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champion -rap-

who's the best champion here?? me!!
come and step up if you dare if you're coming for me
I suggest you come hard/ harder then you ever did/
show me what you've prepared/ be cheeky and candid/ 
i'mma sit back and just stare/ watch words flow from your lips/
when you're done fall back/ get ready to receive my gift/ 
you gon' see colors and places that you wish you never went/
when I'm done your brain's gon' go limp/ you'll be swearing and advertising me as a hypnotist/ i'mma straight body you/push you to the left and right side/ yeah, I'm coming through/ hit you with that body slam/ make you wanna tap out before the end/ have the bell ring, referee raising my hand like yeah
you're the champion/ everybody screaming yeah that's the champion/
yeah I'm a champion  

Copyright © khadeejeh roberts | Year Posted 2017

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Inside Secrets

Inside the straight face of mine
Lies a sweet heart
The inside secrets has the pressure of the world on my shoulders
The pressure can be seen in my eyes as I'm told by my olders
So I walked out and put my feet in the shoes of others
and this is what I saw

I see the war spill
And bombs dropped
As I was in the house that got crushed

I drowned at sea
As my boat capsized With about 500 other families
We tried to swim to safety
But drowned

I was the guy who had his hands up
While I did nothing wrong
The cop said freeze
I stood still pleaded
He screamed and fired a shot at me
I died cause I was black you see

 I suffered persecution for doing nothing more then putting a cloth on my head
Covering my hair from being seen
Yet your objections and screams of oppression are obscene
Cause I was the guy labeled as a terrorist
Even though I integrated and was well educated
I had my son by my side who smiled
While the commuters read the tabloids
Taking in all the facts printed in bold
Then scrutinised and judged me

I wasn't born with dispise
 But like the alphabet you begin to learn what you see
Learn hatred so you begin to preach it
Then dispise the lives of those who aren't white or belive in a diffrent creed

Cause I was the young girl followed home
Tied up, beaten and abused
All because the hatred grew inside of you
Then you decided to
Even though I was happy
Now a life time full of pain For the seconds of relife

I was the mum who lost her son to gun crime
Cause I had to work a 9 to 5 then a 5 to 9
All to put food in the fridge
My husband left me with 4 kids
I tried my best but what was I ment to do
Cause their role models wore designer gear and roles woth real models

I was the kid left on the street corner
No parents no family
No hope no dignity
So I grew cold with no home so lost hope searching for scraps

But I'm only humane
Situations dictate my movements
Greed desire need
Its inside of all of us
 we claim indifference to the point we divided
When we need to Unite
But I'm only humane

I'm the nation that has no home
The people that lost their dignity
All in the name of a false deity
You whipped me out then white wash me from history

I am the slave owner That profited from the blacks
Before that the poor
They claimed I saved you, yet you were coasting Me and my union
100 years later and your still my 2nd class citizens

I'm the greedy banker that took it all
Caused the financial crisis
Left you broke and devided
Yet I still boat the ropes of owning a new boat
While Danieing it
I don't pay tax but you do

I'm the terrorist that blew up a land mark
Due to misguided means and misunderstood texts
The west funds my group
Yet you get vexed when we place a false flag test
the proofs in the leaks
They train me but once they got what they need they move me to a new country

I'm the pedophile that touched kids
But only got three years in which I didn't serve
Git a new name, new home and a monthly paycheck at your expenses

I'm the religious Figuer that preaches peace
Like the priests
Yet is consumed by a dark twisted desire
Fuled by funds from the public cause I claim to be the chosen one

I'm the leader that orchestrated the destruction and condemnation of a nation
Overthrow those who hold the gold that I want
If you don't have my bank
You better watch your back

I'm the so called democraticallyelected dictator
The second side of the same coin
I say sweet lies so you comply
Yet my reality is as bitter as could be
So repeat after Me
Live your life
Live my lies
 live my life

I'm also the lobbies that spread the need for cancer sticks and alcohol poison
That touches your lips
I am the pharmaceutical company that created over a hundred disease
All in the name of greed
But I cured them all too
I keep away the secrets of the fruit herbs and plants
As they cure all that I create
For some oils can kill the cancer industry
But I have a new plan you watch and see

I am the cop told too shoot if your skin colour match the colour of my boot
My ego inflated so I do what I wanna do
The uniform means I'm above you
Body slam you in to the floor
or its gonna be 5 against one death match
I'm the top gun with the badge
Even though I'm a pawn used the same chess match

I'm the only one to drop an atomic bomb
Wiped out a city
Yet I'm still  called greate
Could have avoided the devastation
But I still decided to wipe out a civilisation

But I'm only humane
I am the evil that resides in all of us
The love the hope the list
The hate the anger the greed
Yet my heart still beats
Cappellires Arteries
The Melina in my skin
The need for water, food
I'm just like you
So what's the difference between you and I
There's love there's hate
So now I've walked these streets
Unraveling the inside secrets
But disbite all
I'm only humane
One race

Copyright © MOUNIR ESSENOUNI | Year Posted 2016

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It seems we all love a good slam
So this is spurious 
For the clicking Bi-Curious
Slam Furious 
Everything and Everyone 
Is annoying 
To Wrestlers 
Body Slam
God Damn
Here comes the sting 
The world is your ring
Slam what you hate suffering 
Call a spade a spade
Rage against the wall 
Be the ball
Make the call

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty | Year Posted 2017

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Too Frisky- For contest

 There once was a wrestler named Pam
 Who went to the bar and met Sam
  They sat drinking whiskey
 When Sam got too frisky
  It ended with a body slam!

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2015

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don't believe everything you see

ringing with telegrams
I answered and received a body slam
bubble gum used to fix a cracked dam
rhymes grown weird
sexy and funky, smeared
like mushroom toe jam
enjoy chocolate milkshakes
with a juicy rare rack of lamb
please stand here while i give you
a close glove inspection body scan
I love sticking my beef hotdog
inside her tuna clam
honey glazed pineapple blazed
smacking that glistening ham
make sure to stream it on your webcam
clicked on the link
but those ***** pills were a total scam
hoodwinked, duped a sour global sham
now you're salty like canned spam

Copyright © Sebastian Aaron Baez | Year Posted 2014

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The IRS We Have Come To Hate

The IRS We Have Come To Hate

By Elton Camp

They don’t even sends forms anymore
Like they used to do in years before

Maybe it really doesn’t matter anyway
The rules get more complex every day

Take the amount from Line Thirteen
And guess correctly what it is we mean

That five dollars interest that you drew
Be sure to include in your income too

If more tax you have to pay
You must send it in right away

If it’s a refund you are due
Expect it in a month or two

If you dare try to short your Uncle Sam
You must expect him to give a body slam

It’s not that taxes I don’t want to pay
But surely there must be a better way

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2014

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not the reaper

so rear up like a young mountain goat, head butt the horror okey doke, rip the skull from offa him, body slam him with a grin, johnson says its orright, its deathless time tonight...:( re: "The Reaper" Anthony Nutter Don

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

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Spitting the Hate

They hate me and you
without a cause
	Christian ... Muslim
	Hindu ... Jew,
they hate us all
Jiggaboos and wetbacks
Ragheads and trailer trash
Pejorative words of scorching enmity
coming out of their mouths with heated hostility
Pentagram heart ... soul of a Nazi 
They hate you no less than they hate me,
they hate everyone equally,
Spitting the hate   ...   venom vinegar
	   Bloody centurion boots 
trampling on diversity
Theory of common DNA roots, 
they body slam hard
Got a Grand Wizard view of human history,
they believe their color is the cream of the crop
Moving with a fervent Fourth Reich air of superiority,
they look down at people like you and me
Spitting the hate   ...   preaching the poison — 
using tainted race bait for divisive doctrine traps
Splattering blood on roses with verbal machine guns,
the aroma of violence is bitter nectar they love to inhale
Foaming spit of hate salivating on their serpent tongue,
bifurcated bile hurled 
at every culture and religion of everyone
They don’t love you
unless you slither and squeeze ... 
suffocating life like they do
Spitting the hate   ...   don’t get bitten by the fire snakes
Be very, very careful when you extend your hand,
human breathing dragons are circling on the wind
Their fiery, flammable hate is on the march again ...
burning hatred for everyone scorches the land 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017