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Violet Eyes

I made a promise, a little visit
A busy much to do..
But, I'm running late, they will be waiting...
I should be going...the clock is ticking
I'll take just a minute for a quick hello
no need to linger, ...and then I'll go

I grip my keys, and make excuses...
She seems confused....unduly quiet 
Oh dear, it's useless, ... her voice is desperate

"You must try a piece of cake. Made fresh this morning,.. no need to hurry! The tea is hot. Let's have a chat, you must be thirsty!"

(The clock is glaring.....I need to scurry....)
(My life is busy....this day's been crazy)

"I can't stay long.....  a late appointment....  I have to go,"...
                         was my reply

  (Oh dear, it's clear, she tries to hide sheer disappointment,,,, I cannot lie!)


She walks her cane, across the floor,  her smile is kind...

I have declined, with clear remorse
I start to say one last good-bye,  hand on the knob of her front door

"Would you like to take a pot of violets?
It would take just one moment, before you  go"
        I can't refuse, how could I now?  I see the longing in her eyes

And now we've walked to a screened porch 
The sun's a torch that lights the room
Her potted blooms are in a row, a glorious show of mauve and blue
They sit so proudly like pots of gold
In glorious colors,.....I must behold

I smile expressions, sheer admiration
Her anxious look turns to delight !...
Her face lights up just like the sun
Years melt away from somber eyes.

I've asked her "What, could be your secret,
           to grow these perfect spring bouquets?"
"The fragrance sweeps a magic potion, that makes me want to spend all day!"

"Please tell me more, I'd like to know." 
We sit and chat, and I'm enthralled.....
  "Leftover tea leaves? Helps them to grow?".....
           "Now who would guess? Please tell me more!"

               Her eyes are wide, with my request
               This time I know just what to do
              "I'd love to share some tea with you"
               That's how we spent all afternoon

      She cut the cake
            I poured the tea......Her smile was worth a million suns

                I noticed then,.. that afternoon.......her eyes were blooms
                                     of violet too

Contest: A Conversation
Sponsored by Frank Herrera

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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To My Beloved

My Dear....

Do you know?
How empty is our home, when you are gone? 
Another evening fades, another day declines
How silent are these walls, when you're away
Even in the quiet, I feel the comfort of your presence
    The mantel clock is ticking, with face that seems to mock me...
         I watch the embers glow...., each room that seems to know...
            The ticking sound the only song, until your arms embrace me                            
                Do you know,.... how I miss you so?....

The night is cold
     It seems to freeze the words I cannot find
I look beyond the window glass....
    My eyes beseech the moon
        Perhaps the moon will search the stars
             for words beyond my reach

I sit alone, the night is dark
      A lifeless pen in hand 
          Where are the words I seek?
Where do I start?  How can the phrase begin?
How does one express the joy....the peace inside one's heart?

While I stumble, my foolish hesitation over choice
         I have no voice...
             No words.....the breath of me
                 Cannot find the verse
                      The rhythm could be no worse...
                               To make these words come out just right

Or have you always known?
      Our love so pure, so sweetly grown
           On summer days, or winter nights
                No other arms could be so warm, so gentle, the place I call my own
                    Though I am alone, your gentleness will carry me to sleep tonight
                       As it has on every night
                           How I long to only have you home again....
Where does one find the way?
       A way to say the sacred words....
            So the whole world could know....

                How I love you so?   Come home, my love, come home....

For Audrey's Sentimental Love Letter

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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Take Time

Take time to show 
The people around you that you care
Time is an unpredictable force
When you turn around there’s no one there.

Take time to hear 
Each story from the past
Handed down through generations
They must be shared in order to last.

Take time to see
The stranger standing next to you
A friend wears many faces
Only prejudice blocks the view.

Take time to listen
To what your child has to say
The clock is ticking swiftly
Tomorrow they’ll be going their own way.

Take time to ponder
The path you have followed through the years
Your mistakes became your teacher
As your courage was born from your fears.

Take time to feel 
The cool grass beneath your bare feet
Life is a precious gift
Each day is a momentous treat.

Copyright © Deborah Moe | Year Posted 2008

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Why Decide

Decissions, Decissions
Time is running out,
Yes or No
wrong or right
up or down
black or white,
white or black,
white is day,
why is nothing what they say,

well things they are a changing,
and now they’re in the past,
you never could know never would guess how long these things will last,
make memories while you have the chance,
and your friends will last forever,
you’ll have your sunny happy days,
and you’ll sit through your bad weather,

alll these decisions,
time is running out,

the clock is ticking,
time to decide,
what’s your life about?

Copyright © Caitlin Dwinnell | Year Posted 2012

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Tick Tock

Tick tock 
The clock is ticking
And the world is moving
Can you imagine
How fast can the time be

Tick tock
My head is ringing
And my problems is stopping
But my ending
Is just a beginning

Tick tock
I am waiting for tomorrow
Unsure of awaiting sorrow
This time I had borrow
Will never return to me

Tick tock
The clock is ticking
And the world is moving
My head is spinning
While I am loosing 
My mind

Tick tock, tick tock
You are gone
You are left alone
You won't see me anymore

Tick tock
There is an end of time
There is an end of the day
And that's is the end
Of everything

Tick tock
It's over now..

Copyright © Eli Moon | Year Posted 2005

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Busybee me

(enjoy the puns) 

I happen to be a busy bee
always racing with time
since time how it flies for busy bees
Ah wish I could just lasso it
like a cowboy does his horse
and thereby bring it to a standstill! 

And if I don't waste this valuable Time
I think I could buy me some extra time
For time is money it's said
Ah wish I could just catch it
in a nook or a noose
as it flies by at will.

For at this rate the clock is ticking by
like some never exploding time-bomb
while I'm forever running out of time
so I wonder then how still
others just take their time
or be killing time coz they've time to kill! 

For I can't be killing this precious time
I don't have any spare time on my hands
And it is but challenging to make a chum
out of that swinging pendulum
Time is racing, it's outpacing
For me it seems time has never stood still.

Thus I'll merely have to resign to the fact
that I could never ever tie down mr. Time
for time and tide have waited for none
It's never going to cease, that monotonous chime
even when ceases to pen, a poet's quill

If the battery in thy clock stops
other clocks would be working timely still
So if you lag behind and don't make it in time
you can be sure there are others who will.

So I better let my time-old
venerable grandfather clock
go on with its carefree
dutiful but devil-may-care tick tock
Yah, let the time do the talk
and still tell it it's simply brill!

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2017

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He Is My Rock

My Darling:
I have a confession to make why i walked away 
Let us connect to talk as it feels a lifetime has gone by
During your absence the clock is ticking our now will 
Become a past i beg you to heal my pain and allow 
Me to recreate the moment that could last forever
As I never lost my passion loving you.

You have to understand the gravity of my sickness 
i pray to have a second chance as my thoughts were 
out of control had to take my own punishment in silence 
the day i woke up with no memory because of those attacks 
I was giving you a hard time but i loved you since day one.

When i am awake even when my thoughts abandon me 
i feel you are my a-liveliness does that make any sense to you? 
Wait for me, help me build the ruins around my brain,
allow your miraculous hands to cure me.

Due to my medications nothing makes sense to me anymore one 
day I am here another day I am unaware who I am how I look 
What I think where am I, will I live, will I die, help me feel 
Anything something help me to heal.

My Pen my friend dropped from my hand leaving me alone 
to sink and think.
Suddenly i felt my pillow was wet my forehead 
was sweating my whole body was shaking I have to let him 
Comeback like nothing ever happened I called out loud,
Come my way and stay I love you my man my lover.
I dialed his number.

Aug 20/2018

Copyright © Therese Bacha | Year Posted 2018

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Inspired Thinking

Inspired Thinking

Inspired, I’m thinking
I haven’t an inkling
From where it comes
And where it’s going.

Crawling from a rock
Laid down atop
Fossilized dream silts
Beneath the rivers of
My mind?

Inspired, I’m thinking
Somewhere a clock is ticking
Keeping time to the echoes of
My mind.

Drifting weightless into sleep or
Waking as if popping into a dream
Inspired thinking leaves its tell-tale
An elusive waft upon the
Breath of my rising and falling
Just a hint of cinnamon sugar
Epiphany, or
Bitter-sweet smoke,
The long dark spark of genius’
Striking metal.
The memory of a taste on my tongue.

Giant leaps of intuitive solution,
Cures for mankind’s deepest ills,
Kisses of “Paradise Lost” whose tickle
Quickly fades from my lips.

Maybe there is an “other side.”
Have we in moments of
Inspired thinking drifted too
Closely to the invisible thread?

Have our most brilliant minds
Simply found the way, a state of
Deep mindfulness where they’ve
Learned to hold on to the thread,
The “high-tension” line of consciousness
Beyond the veil that separates us from
Truth by the illusion of reality?

Copyright © Kevin Lawrence | Year Posted 2018

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It Seems Like Only Yesterday

It seems like only yesterday
I heard your first cry
But today you spread your wings
And discover how to fly.

It seems like only yesterday
I held your tiny hand
But today you hold your diploma
And make an independent stand.

It seems like only yesterday
I dressed you in ruffles and lace
But today you have your own style
And search for your own place.

It seems like only yesterday
I sang you a lullaby song
But today you play your own music
And dance all night long.

It seems like only yesterday
I thought time was on my side
But today the clock is ticking
And your dreams no longer hide.

It seems like only yesterday
You were my little girl
But today your a grown woman
And beautiful as a pearl.

Copyright © Deborah Moe | Year Posted 2008

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The Clock Of Life

The clock of life, nobody knows when it starts,
or when it will stop. You should always be ready 
and be prepared, because you never know when the
clock will stop.

Don't hurt anybody and don't hurt yourself. Be very
careful in what you do and what you say, because
the clock is ticking - it's ticking away and nobody knows
when it's going to stop.

Each one of us has a clock, but we don't know when it 
will stop. It can be in the morning or mid afternoon. In
the middle of the day, or in the middle of the night.

But the hour will come and that's for sure, when the 
clock will stop and tick no more...

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2012

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You can’t mimic the resurrection
With your astral projection,
Self-fulfilled satisfaction,
Then, wonder why there’s no reaction.
Pride comes before a fall,
Whether you decide to answer his call.
Clarity can only be found,
When you choose not to be bound.
The clock is ticking and it’s the third day,
It is time to evaluate all of your ways,
Look around and smell the season,
All this chaos has a reason.
Blessed are those who walk the narrow
And don’t surrender to their pharaoh.
Enlightenment only comes from truth
The wise find it in their youth.
Simplicity has become complicated,
The paranormal is overrated.
The answers are all at hand,
Only the humble will understand.

By: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2014

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The Last Love

falling in love for the last time

it is the autumn of our life

the spring is eternal now

we must cherish this time

the clock is ticking

let it begin

without end



Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2012

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Honeymoon on the Flying Scotsman

With a snakelike hiss, the train doors close
the engine rocks and rumbles on clicking
over welded metal couplings: iced, glazed, froze,
the steam heat in clouds arose, rail licking.
On velvet we sit, lace behind our heads,
stewards bring tea for the clock is ticking. 
High tea at five, we're fed like thoroughbreds
for dinners late (at eight) in formal dress.
A honeymoon for two not quite purebreds.


Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2015

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Separation rules the nation it seems
Our race decrease the identity that cannot be redeemed

Yes we have amicable lives whom still believe in MLK's dream
The steam from our hatred of deceit and misfortune 
Has brought our brains to be washed in them

I feel like my people don't understand fear
Only the kind that could end your life or when the boys in blue are near

It's very rare for a black community to have unity
Even though their own may bring forth destruction or present a bad opportunity

Blind in a path of darkness, deciding to change but it's too late
Went down the wrong road and took the bait

Putting ourselves in situations we didn't want to create
It's Satan's job to keep you in that place

But God said to repent and He'll forgive and it'll be erased
What's happening to us in this world today?
It's very obvious where some of our people's priorities lay

Are we really that distracted
On the hottest rapper, shoes, money, and fashion
Disaster is right around the corner while your're ignoring the real problem that's about to happen

Reactions are suppose to be in the realm of wisdom
Being in your feelings can sometimes be the end of your feedom

Just listen to what people say and what they do
Why? Trust me, they are watching your every move

You were born to win and not loose
Let's encourage one another and not be abused

By those who taught us the false hood of our heritage
For it goes beyond Harriett Tubman

We are royalty 
Kings and Queens with true loyalty

Now we have become jokers and servants
Stripped for our knowledge to be non-observant

To follow the rules of this land
Limits us by a simple code through the government's hands

Tobacco and liquor stores on every corner
Yet shutdown the programs the kept our kids out of trouble

Double negatives that play in our lives
Despise those who take our future for granted and not recognize that we were structured not to survive 

Open your eyes
For time is not on our side

Never was and never will be
Yet we still have control of what we face and see

Clock is ticking 
No more wishing 

That circumstances will change 
Yes, faith can rearrange all things

Pray about it, trust and witness your abundance 
For we have always been the chosen ones from each end of the compass

Wake up and know who you are
For God has brought us this far to reach the stars

Copyright © Natasha Horton | Year Posted 2015

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For Emily Dickison

I do not know                                                                                                                                 Why we were born                                                                                                                           Into this world to die                                                                                                                            Unless to educate the spirit here                                                                                                    Before the spirit flies                                                                                                                            I do not know                                                                                                                                Why you have come                                                                                                                        To walk upon my path                                                                                                                     Unless to share some joy with me                                                                                                 To sing and dance and laugh                                                                                                         Let others look for answers                                                                                                                                   Or create them if they must                                                                                                                                    For here the clock is ticking                                                                                                                             And to soon we'll turn to dust

Copyright © Michael Ainsley | Year Posted 2013

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Loving the Alien

Loving the Alien. 

He checks to see if the hardware is clean.
He places 200 credits into the yanking machine.
The whirligig washes me, until I’m reasonably clean.
Then I step slowly out of the pleasure machine.
The clock is ticking, I’m alive for a while,
but later I’ll have to go back inside.

I am your alienonic lover.
I’ll make you feel just like no other.
Your dandruff dripping down you back.
Your drug stained collar and dirty mac.
My eyes dilate, I force a blush.
Then you get that adrenaline rush.

You pull me tight and it’s over so quick.
with a few yanks and jerks and that feeling of sick.
The machine feeds me opiate to dull the pain.
It takes all of my effort to stay emotionally sane.
He staggers off, full of guilt and shame
making ............... alien while your wife is away.
Plumbed into a machine, people pay for a p-lay.
Unaware that their pleasures, do me great pain.

In this short moment I relive all my life.
I strain to remember, I’m barely alive.
Drug induced from the tubes that feed me.
I remember my mother and how she loved me.

In these spots of time I dream that I’m free.
The clock ticks away, the machine pulls at me.
My eyes drop a tear as I look down on me.
The glass door comes down in front of me.
Then the whirligig washes me until I’m reasonable clean.

Condensation on glass is hiding me
and a small cloth comes down 
and partly covers me.
The blowers blow gently to clear the screen.
Now I’m visible for everyone to see.

A little girl taps at me through the glass. 
Her head tilted to one side.
“What’s that” she politely asks
Her mother pulled her away with a yank
”It’s an alien in a tank……now come on!”

Copyright © Kirk Tony | Year Posted 2014

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The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking What a sad state of affairs Seems that no one in Washington cares The politicians know that they stink to high hell Yet they continue to do nothing to lessen the smell What happened to compromise as a possible solution? What happened to “country first” as the proper resolution? It would seem that those we elected to serve Put their individual party needs as those that deserve The next election is all they give a hoot about And they are deaf to the protests no matter how loud we shout But with the streets full of those taking exception The ground swell of protest takes on a new powerful direction Deaf dumb and blind the politicians may be today But the time is coming when they won’t have their way What they are doing to this country is a crime and that is a fact For destroying it from within is a treacherous act The choice is ours and we must take charge of our fate Act know, speak out before it’s too late. ©Copyright Charlie Gragg December 13, 2011

Copyright © Charles Gragg | Year Posted 2011

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No more initiative to lack
Young voices no longer call  me back
         End of term
         My clock is ticking
         The last minutes in this classroom

Tidy up the debris myself
Books not fully arranged on shelf

         Half-eaten chocolate bar
         Unfinished game of dominoes
         Math project incomplete

Talk of spelling and grammar
Irrelevant now after the drama

         My chalk marks are easily erased
         Switch off lights  - last thing.
         Then the long silence

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2014

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- The Train -

Everything is about simplicity
Trains pass without we notice it
The clock is ticking, the world is not waiting

From heart to heart ~ from soul to soul
Lips against lips ~ between him and her

So many good memories ...
A life of simplicity he lived
Once upon a time ... he waited for the train would pass

- 10.11.2016
- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
- Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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The sun is risen, another day is here like a movement.
Eyes are meeting with a glance.World's invisible smiles.
The day break of our youth, the distance to cover from our dreams.
We sow the seed of hope every night in the garden of spring,
spreading arms to life's mystery,embracing our reflection's energy,
we learn to accept this circle of fire and water,like a religious harmony.

Looking through the eyes of sky we seek the blue aura of harmony
and we have learned to trade world's patience with passion movement.
Holding our breaths we run to pass the finish line as we fumble our energy.
We win we lose,yet the light of the sun will bind our lips to smile.
Gates are opening and we hold the key to unlock the coming of the spring
from a past where whe made the choice of fates,of paths and dreams.

It is the life whe can't fulfill when we pause a dream
even if its fire burns us. The puzzle is formed with feelings of harmony.
The year's steps are closing to justify our winter,our summer,our spring.
Falling from a fall that made us greater to spread our inner movement.
Covering our arms with touches soft,grasping breaths from above,smiling
in front of limits that make us eager to believe in our soul's energy.

Conclusions with stars renewable sources,renewable energy
choices of freedom,as a divine fight a human gives for the idea of a pure dream.
Like heroes carrying guns of peace firing light of tears and smiles
sacrifices from our past to gain the land of harmony,
where grass is melting with the pleasure of a closer move
to reach the other side of a season's spilt,a resting spring.

We are waiting for answers to glorify our journey to spring
to reach ourselves,we offer our power and energy
and as we lay to our prayers storming our moves
we know that the clock is ticking to our side,time is dreaming
the purity of unexpected knocks on our door harmoniously,
balancing between our wrongs and rights with a smile.

Driving in lanes of gold as day begins to spread its smiles,
people's needs are covering our touch to bring back spring.
Holding from hands love lasts melting harmony
with force.The power of true in our veins energetic
antidote for the poison of suffer.We have now found the way to dream
raising our eyes to the sky,forming the revolution with a move.

The hug of a friend and the memory of a never fading smile.
The first smell of flowers blossom in the rain of the spring.
The distance phone call in the middle of the night that interrups our harmony.

Copyright © valeria iliadou | Year Posted 2010

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The Kelvinator

Evening has quietly tiptoed away on slippered feet
Houses up and down the street are silhouettes

A garden looks white- washed in moonlight, 
And the faint sound of a train whistles through the air 
            leaving a trail of melancholy longing, resounding in the dark.
A table has been cleared of all traces of dinner, and now is set for breakfast
Doors are locked, and a
      screen has been put across the glowing embers.
Two golden Labradors 
     in deep slumber, are curled in their baskets by the back door
The house settles 
       as the momentum of a busy day
                                         winds itself down.

A mantel clock is ticking, and the refrigerator hums with a comfortable familiarity

How soothing is the sound of the refrigerator.
Odd, but it's something I never seem to notice during the day
This old white elephant, meant for keeping something cold,
           but yet, can conjure up such warm memories?

           I was a bit of a thing, sleeping on a tiny cot in my grandmother's parlor...
           snuggled tightly against the southern wall, adjacent to the kitchen.......
           And the vibration of the squatty little Kelvinator, 
           could be felt as if it were put there purposely to lull me to sleep...
           There would be magic in the moonlight, and a rhythm  in the hum,
           with a lullaby that shook the floor.....cold nights  when I was young

Tonight's moon slowly makes a shadowy passage
                        through the windows of each room, 
                                            as it puts the house to bed...
                                                         While my yesterdays are gone for keeps...
                                                          and sleep may not be an easy feat
                                                          I wish, once more to feel the floor
                                                          vibrate like it did before
                                                          And watch the moon as it comes
                                                          to fill my dreams with golden doors
                                                          And hear once more...the soothing hum

                                          Yet, slowly as old songs are done,
                                          tonight becomes tomorrow...

For Contest: "Tribute To A Major Appliance"
Sponsored by Mary Oliver Rotman

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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A Broken Society:

Tick, tuck the clock is ticking,
Time wasting to much debating,
Cultures dividing people hating,
Nation crumbling Politician’s bawling.
Youths rampaging mothers crying,
Cash decreasing poverty rising,
Fathers departing children waiting,
Communities uniting parties deciding.

Quick fix job wanted education needed,
Discipline crucial apprenticeship essential,
Change necessary walls collapsing,
Growth dormant economy crying. 

Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2011

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Tomorrow is for dying
Yesterday was for dreaming and hope
Today is to stop repeating the violence of the past, but
This present hour is to experience beauty and happiness

Appreciating your beauty brings happiness to me
Makes me realize they are you, both inseparable, but
Only one hour of every day, for beauty, love and happiness? 
We have no time to waste; the clock is ticking

Love is like trying to describe the drifting snowflakes
Or holding onto the sun’s rays that heat your skin
Love is like autumn’s shade that has smothered the summer colors
Leaving behind only memories to be locked away 

I long to dream the dream of a lifetime 
With you the centerpiece in my dream 
You are the epitome of my love's aspirations
What I live for

Words sometimes belie our intentions, and 
desired passions may be thwarted prematurely 
by anticipation, but most welcomed 
when they are reciprocated

Tomorrow is for dying
Yesterday was for dreaming and hope
Today, to avoid repeating the violence of the past,
This lonely hour is to acknowledge the beauty of the world, to
Love each other and find that elusive happiness

We have no time to waste; the clock is ticking.

Copyright © norberto franco cisneros | Year Posted 2015

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Just Doing Time

I have faced death many times
How, I escaped its grasp ?
Simply,  can't be defined
Someday, I know, it will be, my time
But until then, this fragile life is mine

I know the clock is ticking
It will,  'till I take my last gasp
But for now, I'll just keep on kicking
And take my licking,
While death keeps pricking

Oh Shadow, I see it in your eyes
You want it to be a big surprise
The day you hold me in your clasp
I will see right through your guise 
And find the truth, that hides behind the lies

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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Summer Holiday

6 weeks are here to enjoy,
Whilst summer rays glisten in our skies.
Sleeping under the stars at night,
Or staying up late in the moonlight.

The holidays bring fun and fear,
For those beyond the realms of school.
Envelopes opened, joys shared,
Or hearts left in disrepair.

The summer days won't last for long,
The clock is ticking fast.
Autumn bells are ringing soon,
The back, stuck in your class.

Copyright © KN Gayton | Year Posted 2015