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Voices in my head

I see things in my dreams
Aliens then screams
Government, terrorists, spies
Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, lies
They are coming in my sleep
I can’t scream, not a peep
Fireants in my brain
My voices make it plain
Life isn’t as it seems

I ain’t gonna lie
I got problems
Don’t deny
Should be locked up
Outta my mind
I know I’m crazy
But maybe that’s just me
Don’t judge me by the outside
See inside I’m terrified

Locked my heart threw away the key
Locked it up so they can’t see
Its breaking loose
Can’t set it free
Can’t keep it close
Can’t let it be
I try to find my sanity
But somehow that’s just not me
My brain thinks differently

I ain’t gonna lie
I got problems
Don’t deny
Should be locked up
Outta my mind
I know I’m crazy
But maybe that’s just me
Don’t judge me by the outside
See inside I’m terrified

Others see a different world
Without the fear of dreams unfurled
Broken hearts, shattered screams
My insanity becomes a reality
That only I can see
My reality is the insanity
Deep inside of me
Until I set it free
I will never see with clarity

I ain’t gonna lie
I got problems
Don’t deny
Should be locked up
Outta my mind
I know I’m crazy
But maybe that’s just me
Don’t judge me by the outside
See inside I’m terrified

I just gotta set it free
I just gotta be me
The world wants me to hide
They just gotta realize
That I am truly crazy
And really that’s just me
I am finally set free
To find my sanity
In insanity

I ain’t gonna lie
I got problems
Don’t deny
Should be locked up
Outta my mind
I know I’m crazy
And I know that’s just me
Don’t judge me by the outside
See inside I’m finally alive

Copyright © Heather Secrest | Year Posted 2014

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You never know till you get to know

One dark night a saucer crashed; the military quickly cleaned up the trash. In the distance, what they didn’t see; a thin, white face between the trees. Once all was quiet, little Gili-ok crept, from the woods where he had slept. The rising sun, he felt was great, but without his transport, he’d met his fate. A distant farmhouse, he drew near; he’d find food there; the scent was clear. To the doorway he did head; but he was overcome by sudden dread. Standing just inside the door, a human creature loudly warned… “Come no closer, you little freak, or I’ll put a bullet, a’tween yer teeth”. Gili-ok stopped dead in his tracks; he thought about just turning back, But reading farmer Jones’s mind; he beamed his message, oh so fine. “I come in peace, my human friend; I only want my wounds to mend”. Old farmer Jones, lowered his gun; He said, “I see that you are wounded, son.” Into the house, Gili-ok walked and they ate breakfast, as he talked. Old farmer Jones, then smiled and said, “It’s a wonder, you ain’t dead!” Guli-ok was soon patched up and graciously, he fixed old Jones’s truck. One finger touched the clunker’s hood; the old sparks fired and that thing, ran good! “Say, yer a fine repairman son and I could use a hand on this farm. Would’ya stay a’spell; help me plant seed? I’ll give room, board and feed.” Now Gili-ok knew he’d have to wait for friends to rescue him from his fate. Into the barn, he did go and soon the tractor…out it rolled. “I’ll be.” Said Farmer Jones, surprised; he really couldn’t believe his eyes. Little Gili-ok thrashed a ton of wheat; he filled the silo, nice and neat. The hogs and chickens were swiftly fed, when Gili-ok simply turned his head. Old Jones, he watched with shock and awe, as hay bales levitated into the barn loft. Week after week, Gili-ok did work, fixing equipment and working the dirt. The one year there, Gili-ok spent; made farmer Jones, a rich old gent. When Gili-ok’s pals finally arrived, they gifted Jones’s truck with a new hyper-drive. On his tractor, they added super-warp and on his house, they zapped a porch. As Gili-ok waved a sad goodbye, Farmer Jones began to cry. Into his head a message was beamed, “You must forget all that you’ve seen”. Never again did old Jones need to struggle planting all his seeds. His new warp tractor would miraculously plow and seed his crops; how he was, “wow’d”! A lesson Jones did learn from this; to befriend aliens, can be bliss. He was so happy that he didn’t shoot; he gave Gili-ok a brand new pair of boots. As Jones sat up watching the late, late show; his HDTV began to glow. It bleeped twice; the pixels morphed and on the screen was Gili-ok, of course! Gili-ok winked one oval eye and Jones waved back, with a sigh; happy that he’d gotten to know, that skinny little, alien soul.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2017

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A Ray Of Sun On A Rainy Day

i stood looking outside listening to the rain  with its long slender fingers tap a tune against my window squeegees in hand i could see  the troops of drops clean the air for a clearer view while on their descent people some walking  holding their umbrellas others running attempting to escape the cruel barrage of knocks to their heads there are a few children  in their rainy day gear locked and loaded steady and ready attacking the puddles with a fierce offensive  crushing any and all puddles  dare question their authority  jumping and diminishing  the enemy ruthlessly the children's joy propels me to thoughts  of the gift ahead a rainbow large or maybe a double arc fully colored vibrant interrupted  my kettle  whistles me over meticulously  i proceed to prepare my rainy day cocoa in my neighborhood it's a law rain? hot cocoa cocoa in hand i return to my show the trees are soaked the rain unrelenting  the plants forced to bend under the weight of heavy rain all the tiny flyers  seek shelter while birds  bomb dive  for their landing worms however are in their full glory out for their unscheduled shower later aliens with lamps shinning from their foreheads will gather to pluck worms  from the earth poor worms my daughters will be glad never having  liked crawlies  of any kind i suppose  they would think poor aliens the rain now is descending violently  apparently in cahoots  with the wind but still no  thunder or lightning  this must be their week off a paid vacation  i gather my cocoa only warm and almost finished i decide to bid the rain  a good night i head upstairs for my  daily shower
Maurice Yvonne September 12 2014 Rainy Day Contest

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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The Ruby Spires

There, among the Ruby Spires,
   I stood a-gazing toward the mist,
      The Red Wind cut skin, heaven-kissed,
         Far too cold for Hades' fires ...

Ages and eons behind me, then,
   The joys of youth were swallowed, thus,
      By wormholes, ranged and turned to dust,
         All for the sake of gloried men.

Such an odyssey, we crossed
   Three galaxies and matter, dark,
      To find this rare and conscious spark
         Of Life, (tho' life is what it cost).

Though I, their peerless proxy, was,
   I felt no debt to human kind,
      And through that struggle there, did bind,
         A union of ancient alien cause.

My own, a naught-but-violent race,
   Had found these beings far from home,
      And sought to then rewrite their tome,
        With our corrupt and vain disgrace.

Yet before we could our ruin, spread,
   This planet's unseen chaperones,
      Wreaked mortal plague on us alone,
         'Til naught but I was cold and dead.

Then, those sentient souls and I,
   Did journey up from mountain's base,
      Until we met that jagged face,
         With ruby columns to the sky.

To every side but one, we saw,
   For endless breadth, the crimson sphere,
      The vermilion glow, both far and near,
         That wondrous planet's crystal maw.

The sparkling slopes of gemstone red,
   That slanted down and out of sight,
      Were being swallowed by the night,
         And yet, no trail had shown ahead.

Far too late to turn around,
   We gave our final fate its due,
      That breathtaking red, exquisite view,
         That few blessed eyes had ever found.

Such astounding visions we beheld,
   That far exceeded all we knew,
      That held us, transfixed, to that view,
         With yearning that could not be quelled.

Colors that challenged conscious thought,
   With light at angles inconceived,
      Iridescence otherwise not believed,
         Were we not breathless, on that spot.

The misty opalescent glow,
   Refracting hues beyond compare,
      Prismatic sparkles here-and-there,
         That danced with flakes of scarlet snow.

Rainbow shafts of glistening light,
   Swirling phosphorescent sprays,
      Shimmering hues in broad displays,
         That flashed and faded out of sight.

Palettes and shades we'd never seen,
   Reflected beams from crystal shards,
      The wondrous muse of godly bards,
         Presented there for us alone.

Such vistas, no words can e'er construe,
   A beauty that language does not appease,
      That brought us, weeping, to our knees,
         And left us shaken, through-and-through.

The consuming joy that view inspired,
   Was known to only us who'd trade
      Our lives for the sight - a covenant made,
         There among the Ruby Spires.

* Submitted on January 7, 2018, for the "Ancient Aliens" Poetry Contest, Anthony Slausen, Sponsor. *

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Angels and Aliens

With the Biblical accounts of angels
Regarded by some as proof of aliens

Science and religion remain at odds
One says the other has no faith in God

Is there no room in Earth’s family portrait
For both sides to speak, not one view omit

If we believe God created all things
Can’t this be said of other-world beings

No life’s threatened by angels or aliens
So mocking of either just makes no sense

When God created both heaven and Earth
Perhaps a new species of life gave birth

In another part of His Milky Way
And, in friendship, they visit us today

Appearing from the sky basked in white light
Celestial creatures laugh at the sight

Of scientists and theologians
Pitting God’s angels against God’s aliens

And man’s ignorance they may deride
Since angels and aliens thrive side-by-side

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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I was told...
A happy marriage is based on communication
A healthy marriage is based on 
understanding each other's beliefs and differences 
A fine marriage is based on 
respect, trust, and love
For better or worse 
In good times or bad times
Forever till death do us part 
Perfection we crave 
But... what perfect aliens are those
defying all odds
Then I learned... there is no such 
perfection in our kind 
Even a happy marriage can fall apart 
when the important become second
Even a healthy marriage can 
fall apart when stress arises
Even a fine marriage can fall apart
when the essence of trust slips into doubts
Yes I believe... it all comes down to HOW we 
treat each other 
So... for better NOT worse 
Be in it because it's what your heart desires
NOT what your mind fools you to want 
Be in love with each other with all your heart 
and soul NOT you have no choice but stay
Need each other physically and emotionally 
NOT just financially 
And be in it because life would be meaningless 
without each other 
And last but not least... appreciate each other 

Perfection is when you smile genuinely!

Akkina R Downing

Copyright © Akkina Downing | Year Posted 2017

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- Spaceship -

  I wish I could buy me a spaceship
  Take a trip through time and fly past the stars, the moon and the sky
  My spaceship should be bright - crystal design
  Fly silently through endless space - around all the known planets
  A giant spaceship floating in an infinite darkness
  A vessel running on principles that we do not even understand
  I know ... it's my dream and fantasy
  But I love this idea of living in my own spaceship
  But despite my dream ... I fear alien unearthly Aliens
  Never leaves my spaceship without my Stun gun - a self defense weapon
  Millions of lights are lit in the skies .... from a single source ... the sun
  I can not change the direction of my spaceship
  But I can always reach my destination - not limit myself
  Space is an inspiring concept to play with in my dreams

A-L Andresen :)

Contest Name: Spaceship 
Sponsor:	Shadow Hamilton
Deadline	3/27/2014

(8th in the contest)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2014

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Gay Aliens

Gay Aliens

We are gay aliens
We come in peace

We traveled inconspicuously
to your world through intergalactic
pods or wombs

Our host who nurtured us
had the wisdom to know
that we were not like
other humans 

Our hosts protected us
in our infancy
and from the men
who thought
they fathered us

These same men were
the first of many
to hate and hurt us

They called us names
like faggot and sissy

We the gay aliens
Who come in peace

Were confused
and hurt by their
but we still love them

We were falsely
accused of beguiling
drinking the blood 
and mutilating animals and children
to propagate our race

But that is not our mission
We come in peace

Some of us did 
not complete our
mission because
we prematurely
killed ourselves

Some of us did
not complete our
mission because
we internalize
the hate of the
world for us

We were drunken
from firewater
ingested too many small white pellets
screwed with no avail 

We forgot
Who we were
And why we are here

We are the gay aliens
We are legions
Hidden among you

We are a gift to humanity
And we come in peace

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2014

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We were accustomed to read one thousand 
And one night in Baghdad...
Tonight the glorious city-sky is sad,
It sounded bang! Bang 
Where is my mummy? Where is my dad?
Are they all alive under the cruise wreckage;
Or are they all dead?
The a ‘Rashid city was weeping,
It rained hatred,
It rained prejudiced,
It rained cactus of different shapes,
They're all aliens, 
Some were homemade,
They're all colourful,
In blue, in yellow and in red.
Do you still remember brother?
Because if you don't I still do
What the big Satan, Lucifer what he said!
The cross versus the crescent, take it or leave it,
An entire racism by the media was also fed.
Some hidden in a banker,
Others crawling of hunger,
Others demonstrating with anger,
Pale, yellowish faces they all looked bad.
Where is my nation..My Arabity..My Islam ?
Oh...Mutasamahh! Where are my brothers?
Are they all dead???
They called it precise bombing and it was right indeed,
In the heart of the baby-heart 
Like the British game of dart,
The arrow hit its target,
It hit it like mad.
Nobody moves a finger,
In the age of Patriot and Stinger,
They all believe in star-wars, economic prosperity, 
They all believe in the Pope, pop-star singer,
They all believe that one-day Allah would side with them to defeat, 
The neo-Thamud and Aad,
They're all waiting for the coming future Mahdi,
And for the Armageddon battle to be led.  

Copyright © Abder Derradji | Year Posted 2015

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It's Not Easy Being Green


Green has much responsibility.
Green is everywhere!
A touch of blue, a dash of yellow
it sings of vitality
and rebirth.
Symbolic of spring, green brings
balance and the renewal of nature.
It walks a tightrope of positives 
green thumbs, green lights
greener pastures, emeralds
and negatives
green around the gills
envy and greed, aliens.
It’s not easy being green!

Copyright © Liz Labadie-Reilly | Year Posted 2016

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Aliens Choking on Oxygen

I was here I was here First I was here First Take a breath of oxygen Your choking on confidence The lights are on but you cant see Slit wrist Bleed You took my life from me Let us come back You stole the air we breath Let us come back I was here first Choking on oxygen I was here first Choking on oxygen I was here first Choking on oxygen You took my life from me Let us come back You stole the air we breath Let us come back Choking Like Aliens Choking on oxygen
to hear the song search youtube for "Aliens Choking on Oxygen" Heliosonic written by Sara Perle and Omar Masri

Copyright © Omar Masri | Year Posted 2012

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A Wee Bit Off Keel

Okay! Time to get off the weather kick There's lots more to write about Like how many jelly beans in a 2 quart jar If you leave all the red ones out Or why do pigs have such really flat snouts A fart that did damage to an edifice Or the last time someone went over the fall Both are considered quite perilous The biggest boob size on the planet Venus We're talking about aliens here Not the biggest chest size ever recorded But a creature with really big ears Has anyone noticed a decline in my brain power Father Time has caused it to freeze Normally I'm lucid and really coherent But recently I've been talking to bees Now that in itself is really not unusual But I tried to tickle one's tummy Got a nasty old sting on the tip of my hoohaw Medication cost lots of money Of course this is fantasy and all made up Did you really think it was real Oh oh I'm more than a wee bit concerned That you'll think I'm a wee bit off keel © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Hillbilly Abduction

One night while I was sleeping
The bed began to shake
I knew right then without a doubt
That I was wide awake

Here they come once again 
To take me for a ride
I saw their flying saucer
It was much too late to hide

So I put on my old blue jeans
And headed for the door
When I saw this giant beam of light
That sucked me off the floor

I knew exactly what they wanted
And no they didn't use a probe
They didn't suck my brains out
Or even ask me to disrobe

They were looking for a hillbilly 
To teach them a thing or two
Like how to skin a possum
And how to make rattlesnake stew

Them aliens were some friendly folk
They said they liked the way I talked
They told me that was the reason
That I was the one they stalked

They asked me about beef jerky
And how to tan a hide
I showed them my old coon dog
As they watched me beam with pride

They said they really liked my truck
And wanted to take it for a spin
So I stuck that thing in four-wheel drive
And you should have seen them grin

When the night was finally over
I thought I heard them say
We'll be coming back real soon
As I watched them fly away

I only had one problem
As I sat there on the ground
Them aliens done up and stole
My very best blue tick hound

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2010

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I Believe In Aliens

A man comes up to me and says: I believe in God
Nice for you! :I say to him, but I feel the urge to jog
What do you believe in he questioned,
so I guess I thought and then I mentioned:
Well, I believe in aliens
you know those creatures in U.F.O's
I believe in the loch ness monsters,
and fairies with sparkly toes.
I believe in big foot
and I think the yeti is his cousin,
I believe in the chupacabra
and the moth man stories are a dozen!
He just stared at me then laughed and said:
Those things don't even exist!
Why I asked, there's many sightings
and those poor witnesses insist...
There's not enough or no proof he says
Well I guess you just answered God is also not real.
He gave me look and seethe through his face
the words he was trying to feel. 
I told him calm down, no need for a sound,
I believe in the big guy myself.
But your so hypocritical, and your eyes are so minimal
that my words just came out with no help.
You believe in God
and I believe in aliens and I believe in God too.
But next time be kind, to other's way of mind,
cause as you know seeings not believing and
evidence doesn't always go through
And with that I took a bow, of this gentlemen's heavy brow
and went on with a happy tune.

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2010

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Till final bell tolls

                                              A dark moth-eaten voice
                                           Clinging to my splintered self
                            Where morning stretches to wings of abstraction
                                                    Above the rapids 

                                                      Birds whistling
                                 Fish shooting water rocks against rocks
                                 Arrows and arrows halted on recreation
                                                  Horse lizards dance
                                                 Wombs pump babies
                                                         Into smiles

                                                   An wince of return
                                       Remains alone in morose samovar 
                  In the table of a naked prostitute trying the same manoeuvre
                                       In the country where we call love
                                                    Decency of sex

                                                       I will pause
                                            Because I cannot bear to see
                                      My brothers have brought me so far
                  My ancestors are asked for credentials in this brown earth
                                        For women mothers of our tribes
                                         Die before they reach childhood

                                                    They look sulky
                                     Under-dressed aliens eyes dislodged
                           Pricks on bodies bleeding sauces on ancient past
                                        Muscles wriggle like lost pythons
                                             Sweating for hungry dust
                                                      I must pause
                                                   Above the rapids
                              Birth, living, death, rise and fall of civilizations
                  I must find a place where I can push through the living grass
Till final bell tolls

For the river I pray
For the bird I pray
For the sky I pray
For the tree I pray
For the mountain I pray
In translucent eyes I pray
Till final bell tolls

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2015

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A Bohemian Maze of True Evil

Once so loyal and always true the gargoyles watch everything now
During their stony slumbers with their careful one-eyed open view,
As evil red-eyed demons rain down upon us in their dark-sprit forms,
Whilst our unsuspecting mortal Earth is flush in an aura of confusion
And a cloudy haze of unrepenting sin that symbolizes Lucifer’s work. 
Malefic shapes of Hellspawn emerge now from an unholy alliance 
Where venom and hate merge in a dark chamber of “The Damned,”
All the while their scowling and fiendish stares pierce us deeply,
And unrelentingly as they beckon our inner spirits backwards with 
Their tinge and terror of true malediction and feverish desire for all
Things uncanny and unclean that bespeak of macabre pure.
Reasons dance upon slivered tunes and silvern tongues of the demons,
As they grotesquely mount the battlements with their smiles of true evil.
The hideous grimace on their faces is a devilish upside-down nasty-smile,
That can only be possessed by the cruelest of creatures who are charged
By Lucifer himself, as a perverse group of miscreants who welcome all
Misguided visitors who arrive at this unholy and forlorn earthly cavern,
To cross the River Lethe into a state of oblivion from whence they shall
never return to see and bask again in the brilliance of God’s eternal light!
A radiantly beautiful mermaid entices her unsuspecting victims into a
Menagerie she maintains as one of Lucifer’s most favorite disciples.  
After entertaining each victim, she turns her deadly Medusa-like gaze
On them whilst sending icy-cold shivers through their dying heartbeats,
As red-eyed demons anxiously await each victim’s painful demise.
There can never be any mercy shown to a visitor who unexpectedly
Enters Lucifer’s Kingdom of Eternal Darkness and Damnation!                                                                                                              
In this continuous unending maze of debauchery there are also other
demons who are specifically assigned to entertain the deceptive and
Spawning lies of those unusual aliens who co-exist on mortal Earth
With human beings and are hidden in plain open-sight among them all.
These aliens, devoid of all human emotion, who show up unexpectedly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Are there to capture a glimpse of Hell’s eternity under the dais circle.
Endlessly as death comes—there is an aura to the emotional immorality
As Centaurs, Sphinxes, and Harpies transform themselves into a kind of
Ghastly, ghoulish, and deliciously evil group of dancing shadow shifters
In the realm of half-lived lives whose mendacity is the main dish now,
Served where the only menu choice is a one-line trick possessed by the
Specter of Death, the mythic eternal Footman himself—who doubles as
A most trusted prophet of imprecation and fear for Lucifer!
Self-appointed Demon Guardians of this lost world seeking fulfillment 
Of Lucifer’s masochistic imperatives rule the roost where those shells 
Of former human beings who were once viewed as members of mankind
Are, indeed, viewed in contempt now as depraved hosts of the once great
Human Race deprived of any hope, shorn of dignity—now soulless figures
At the beck and call of everything that’s truly evil in Almighty God’s Eyes.
Entering this final gruesome portrait of undying hellfire and unmitigated 
Evil in this Bohemian Maze are monstrous apparitions from bygone times,
Who come alive and take real form as Minotaurs, Echidnas, and Chimaeras.
All are profoundly frightening creatures who are ready and willing to do the 
Horrible bidding of Lucifer at the very flick of his finger—as such creatures 
With this unbridled power and force of nature find their true home in this evil
This ancient covenant of evil and moral deception is symbolically cast
As a vicious coiled snake—who bespeaks an aura of poisonous venom
And an odious degree moral depravity beyond normal description where
Black Phantoms reign and freely haunt the consciousness of all mankind
As it hopelessly trembles ignorantly fretful, whilst all the while being 
Truly unaware of the undeniable and unlimited power of Almighty God
In this instance!
To those who harbor their fears of the darkness, the unknown, and the
Evil intentions and machinations of Lucifer and his minions, they should 
Understand that Almighty God’s authority and power are omniscient, and
That His divine and radiant heavenly light shall forever crush the horrid
Impulse of darkness to shine, and shall conquer creatures and things
Presenting themselves as truly evil, uncanny, and unclean! Amen!
Deus miseratur! Deus tecum!

 Donna Loughman, Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
December 23, 2017 (Narrative)

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2018

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Crop Circles From the Sky

Crop Circles from the Sky?

By Elton Camp

Crop circles appear in fields overnight
They give some people quite a fright
The stalks of the plants are only bent
Since a force against them was spent

To UFO fanatics it always does seem
That the cause was an alien force beam
Why would aliens the galaxy traverse
To make farmers crop damage curse?

Would superior aliens come all this way
So that in our farm crops they can play?
If to communicate they are really sincere,
Why limit it to only a few months a year?

Why would most be in English wheat
If the whole planet they wish to greet?
That they made them, two men revealed
By using ropes and boards in the field

That these men did just what they related,
On numerous occasions have demonstrated
Other men then showed it they too could do 
And created geometric designs old and new

But the gullible won’t accept this reason why
So insist the makers were aliens from the sky
People would certainly have to be quite dumb
To think crop circles show aliens have come

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2011

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Tom's Flying Saucer! (a true tale!)

Another as-I-go poem-and a true story (Even I still don't believe it!!!)

Three years ago, on a clear, nice sunny day...
By son and I were driving, just on our merry way
For some reason, why I wonder, I looked up and was shocked to see
A classic flying saucer, slowly cruising just above me!

Now, needlessly, I'm sure, you'll doubt what I will say
Even I do, but come what may, and even to this day
I couldn't utter a single word, so much was my surprise
I blinked and blinked, and blinked again, I  could not believe my eyes!

I merely pointed up, for my son to take note
He followed my pointing finger
And, of a joint, he felt like he had a tote
Our jaws dropped open, both of us agape
It might as well been Superman, flying in his cape

Bright metallic silver, silent as a dove
Cruised on by before us, 500 feet above
Headed east over Queens county
at a slow andcomfortable pace,
I guess there's more out there, 
than just the human race

So when next you see a movie
A science fiction tale..
With saucers and aliens too
Don't laugh it off my friend
Cause it is really true!!

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Snatched and grabbed, reefed off me horse, Just crossed over the watercourse, Big white light it came and got, Zapped me, jerked me up aloft, A bloody flying saucer. Saw the circle spinning disk, With panels from one did whisk, Beam of light had done the job, In me pocket, thirty bob? Darkness came within my head, Aliens, bug eyed did me force, Anger burned hot instead, Tucker had, no bloody sauce? New planet appeared with a jolt , Purple haze was a taking holdt Pink of sky with glass buildings clear, An orange sun was setting here, Bugeye came and led me in, To the glassy citadel, Hover beds without support, Lifted up no bed clothes sport, A specimen in their jar, Often watched and fed bizarre, Jabbering bugs saw something rare, Aussie drongo with whiskers there.
Not Just Any Sunset Sponsored by: Paula Swanson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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My Problem

Yeah, I know,
It's "My Problem"...
No sweat to you...
Even though I might beg,
For help or advise what to do...

I'm cut off from the internet...
My last human link...
With my good poet friends,
Guess I'll just mix a drink...

Kind'a sad,
I gotta' admit....
When those I've helped,
Suddenly seem fit...
To ignore my calls...
Who gives a s_it...

You'd tell me to just join Yahoo,
But I don't know how,
With no internet connection...
I'm "having a cow!!!"
I sure tried reaching you,
You didn't pick up,
Suddenly I have no phone service..
Now what do I do??
And all the meds I need...
Suddenly my card is not honored...
I can only guess New York State...
Has decided my life to terminate...
Sure makes for a great day...
But I've got more to say...

I gave you a good lump of money,
Not too far in the past...
Said use what you need...
I think it should last...
Never thought I'd have this problem...
Another warning I failed to heed...

I still believe, I still trust you,
Maybe aliens have invaded,
And you know not what to do...
But for heaven's sake...
Don't know how much more
Bad news I can take...
Seems a cesspool of misfortune...
Is swimming around in my air...
How much, my God,
Am I supposed to bear?

I was once a man...
Of substantial means...
But find them now...
The Twilight Zone, it sure seems

And with my health failing...
Falling apart in big bits...
I feel hard pressed...
To hold on to my wits...
Even my remote did desert me,
I cried as I search...
He left me one channel
He left me in a lurch...
And when it seems...
No one gives a sh_tz,
I start to find,
Some scary angry head fits...

My pen has worked long...
And hard, be assured...
Fought off mental demons...
Hence, I have endured...

But betrayal, or indifference,
Bites one so hard...
There's no way in the world...
You won't wind up soul-scarred...

All I can say,
Some should be...
feathered and tarred..
For those they have marred...
Hope this never happens to you...
But if that should come to pass..
Just call me, I'll be there
My love will always last...

But, now, if you get a chance,
Please tell me what to do...
You know how to survive...
You know I idolize you..."


Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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In those primitive times of long, long ago
when behemoths wandered the land
when mankind was wicked and ruthless and raw
and battles were ever at hand.

An unruly unrest reigned on the earth
and rebellion was wild and free
for God turned His back on the people he made
and regretted what they came to be.

On the blackest of nights, on the darkest of days
fallen angels were cast from the skies
then entering into the daughter's of men
a new race began from on high.

So the Nephilim roamed, those aliens of old
a people of lusts and desires
warriors all, great giants so tall
reigning with blood lust and fire.

A ruthless tribe, with dark hearts inside
in chaos, they spread misery and hate
but in due time, God's patience was tried
hence, the Great Flood would seal their fate.

In a humbler man, a new chapter began
for in Noah, God renewed all mankind
with a rainbow so bright, and a heavenly light
filled with hope and new promises to find.

Written on 1/10/2018
For Ancient Aliens contest

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2018

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Trillions Of Stars

The universe is an endless expanse it's ridicules to suggest we're alone. For as today's technologies advance we see alien calling cards carved in stone. There must be intelligent life out there ancient accomplishments are a marvel. And either Man floated large stones on air or aliens once came to this blue marble. Mythology speaks of Gods from the stars coming down to the earth to teach Mankind. And whether they left for the moon or mars they left telltale signs of their stay behind. It's preposterous to think otherwise amongst the trillions of stars in the skies. (Sonnet)

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2018

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What is this life

What is this life…reality?
Why do I question it relentlessly so?
So many moments seemingly meaningless
Meandering through this meaningful sentience,
But reality, Oxford will tell you:
Property of being real, resemblance to Origional.
Accountable, in my opinion, only through dissemblance.
What I ask, is original?
It’s all rather subliminal
Made up by man and his idea of ideal.
Be like budda, be like a tree,
Pray to Gods, pray for money..
This will make you healthy, that will make you ill
Where is the free will in all this obscurity?
What is this substance we call reality?
I beg your pardon, sir and madam,
Excuse my blaspheme if religion is your reality,
But goddamn, sir and madam
It’s outrageous and random,
The idea…
The ideal…
Any idea for that matter
For what is made of blaspheme?
Speaking irreverently of sacred things.
What is not sacred down to a grain of sand?
If all by the hand and will of God,
Or aliens..
Or angels…
Or spark of light,
Let us not in the slight, pretend
To know or name a single thing.
Sacred cannot be named,
Or unnamed…
Or disclaimed…
And yet it is, and so is the tangibility of life.
May we all feel deeply, sir and madam
Again I say: Goddamn!
For this…
A tangible reality.

Copyright © Dominique Baptie | Year Posted 2018

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The Final Frontier

Ebony black violent space
birth in depth, exploding stars
distances seem eternal
worlds spin traveling in circles
suns nothing but balls of gas
meteors flaming 
large and small craters
black holes gravity pulls everything in
space and time, matter and energy
heliocentric model from Copernicus's head
galaxy, Milky Way, dark matter
subatomic particles crashing atoms
creating and destroying stars turn dwarf
Creatures born crawl out of this mire
travelers in space crossing dimensions
the speed of light vehicles dream
destination, virgin planet
forest rivers, ocean sand
crashed on the plains of an African meadow
survivors in a violent realm
Earth was the name of this planet
they would never leave
it's now their home, they are Man

1/28/18 contest Ancient Aliens

Copyright © Frederic Parker | Year Posted 2018

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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

They have always been here
ancient? – alien?
living amongst the unknowing
hiding in plain sight.
How have they altered
our past? – our future?
advanced or hindered
our progress – our failure.
How have they touched us
with an unseen nudge,
aligned the stars
that we might follow
crumbs of reason,
sat with us in silence
awed by our insolence
humbled by our fervor.

They view us from a distance- 
time and space overlapped
knowledge and inexperience
in conflict with themselves.
Knowing that in time
experience becomes
the proving ground of knowledge,
knowledge the anvil
shaping the experience.

They are the flat rock skippers,
the kite flyers, paper airplane makers,
sidewalk chalk drawers, 
mud pie makers, frog catchers,
butterfly chasers, bug touchers,
flower sniffers, feather collectors.

They will always be here
ancient – alien
wiser than their years
greater than their fears
in forever’s - ancient moment
alien – in human form.


submitted to – Ancient Aliens – Poetry contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2018