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It was Christmas Eve and I was at the airport, Not a soul in sight, almost deserted, it was 10.00 pm, Only two hours before Christmas day, Perhaps if I got on a plane, I would see Santa in his sleigh. I lined up at the counters that were still open, Not one passenger plane had a seat, Luckily found one on a cargo plane, carrying exotic wildlife Destination Rio Brazil, where my parents lived Phoned them whilst I was being rushed to the cargo plane, Seated were another six passengers , they looked unfriendly, Some dodgy to me, but I kept my own council ,buckled Up, within minutes we were in the air, I must have seemed different to them, in my office suit, Curly long hair, not to mention I still had my high heels on! A longish flight so bought chocolates and packets of crisps, And 3 cokes, was in a very frivolous and elated mood. My fiancé was joining us for New Years Eve, My parents were keen to meet Gregg. I was sleepy, but a bumpy patch made me alert, The tree tops looked too close to me, the The ground just beneath us, then, a crashing thrashing metallic Crunching sound, I was trapped in my seat battered and sore Looking at the ceiling below me, the plane had overturned. Next to me in a broken crunched crate, a bleeding male lion King of the jungle I felt sure he wouldn’t survive, A python making its way closer to where I hung, And a baby elephant made tiny trumpet calls His mother lay quiet, she was unfortunately dead. I’m sure many animals were trapped, but terrified to Go to look, goodness knows what had got loose, But the back of the plane, and its tail had broken off and The crates had been thrown out, most animals got loose, Many lay dead, I must be overweight as my seat belt Broke loose, where was the python, my main concern. The poor lion died but the baby elephant looked at Me as if I was his savoir, I had to somehow get him Loose, there was a fire starting from the pilot’s cockpit, Oh God help me please I can’t leave the baby elephant Here so, I clambered up some of the wreckage, And found a steel pipe, I bashed and bashed the crate, Trying not to fall I was actually risking my all, But must safe this baby With a last effort of my weakened strength, I broke the crate and down fell baby, cradle and all, I fell on the baby elephant, we had both survived. The baby ran out wildly and I close on its heels, We managed to run as far as we could when the Plane exploded, with a force that sent me flying Through the air, the baby elephant sensed that he Should keep close to me, and stroked me with his tiny Trunk which was so cute, for the 1st time I fell in love. I looked back into the plane, no other human survived, An arm and a leg, enough evidence that they were dead Then one person stirred, a young man, next to where I Had been sitting, he sat up, must have been concussed, I checked him, no bones broken, got up on his own. Staring at me in disbelief, are we the only ones, yup I said, gave him a coke I still had in my backpack, As he took his first sip and continued to gulp. Oh, and a baby elephant, he thinks I’m his mom. We are lost frustrated and in pain, In the Amazon Rain Forest. My shoulder hurts, let me look he said, its broken, I’m so sorry , tore of his shirt and made me a sling, How kind I thought, MMmmmm and so handsome, Hungry I asked, have chocolates and crisps in my bag pack Are you an angel, you were on this plane for a purpose. I’m engaged I said, Ah he replied, but not married I see, I blushed, what are we going to do, he told me don’t stress, Technology is great they know we have crashed and And where we are more or less, they know we're in a mess. I have flares in my bag pack, told me his name was Alfredo And told him mine was Kim, he then fired two flares into the sky Our chances are good, he said far more than slim. Mentioned he was the superintendent of the Washington Zoo, But there were tears in his eyes, Green, much like cats’ eyes, As he head counted what was left, Most animals lost or dead, The balance had fled. We lay on the grass, cut bruised and broken, We heard a helicopter, Alfredo fired two more flares, He casually put his arm around me, now we are safe he said, Exhausted and sleepy I fell fast asleep, passed out. I woke up in a hospital bed. My parents and Alfredo had introduced themselves, was In hospital for three days as I cut my leg severely and my Shoulder needed much rest. He was by my side from dawn. Until I fell asleep at night and held my hand, oh those Beautiful green eyes. My parents noticed a relationship Was forming, I phoned Gregg, told him not to come As I was not well, and that we had to talk when I returned To Washington, realization set in, was not in love with Gregg. Alfredo’s family visited me, our parents became great friends. Ellie was allowed into the hospital for a brief visit when she Lifted her trunk and trumpeted the loudest elephant trumpet I had ever heard, Alfredo said she had temporary lodgings at The local zoo, for back to Washington she was coming To be with me, Alfredo loved animals and kept many on Massive Estate. New Year’s Eve found me in the arms of Alfredo, When we shared our first kiss. Which sealed my muddled mind That I loved him. He took off my engagement ring that I was Wearing, and romantically on bent knee proposed, I accepted, Now wear his ring, Who would have thought that everything That it happened was meant to be, sadly some had to die, It was their time. As for me I had found true love, Had a guardian angel, Ellie the baby’s thankful mom, from above.
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