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Collisions avalanche, beneath the icy
Waves, of the North Atlantic.
Birthed in the cradled of Belfast,
A maritime giant, became crimsoned,
By champions shattered tradition,
An ironic omen presence to come.
For she bares tragedy’s mark, the name
Given to this colossus,  the titanic.
An aquatic diamond gem, of ocean
Liners, refined and polished for the 
Privileged elite.
A jewel shinning, with a brilliance fire,
No vessel could rival, this grand ladies,
The unsinkable legend survives even,
From under the brimey fathoms depths.
In the whispering wind echoes, carried
Just above the foam and sprays watery 
Crest, a haunting refrain is spoken,
Ice burg dead ahead.
A sheer ice blade, is driven into the
Hulls breast plate, puncturing the maid
On her maiden voyage.
Death's fiddler plays an eerie tune,
As the screaming chorus sings,
Dooms lullaby, of remorseful regrets,
Of the living dead.
Abandon ship, women and children
First, but life’s greed proceeds protocol,
And man take seats reserved while 
Others are simply left empty.
A once shinning star, is broken now
In two, rivaling in pain, she the
Grand lady, shutters, grasping for
Some hold, but fates evil hand
Pulls her beneath the frozen
Angry sea.
To rest at the bottom of titan's
Kingdom, in a crept mausoleum of
Seaweed, and coral debris.
Yet the Titanic still remains the
Diamond jewel of the seven seas,
Her mystery's beauty, a mystic
Inspiring mankind to solve
The questions that remain,


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013

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“Abandon ship and from her flee
Better her than all be lost to sea.”
“First Mate, be rendered silent,” is the captain’s plea
“Dear crew, I beg, depart not, stay along with me.”

But Admiral calls from ships numbered three.
“Leave Elpida alone, and Captain, for drowning.”
Then company vanished, quick as a wink.
Left small, untested sailboat to sink.

Night reached down on vast ocean’s face,
And soon sea’s swells were by darkness embraced
Light blazed cross the sky, wind roared from the heat.
The blue’s anger and rage against terrified vessel did beat.

More and most fiercely Elpida battled the deep.
Up ‘til the moment Earth sunk in her teeth.
The storm screamed on, endless as the heavens are deep.
And for half a score years, the sun, from Captain's eyes, night did keep.

For two times for every five, did the captain despair
Lost upon foreign soil, abandon by fleet out there.
To stumble upon natives, fate had it be.
An amiable bunch, again the odd number three.

To restore broken vessel labored the four
Sew up the hull, repair ruptured floors.
And for time, two times, and three times more
Toiled this group ’til there was work no more.

And the sun, as, of course, it would be
Broke the horizon and bore new day on the sea.
Set the deserted again to conquer the deep.
No armada to accompany, but lone Captain, no fleet.

And now, even now, sails Elpida Berregin.
Meeting new worlds by way of the sea.
In all her travels she met again her former fleet,
But Captain did not the Admiral re-meet.

For they had become galleys of ghosts;
Galleys to whom the dead were tending.
Offering up a prayer, Captain took his leave,
And having left, returned to journeying.

“Abandon ship and from her flee.”
Perhaps they, but never me.
Elpida Berregin, mighty galleon proved by sea,
A crew member, forever yours, will I be,
And will serve your Captain most faithfully.

Copyright © Jonathan J. | Year Posted 2014

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Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil

Life is like being a passenger on a luxury ocean liner 
 That is sails across a Sea of Turmoil.
 Passengers feel safe by putting their faith in the sturdy construction of the ship’s steel hull.
 Their senses are enveloped by the beautiful gold, silver, brass, wood that accents the interior of the ship.

There is a Spector who‘s heart is dark as black satin and as cold as an iceberg.
 Who is rarely seen by the human eye, for he stealthily move under the cloak of night,
 And dwells in the shadows by day.
 His nature is deception and violence 
 His power are death and decay
 He Rome’s and back and forth on the sea of Turmoil, stalking luxury ocean liners.
 Sometimes He will play cat and mouse games by enoying the passenger slowly picking their ship apart with rust and rot.
 Other times he will crush a ship with a title wave, 
 Or blow a ship apart by an onboard fire.
 The Spector evilly snicker when the survivor have to abandon ship and try to tread water.

The passenger try to cling on to their strange Theologies and Philosophies to keep themselves afloat.
 The Spector stirs the sea of Turmoil with his crooked finger to create great tempest to try and drowned his victims to transport them to the lake of Fire that lay beneath the Sea of Turmoil.

The passenger’s desperate out cries for help reach the ears of The King of Light.
 He send His Son by His swiftest ship 
 To rescue anyone who will receive their help.
 The Son will transport His passengers to the shores of His father’s kingdom
 Where they will be made heirs with the Son.
 They will dwell in the eternal golden city of The King of Light.

The King of light will forever remove the Spector of Darkness and His domain the Sea of Turmoil.

Writen by Stephen J. Vattimo
 July 12, 2016

Copyright © Stephen J. Vattimo | Year Posted 2016

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Jan's Gift to the World

Chocolate goes straight to the heart
Its the Food of Love off the chart
But truth be told
It makes Jan bold
To squeeze out a real skunky fart 

The Boston Tea Party was hip
Until Jan herself let one rip
The tea went first
The Captain cursed
And the crew cried, "Abandon ship!"

Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2018

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To whom it may unconcern

How can you tell when you've hit bottom and
 it's time to abandon "ship"-does it stare you in the  
falseface and wipe your browmemory clean cool of
fun classics,  milling around in poor daylight
low of love compromise and mean mode
idiosyncracies obligingfor no one's 
realsake but hanging by a nose thread to a 
course coarse curve enlivened by a renal
renaissance mercury---wide base of support
newcomer setting in for the long haul given
presidence a timely sage too old for this
x@#$%* yet too youngf for climate of clipped
communication neverstrife, appealing to all yes-too
many no, too few---104 degrees FF brain on fire
dryice income shedding short circuited
sillosynapse conglomerates crazy for 
passion + lust intro infusion---two part flesh,
one part soul a pinch of carnal rich renderings.
Simmer ever slowly over a lucid lifetime at
harmony in law degrees--slowly stirring the 
emotes frequently--too many nights of uncelebrated
reruns taunt the VHF cable return whereas I
we my you life by UHF dial dimensions
captured like a worn heel on a new shoe
somewhat skuffed and worn and innappropriate
for a white wedding day.Stand in the back--hope no
anyone looks down at the foot floor and sees
my toe reflection talking--indescent exposure while
teetering on a limbscape construct--folly
like fortunes unabashed qualities go unnoticed
through ingoblame and slug selfes-esteams
balancing on a creepy catwalk of roma and
comatose initiatives that flatline at midnight
in a morbid midnight corridor--venimous intent O2/CO2
fright fraught about what yesterdays will     upbringing fixed.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2013

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I came to say, I cannot stay, I know I must be going, in the royal unreal realm 
of simple selfish self, shedding/shredding of the u/me/my shydom charade of people poor of word, thought, premise and promise, but lay waste to words
more of toiled terdom, lest of prostrate para phrase, some ill of chance, some driven by mere sillo cir-cum-stance, but yet all speak of shillshock silly ro ma nance. When I read your 
words, and see your shallow thoughts, I think of co intentions derived, so fleshily fractured in lieu of rectal information that I see only all slow contrived, love lived unrealized.
You can take yourself, so important, so reliant that no one else can u be, yet when alone you pray, your wishes seem to say, the love you've seen to sow, is what you've slain and all your own is forgiven forever and a day. Turn back your so so speak space indifferential don't ever slack to remember your place in loves real time rhyme, when you learned that just to love is as good as to be loved, unless it is meant to be by a willful non being, guilty to of all that is knowing, not knowing unforgiving un less you 
thinkthank you could, be awful good and not pre pursue a moment that all is said in non normal nomenclature alphabet albeit I follow you in all of my instincts to let you gogo. I see all that is you and wallow in your everpresence of my own loud aloneness yet faux pause for your anoited
allowance of love forgiveness in our togetherness aplenty. When love ends
and couples cease to exist, where does love go??? When do u abandon "ship".

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Jamaica Jubilee Years

Remember it just like yesterday 
'Twas the sixth of August, independence day
Manley called the election, Busta took the drive
New nation at UN assembly, Jamaica arrived
Topsy turvy, hurly burly, brick brack, nick nacks
All this wondorous excitement
Ever child get a present
Me get two 'cause my plum friend Rosie
Was in love with me

Yes it was 62, the gun was fired
Independence day, 
Jamaica draped in new clothes, fully attired
Black, gold, and green the new emblem
Out of many the motto, then the anthem
Busta came in and did a stint
Soon followed by Sangster's little sprint
But as soon as him took up the reins
He was overcome with natures pains

The trend was set, the pattern was laid
We start get false promises and cronies get paid
It was a six for a nine and a nine for a six
Rasta jump up in uniison  and called it politrix
Then them win our votes 
With chickenback, flower and salt fish 
But inna inner city Kingston, a wish is in a dish
Between the politics and the economic sloth
Them bring in the dollar and burn the pound note

After the founding fathers 
And Sangsters little stint
Shearer bridged the gap and blazed a trail
But instead of driving foreign policy
Him specialize in skirt tail
So come the next election 
Jamaicans soon forget

Manley now preached socialism
And engineered a landslide win
But Jamaicans like licky licky politics
So come the next election,them let Seaga in
But economist can't run socialist country
And don't care how you dance pochominia
That don't feed hungry pickney

With a charasmic demenour and a visionary aim
Jamaicans let Manley sweep the floor again
But with CIA diversion, Cuban exclusion and garisson politics
Them fling out Manley, and Seaga come back with him tricks

Try as he might, with IMF driving foreign policy
And a deeeply devalued dollar currency
Them throw Seaga out and in came Patterson

With window dressed socialism and inate charm
He governed over an era and even weathered Gilbert's storm
But now him get bored and designated the leadership
Sister P was chosen
But in the shadows was Peter Phillips

Between the grooming and the infighting  
Golding saw his chance and moved like grease lighting
And did a victory dance

But with saltfish politics and the cronyism
Mixed with the Tivoli incursion
Him abandon ship and let Holness swim

But thinking he was on a roll
Judging by the opinion poll
Him call a snap election
And Mama P win in a stroll

 One Love.

Copyright © Reggae Magnet | Year Posted 2012

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Hawaiian Pearl

Waters around the Arizona seethed,
burned with blood and oil
as Chaos gripped the Harbor.

Uncle Bud reeled about the deck.
His voice rising against the din:
“Abandon ship!  Abandon ship!
Abandon the goddamn ship.”

That afternoon
in a makeshift medical camp
he died from shrapnel wounds.

My grandmother told me years later
that he had saved others.

Fire, flesh, and smoke dissolve into the sweep
of a larger panorama
when volcanoes formed these isles.

In Iowa, the family gathered at church
to celebrate with a brunch
the first Sunday of Advent.

Father MacDonald announced the attack.
People scurried home to huddle around radios
that crackled with static.

Forty years later,
a fine ash from Mount St. Helens passed
over Grandma’s grave-side service.
And she rests next to her son.

Her mother-of-pearl music box,
the one Bud had given her,
almost kept her company.

But she willed it to me.
I placed it on a shelf by her picture in the living room.

It still plays.

Copyright © Jim Howe | Year Posted 2016

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Ego, Games, and Misunderstanding

Ego Games, and Misunderstanding.
(The Death of A Friendship.)

Abandon ship and run away...
Abandon this and come away... 
Clean. Unscathed, or so you choose 
to perceive.
But believe, with knowledge of your 
one question rises in priority:
When has quick dash masked the 
that running has on your character?
For tired feet make for strong lungs,
but increased breath shall continue 
make for longer screams when you 
and see your past self in the mirror 

So vain from the stains of your past
You disregard the depth of the glass
and see only that you do not want 
the beverage.

"A beverage you still choose to 
assume is truly being offered when I 
know how badly it affects you."

So quick to believe that all I think 
about me
And would want you for myself 
rather than
help you break free of your ghosts:
The memories that haunt you the 
So, you run when you think love is 
the liquid served
And point verbal guns at me because 
I deserve it, right?
I deserved this?

Though my methods were 
the progress was all intentional
Because you spoke before choosing 
your exit.
It was electric for me to witness you 
So, I applied more pressure just to 
you get better, but you began to 
I truly wanted "us" together...
Still, that is not true...
All I cared about was you learning to 
with the real that everybody goes 
And yes, I really thought that this 
was best
Exploiting demons of your mind to 
the fight within your chest...
But all you could see was my face
as a guy trying to trap you back in 
the same place.
So, you cut me down then shut me 

But my plan, was more tough love 
than foolproof
I believed your mind would never let 
me fool you
My stand was that to emotionally 
bully you
would leave you seeing that your 
being is
nothing less than bulletproof!...

"But this is not me helping you, 
This is not me caring for your best 
interest, right?
No, this is just another ploy from my 
Despite my true intentions, all you 
to see in my ego.
According to you, that is all I care 

But all you saw was the lines said
And could not read between the lines 
You grew stronger every day
Then chose to run away
The tragic end is our friendship 
is what I find dead.
Instead of the old you...

Still, I do not point all the blame
I knew the pain behind your name
And still chose to play a game...
But it was working!...
You began to deal with your past 
through me.
Which soothed me and helped you 
whatever you see.
Or thought you understood.
But my intentions were good
I just pushed you harder faster
than I realize I should...
But you were truly so amazing
Fighting past demons, bravely
I got excited by the progress
I grew used to seeing daily...

And I wanted you change
Because you wanted to change.
You spoke about yourself
so badly that it drove me insane,
as your true friend...

So, I pushed too hard
Though I pushed you far,
I pushed much too hard...
And I regret that...

But only that and nothing else
Because I believe that strength
comes from what people have left
And though I have to accept
that to my voice you've gone deaf...

"I was NEVER in love with anything
but hoping YOU would LEARN to 

Copyright © Audonus Taylor | Year Posted 2012

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Two mighty workhorses, colliding Titans,
Leviathans of the Saint Lawrence river.
Devastation’s maritime wrecking balls,
Slamming head on, even after the warnings 
Sounding, had been given, by Captain Kendall.
Emerging on the starboard side, a distant light
 Did shine,  from the masthead on high.
The tramper steamer, S.S. Storstad, 
Heavily loaded by coals freight,
Didn't hear the captain's hailing.
Lost within an eerie, thickened fog bank, 
 All hands struggled in full reverse, 
But the wheels of fate, had been set,
In motions wake, and it was
Coming straight towards them, at
Rapid speeds full velocity.
Horns rang out, life boats were lowered
 Broad side, voices yelled abandon ship,
Captured unaware, shaken from their beds.
Passengers scrabbled to the higher
Decks elevation, as the chilling waters
Slashed through the torn apart,
And breached forward hull.
Death's black ghost ship, lies moored
 Near by, ready to take on board, it's
Newest crew members, the grim
Reapers flag, flies at half mast.
Until the full compliments roll call, has
Been filled, by the dead's unwilling
Clinging to the life raft of spiritualism,
The living pray, for a last reprieves 
Salvation,  a miracle to save them,
But hell's vessel awaits and it's
Master has no mercy.
Histories stretches a gray shroud,
Across the debris field, as their
Voices grow silent, beneath the 
brimey deep.
A lone, cold, monument does stand,
At Rimouski St-Germain cemetery , in Quebec, Canada.
Expressing the details of this misfortune.
But it will never satisfy the sorrows felt,
By the survivors or family members
Whom were lost that early May morning.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2013

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Who really rules the world

When everyone wants peace,
but war is reality.
When love should conquer hate,
but they only retaliate.

Who really rules the world?
Who really rules the world?

When science has all of the answers,
they say that there is no God.
They say, life just happened by chance,
well then, just what are the odds?

Who really rules the world?
Who really rules the world?

It's plain for those who see,
he doesn't care about you and me.
Who really has all the power,
He's in his final hour.

Who really rules the world?
Who really rules the world?

When the blind lead the blind,
don't they both fall in the pit?
Who's the ruler of mankind?
Isn't it time to abandon ship?

Who really rules the world?
Who really rules the world?

It is said that God is love,
we know that it is true.
If he was ruling the world right now,
Just what would you do?

John Derek Hamilton 
Jan 29,2013 revised October 14,2013 
poem version of song of same name.

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Yarra was an old Sloop in 1941

YARRA was an old Sloop

Yarra was an old ship in 1941...........about a 10 year old Sloop
She was a small Destroyer with three 4 inch guns...
So she sunk the Babr in an attack in old had 4inch guns the Babr....
And she dodged the Stukas at Tobruk,  this small tin can....

Leading Seaman R Taylor was on the no2 gun...
He was a good shot, when driving off the Hun...
The Captain called the Black Prince, was Harrington, a good one...
Yarra drove the Stukas off, downed 4 planes in 41...

She escorted supplies to Tobruk, to feed the Aussie boys ...
Tobruk would frustrate Rommell, Aussies destroyed his tanks like toys....
42 brought the Japanese war, much closer to their own ....
So Yarra went to Singapore, on escort duty home ....

4th march in 42, Yarra was heading south again....
With a small convoy, met warships from Japan....
3 cruisers with big 8 inch guns, Yarra had no chance, for sure...
Yarra turned and went for them, outgunned 10 times and more...

Yarra soon was a burning blazing wreck, abandon ship was called....
One lone gun was shooting at the Jap, Pommy prisoners recalled?....
From the Japanese Cruiser Maya, they saw a sloop defy....
No 2 gun still shooting, Taylor and Yarra die...

Don Johnson 7-Aug-09

Yarra fought  the lethal Stuka 87 German dive bombers , and Italian bombers on the Tobruk
She dodged bombs , after they  were dropped and dodged torpedoes from them too....
Yarra on her final day with her three 4 inch guns came up against 3 Japanese Cruisers with
several  8 inch guns each,  plus 2 Japanese Destroyers who also outgunned her....  Later
in 1944 US Submarines Darter and Dace sank 2 of those cruisers Atago and Maya.

Yarra fought the  3 Japanese cruisers and died fighting
One gun kept shooting thought the ship was afire and sinking.........Seaman R Taylor the

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2010

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The Sinking of the Cargo Ship El Faro

The Sinking of the Cargo Ship, El Faro

The Bible, itself, speaks of the men of the world that go down to the sea in ships
because notably, they see the Hand of God move more than we all, 
For in the midst of a storm, these seafaring men cry out with all of their might
to God, Who alone can calm the waters when He hears their fearful call.

What started as a pleasant voyage and one they thought 
that they would remember until the day that they died, 
became a horrendous nightmare of gigantic proportions 
one that took their breath away and caused these strong men to cry.

For unexpectedly they all heard a dreadful loud noise that 
they had never heard before which caused the ship’s engines to come to a screeching halt,
franticly they tried over and over again to fix the problem to get back underway
yet they were not able to accomplish it at no one’s, again I say at no one’s fault.

To top this all off, suddenly the wind picked up the waves to 30 and up to 40 feet high or more
and tossed this small ship like a toy in the hands of a child round and round, 
the crew wondering if they had to abandon ship would it be at all possible 
in a storm like this to be found?

Then wailing was heard from the Captain, himself
as he repeatedly said, “My friends, what have I done”, he cried,
“Why I have plotted a course so close to this storm
and now, our engines, they to have died”!

Yet, some of the men began to remember at last
how their parents had taught them to pray, 
but when they had left their homes and went out on their own
they forgot about God till this day.

Lastly, though I cannot be sure and say with certainty
yet I believe most, if not all were eternally saved, 
for I believe that these seafaring men called out to the Lord of the storm
and are now in Heaven because He saved them that day!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
November 9, 2015

Copyright © Marilyn S Jennings | Year Posted 2016

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Yesterday I Was Wrong

Yesterday I proved to myself that
All of my enemies and even some of
My friends were justified in hating me.
Troubles that I had started
Seemed impossible to rectify.
So I planned on removing myself
Far away from all of them -
Away to the ends of the earth.

Now just a day later,  I know
It will never make sense.  It
Looks irresponsible to abandon ship
As if troubles ever go away.
Though we try to rationalize them,
They're going to follow us.
Here is how I will face my friends -
To apologize will be hard but I will
Stay the course,  run the race and win the prize.

Oh, remorse  is so beautiful.
I am sorry and I have come to 
Believe - “I am sorry” are the loveliest three words
In the world. They lead to forgiveness - 
Yesterday I was wrong.

written for Roy Jerden's  Yesterday  Acrostic contest 

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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Balled of Carolyn Bointon

It was, I really must admit, with quite some trepidation
I braced myself and stepped up to the vacant self-serve station.
Placed my bag in readiness to save having to lift it
but a female robot voice boomed out and made me go and shift it.
After that it beeped and flashed as everything got scanned,
all items being packed away exactly as I'd planned.
Until I moved my shopping bag for another I'd be using
then 'Red Alert!' all hell broke loose,
the staff all stared, accusing.
Enough's enough- abandon ship, why let this thing unnerve me?
I'm off to find a corner shop, and let a human serve me.

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2015

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Lost at Sea

 The ship was atoss on the ungallant sea
The swells took a toll as the hull strained and cracked
It would be fair time afore it sought the lee
With the slams and the pitching the ship could be wracked.

The foc'sle went down, the stern rose on high
And in the next instant the ship yawed aside
The water rushed in torrents, the Bo'sun heaved a sigh
If the hatches gave way, then woe betide.

The men on the watch were tied to their posts
The lookouts puked blood, the buckets were filled
They stood out limned as outworldly ghosts
Clamping teeth with their might, their bones fully chilled.

The wind was a-roaring, it blew off the 'rafts
The riggings danced  the stays started steaming
The boats in the davits went banging abaft
The klaxons went wild as they started their screaming.

"Abandon ship" blared the hailer as the Cap stood on the bridge
And soon was heard a sound that all hoped never to hear
A tearing, a snap, a boom, for gone was the ridge
Of the keel gave up it's struggle unable to bear.

The Cap stood his post as his men jumped overboard
Wrote in his log in indelible ink
Today I commend these lost souls unto thee my Lord
At this lat and this long did my doughty ship sink.

Thus ends my tale of those souls lost at sea
Not uncommon to those whose sea-legs are firm
For a tough life's their lot unlike the land lubbery
I've denied Davy Jone's Locker, I have served my full term.

~04 Jun 2016~

Copyright © Karam Misra | Year Posted 2016

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Clark Simmons

Since I was the oldest of three sisters with a mum, 
As my dad had died when I was at an age young,
I thought I’d join the navy to help out my family, 
But I excluded the black segregation code anomaly. 

In training our instructors gave us our work, hard, 
But you could work up to being the mates, guard, 
Of the officers, an intimate situation, all food made, 
You would know everything after a while, anticipate. 

Because I was black, I could only serve an officer, 
But I was told the job was essential, but felt inferior, 
Even though I knew many men that were jealous of me, 
‘Cos we used to train men in flag control and gunnery. 

We felt like a mobile target as planes bombed often, 
The ship got repaired when it was replenished, ben, 
But one morning after I’d been out, Cinderella Liberty, 
Another black man came down, there was a calamity. 

It was the Pearl Harbour bombing and the ship got hit, 
Torpedoes fell onto us but did not explode, not writ, 
But they went right into the hull and made our ship tip, 
Such that eight minutes later the ship was history, a quip. 

Upon the command abandon ship, I got through a port, 
‘Cos I just knew not to put a life jacket on for passport, 
We got to the walkway outside the captain’s cabin, 
And then swam for Ford Island, our own safety to win. 

I was hit in the head, the shoulder and the leg, 
But was with a corpsman, a nurse, who had the peg, 
Who saw me to Ford Island First Aid Station, his duty, 
Then I went to the submarine base hospital, a casualty. 

My friend Dorie Miller from when I was at school, 
Saved the captain and his officer, he did not fool
With race, when on board the USS West Virginia, 
But only got the Navy Cross because of his colour. 

He should’ve got the Congressional Medal, 
‘Cos that was what you got for that pedal;
He only didn’t get it because he was black,
Which is not fair when I pensively look back. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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RMS Titanic

Built by Harland and Wolff in the shipyard's of Belfast
A luxurious giant ship that they built to last
An Olympic class liner of the White Star Line
No expense was spared, she was so grand and so fine.

Southampton and Cherbourg then Queenstown in Cork 
Picking up her last passengers' before sailing to New York
The crowds did gather to cheer and wave flags
While passengers' embarked with suitcases' and bags.

She upped ships anchor and headed out west
Pushing her engines, putting them to the test
Oblivious to the dangers that lay up ahead
In the coming hours many on board would be dead.

The officer on watch, a large object he spied
A mountainous iceberg on the starboard side
They slowed down the engines, slammed them into reverse
But there was a collision and conditions got worse.

Below the water line it tore a hole down the side
They couldn't avoid it but they had tried
Water poured in and she started to bank
It was only a matter of time before the ship sank.

Abandon ship was the order, the Captain he gave
Now the task for the crew was how many they could save
They got ready the lifeboats and lifejackets too
Now everything depended on the Captain and crew.

Despite their best efforts' to keep order and calm
With the worsening situation there was panic and alarm
First into the boats were women and children
And if there was room they allowed in some men.

For everyone on board there was not enough boats
But they had a life jacket and grabbed anything that floats
They took their chances and jumped over the side
But the freezing waters took them and they didn't survive.

Over two thousand people, not all could be saved
Fifteen hundred perished in a watery grave
After she went down other ships did arrive
Providing blankets and warmth to those still alive.

Ninteen hundred and twelve on April fifteen
Was the worst maritime disaster that ever has been
Two hours and twenty, she was on the sea bed
Experts had claimed her "unsinkable", that's what they said.

Written 27 november 2018

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2017

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Thieving Fear

Fear ~ Who do you think you are?
And what gives you the right
To infiltrate my senses and trigger me to flight?
From the depths of my mind, you creep with expert stealth,
Like a thief in the night, you rob me of my health.
And while you have the key, you steal away my sanity
I'm held so tightly, in your grip, that I lose myself and abandon ship.

TLH  ©  07-26-2012

Copyright © Tanya Harrington | Year Posted 2012

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Carl Carlson

I was up on deck of the USS Arizona doing the morning chores, 
When another plane came along, so I just passed it by, gores, 
Because they landed at Ford Island all the time, but this time, 
It was strafing me, attacking me repeatedly as I was the prime. 

So I ran forward to get under cover, and I did not get hurt, 
But then another plane came around the same way, girt, 
But again, nobody got hit, so I proceeded to go inside, 
Back to my battle station, when a bomb hit where I did hide. 

It knocked me out, ruptured both lungs, all lights went out, 
And I awoke and picked up where I left off, with no pout, 
Pearl Harbour was rank with warfare, bullets flew all around, 
And I don’t know how long I had laid there, but I was bound. 

I was intent on opening the water-tight door, not allowed, 
In battle conditions to be entered, but I managed proud, 
I made my way to the turret to assist there, and one said, 
“Boy, you’re a good boy Carson,” they just needed me red. 

There was no panic down there or anything, but much water, 
And smoke, and they don’t mix, and then a commander
Told me to come on deck and help, but we were at a loss, 
The ship was beat, and we then had to abandon and toss. 

But just before I did, I ran into a friend, crying and dying, 
Burnt, skin dangling off his body, very openly just hanging, 
So I took his arm, but there was nothing that I could do, 
So he died later, and its bothered me all my life through. 

So they gave the word “abandon ship” and so I stepped off, 
Not knowing how badly I was hurt, so passed out, did turnoff, 
I went down in the water and it was peaceful and nice, 
And then I saw this bright light, but something saved me, ice.

I got back up to the water’s surface, but burning oil, 
Surrounded me in a complete circle, but, no more toil,
The next thing I knew was somebody’s arm on mine, 
Pulling me out the water, and then I knew I’d be fine. 

I made it to Ford Island sick bay but saw another there, 
Whose intestines were in his hands, holding them bare, 
And who said to me “War sure is hell isn’t it, shipmate,” 
So I replied and just got up and walked out, straight. 

Died January 14th 2001

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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ocean dream

from the sandy bottom
up periscopes 
from depths,
hidden in the sea 
of thoughts,
through an ocean 
of memories

scanning the distant horizon,
in vision 
my rising sun
as my waters swell
a saviour,
my soul motions

drifting a wave,
beautiful sunshine
drop anchor,
paradise with palm trees,

the ocean calls
touching beautiful colour
handing out 
mother pearl,
this treasure 
from deep

my mutiny 
abandon ship,
on this island,
alone with you

upon the rocks
on this sandy shore
I sit 
holding hands

in the spray
of beauty
like a rainbow
colour of light

to romance
the very stones
on the rocks 
that you sit
calling to you

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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abandon ship!

Abandon ship! Were going down!
down to Davy Jones' part of town.
captain and crew both their fate to be,
for they all comprise one entity.
flooding complete,
no space to stand,
sink or swim,
come on and take my hand.
a guide to where you need to go,
lost between sane and the shadows.
is it I to blame for what has happened,
or was it a plan, 
take my mind and take my passion.

Copyright © Nicholas Caplan | Year Posted 2010

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Me or Anxiety

My mind is lost like of set of keys
but memories are as clear as water
why so much stress when there is no stress
why where things so easy but know are much harder

thoughts are so strong
but my body is so weak
force down a road where all eyes are on me

face towards the ground avoiding all negativity
but courage lifts me up 
hopefully bringing me to prosperity
but courage is only so much 
and my search for bravery isnt even close 
its like im livin my life on an abandon ship
surrounded by ghost
every day every hour i see a thunderstorm coming
but no ones running but me
its like I'm the only one stuck with this craziness of anxiety

Copyright © manley johnson | Year Posted 2008

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               Steals and Deals
Whether Republican or Democrat it doesn't matter much
Both sides are using President as their anti voting crutch
Make America "great again" rang true for millions strong
The danger is those wielding power have done so for too long

Undermine the President beginning plain and clear
Destroying promises that he made is now Americas fear
Both sides acting pretty strange big business holds each chain
Bank accounts grow day by day the taxpayers feel the pain

All at once determined now, "abandon ship" their goal
Crisis past for fossil fuels don't mine for gas or coal
Once trusted ally on his team, true colors showing through
Health care and the tax reform, Mr. Speaker turns the screw

Mitch McConnel doesn't help, he rules his "money dump"
Paul Ryan just like Boehner, with big business he'll screw Trump
That's not a smile on Ryans face, his version (a smug look)
Our President must now "beware", they won't go by the book

They'll set him up to take the fall, they won't be on his side
Pretending how they saved us all, they'll smile and beam with pride
They'll laugh at you when they retire, their pockets full of cash
Do you think they're Patriotic?  Or more like Traitor Trash? .....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2017

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Fickle Fate

Mary Marion Williams, is one of twenty three,
rescued and surviving the North Atlantic sea,
Fate is a fickle friend, to have upon your side, 
For if destiny is written, there’s no need to have a guide.

Mary believed in fate, so had no fear at all,
when on that dreadful night,the steward gave a call,
“abandon ship, we’re sinking” he rapped outside her door,
Then suddenly ,an explosion threw her to the floor.

She did in no way panic, Just picked herself up and dressed,
Paused for a moment, to root inside her chest,
she was struggling up the gangway,as the ship began to list,
Fate again was there to help, when someone grabbed her wrist.

Do not worry ma’am, a voice above her cried,
I am not, she said I know I'm safe, for fate is on my side.
she was helped to a lifeboat, by a member of the crew,
and looking round, she found she’d joined,the other twenty two,

Fate took a hand again,for our lucky ladyship,
She was picked up the very next day, by a Royal navy ship,
Who just by chance or maybe fate,
Happened to be passing, upon that very date.

This poem is a work of imagination, any likeness to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. 

Copyright © Damian Cranney | Year Posted 2017