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Earthquake JF

An earthquake size crack down my heart Now that from soup you did depart No more romantic gems To meet those little whims How I long for your awesome art
Sponsor: SKAT A Contest: A Valentine Limerick To The Poet Who Broke My Heart Written: February 2, 2015

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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Whisper in the Wind

  Quiet sounds surround every thought throughout invisible crevices, hiding behind the unseen. A single tree nonchalantly sways out of rhythmically forested life. Aimed in an unknown direction; feelings of hopelessness; unreasonably so. Lost in movement; running out of options—listening for the right words—once again, let down. Lowered expectations bring heighten spirits. Poor results increase in value. Harmless innuendos received defensively; creating awkward tension. Whispers buzz like lower case a's in tune with harsh reality. 
   Lighthouses watch waves crash against tidal currents, tormented by wind blown rocky shores. Blind faith, belief blinks and higher meanings dissipate; a sailor lowers his head. Tear drop eyes hide from long lasting connection; insecurity begins to surface—exposing secrets that have been kept hidden.
   Deep beneath innocence, honest breath passes another fumbled whisper—stumbling words fall behind paying mind; mumbling madness about clinching fists, at wicks end outraged by this vice... Ultimately powerless of secrecy's trip.
    Routine seems to presume a safe secret kept quiet but given such reaction; evidently mistaken. Gusts of wind carry sound into the arms of eternity. There it remains; forever. Only to be discovered; in time. Secrets float away; like a message in a bottle; a worthless meddling. 
   Rain falls parade, marches on; to a beat of its own. Short lived memory clears the mind; allowing a break—shutting it off; relief... Windows of doubt form frowns, glass eyes gaze into the depths of solitude. Calm ironically substitutes, momentarily prevailing storms wage. Words made of quiet sounds; manifest through thought, howling winds swirl rhythmically in stride. Gracefully galloping rain clouds whisper in wind, water droplets represent life as cold air and dust particles collect until suddenly, ice chunks hail upon earth and explode atop rock. Lightning lights up the night sky and thunders growling low screams shake the ground. Trees crack down in trunks leaving defenseless branches to timber. Natures fury is served and the cycle of life fast forwards its time; completely uprooted. 
   The man in the moon's menacing wink prompts a convincing grin; winking through clearing passages, assessing damage and counting heads; catching brief glimpses of hope. Raising heads ping back, brief smiles, dimples and grins sigh relief as lighthouse luminescence gleam. Glistening beyond sky, piercing into earth, seeing straight through stone and reflecting like stars from every imaginable aspect. A sailor raises his head for one last look—watching the whisper in the wind depart; heading toward oblivion...

Originated January 2015
Intensively edited on 

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

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The British June Referendum

Referenda! Referendum!
The big ban will make it boom!
Hopefully on June 23rd,
Listen to what I have just heard
Calls of: that is it! That’s it!
It is time to jump, 
It’s time to Brexit

The beauty of Britain
Is in its uniqueness,
In its unity in diversity, in its commonwealth,
In its borrowed Kenyan tea,
In its Indian curry
In its jerk spicy Jamaican chicken and Chinese take-away,
In its Irish coffee and flavour,
And fish chips,
Which the empire,
Once upon a time mixed it

That’s it! That’s it!
It is time to close the gates,
Or maybe it’s time to Brexit
Whether it will fit or not,
The opportunity is now here
To fix it.
Once and for all,
To decide and call the call
And play a role, its own role
And hex it.

Hex the bunch of Brussels
And the commission,
With the fake mission,
That intends to flex it

The union, the mighty union will soon
Crack down, if a Brexit, Greexit and the rest
Will definitely follow suit to lax it
But all this may not occur
And Britain will be doomed to remain
Imprisoned and blur,
For another century to come
And be a dictum for others to lance it.

Copyright © Abder Derradji | Year Posted 2016

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Her eyes blinked-
Sending a tear,
Down her cheek;
Her heart trampled-
Like a wild animal,
Held onto a leash;
The spring had come,
And with it came-
The sweet-smelling lavenders,
That hung low,
Seeing her sorrow-laden face.

'Don`t  worry dear,
I`ll be back for you,
In a week`s time',
Thus he had said to her,
On a cold rainy night,
When the wind lashed-
Against the unhooked windows,
Making them dance,
On their hinges.
But the war went on,
And weeks turned into months,
And months into years,
Leaving not a minute;
For them in its clock.

The phone rang that morning;
She hurried down the stairs,
Slipping a step or two,
Hoping it to be-
Her dear partner.
She had been crying,
Ever since she picked up-
That mysterious call,
Which had made her,
Crack down on the floor;
For a sad call,
I`m sure it was.

Of course, he had come!
But why did his arrival,
Leave her lamenting?
There she sits-
On the cold floor-
Just in the middle-
Of the carpet-spreaded hall,
And beside her,
Lie her husband,
Soulless and cold,
In a well-built coffin.

And the war went on,
Seeing all this,
And creating-
Many soulless cold bodies,
And leaving all those-
Dear ones lamenting.

Copyright © suze suze | Year Posted 2015

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Undefeated, I Am Not

Is it possible to be proud of pride; if not then I don't know what to call this
this feeling of appreciation, turning an entire night around
but the night gains dust on the couch; it's a new day, a dark new day
The issue, it's still buzzing, nagging, playing the joker trump card
My heart may be strong but it can't take these punches much longer
This situation sits confidently on top of my head
dodging at all the right times while tirelessly I struggle to remove it
I see a moment to erupt like a volcano but only a ring of smoke flares out
I see a moment to throw up the lunch I never ate
but only a belch emerges with the blood slowly rushing to my cheeks
My life is like a game of Jenga
it's always one thing piling up after another, creating a skyscraper
all the problems of my opinions, all the problems I share with friends
yet when one ray of hope, when one ounce of merriment commences
there's a shade of my past at the ready to crack down my defenses
makes me remember
and the skyscraper is now a building block avalanche, crippling me
Stained, why am I so stained; who's to blame
Was it Belle or did it all begin with Sarah...
I'm unable to tell, it all seems so foreign
The only thing telling me it was once my reality: pain
It hurts, I cannot deny; it hurts
I can put on all the facades I can muster, act facetious, say I don't care
but it would just be one more lie I'd write off
My issues, they stand undefeated, no scars or scratches
while I lay down bruised and beaten, no will to get up again
They don't fall, the tears, but their stinging presence is felt
Pathetic...the abrupt crazy laughter cries pathetic insanity while my voice screams 'whatever'
Will I ever be able to live this down; if I live it down, I'll just throw it back up
Why...why did she have to tell...I was better off ignorant
now I'm cursed with a replay of my vibrant imagination...
If I tear out my eyes, will I still be able to visualize...

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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The Dark Ages

Pain is random
Love, just so if it happens
The wall of your fortress it just might crack down
A Knight in shining armour, pretty girl he's got your back now
Because its not a pretty world let me lay the facts out
Evil men prevail but ill lash out and ill act out.
Let the forces of darkness surround me
Let false acts of kindness be brought down here 
Never bitter toward you let their strenght be in numbers
And ill let mine be in the Lord and when they sleep and slumber
I'll make a way of escape and they won't even know it
The Princess is really the Queen of my dreams under the cloak of the darkness
Now there been a matter of excitement 
go inside the village and you can hear it  dicussed there
you feel this energy of shouts coming from the crowd "God is Deliverence"
He fights my enemys or else i am just a sheep for the slaughter
A bossy spirit resides in the clearing see the chopping block
Every best freind of mine is trying to chop mine off
LIke blocks of herbs and posionous spices
And led that is fed to the unsuspecting victim
Like little pieces of glass mesured out and the plans for her lover  are exucuted percisely
But he hangs on in love and suffers longer
Now i know its sounds horrible coming from an executer 
I pronounce death on you and the ax swings down and the crowd sendsa cheer up
 now back then they didnt call it the city
They all knew it by  the name of " the kings amusment park"
Now come and bite into this apple 
you  test every piece of fruit and the way she is dancing makes you feel awful 
because you know you seen her put the posion in it
Your like oh well God is the king and treat him accordingly
 And i slap it out your hand and tell you, you musnt eat
You foolish man dont you know the king is trying to posion you.
 You are acting like your rank will give you stature
Im like dont even make me mad at you
I just save your life and your demanding an explanations
The kings eyes are like daggers gushing into your heart man
Now listen dont stare the Queen Im trying to help you 
For Your majesty is consumed with thye spirit of jealousy
Now watch and please observe me 
i am not only a knight of the king 
I am Gods servant

Copyright © Timothy Jacks | Year Posted 2012

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A Long Hairline Crack

A long hairline crack down the side
Can't be seen from entrance at door
It leaks just a small drip not tide
But tends to puddle on the floor

Will try to patch by using caulk
Let it dry then see if it works
With this repair should have good block
Maybe not even watermarks

All that work you have guessed, it leaks
Still..maybe have to replace it
Can't just throw this away..antiques
Know what I can do get a kit

In the yard it will get to sit
During its final days it will
Float jasmine scent to our credit
The end for commode that's unreal

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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I know we could make it.
You’re bashful; 
You grin with the innocence a temptress feigns,
Spouting out outrageous eyefuls  
Of an open garden gate.

Prodding thoughts that tiptoe up to high heavens
And crack down like lightening,
Like bodies from buildings when they hit cement;
You are the long-lost riot I dreamt.

You take hot baths and listen to Bach and hide under the bed;
I sit at your feet and gawp up at you like you were unreachable,
A star in the dust overhead.

I know we could make it;
You and I go together like salt and wounds,
Like a moth and the moon,
Like spools to a loom.

You were the fall that came for me too soon.

I only write when I am at the tip of unsteady introspection,
And can see death from above.
I only care for you because you are the last person
I know I’ll ever love.

Copyright © Jessica VH | Year Posted 2014

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Valentine's Day 1929

Full-scale warfare precipitates between two factions.
Many men tumble because of these actions.
What really started this thing, I do not know.
Both sides want to control the City of Chicago.

Police crack down on illegal gambling.
They are also after prostitution and bootlegging.
Within the city government, there is corruption and scandal.
It appears there is an excess for them to handle.

As far as citizens like us, things are not too fine.
They are as bad as ever in February 1929.
I heard many shots ringing out downstairs this morning.
A massive bloodbath has taken place without warning.

They say there are seven men lying face down on the floor.
The culpable individuals are not around anymore.
The responsible killers absconded without being seen.
The aftermath of this action is a most horrible scene.
On this Valentine’s Day morning, we are seeing too much red.
Seven members of Bugs Moran’s gang are now dead.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2011

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Love, allow my soul to live happily

Love, allow my soul to live happily....... I have born for you to get your love that I deserve I love the way you loved me with your inner feelings You took me to the world beyond our imagination and showed me love is to be loved You are a gift of my soul that never fly away from my heart Even a bird in the nest has her partner in the nights but I am without you so many nights with painful tears Today, so much I miss you day by day and night by night Dreams come and go but our love here is to stay in reality No matter what happens in my dream but life without you is nothing but shattered dreams You are a beautiful lady that I have not seen yet and you are anchoring me deep in your heart with love Please do not allow my love become a patient in my life Cause, my heart will crack down into thousand pieces if happens So, let me lose my love within your heart for my soul to live happily in your heart forever. Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka All rights are reserved @ 2017 - Ravi Sathasivam

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2017

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Sorrows Bypass

I hide in a niche within myself
Furtively blinding the self from truth
The ravenous tongue knows
It is the other side of
The hidden tank sealed with dried tears
The rivers of sorrow bypass my heart
And I smile at my isolated victory
Proud that I didn't crack down
When another bereavement knocked 
On my door and left me weirdly silent
The lone fugitive peeps through the slits
Hungering for the love of the departed
Perhaps another day the warm sun
Will ride into my heart to stay till eternity 

March 14, 2016
Contest: Fugitive
Sponsor: Julia Ward

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016

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Love the rules

Personal Attacks, Battles, or Slamming Soup Members (Do not use a member's name in poems
or comments - unless it is positive!!!)

I love the rules 
but many don't follow
I hate the players 
that can't be role models
they can't play the game
the same way we play
they advise the wise
and crack down demise
I only say what is on my mind
got nothing good to say?
then don't say! explain it!

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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How can you say that I don't even care
about the way that I look and the clothes that I wear
With the way that you look at me
saying I'm fat
and ugly
and heartless
and all of that crap

I've always tried hard not to let it show
that the words that you say to me hurt like a blow
to the stomach, the face, to the backside, at that
And the way that you push me down on that mat with the media
where all the skeletons dance
their ribs are all showing
they wear size zero pants

I'm just not like them, why can't you see?
but I know in my heart 
that you can't accept me
as I am; I have to be perfect, you know
But I'm overweight, and my skin is like snow.

I wish you could see me
you know, way down deep
I have a heart made of gold
only you make it weep
and you've made it cold
and what good is that?
You've frozen it over and
you've made it crack down the middle
Now it is broken in two
And you wonder why I rebel against you.

Copyright © Brooke Knox | Year Posted 2009

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all across the globe, i see the world go gone/
i see a path of wrong/ lights is flashing/ the sky go's black/
i see a packs of clanz/ i see some sets grow fast/ we on the run from some
mayham/ we on a run from set trips/ girls getting bigger each day from a
child each day/ men run away when see a child inplay/
houses gettin burnt down / riots taking form now/
streetz pack now/ we cant ever turn are backs now/
the world is startin to crack down into pieces of dust wow/
fighting for are rights now/ its a fight we must take for now/
cuzz at the end ....we gets the gold bow down

Copyright © Adrian BurrageII | Year Posted 2012

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brings world word ii gunnery duty 
   as extremely frightful flashback
   which utterly displeases this elderly mortal 
   and such behavior moi aback!
Born in this same house 
   on Leona avenue, this oldster doth dwell 
which neighborhood once felt like heaven, 
   but now seems like hell

pet peeves arise with ever more frequency 
   from increased unpleasant encroachments 
   along this very narrow street
   some young hoodlum 

   left trash scattered on property 
   that blew everywhere pell mell
but also parks a slew of cars up and down 
   both sides of this narrow thoroughfare

   blithely co-opting an unused driveway 
   by an elderly lady who lives alone
oh, or a male friend of his 
   who guns the engine of a rosey roadster
   at the crack of dawn
   and when confronted blurted out 
   “i gotta do what i gotta do” 
   these complaints, i feel a need 

   (albeit anonymously) 
   this doddering soldier 
   of misfortune doth wish to tell
hoping the police can crack down 
   e’en if they need (billy me) to be idle 
   voicing rebellious yell!
address and name withheld on request
on account to avoid getting 
   preyed upon via ruffian's quest
so…please do not misperceive me a pest

but feel grateful (before 
   being dead) to clear me chest
only a concerned citizen kane at best
and a harmless curmudgeon i attest!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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gundon 08.05.18
change is the desire
but this is no fading characteristic
backed up on poetry fire
its a trail stronger then the ballistic.
going to take care extremely
never again will disrespect plod
the rerun i remember vividly
glad it gave george the white light nod.
so many factors
all contribute to no decline
MPs are no criminal actors
they are comedy like the thin blue line.
you need a total crack down
a good few life sentences will blur
this will help in war on coke and charlie brown
crime rising it will instantly deter.
advice is clear and direct
my help and support can get no bigger
in beautiful gundon we all feel the effect
can poetry and change be the trigger.

Copyright © gate low | Year Posted 2018