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Bear The Brunt Poems

Bear The Brunt Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bear the brunt poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bear the brunt.

New Poems

Broken Disciple
Broken Disciple

My pilgrims journey started out strong
9 years and a decade later my story and song 
Have turned into a heartless cycle
May I share about a broken disciple?

Took up my yoke and followed thee
‘Twas an easy burden initially
The path lo...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, anxiety, baptism, bereavement, character, courage, heaven, hurt,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Sins of the Fathers
Feeling deep regret for our misguided debt
Which gives us pause realizing the hurt we’ll cause
So let's raise our glasses to the lads and lasses
Who will bear the brunt on the battlefront

October 14, 2019
F F I series 28 leonine
Brian Strand, sponsor...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, conflict, death, drink, poetry, tribute, war, world,
Form: Rhyme
Dorian in high dudgeon
For such a low gudgeon, Dorian in high dudgeon.
The puppet popped atop amid internal turmoil,
Of the Russian, for the Russian and by the Russian,
He spent nearly 3 years trafficking spoils

The puppet popped atop amid internal turmoil,
Thanks to his shameless Sharpie...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, satire, slam, storm,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Brother Whale
I poured myself into your onyx eyes scene;
wanted you to see my soul, and its story.
Like you, brother whale, I endure life’s tough schemes; 
while navigating in  seas, sunlit glory.

No medal beams on your marvelous bold breast; 
yet, like...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, animal, appreciation, earth, environment, nature, ocean, water,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member Six-Word Couplet Series -October 2018
Stroke Victim
Time is Brain
F.A.S.T. learners gain

Bleeping Busy Bees
Busy Robo- apians
Censoring Homo- sapiens

Turbid Transparency
Dark money donors
Opaque Senate owners

Turtle Hurdles
Baby sea turtles
Face huge hurdles

Take Responsibility
Stay in front
Bear the brunt

Checks and Balances
One man's solution
Trumps the Constitution?

...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, america, animal, health, insect, poetry, sea, word
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Take Responsibility
Stay in front
Bear the brunt...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, courage, growth, life, meaningful, poetry,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Letter to Ronald Hull on his comment on Diary Notes: Lament at Dawn
LETTER to RON" Diary Notes : Lament at Dawn - A Year Ago Yet Now No Change "
Reviewed by Ronald Hull

"Quite a lament! The state of Paris at dawn. Just the thought of sewage seeping down through the walls gives...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, conflict, immigration, paris, political, race, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member USE

Unease can string
A caustic fling

Urgent words cite
A crispy write

Use can amuse
A mad peruse

Do flip a flap
And give a clap

Ask twist to turn
A clever churn

Pretty proud praise
Can now erase

Feel the frost freeze
Squeeze in cold breeze 

Come to the front
And bear the...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, allegory,
Form: Couplet
Axe the old Don, a trump peter n piper
   of incredulous hellish crud - be gone
ha air brushed pompous arse
   Sunkist in Macy's window 

   then like a jackal hound, he doth run
after public...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, 12th grade, abuse, anger, character, grief, mental
Form: Imagism
A Dad to Son
He said, "Dad, I thought men were like Atlas, they bear the brunt of all humanity? They were supposed to do anything and everything?" Before dad spoke, he muffled a choke and remembered back when his boy was just a...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, father, growing up, growth, son,
Form: Free verse
Respect Women
Why do our women have to bear the brunt?
Of simpleton men, Neanderthal like grunt.
Proving power through threats and manipulation.
Only proves, I say with no hesitation.
Some men lack true character, inside they are empty.
More a caricature, than real, and quite simply.
Destroying...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, abuse, anger, animal, integrity, wife, woman, women,
Form: Rhyme
this portion dashed off
(while dry ving an open white hearse slay
so many months back before
slated him slotted the most coveted
Casino biggest win - before the political imbroglio
much more upsetting than today
- - - - -...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, abuse, america, anger, anxiety, betrayal, cancer, conflict,
Form: Narrative
Employee Blues
Sound the sirens, tell them to bring oxygen in their company 
I'm overdosing on apathy, forcefully devouring justified anger
Sound the alarm, I'm just a volcano waiting to blow
I can't bury my head in sleep
the world has ordered all beds made...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, anger, blue, life,
Form: Free verse
Know it All
There is an age that parents fear,
A time when manners disappear.
When siblings turn and just for fun,
Hate everything, the time’s begun.

Now all become pure selfish sods
And think they walk where no one’s  trod.
They now behave like things from hell,
Just...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, teenage,
Form: Rhyme
So Bribe Me
So you want this so bad?
Incorrigible lad
Your excesses will come back to haunt you,
But we may do a deal
Under this seal
Unless common sense doth daunt you.

Should push come to shunt
You’ll bear the brunt
Of an outlying cost that may shock you,
A...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, fun, relationship, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Exam Blues
Exam blues

Midnight oil was burnt,
Entire syllabus well learnt,
In exam hall I went blank,
Looked around as a prank,
My friends had to bear the brunt!

Written May 26th, 2015
Dedicated to all students taking exams
© Dr. Upma A. Sharma
...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, angst,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Destruction of Trees
I pity it’s becoming a very rare sight
Colourful birds in peaceful flight
Why then Nature must bear the brunt
While spoilers claim to be innocent

How are the lovely trees hurting?
And flowering ones are harming?
Destruction is done beyond salvage
So Man is making the...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, earth, environment, nature,
Form: Couplet

                                 If you Lick the brain of the...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, fun,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Some Day I'm Coming Back
Some Day I’m Coming Back

The things that made us who we are
aren’t written in a book
nor do the things they gave us
equal what they took.
Hands that rocked the cradle
soon left welts behind
the harshness of their laughter
made it less than kind.
Priest...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, growth, recovery from,
Form: Prose Poetry
There’s nobody except a saint
Who never utters a complaint
Though there are those who seem to thrive
On kvetching to keep them alive.

“The chair’s too low, the waiter’s rude
And do not ask about the food!
The light’s too dim, the doctor’s mean;
The bathroom’s...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, people,
Form: Rhyme
In the Meantime
I've picked the scabs until they bleed,
And then wonder why they never heal
Is it just a compulsive need
For pain to be what I mostly feel?

A Masochist- Antagonist!
Perfect Punch-drunk Pragmatist!
The Hypnotist who slits his wrists-
And I shall suffer in the midst

The...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, pain,
Form: Rhyme
The Hypocrite
Consistently inconsistent
Responsibly irresponsible
Flies among the birds
Yet the rat is his shape...
... The hypocrite...

The truthful liar
A pious criminal
Belongs to the two ends
Mouth: Two sided
Leaking words...
... The hypocrite...

Healthy but sick
Hungry but full
He is the foolish wise
Himself he deceives
Abeit thinking the world he...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, addiction
Form: Free verse
The Other Side
I just stared and picked at this paper thin wall.
The more that I could touch it, the more that I could fall.
What's this place beyond a really small line?
I know I haven't crossed it, but I'm not that far behind.

A...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, conflict, corruption, self,
Form: Lyric
Humiliation from my superior chair,
Company HR adding to the insult,
Is that the corporate world ??

Keeping my temper all time low and attuned,
Not able to bear the brunt of hostility,
Lacrymals activate in humility, a decade's victory.

Not reckoning the dedication and quality...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, conflict,
Form: Free verse
This hole in my breast
Hollowed out 
by the pointless drilling
of empty thoughts
that go nowhere
and lead to nothing.
Shapes dance before my eyes
Ghosts from a stolen moment
Wraiths of smoke and cold air
Echoing the cradle, heralding the grave.
It feels like I'm walking over...Read More
Categories: bear the brunt, life,
Form: Free verse