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At Plaza Square

At “Plaza" square  
Where sugary stars kindle for the evening,  
A forgetting child wake up from the nap, 
Weeping over, dull night where the time flee  
as water drains into along distance-

Long evening, tossing transparent spirit 
By light clouds, drizzle on sad memory,
I wasn't ready. Were memories dragging me
 In four directions .I can’t shape my self 
With all these colorful faces. I can’t shape
My heart with all emptiness I carry.
I walked like a wildcat, dense round,
Didn't know what to do among all
Glittering shadows floating through the air 
Till found my fingers ticking on the marble table,
Looking for cigarettes and dying to do something 
Ridiculous, dancing around fire at square maybe, 
But I was thinking of you.

Sadness grows rapidly such as
Bud on a branch in April 
An arm and a leg, and leaf, leaf.
From a yellow fruit, to water, to cloud 
Floating in the air then falls as a stone 
On a forgetting child where her tongue
Of wood, heart a pane of ice and feet soaked
So deep in the cold "Plaza"square.

Copyright © Fatima Nusairat | Year Posted 2014

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Broken Dreams

They said it was just a passing fad
Dark clouds continue to stay
You have to take the good with the bad
But the bad just won't go away

They tell you to live the American dream
And fight for that dream at all cost
But now we all live the American scheme
Too many dreams have been lost

It cost an arm and a leg for a tank of gas
And people are losing their jobs
Lay it all on the line to borrow more cash
But there are already too many scars

So open your eyes oh say can you see
Is this the American way
No home can be saved and nothing is free
And our dreams have been all swept away

~Billy Hitz~

Copyright © Billy Hitz | Year Posted 2016

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In the End

Two swigs of tequilla
Strawberry Daiquri
A pair of scissors
Some anger
An arm and a leg
Meke a good time
For shedding some blood
Tears anyone?
Breaths feel cool
Taste rebelious.

Copyright © Cheyenne Kay | Year Posted 2012

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I remember, across the lake
in late afternoon taking playtime,
how visiting children in my line 
of vision gleefully hurled themselves 
into the water from a small dock
rocking summer, reinventing childhood's 
simple pleasure that did not cost 
an arm and a leg, (hopefully) -- the lake 
is shallow close to shore.  And, more,   
I thought of my small son in Atlanta 
so long ago, when challenged to dive
from a rocky ledge jutting out 
high over the Chattahoochie, how he 
called to me on the opposite bank, 
his courage stalled at the brink, 
the cold below, "Mom?" he called,
and then he braved it, (my breath held, 
my heart stopped), until he surfaced, 
smiling, to his life,  as if saying 
my name had saved it

                       --for Anthony

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2012

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My Charm And Humbleness

With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek... We certainly can't all be movie stars Who'd be left to go to the show I don't mind being the one to sacrifice It's not about the big heaps of dough Yes, the sacrifice would be a mighty one But I'm prepared for life as a star Maintaining my charm and humbleness Which will certainly take me far I'd live in a mansion in Beverly Hills But I wouldn't forget my roots You people could visit me any old time It certainly won't cost you much loot Normally I'd charge an arm and a leg But for you folks it'd just be an arm What the hey, you've got more than one No reason to get so alarmed It would go to a very worthy cause To provide me with the life I deserve For entertaining all you very sweet folks You think I'm throwing you a curve? How could you think so badly of me When have I lied to you before? I'm as straight and honest as the day is long You've hurt me to the very core Okay, okay, I must come clean I'm yanking your chain a wee bit The reason I've decided to do this for you So you'll remember when I'm a big hit © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Not my words just sayin

cutting corners                                                                                                                    to let the cat out of the bag                                                                                                feeling under the weather                                                                                                  adding insult to injury Break a leg                                                                                      A piece of cake costs an arm and a leg                                                                            killing two birds with one stone Speak of the devil                                                                hit the nail on the head                                                                                                      Once in a blue moon                                                                                                          You can’t judge a book by its cover

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2015

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The Lucky Ones

Lucky ones

Your pay is to break, to hurt, be bent and stink,
 the bank is your body, selling labor the means.

A wage is a a wave of dread 
	for the very dinner on your plate.
Again with the pinto beans. 

You vacation is those times you wait 
for the sun to rise as you make the rounds late 
riding the night shift, freezing.

Your pension, getting to work all day in the heat
	off no sleep, blistering in your seat
every day's a holiday.

Your bonus is getting bucked of your saddles surface
and to land on your behind in a pile of cactus.
To ride back through the outfit, too afraid to mention
those spines in your briches,
	Cuz they'll tease you relentless.
So instead grinding your teeth worse
 than the dentist would (if you ever went),
And looking for the pliers, trust that someone equally useless
left them out on the fence. 

Your tenure is deserved when you're about ten years deep 
and have been nearly trampled by either the horse 
you straddle, or stampede of cattle
and that you've attained the sheer honor 
to fear your own defeat.
When you've learned  of your mortality, the hard way
and are still riding for a brand that still stands for something.

You are the lucky ones
and the rest of us shallow,
YOU, born into what's been before, now, and tomorrow so valued
But not in medallions or even thousands of cattle
But lucky just to fit the picture perfect as you search through the rubble
	Like you chanced to stumble on the thing we all wanted so badly 
		But in the moment, couldn't tell. 

You're lucky to huddle freezing to your own spiddle  
	Bucked and thrust right into the pictures of ol' Charlie Russle
Painted to land on your feet with your boot heels in the saddle. 
	You are the lucky ones, the ones, the few who still work cattle. 

In this modern daze, where most would think beef and cellophane
are somehow related, and want only to pay a dollar per steak. 
As if entitled or somehow deserved, leaves most of the rest of us 
sheer out luck
     - on the brink of being famished.
Because only the rare few actually get to ride in search of an angus.

You are the lucky ones, Just to work them
the richest elite it seems to me, that get to hurt like
our grandparents did before us
And to chase them with a purpose
Rather than purposefully running them off,
and not wanting to know or watch from where dinner is served
Like we're afraid 
that even having them near
will cost an arm and a leg.

Copyright © Trey Pearson | Year Posted 2016

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Uncle Scam

you're no uncle to me
i earn my money and you take it away
you're just another word for organized crime-
who says that crime don't pay?

i work every day in the american way-
and what do i get?
a little bit farther behind
a little bit further in debt

and i can't get ahead of the bills-
no matter how hard i try
well who do you think you are
jerkin'me 'round and takin' all my pie

you got to pay rent,cable and lights
and the telephone too
and it costs about an arm and a leg-
just to drive my car

so by the end of the month i'm kinda feeling the crunch
don't know if i'll make it through
'cause on what i earn and what you keep on burnin'
i aint gonna get too far

and you're no uncle to me
i earn my money and you take it away
you're just another word for organized crime
who says that crime don't pay?

knowing how the economy is
you can't help expecting the worst
when your cash flow is blowin away-
like a leaf in a breeze

meanwhile i'm still in the race but it looks like the rats-
are gonna be coming in first
all i can say is-
brother can ya spare a piece of cheese?

and you're no uncle to me
i earn my money and you take it away
you're just another word for organized crime-
who says that crime don't pay?

Copyright © Rob Metcalf | Year Posted 2011

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Keep Quiet

The nights are cold but still the heat is on 
mourn for who? Why seek ye the living among the dead 
you been fed so why let the hungry starve 
everything has a price an arm and a leg is what freedom cost 
Laws were meant to be broken by the very men who claim to uphold them the most 
America is no democracy it's hypocrisy 
has been seen from beyond the seven seas please 
spare me the cliche dreams that my country men 
strive and work so hard for, to save millions of dollars 
that we wont spend, so self righteous and westernized 
we don't recognize our own sin, our problems we wish em away 
drown em out sorrows and cast them out in some recycling bin 
The flesh is tainted, lust is never satisfied 
even what you see is far from correct and because we fail to ask why 
or look in the mirror we overlook the number one suspect 
turn our heads away from domestic genocide 
but cry for justice when the victim is black or white 
let's have a candle light vigil for those of you who remain quiet 
instead of making sure these criminals get indicted

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2015

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Off The Top Of My Head

Off the top of my head
and in a blink of an eye,
wanted to write a poem
that was on the tip of my tongue,

Meantime was having a brain fart
and pulling my hair out,
didn't want to sound cheeky
or put my foot in my mouth,

So bought "Poetry for Dummies"
which cost an arm and a leg,
and wanted to foot the entire bill,
while dining out with some friends,

One friend said I paid through the nose,
while another was lecturing an earful,
another's comments raised eyebrows,
said I shoulder it and be more responsible,

I thought they used to be so hip,
as I sat with butterflies in my stomach,
I thought of wringing their necks,
or telling them to button their lips,

So I told them to stop stepping on my toes,
that I always kept abreast of my money,
then realizing I'd forgotten my wallet,
ended up feeling just like a donkey.

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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I wonder

How many pleats perfect the fall in Radha’s sari?
What portion of turmeric flawlessly lights up mum’s curry?
Without spice, how can some people have last names like, ‘Achari’?
When meeting after long, why does Tom ask Harry, ‘What’s the story?’
Why do tiny fruits have to cost an arm and a leg; like blueberry?
When there is already diced tomatoes, why the need for puree?
Who thought to give spicy adult sauce childish names- ‘Parry-Parry’?
How can something that cannot be drunk, be called ‘straw’berry?
Would a kilo of grapes married with some chaser, make my vision blurry?
Why would something that glides on water without wings, be called a ferry?
Like most beautiful desserts, should I have started the first line in reference to a cherry?
I wonder, and sometimes I wonder too much; that in itself can be scary.

Copyright © Rohini Balram | Year Posted 2017

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Where would i be?

Where would I be without you?

Would I really be on the path that I am now?
Or would my path be a different one
Would I have a straight head on me?
Because it’s easy to fall short where I’m from 

Never ever stopped me from doing wrong
Just let I and my conscience know
That it was wrong and I shouldn’t do it
And I think that’s what made me grow

Watching and following how you 
Would tell me to take annotative and think 
How you accept me like a brother
And wouldn’t dare to let me sink

At the same time you were there for me
No matter if it was right or was wrong
And always stayed by my side
While having my back all along

Every time I called you answered
And you, I would literally give an arm and a leg
 And for it all not to change 
To you I would plead and I would beg

But change is inevitable
Its one of life’s many laws 
But I pray that it doesn’t change 
And for that I pray to God

Though we fight and get critical on a daily
And at times we can be hurtful
Know that only you can get to me
Because you’re already in my circle
But I refuse to let anyone else 
Get to you in any uncomfortable way
And I really mean that with my heart 
And not just with these words that I say

And with these words that I speak I would like to say I LOVE YOU

To my friends those who help me stay on the righteous path that my parents put me on and I love them for that and also thank and appreciate them for what I have learned from them

Copyright © Trey Foy | Year Posted 2008

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By Grace

How I've moved on, you'll never know.
When I'm gone, how will you run the show?
Someone else has come, to show me the way.
You didn't want some, you wanted more everyday.
My broken stories, made her cry.
My faltered glories, continue to die.
On your lips stained red, my kiss lingers.
You've pushed me past dead, past heaven's singers.
As I reached for a hand, I pushed past you.
It is now I demand, to learn what is true.
For the past few days, I only think of her.
Your every decieving ways, make me unsure.
I thought I had a chance, I thought us pure.
But in this final dance, I found my cure.
It was just at a glance, I found love obscure.
Her name etched in my brain, unlike your plague.
Your lies so insane, cost me an arm and a leg.
I feel your presence, dancing inside my head.
I take your pestilance, and leave you for dead.
Oh I take my heart, and grasps hers too.
The tear drops start, when I leave you.
I took her by grace, I took her in fear.
I only see her face, I wish to hold her dear.
Should I take a chance, should I take her heart?
Could we now dance, before the heartache starts?
Oh my dear friend, this is our start and your end.

Copyright © Steven McMorrow | Year Posted 2011

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Trust was given and then broken

Trust was given and then broken
Kind words of marriage gushed out like a river
From a dishonest tongue
Sacrifices were made like for no other

Dishonest intentions were masked with kind words
Blinded by love,
She was fooled and degraded
And like a fool with the word "fiance" she paraded
All in the name of patience and love unreal
A finger was given. He took a hand.
And pressurized further for an arm and a leg
And said that they would wed

Why should women be laid down and be subjected?
And then be made to feel bad when they object it?

Thanks are given to God for the desolate dark times
Including the time at seventeen
When her innocence led her down an unfortunate path unforseen
These times were her building blocks
Forming a foundation of strength 
Like a solid rock

Though trust was broken
It is a souvenir and token of wisdom gained
Added like a block to her wall of strength
Like seasonal rain that ends, so did this story
And with its short length and in all its glory
She moves forward once again

Copyright © Wardah Ahmed | Year Posted 2017

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Rules are made to be broken
And maybe so are hearts
You would never fall in love if it wasn’t for Cupid and his dumb darts
There aren't as many fish in the sea as you think, there are mostly sharks
They don't hunt off the scent of blood, they hunt off the scent of love
You can be as dirty as a rat or as pure as a dove

Either way you’re still going be scared
Feeling that it cost you an arm and a leg
Part of you wants them back, because of things they said
But you shouldn’t take them back even if they beg
Since they did it before they will do it some more
They just won't leave until you’re left without a core

Copyright © Keon Pacheco | Year Posted 2017

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I have a date,
with the Shylock.
I am raring to trade,
all my valuables.
That cost me,
an arm and a leg.
For peanuts,
with which to bribe.
The landlord,
not to vacate me.
From his minuscule,
colossal castle.
A cloth in one hand,
and soap water in the other.
These gems of mine,
have got to shine.
For Shylock is,
too particular.
rather peculiar.
All has to be right,
lest in the cold I sleep tonight!
LiterarySpaceAfrica  Ian Munywe©

Copyright © ian munywe | Year Posted 2018

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To His Well-meaning Friend

Had we but oil enough and gas,
All welfare bill would easily pass,
And we’d be spending hard, I bet,
Without incurring any debt.
You, on the Moon, would keep your bees
And tend to Martian refugees;
And I would sleep all day, in mirth,
Upon the lap of Mother Earth.
And I would send such cash to you
As to convert a die-hard Jew.
And I would pay an arm and a leg
To have my raincoat hung on a peg.
And to unpeg it, as it goes,
I’d pay, most gladly, through the nose.
But in my yard, each morn, I see
No oil or gas in front of me.
No one sends manna from the skies;
Not even Salomon the Wise.
Before you give, you first must have:
There are no bulls where cows don’t calve.
It’s good to have a kingly heart,
But spendthrift kingdoms fall apart.
Therefore, as we cannot grow rich
By drilling ground or digging a ditch,
We’d better find another way
To safely make ends meet today.
Let us make haste and use our strength,
For only then shall we, at length,
Reboot our brains, by lies undone,
And set them free, and make them run.

Copyright © Jarek Zawadzki | Year Posted 2018

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I’d love to go down to the sea again,
The sea and the Holiday Inn,
Where some of the guests are awfully fat,
And others are awfully thin,
Where the average age is a hundred and four,
Give or take a year or three,
‘Cos another senior citizens’ tour
Has come to see the sea.

I’d love to go down to the sea again,
And lie on the golden sands,
And watch the dark-eyed gigolos,
As they roam around in bands,
I’d love to sit at the Patio Bar
And get ever so slightly pissed
“Have another tequila old boy ?”
“Well, one, if you insist.”

I’d love to go down to the sea again,
Where the con artiste is king
Where it only costs you an arm and a leg
For a genuine silver ring,
I’d love to go down to the sea again,
It’s the only place for me
Where it’s twice as nice
At twice the price,
Acapulco by the sea.

Copyright © Kit Webbe | Year Posted 2018