struggle inside a bubble and you want to make it burst, but first things first you know the times that come will be the worst, because its change you want, and you will taunt the ones who set the curse. They say if you want to change a little then its your choice, but if you want to change a lot they must first hear your voice, loud enough for all to hear, listen and all of the problems soon disappear, just know that the world can be a  bleak one and people dont always listen so you cannot only speak once, so when the end is near you can look back at the goodtimes throughout all the years think about all the times and cheer, and thank god you lived this long and your still here. Be remembered  only for  the words you spoke, for you do not want to be invisioned inside a cloud of smoke, watch as they listen when you start to feel the choke on the thoughts about your life,a bad life,  a black life, envoloped in fear you were hoping that the man would hear, and maybe take a listen, to diamonds in your mind as you watch them glisten. finally move to a position, and  open your ears and let your mind be clear, and hear the wisdom spoken from the person on the otherside of the mirror, society sobriety with out a clue just sit and ponder at the deepest thoughts that are revealed in you...

Copyright © Romeo Romanado | Year Posted 2012

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Know That I Am There

It's the best I can do to explain myself
is standing in between it all, so I can view both sides.
Who are you to say that a summer days more beautiful
than the dead of night?
You profess to have to wisdom by dousing words in philosophical jargon,
but I'm here to let it all loose with an unchained honesty...
it's the best bargain
I have to offer. I practice love cause it's simple.
Respect your body cause it's sacred, a well built temple.
like ramen noodles from the supermarket, just add water
and presto! Easier than reading words off a teleprompter.
Uncensored laughter like it ought to be,
letting it self be know, however audibly.
You don't have to have to reason to love thy neighbor.
When smiles are born from your efforts,
ain't no such thing as hard labor.
Nobody's righteous, man, just a few
who strive to be a little less wicked.
No matter the masks we give ourselves
is ever gonna change the facts that the clock's still ticking.
I believe in God despite what friends close to me might say.
For the sake of fitting in I could claim ignorance,
but there's just no other way.
Cause I know at the end of the day,
there's one all encompassing thought that keeps the doubts at bay,
there's gotta be something more than what I see currently.
Is it so naive to think there lies ahead my unfolding destiny?
God's guidance may be obtained from a book, perhaps,
but I dare you to take a second look
when passing by a mirror
... tell me there's more than what appears.
Is it God you see or is it the devil?
Now let me bring it up a notch to a philosphical level.
Whether you're planting the seeds of kindness
or the seeds of deceit, either way,
it takes effort to roll up your sleeves.
You might as well just be providing carbon dioxide for the trees.
If you don't take chances nothing much happens:
the universe and I unanimously agree.
Call me cardinal cause here I am stating first things first.
Just who the hell are you and what's your purpose?
If a messenger is what you be make it clear as crystal.
Vagueness and obscurity be corruptions might.
A gardener need not be afraid of thorns and thistles.
That's where the berries congregate, am I right?
It's all just talk and not enough walk,
with poetic phrasing I aim to knocks your socks off.
But if you judge by actions I'd be lucky to get a sneeze or cough.
Oh the bitter irony of this conundrum!
A lover of the night who chaseth the sun.
I'm stuck between my two great loves:
The naps in the shadow
and the beauty of the spotlight.
My wish to see the crowds
from the solace of the clouds
or be squeezed between 'em, airtight.
But I just cannot seem to change my outlook,
in many ways I'm both a closed door and a open book.
War and politics wish to claim my writer's soul,
though love and kindness be the intended goal.
They be packing nuclear weapons, but all I got is this pistol.
Flashing with them golden intentions like bedazzled tinsel.
But when the end comes all our egos take advice from soft drinks, fade and fizzle
Guess peace never come, 'til Jesus blows forth the heavenly whistle.
I can't just brush the deaths going on around me as nothing,
despite what the Beatles sang about, love isn't everything,
from experience I've learned, however,
when all you care for just shatters,
love is perhaps the only thing that matters.
So when you see me or when you don't,
a person you can touch and feel or a singular thought
pulled straight from thin air,
know that I am THERE!
I have a heart and mind, and flesh and bone.
Knowing this none can say that I am alone.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Welcome Home Girl

Oh! Wow! It’s you!
I can’t believe it! 
I’ve missed you, you know that?
What in the world have you been up to,
I can hardly wait to hear! Really!
But give me a hug before you say a word OK?
First things first!

Of course I still write poetry.
What do you expect after 6 months
Of zilch communication, nada?
“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?”
Hell, you’ve already got your feet on my couch!
Take off your shoes at least OK?
(That will be a start in the right direction!)

(I sure hope she hasn’t started smoking,
With adventurous girls you never know!)
Yes, I know I can be a real pain
You have often told me as much,
But who do you know girl that loves you more?
And don’t kill the messenger but
I really do like your longer hair too!
Any chance you might leave it that way for a while?

How long can you stay?
(Forever would be good!
Crap, I’m already thinking about taking her skiing
And then my Birthday is in January!
Remember love is a gift given daily you fool!
You don’t want to look needy do you?
Even if that is precisely what she is looking for!
Even if that is precisely what you are!)

(That’s right sweetie, let's do it!
And sooner rather than later I’m hoping!)
Your beret is really so European….
No, please don’t take it off.
“You can leave your hat on!”

Brian Johnston
October 28, 2015

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

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You May Think You Know Me

You may think you know me,
But you really don’t.
For how can you know me,
If I don’t truly know myself?

Everyday I wake up and make a choice,
A choice of which mask to wear that day.
Sometimes I think about choosing to go natural,
With no mask at all.

But then I start to realize,
I don’t know what natural is anymore.
Everything about me is fake now a days,
My hair - coloured, my smiles - forced, my personality - changes depending who I’m with.

Nothing about me is me,
So how can I call myself “me”?
How can I be such a great actress,
To change myself completely?

How has no one noticed this change,
This drastic change in who I am?

I used to be naturally blonde,
Now I’m colouring it.
I used to be naturally happy,
Now I’m forcing it.
I used to be naturally me,
Now I’m not who that is.

Never mind who I used to be, 
Who am I now, and how did I get to be this person?
Was I just to afraid to show the world,
Who I really am?

Was I afraid they would mock me,
For being me?
Or was I afraid I would mock myself,
For who I was?

Whatever the reason,
I know I was afraid.
But now I’m going to stand up,
And show the world who the real me is.

First things first,
I have to discover who that is!
Then the rest of the world can too!

Copyright © Sierra Cowan | Year Posted 2010

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The spaceship contest

The spaceship contest

First things first, start with ingenuity
A good pair of glasses to help with visual acuity
And of course a good set of directions would work
You could assemble a team and a sales clerk
Determine a budget
A trip for wire and cardboard to Target
Create a small scale and give it a test
Spend hours upon hours getting obsessed
Try to contact NASA for advice
You’ll be lucky if they call you back and they’re nice
Laugh a lot, really laugh
When you run out of ink while drawing on your graph
Film a video and make a fool of yourself
The next day your movie has been stolen by a little elf
Take a trip to the junkyard or the dump 
Dig up some old metal and plastic covered in grump 
What ever you do don’t upset your wife 
By spilling oil and cutting the counter with a knife
Spend many hours having lots of fun
Twisted up in a enormous mess thinking you’ve won

Inspired by Matt Caliri how to build a spaceship contest! 

Copyright © Laura Mckenzie | Year Posted 2010

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Bed Linen Blues

To the wall, to that hard-to-reach corner I bend
That's right! (you old son-of-a gun!)
Now work your way backward, down to the foot-end
First things first, get the worst of it done!

Ya know, it’s like life! There's a lesson to learn
How SIMPLE, yet DEEP can it be?
I reap what I sow and I'm... paid what I earn??
Thank you lord! I finally see!!

...Uh-oh, wait a minute, there's some kinda' glitch
Something’s wrong, something just-does-not-match
The damn things' on SIDEWAYS, you SON of a b***h!
Now you gotta' start over from scratch!!

See, the short end's too short and the long end's too wide
(Just relax, stay focused, get it right!)
Aw, screw the whole thing!! Ain't no skin off MY hide!!
(Sh-t, just sleep on the couch tonight)

***Edited version of a previous post (Writer's block remedy)

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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My Wants Upon Your Time


If we should meet;  I pray we do,
it’s first things first I’d wish for you.
If you want friends your want's begun -
an introduction to God’s Son.
Engaged in hope, I’d to hear,
"I just conversed with Him, my dear.”

That guaranteed, we two will meet,
some day to make our wants complete.
Meanwhile, through poetry I'll try
to be the friend who would not pry,
yet would not fail to tell you clear
God’s “wants” upon a time down here.

When once upon a time, you asked
to meet some writers, I unmasked 
to face your spirit on the web. 
Before life's tide begins to ebb,
hear now of Christ, my dearest friend,
His saving grace I recommend.

When we first met, you wished to read
my poems here, they tell my creed.
Wait!  better still, to read God's word;
find hope in Psalms, the twenty-third -
I found my Shepherd all at once 
fulfilled my needs as well as wants.

You’ll find in John three, seventeen
no condemnation on God’s scene.
He only wants your soul set free;
go back and read all chapter three.
You want to meet Him?  You’ll be blessed
to take Him as your welcome guest.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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Warm Days Are Ahead

Warm days are ahead but not soon enough, cold days still linger Winter has been so rough. Warm sunny skies are just beyond my reach, but Winter wants to hang on just like a tormenting leech. I truly can not wait for Spring to finally show, but first things first we have to get rid of this snow. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.13/2015 I'm getting bummed out by Winter. Enough is enough already!!!

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Watch out world, here she comes!
Clear a path, the motor runs...
Hop on in to help her steer
It's time for her to take this ride
She'll need some help, a hand to guide her
Let's get familiar, latch your seat belt
Plenty of time, we're here to help

First things first....just turn the key...
Are you in gear?   You'll need to brake!
Don't hurry so....we won't be late
Oops,'s don't be nervous
Easy does it....we're off and running!
Hey, look at you!  A time to solo!
On your own now, feeling lonely?
Weaving wheels, both to and fro

Curves ahead...let's slow with caution
Red lights, green lights....yellow too
Take this off-ramp, join the freeway
Here is all the world in motion

Wind and speed, a heavy pedal...
Hit a bump...a crunch of metal
Open doors, let someone in
Slammed a finger.....the hurt begins!

Another chance, he'll go the distance
Together...face the road ahead
A wreck or two but still alive
Some hills to climb and still surviving

Take a back road, slow the pace
Enjoy the scenery, it's no disgrace
Now it's time to stop the race
The windshield fogs,'re not alone
Now it's time to head for home

It's been a long trip, quite a journey
A few detours have come each day
But you could write a million stories 
Of friends you made along the way

Look ahead, into the distance
Do you see that shining light?
There is where you'll find the glory
Now everything will be alright......


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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The Chalice of Courage pt2

With a staff fitted with a blade in hand,
Leonid entered the cave.
It was dark and hot,
And with each step,
Leonid became more and more fearful.

The cave then opened up
Into a large cavern,
And in the center,
On a stone throne,
Sat the dragon
And in his hand was the chalice.

Leonid positioned himself
To attack with the sharp end
Of his staff pointed at the dragon.

“Now, where are your manners?”
Boomed the dragon.
“You enter my home uninvited,
Point a pointy stick at me
And not even say a simple
‘Good day, Dragon’.”

Leonid was taken aback,
He did not expect
The dragon to speak
And not like a nobleman.

He, quickly, put aside his astonishment
And yelled back,
“Good day, Dragon,
I have come for the chalice
You hold in your hand.
I am prepared to do battle!”

“Do battle?!?
Whatever for, my dear boy?”
Why exactly have you come to my home
And threaten my life?
Have I burnt down your house?
Killed your entire family?
Killed your beloved dog?”
Questioned the dragon.

“Well, no…
But I want the Chalice of Courage
And I will do whatever 
I have to do to get it,
Including vanquishing you!”
Answered Leonid.

Why don’t you simply
Ask me for the chalice?”
Cooed the dragon,
“It would be much easier.”

“Alright, Dragon.
May I, please, have 
The Chalice of Courage,
So I may sip from it
And become courageous.”

The dragon stared at Leonid
For two heart beats,
Then said “No!”

“If you were not
Going to give me the chalice,
Why did you make me ask for it?”
Bellowed Leonid, angrily.

“First things first,
I made you ask
Because it was the polite thing to do,”
Said the dragon,
“And I won’t give you
The Chalice of Courage
Because you don’t need it.”

Leonid’s jaw dropped,
And he stared at the dragon
As though he had lost his mind.

After a minute or two,
He spluttered,
“I don’t need it?!
I don’t need it?!!
Do you know what I went through
To get here?
How far I traveled?
How I was jeered at 
By the village folk?”

The dragon just smiled
At the young man 
Growing more and more angry,
“Oh, I know what you went through.
It is quite a task
To make it up here,
But the fact that you did it,
That you made it here,
Proves that you don’t need it.”

Copyright © Kimolisa Mings | Year Posted 2010

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First things first

First things first...
Hold on to all things with yr left hand. The possibilities for alternatives.
Hear all the white keys on the piano. The purest tones.
Have a drop of lemonade. The most intriguing sensation for yr tongue
Feel a kiss from yr parents. The greatest love of your life.

Copyright © Piyo Ross | Year Posted 2014

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What Am I

Let's all play a guessing game
With some clues but I wont name
The object I am describing
Within the poem I will be hiding
If you listen to these rules
You wont have to be a fool
Take my advice and you will see
This object is figuratively
What everyone really needs
Immersing their brains to feed 
On information that will lead
For helping you to succeed
In figuring out what is hid
A thinking cap upon your lid
Is gonna help you figure out
What my poem is all about
First things first let me explain
You might get driven insane
With each line and hint that's written
I don't want anyone quittin'
Before they have a chance to guess
Take your time and do your best
Use the knowledge in your head
Be patient and never dread
That the answer is not right
Finding inner strength you might
Hear the wheels start to turn
Listen to them and you'll learn
Not to answer too quickly
Read this again and you'll see
What I'm describing might be tough
To figure out--you'll need good luck
It can start with  I or R
Figure it out-- you'll be a star

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2014

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My Win

This time!
I thought!
I must be the winner,
Each week I waited for the results,
My joy always faded quickly,
Turning into sorrow,
But today was my lucky day,
All my dreams had come true,
A lottery win!
I was so excited and ecstatic,
All the times expectation let me down,
Really came through for me this time,
I was awarded the cheque,
Fifty million pounds,
Chance of a life time,
I laughed all the way to the bank,
First things first! A makeover,
Well I’m famous now!
Got to look beautiful!
Hair! Face! Nails and dress,
News reporter wrote articles,
Pictures taken,
From rags to riches they said,
My story told,
I was noticed! People were envious,
From that moment on! I was changed,
I spoke and people listened,
I was the person to be with,
The house! Lifestyle, and holidays,
Meals out! Socialising, 
The old ways were gone,
Far in the past,
No regrets!
Then! I woke up,
To my surprise!
All a dream,
I screamed with realisation, 
Instantly! All was gone,
Back to reality,
Wished it had been true.
I’ll buy a ticket tomorrow,
Share it with you,

Tell a tall tale competition
Sponsor Jesse Day

Copyright © Wendy Rycroft | Year Posted 2016

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Paint Sets and Nonsense

There sits next to me a new paint set, well okay, I got it second-hand.
Nothing about paint comes naturally to me. I can paint neither sky, sea or land.
I only have myself to blame, I now feel rather dim
Cuz I know I bought them on a whim

I used to compare my art to that of my classmate.
I did this with my creative writing also, regardless of how teacher would rate.
Do you suppose the person that the paints to me sold
Would refund my money if I am bold?

No, no I'm not a quitter, I'll see it through.
First things first, learn about shade, tone, and hue.
Blue, gray, purple, teal; all are mixed up in the box
But I love the rich warm colors. So I'll paint the town red, later we can have one of our nice long talks.

The person who sold them to me also gave me a nice brush and some canvases.
The brush she bought while in Paris. So, should I go take classes? 
I had better learn to hold it properly.
You'll never be a painter, or writer for that matter, seriously Jo.  Seriously!!?!!

Stop dreaming and go complete your list of chore.
The collection of 17 classical CDs. Asking price $17. Lead me to the dance floor.

Next to me there sits a new paint set...

Copyright © Jolene Cheyney | Year Posted 2016

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Post-Choosing Life

First things first you have to understand the last time I opened up, I left feeling burnt.  I have let my secrets surround and protect me; I have let its vines grow into thick foliage.  I could peer between the leaves and still feel like I remain in your same world.  Four years ago, I had many tactics and relentlessly tried them all.  I have tried to escape this plane in hopes to escape myself.  The moment of dealing and processing I have found does not occur in a wonderful symbiotic nature.  I struggle to process what I am now.  I have danced with my demons, and seduced the devil twice, what does that say about who I am?  I used to live in a fear of jumping into dark waters with an unknown depth, but after walking in the darkest nights far along the abyss I wrestle living with the knowledge of knowing the height of it all, and the depth of the fall. I don't know for how much longer I can keep pretending I'm safe in these waters.

Copyright © sandy wilson | Year Posted 2014

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Unicorn in a can

Now he will use his magical can
One more item, he needs for his plan
He has two pieces, one in a box, one in a bag
The last one needed, from a unicorn stag

With the horn in his hand he will find
And the hair from youngest he’ll bind
From  the seed of a stag, he will exhume
And the rest, in glass, forever entomb

Closer and closer, each and every day
Using the horn, he catches up to his prey
Using the venom, from a black widow spider
A drop of his blood mixed with some cider

Using this concoction blinds the beast
Not letting it see that the mare is deceased
Thinking itself mating with a female unicorn
And after he’s dead his seed will be torn

“First things first“, the wizard does say
He walks over to where the unicorn lay
To the rear of the beast, knife in his hand
A flick of the wrist, and they fall to the sand

He needs these seeds, one given, one taken
Then into the can, and gently shaken
Using this concoction, and a magic spell
The blood of the witch, it turns to a jell

Now that he has all that he needs
He sits and he watch’s the as the unicorn bleeds
Enjoying himself with every dying breath
But it is to slow, so he stabs it to death

Packing up the bag, box and can
He journeys back to where it began
To the witches grave, on a hill up high
He drops to his knees, and begins to cry

I have done as you asked, oh love of my life
The unicorns will suffer, for taking my wife
I will capture them all and throw them to the sea
And as soon as I’m done, its with you I will be

By Mr. E. Jones

Copyright © Edward Jones | Year Posted 2005

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Half Smoked Cigarettes And A Bottle Of Bourbon

She awake with a gasp,
"Hope I didn't blow all my cash."
She looks to the usually empty side of the bed,
Only to discover there is another head
Hidden in the tangled mess of covers
The long brown hair of an unknown lover.
Quietly she looks for a robe to drape 
Gently over her barren legs,
But she quickly realizes nothing is the same.
This isn't her bed, but the stranger who lay sleeping.
"How do I sneak out, what is she hears my creeping?"
She makes an escape plan for the door.
First things first, get my clothes off the floor,
Along with my dignity and most of my pride.
Even though, I could leave it all here,
I know I'll be doing the same thing again tonight.

Copyright © Briana Baker | Year Posted 2015

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1. opportunity is when preparation meets experience

2. faith is only nurtured and sustained in the fellowship in the family of God

3.if you feed your faith, you will starve your fears

4. obedience results in the opportunity in the economy of the eternal

5. it's hard to celebrate your past when you feel you have no future

6. the best definition of faith is being open to God's surprises

7. the joy is in the journey

8. in order to move forward in life your desire for success 
    must exceed any fears and anxieties that you possess

9. simplicity is found by putting first things first and when you are clear about 
    your purpose and priorities you can then clear out the clutter that is in the 
    closet of your life

10. we need to stop repeating woundedness and dysfunctional behavior
      for there are no generational curse as they have been removed by Jesus'

11. whatever is happening in life God has an App for that

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2014

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Hold the vision of heart's desire,
Soul prompts mission as love inspires.

Dare take action to fit sure cause,
Choice fits traction to greet fine force.

Do first things first in action steps,
Faith funds the thirst in pulse that maps.

Act intent well with courage bold,
Dare now to dwell as truth unfolds.

Your time is here in space right now,
Live happy cheer as zest endows.

Each moment sums a certain reach,
Bear each outcome in gain or glitch.

What matters most is your own soul,
In coast or toast, live then one whole.

Joy and happy play with cheery,
Wise and merry stay with timely.

Be not afraid of pain or loss,
Faith conquers dread in turn and toss.

Self-help works well if you but see,
Each thought you dwell can choke or free.

Leon Enriquez
29 December 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Deputy Do Wrong

The deputy of this small town
enjoys flashing his police car lights
down main street, 
in the evening, on Saturday nights
Like a one car parade on Easter Sunday
He loves Boss hogging people around;
being a big shot rural tin badge,
who only has the respect of his closest friends
Most local citizens have known him
since he was a little boy
He always walked with a swagger,
having a toy pistol hanging from his waist
Granted dumb luck in life,
chance meeting his wealthy wife
Caught her on the rebound,
when her marriage had crumbled
Opportunistic fella that he was,
he acted all sweet and humble
Melted her heart ... married her quick
You know how the rest goes,
the whole Hollywood story bit
Had her rich daddy give him his dream job,
working under the legendary town sheriff
Now deputy hates having to fetch the bone,
being told what to do by the aging law man
Deputy broods daily, his thoughts drifting wrong
Saying to himself it won't be long,
because the sheriff is old
It's gonna be his town soon,
and it's gonna be run
like a proper, hell-raising saloon
Rowdy weekends will be bringing in big revenues,
shaking down city folk is gonna set him up nice for life
They might even build a statue of him,
that would be alright
But first things first: ain't no deals gonna be done in his town,
unless they cut him in on the price
Deputy Do Wrong 
has himself big plans
Deputy got ideas of doing more wrong ...
and everybody that pass through his town
is gonna be fetching the bone

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Broken Hearted - Lets Get Started

Broken Hearted? – Let’s Get Started

I guess you’re wondering where to start
Fixing up your broken heart

First things first – and here I’m guessing
Just stop and count all your true blessings

Find a loving dog or cat
Give it all the love you lack

Write a scathing, hateful letter
Burn the letter, you’ll feel better

Find a shoulder you can cry on
That one true friend you can rely on

Look up old friends – go have some fun
Take extra care of number one

When you feel down and have the blues
Dance in your briefs like young Tom Cruise

Give yourself time – you will recover
Believe me you will find another

Mdailey	3/17/12

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2012

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Another List Didactic For Children of All Ages

Rotate your tires and planets frequently
Turn your soil into something pretty dirty
Make your garden grow in soiled earth
Stay out of the sun (the surface there is hot enough)
Remember first things first are better the second time around
Set your alarm to stun
Wake up early when you want to steal the dawn
Stop doing that it hurts
Emphasize your words when talking in your sleep
Repeat them to your spouse when you awake
See what happens next
Never ever drive without a car (a vehicle will do)
Ride a roller coaster if you must
Take a bag lunch, you will need it later
Walk on tidal forces into tomorrow
Take medication if you really want to feel the pain
Read every label that comes your way
Don't talk to strangers who count your sheep
Keep your own company in a mirror 
Wash it, kiss it, cover it in blankets once a week
Turn off the light to see why things glow in the dark
Work at being a kinder gentler nation
Leave affection to the professionals
Pay attention if you are listening 
Forget the beginning about rotating things
Let them spin to reach their own conclusions 
Just finish when you stop reading this

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2017

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Blessed are you, this God's great day!
Get up and in the Lord's will, stay
To follow His orders, with faith - don’t delay
First things first… you should pray!!!

Make the most out of this wondrous morning…
Upon His strength, keep on leaning
From inconvenience, quit complaining
Praise God, you’re safe from hell’s burning.

Time is God's precious gift; don’t waste
Optimize seconds with prudent haste
Avoid the mess of vanity's paste...
Feast on righteousness-taste!

Go serve Him now with His guiding hand…
Advance His kingdom thru His command
Yield willingly to His divine demand
His Word-the Bible must uphold your Christian stand!

Fulfill your stewardship roles with diligence-poise
Amidst temptation-whisper and trials' noise
By His might, triumph in your servanthood-choice
While in the Lord you always rejoice!!!

June 11, 2018
1st place, June 2018 Standard, Any Form or None, 
Any Theme Up to a Maximum of 20 Lines Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Brian Strand

Copyright © Beata Agustin | Year Posted 2018