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Beat It Poems

Beat It Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of beat it poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for beat it.

New Poems

Happy V-day MOFO , Electropopdance-poppop-trapnu-goth pop
you got my hart
and its twisted and raw
guess what?
I, wrapped it in
some bloody SPONGE GAUZE

only to serve it to
my favorite god

so stop dragging it
through the mud

do you know how
much i don't
love you

right now!

I'm going to kill you
with my love

(hook three...Read More
Categories: beat it, betrayal, celebrity, chocolate, february, gothic, humor, valentines
Form: Lyric

To a Son
I think my job is really done,
and yet, what was the sense
in raising you, my bearded son?
So that you beat it hence?

The anguish, pain and rocky nights!
And now — a vacant nest?
I close the door, switch off the lights
and think:...Read More
Categories: beat it, child, leaving, mother, parents, relationship, son,
Form: Lyric
My side of the story
They spread the rumour
It ain’t true 
what they like to think of you
only human 
See their mood
see you lose
banter bouncing 
blunt abuse
stand rebound it
legs refuse
their open mouths 
wish you clown
jokes they sound 
keep you down
what goes around
It’s your...Read More
Categories: beat it, anger,
Form: Rhyme
Never Suicide
Suicide is an action with no return 
it’s not glory or the release you yearn
chapters of life all take their turn
happiness love heartbreak concern.

And though some perish ending life
they do so blind to parents strife
for it is an action NEVER...Read More
Categories: beat it, depression,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WAR
To fight or not to fight?
The arrows scream past your walls and traps
Your men rush to the fore
You action a march as you look upon the kingdom maps

This is war, a fiery frenzy 
Every second you think, is a second...Read More
Categories: beat it, conflict, death, encouraging, faith, games, heart, inspiration,
Form: Quatrain

Anxiety’s inside of me
So, I try to beat, but society
Wants to be so unfree.
Anxieties secrets
Is to beat it, because you don’t need it
With your anxieties…
What will you do when your mind says die?
Are you thinking, about committing suicide?
Everywhere is the...Read More
Categories: beat it, anxiety,
Form: Lyric
Dear Heroin 
I won, you didn't get my mother you may have beat her on several occasions but in the end we won I will always hate what heroin did to our family but I'm thankful that it didn't take...Read More
Categories: beat it, absence, abuse, addiction, childhood, drug, heartbroken, mother,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I heard I might find a poet here Part 3

Note: If you haven’t please check out part 1 and 2 
before reading this. It will make more sense that way Thanks.

"May I?" she asked motioning to my dog-eared notepad as a child might
asking for a cookie expecting to be...Read More
Categories: beat it, good night,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The belle of the ball - Repost
Note: This is a long one. Just a warning before you start reading. : ) 

Outside the walls stood a handmaiden gazing
Twisting her skirt between fingers so frail
Patches of burlap were sewn on the garment
Cut from a sack of a...Read More
Categories: beat it, fantasy, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sad Sick Mary Dee
Mary Dee had a mad conviction
That she’d always have a weird affliction.
Six doctors said she would likely beat it,
Encyclopedia worries though promptly heat it.

She kept a perpetual sore throat for her entire life.
Remaining a perpetual mean and unhappy wife.
Mary Dee,...Read More
Categories: beat it, depression,
Form: Rhyme
I Want to Cut Out My Heart
If I cut out my heart will I still feel this pain?
If I rip it out of my chest with my own bare hands?
If I tear it out myself and throw it away?
If I leave it on the floor and...Read More
Categories: beat it, 11th grade, dark, depression, heart, hurt, jealousy,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Pain I Hide
It rains inside of me though sun I see
     The clouds I know and cuts and scars and tears
            I hide from you the chain...Read More
Categories: beat it, angst, pain, suicide,
Form: Quintain (English)
The Reality of depressions hold
The Reality of Depressions Hold

The heart throbs with every beat it yearns to be loved,

To feel that butterfly flutter of affection, a touch of love,

The soul yearns and searches for happiness and comfort,

To feel at home, to feel at peace...Read More
Categories: beat it, anxiety, deep, depression, emotions, mental illness, pain,
Form: Free verse
4 bars of the base beat
ah universal rehearsal of the base beat for my heart to really get thumping to my lyrics,not yours cause you have your own lyrics and base beat you play everyday with or without rehearsal,the base beat it is universal..4 bars...Read More
Categories: beat it, america, butterfly, fruit,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member 'You Have Cancer'
Perhaps the scariest three words 
In the English language..."You have cancer"
There is no easy way to come to grips 
With this deadly, unforgiving disease
It doesn't respect gender; the old or young

It invades the body unannounced 
And wreaks havoc. It claims...Read More
Categories: beat it, cancer, encouraging, perspective, truth, write,
Form: Free verse
Multiple Sclerosis An Invisible Disease
My heart hurts my soul is depleted 
I used to walk around feeling so undefeated 
The pain is at a tipping point & I just can't beat it

My brain is killing me & my body follows suit 
Sometimes I wonder...Read More
Categories: beat it, anxiety, body, health, inspirational, lost, poverty, recovery
Form: ABC
The Menace
Night 3
It’s still in my garden.
It’s back with a vengeance.
I can it see it there, lurking without pardon,
face black and white; its tail mocking.
Three nights in a row now:
the eyes, the fur, the scraping claws.
I sit, wrapped and waiting with...Read More
Categories: beat it, cancer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member the beat
The beat, the beat it swings, it sings
Its bouncing tone a memory brings
a-tap ter-tap de-dap de-dap
and then she sings
...Read More
Categories: beat it, america,
Form: Free verse
Numb part 4
Hadn’t I come to an awaited end? 
I knocked on my forehead 

And let out a screech 

And then a laugh 

And then an uncontrollable sob 

As I realized how long and tough 

And sucking and cutting 

And draining and...Read More
Categories: beat it, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
swiffel's swiggy supper club
De Pieces Inconnues: Statut D'Amour
and Verrez Mobntrez
and Frapper Mareir: Ni Le Monde.
welcome, welcome!
Mr. Hautbois will show you to
the performance area. We call her
Hymn Bois for short,
I can reed-member wind the scales of
listener were spoken, 3/4 bass clefts away
from the sound....Read More
Categories: beat it, dance, love, meaningful, music, romantic love,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member its been months
Now it’s been months
Months that I’ve been free
And I’m getting myself back
Not too slow but slowly
And it’s the best feeling
That I’ve ever had
Knowing that I beat it
Without getting mad

...Read More
Categories: beat it, addiction, america,
Form: Free verse
Jurrasic Lark
Of two commonly used pronunciations, this poem uses Dippla-doe-cous.
Originally written as a singy songy thingy to the tune of Supercalifragilistcexpealidocious.

Jurassic Lark.

An optical illusion or a little hocus pocus
I swear I saw a dinosaur, a massive Diplodocus
Then came the Tyrannosaur...Read More
Categories: beat it, history, humor,
Form: Rhyme
The Lost Art Of Composition

The Lost Art Of Composition

too often my thoughts and the ability to express them
are taken hostage without a clue to the cause
this is an affliction familiar to many a writer
as if madness wasn't enough
it proves to be immune to every...Read More
Categories: beat it, creation,
Form: Free verse
its makes you dance
and prance
its sing
and ping
to the beat  it gets underneat
no matter who you are
here or far
you listen to sound
you get down
to the 
Categories: beat it, celebrity, history,
Form: Prose Poetry
Michael Jackson - 21
Dear Mike, 

I just wanted to touch base with you and write how I feel at this moment. While you were here, you taught us so much. I still play your songs because I like THE WAY YOU MAKE ME...Read More
Categories: beat it, for him, i miss you, missing you,
Form: Lyric