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Best Cricket Poems

Below are the all-time best Cricket poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of cricket poems written by PoetrySoup members

Spider songs
Blades of grass, wet under foot, insect eyes  
Dusk, offset by the cricket orchestra 
Muted and receding into the trees and bushes,
Tickled by the...

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Categories: cricket, animal, girl, metaphor, night,

Premium Member Stargazer
Under 65 degree starry, onyx blanket
Containment of quarter moon identity

A whimsically soothing song exuded
In muffled taps & Prohibition era lyric

In the distance,
Snow-capped mountains reflecting lunar...

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Categories: cricket, confusion, feelings, life, night,

Premium Member The Cuddling Cricket
It’s not enough to have a Dragon plus his penguins and pigeons, too?
Darn it! I had a limit, until a cute Cuddling Cricket found my...

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Categories: cricket, baby, fantasy, funny, growing

A Love Story
The girl is an ultra-modern scholar, 
Belongs with an upper-middle class family. 
Looking very nice, smart, gets angry suddenly. 
She reads M.A in English at...

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Categories: cricket, culture, deep, emotions, loss,

Premium Member Woodland Path

Fae circles of mushrooms
Lanky yellow toadstools
Firm jelly tot larvae 
Feed from rich stagnant pools.
Fungal disks cling with wanton 
To the grey trunks of trees
Cricket strums...

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Categories: cricket, friendship, inspirational, nature,

Cricket's Song
Refrain of dreams, I gift to you. 
My hum lulls in rhythms deep;
Night chant lifts to heavenly heights
coupled with starry sky’s plume.
My faithful promise kept...

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Categories: cricket, music, nature, night,

When the Sun Sets on Me

I wonder where I will be 
when the sun sets on me…
for if I were a flake of snow,
a dying breeze, or autumn leaf...
then I’d...

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Categories: cricket, creation, introspection, life, nature,

Premium Member Sundown in Paradise
My blessing basket is heavy with heaven's gifts,
Tomatoes the size of my fist, eggplants so cute,
And fresh heirloom beans bursting with pride.

The sun, orange on...

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Categories: cricket, faith, , cute,

Premium Member Dark Reflection
...and the Demon spoke,
its voice deep and mellow like smooth satiny chocolate,
"There is more, much more then good and evil,"
the words thunderously whispered.
The verdant emerald...

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Categories: cricket, dark, evil, imagery,

The rose colour of your mouth 
stirs something primordial inside of me – 
I smile along with you. 
Plump little hands reach for my face....

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Categories: cricket, heartbroken, son,

One Nation Under God?
It’s a sad situation, the state of this nation
of murderers, molesters, and thieves
I can’t help but wonder as we continue to plunder
at how we create...

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Categories: cricket, angst, life, social,

Premium Member Subtle Sounds
Listen to the subtle sounds
surrounding Mother nature.
And you'll hear water chuckle
as it gurgles over rocks.

Hear the drone of hummingbirds
or the songs of humpback whales.
And the...

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Categories: cricket, beauty, feelings, inspirational, nature,

Trying to sleep
I am trying to sleep here; can someone let the world know?

Somewhere the pressure cooker whistles, 
Rises in the night air, the smell of pulao...

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Categories: cricket, night,

A silent wish

As we sit looking out over
strawberry sherbet skies,
breathing in the solitude
of twilight’s scented breeze, 
remembering the passing day
and laughing at firefly sparkles
glistening in our eyes


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Categories: cricket, love, night, star,

The frog and the cricket
The frog croaked
The cricket chirped
The cricket croaked
The frog burped...

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Categories: cricket, animal, betrayal, fate, giggle,

**Example for my contest.**


chirp chirp!

Visions of my past why are they following me?

Leave me the h3!! Alone,

Let me be, the earth is...

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Categories: cricket, birth, blessing, christian, corruption,

Premium Member When I Was Ten
 Now in my decline in the time of men
  I remember way back then when I was ten,
 when we lived in a...

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Categories: cricket, childhood, school,

Premium Member I am the Shell of a POET
I am the Shell of a POET, Gazing upon my Last Sunset : Dancing with Death
The Shell of a POET, absorbed in Nature: inhaling whispers...

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Categories: cricket, beauty, death, life, love,

As You Lay Yourself To Sleep
Let my heart be your pillow

as you lay upon my soul

as you gaze upon a star

Let your dreams and wishes flow

Let my heart be your...

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Categories: cricket, beauty, , Lullaby,

Spirit In The Flute
I walk an already trodden path...
Uncertain, of future lives that lie ahead

But, in faith I close these earthly Ojibwa eyes
In trill, thus, I hear the...

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Categories: cricket, native american, autumn,

Premium Member The Hollow
The October night was dark and cold,
As the autumn sun was going down,
When I recalled the legends I had been told,
About this sleepy, little town.


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Categories: cricket, halloween, horror, tribute, perspective,

The Cricket and The Dragonfly
A Long, Long Time ago, there was a cricket whose name
was Blue, she was named after the sky that she loved so true. 
All day...

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Categories: cricket, adventure, children, encouraging, farm,

Premium Member z is for Zaria , ABC of Disney Characters Contest
A is for Akela of Jungle Book fame
B is for Baloo from Jungle Book the same

C is for Cinderella what a pretty sight
D is for...

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Categories: cricket, children,

Romance of Four Seasons
Where do roses birth their petals

when Spring gardens disappear

Where do petals bloom in Winter

when white snow falls everywhere

Where do snowflakes melt in Summer

On silk lips...

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Categories: cricket, happiness, love, autumn,

What is life
What is life?
Life is just eating, sleeping and making sex
to show your identity
that, you  have strength enough
to produce kid, to earn your bread and...

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Categories: cricket, feelings, humanity, meaningful, political,