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Best Ape Poems

Below are the all-time best Ape poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of ape poems written by PoetrySoup members

Earth Day
~Planet of the apes~

Ape should inherit the world
Perhaps  --maybe, just maybe!
Earth has a chance 


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Categories: ape, adventure, blessing, corruption, earth,

Quacking Crackers
Donald Duck Chancellor of this fowl kingdom 
wearing an upside down smile's raging hypocrite backwards 
this deranged Duck twitters to and fro as his unhinged...

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Categories: ape, anger, conflict, fear, irony,

Premium Member Quacking Crackers
Donald Duck Chancellor of this fowl kingdom 
wearing an upside down smile's raging hypocrite backwards 
this deranged Duck twitters to and fro as his unhinged...

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Categories: ape, abuse, betrayal, conflict, deep,

The history of man defines Ape as a primate.
Man seems to be in that mind-set today.
He lives life as pent because he denies...

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Categories: ape, conflict, courage, culture,

In Michigan, the weather can change for the worst in October.
This particular Halloween came a blizzaring.
The lights went out and in a dark, dark room,...

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Categories: ape, crazy, dark, deep, fear,


Unique construction of body and mind
My niche in human pack not quickly found 
Raw young heart of a curious design
The empty mirrors for my soul...

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Categories: ape, emotions, growing up, introspection,

Premium Member Summer Matinee
I was only allowed to go
       (after whining, begging, and promises of unlikely saint-hood)
if my big brother, (much to...

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Categories: ape, brother, me,

Deck of cards
Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, tens to twos, Jokers
Can society not be balanced as deck with equal no of Haves and Have nots ?...

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Categories: ape, fantasysociety,

Big Foot

From Canada to California back up in the trees,
There’s a legendary creature no one ever really sees,
He’s a snow-man and an ape-man, and a monster...

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© Steve Eng  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ape, adventure, animals

Big Foot
The sunset underlines divine visage as it shines above the lake
Before the stars ornamenting curtain of night will awake
The tired police sergeant drives home from...

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Categories: ape, destiny, fantasy,

The 44th President
The 44th President “one who is blessed” in Swahili,
Happens to love his wife’s Shrimp Linguini.
His desk, in the senate office once belonged to Robert Kennedy!

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Categories: ape, black-african amer

Premium Member Black Bog
 My descent was gradual, sedge meadows with wondrous pink orchid variations visited by never identified damselflies, my head starting to swim; erasing time, giving...

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Categories: ape, nature,

Premium Member Space Ape
We struggle ever upwards, seeking more,
But while fallacious dreams may hold great sway...
We’re apes. We need to feel the forest floor.

The things that most bewilder...

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Categories: ape, humanity, longing, space, stars,

His monkey-fascination made him own a “monkeyrium”
There, monkeys and cousin apes in their gladdening crusade freely reign
Unlike the sea creatures in the imprisoning aquarium
The funny...

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Categories: ape, blessing, boy, child, god,

They say we evolved from apes,
  but an ape would never destroy its own environment;
  or be unwilling to share ---

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Categories: ape, animal, community, people, science,

Axe the old Don, a trump peter n piper
   of incredulous hellish crud - be gone
ha air brushed pompous arse

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Categories: ape, 12th grade, abuse, anger,

On the muzzle of the cat- in my bed lying,
On the muzzle of the cat-  in my bed  lying,
When he  looked at me, appears a smile:-
"Although a distant - I'm ...

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Categories: ape, cat,

Baroness Von Knaughty

Kinky boots ... 
kicking naked truth
Stripped bare
down to the nightshade roots

Temptress gaze ... 
collecting laundered money 
off the dirty parquet

Her pay-for-play
get the tilted short cups

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Categories: ape, allegory, sexy, truth, wisdom,

Premium Member My Little Green Lizard
Today I caught a little green lizard
He was the best one I have ever seen.
I caught him in my lizard-catching net,
He was poised, confident, polite...

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Categories: ape, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Before there was a thing called "Man"

The Maker had a better plan.

He filled he sea with little fish

Of every kind that He might wish.

Then He...

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© Dave Moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ape, analogy, animal, future, god,

digital Egypt ancient USA
bars and cages of flags ,colors ,creeds .
in Egypt they've been saying we want to make Egypt great again .
can't help but look at the...

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Categories: ape, abuse, america, appreciation, cry,

Premium Member First Love - How I Met My Hubby
How I Met My Hubby Summer 1955  (using 1950s slang)

I answered the horn—it was my friend, Bobby.
He told me he knows someone I might...

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Categories: ape, beautiful, boyfriend, nostalgia, romance,

Premium Member Simple Days
Otis Wheat was a simple man.  He didn’t have much to say and when he did say something it was worth listening to. ...

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Categories: ape, age,

Life Sentence
Feeding hungry skins with empty tins/ 
Consciousness bundle up ape spiritual vomits/ 
Stories left untold only the bold shuffle words in sharp tones cutting sweet...

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Categories: ape, africa, confusion, corruption, pain,

Premium Member Canto XXIX Hell translation
So many people and the various sores
Intoxicated in such a way my eyes,
That wanted open to crying their doors.

But Virgil told : “What for you...

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Categories: ape, fantasy,