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Best Buzzard Poems

Below are the all-time best Buzzard poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of buzzard poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Armadilly Billy and the Buzzard Rustlers
Armadilly Billy the Sling Shot Kidster, was the Sheriff of our town.
When mangy rustlers went into action, he was wont to hunt them down.
‘The Buzzard’...

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Categories: buzzard, adventure, fantasy, fun, humor,

Premium Member a lone buzzard
a lone buzzard flies
stark contrast to blue bell skies..
winter's north breeze lifts ...

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Categories: buzzard, nature,

Premium Member Approaching storm
Skulking between the thinning clumps 
Of tattered sedge
A balding coot despondently calls,
Scratching Blackbirds scutter deeply 
Into a Hawthorn hedge;
Whilst, creeping stealthily,
Gathering darkness onwardly crawls.

The blackened...

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Categories: buzzard, weather,

Thurlby at twilight

A cummerbund of peach and tangerine
below Persian blue sky now washes pale
Marsh Harriers and Starlings call, unseen
competing in bizarre chromatic scales.
Sewn onto the horizon like...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: buzzard, nature,

Premium Member To Everyone A Goodnight
Well they are here again
Knocking on my door
Monopolizing my television
Decorating my neighbors homes
Blitzing me at every store 
And corner in every city and hamlet
Between here...

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Categories: buzzard, christmas,

Fill It With Him (Mid Swap)

There is no love, without our God; 
Search your heart and home it’s not hard ~
I cannot stay if He’s not there,
A sense of loss...

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Categories: buzzard, faith, inspirational, life, loveheart,

Hair in Red Overalls

I knew a time when my sister, tall and fair 
with her sage sense of humor, dull and non-existent 
Seemed positively, 
metallic, blessed with...

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Categories: buzzard, childhoodme, night, me, night,

A Gunfighters Fate
Some folks feel like Jesse James got a raw deal,
just because he had an affinity and liked to rob and kill.
His ended up a tragic...

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Categories: buzzard, cowboy-western, death, history, life,

Premium Member Razorback Hoghunt (Ole Brownie P2)
Meat in my smokehouse a bit light,
With the weather about right,
One morning at first light,
I headed to buzzard roost hollow,
A leash on Brownie’s collar,

But Brownie...

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Categories: buzzard, funnydog, light, dog, light,

Grief Is A Poison
Grief is a poison
Invading my soul
Trying to consume me
Like a buzzard
Pecking away at my flesh
Like a fire
Burning out of control

Grief is a poison
Encompassing my life

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Categories: buzzard, death, lost love, sad,

Premium Member Drop Dead Gorgeous


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Categories: buzzard, bird, fashion,

buzzards and flamingos
A buzzard from his vantage point of sweeping lofty heights
Enjoyed a cornucopia of captivating sights.
He soared above the rolling hills, the meadows and ravines,
His bird's-eye-view...

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Categories: buzzard, beauty, bird, color,

Road Kill
I passed a squirrel
on a two-lane back road
that a car had run over
Some rule was broken...

Its front legs scratched and scraped 
at the pavement but...

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Categories: buzzard, animal,

Etruscan Smile

my soul is the shape of a bloodstain
poured there by Nadine Maraschino
my right eye sits
in the ruby voodoo goblet
that she wears upon her head
Nadine was...

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Categories: buzzard, humanity, slam,

Feathers- The Haiku for contest
   with barely a twitch
   buzzard masters summer sky
   orchestrated blades...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: buzzard, bird,

Premium Member Medium Man
chooses his medium and tools carefully:
it's oil and sable promises today
he lays it on thick
he folds then unfolds the unframed canvas many times
into the...

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Categories: buzzard, bird, men,

The things that make me smile
A pretty face that wears a smile or giggles on the phone
When sunlight glances through an open door
A robin that will sit and talk when...

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© Jeff Green  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: buzzard, nice, girl, love, nice,

"The Children's Hour," Franklin D. called it,
putting his stamp on that ceremony, and, so,
we come together, bird, and beast: a yappy
little Bichon Frise in the...

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© Nola Perez  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: buzzard, blessing,

Walking across a prairie brown,
My eyes a glanced up high, 
Where creamy clouds, as white as shrouds, 
Were gently passing by. 
A buzzard all so...

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Categories: buzzard, sad

Premium Member Fun Facts From Jack

A goldfish has a memory of about three seconds
Very much like senior citizens I'd say
They're often seen aimlessly walking the streets
Wearing their dear wife's negligee


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Categories: buzzard, fun,


Inhumanities buzzard picks at the scraps
squabbling over trash
vultures of the pavement
denying everything has life

A confetti of money
the wedding funeral of it’s own immoral concept
squawking the...

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Categories: buzzard, life,

the love and lost quartet - part four - closure
i treated your loss just like death
grieving for you as i did my mother
i still wonder if the universe
wasn't teaching me a lesson in karma

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Categories: buzzard, hope, love, drug, universe,

Premium Member Butterflies Appear
As the fog materializes
Some birds sing songs of love
The Mockingbird sits fluffed quiet
Coo, Coo floats from the Dove

One lone buzzard soars in the fog
Dampness coats...

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Categories: buzzard, nature,

The Dead Cowboy Poet's Society
Now, ol’ Twister Tom he was quite a cowboy find—
A real rock hard cowpoke, though the question begged—
Some say that he was a legend in...

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© Glen Enloe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: buzzard, cowboy-western, death, funny, life,

Premium Member El Condor Pasa
El Condor Pasa means Flight of the Condor
Song preformed by Simon and Garfunkel


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Categories: buzzard, animals, death, imagination, life,