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Anathema Poems

Anathema Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of anathema poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for anathema.

New Poems

Poets of Antiquity

In their bawdy amoral poetry
Roman poets of antiquity
eschewed any philosophy
that threatened the legitimacy
of traditional immorality,
as preached by a particularly
rabid and upstart christianity,
that abhored any vocabulary
ripe and raw in scatology 
or overt godless blasphemy.
But in later dark centuries many
a medieval monk...Read More
Categories: anathema, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme

Poets of Antiquity

In their bawdy amoral poetry
Roman poets of antiquity
eschewed any philosophy
that threatened the legitmacy
of traditional immorality,
as preached by a particularly
rabid and upstart christianity,
that abhored any vocabulary
ripe and raw in scatology 
or overt godless blasphemy.
But in later dark centuries many
a medieval monk...Read More
Categories: anathema, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Acquiescence CA
When Alex was tasked to pen eight straight A’s for an animate cause

He adjusted the angle arched forth in awe and anticipated attunement 

Ached with attrition and attributed an array afore attaching amends

       ...Read More
Categories: anathema, immigration,
Form: Free verse
Das papa anathema furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy
Das papa anathema & furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy

Courtesy mine eldest sister Amelie
Beth (thirteen plus months my senior),
whose maternal love equals heart as emoji,
she nsync with other kith and kin
painstakingly fleshed out family tree,
formerly severely uprooted, me

knowledge of ancestry
truncated,...Read More
Categories: anathema, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, celebration,
Form: Epic
An Answer for All, Part 1
Take leave of this
Veneer of contented containment 
Go tell your thoughts
Delineate the shades of
Dusk and the dark 
Beneath the ashes sleep
Never renews this life 
Little lived over and
Out like a wick
Talk takes the teacher
Like a bishop 
To a castled king
Every...Read More
Categories: anathema, philosophy, riddle, satire, society, symbolism, truth, visionary,
Form: Free verse


Pythagoras – remember him?
He came up with the theorem
for the hypotenuse,
which most of us never use.

Besides a philosopher
and astute mathematician
he was a fussy eater
and a strict vegetarian –

fava beans, however, were 
anathema to his frugal diet;
and the gas in particular
when...Read More
Categories: anathema, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Pet Hate Insurance

At different stages of unsure life at risk
coverage of many kinds of insurance I need,
two of the most thorny ones I sorely find
are the Medical and the Household.

When mishaps happened down the line
fine prints in agreement turned suddenly bold,
words between...Read More
Categories: anathema, angst, hate,
Form: Free verse
Myanmar Massacre

Monks become monsters. 
2017 is also a bloody year.

Where is Suu Kyi? 
Did she lose her voice

beneath the military boots? 
Paralyzed arms and legs.

Rape is a genocidal ritual.
Bloated corpses in the canal 

were women in the morning.
Intensity of pain and...Read More
Categories: anathema, violence,
Form: Free verse
Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away
Summit Times Ja Just Gotta Walk Away...

Excusing yourself as if...
going to the bidet,
an immense water closet
(perhaps the size of
Mar A Lago type getup),
sans human waste
(after flushing)

empties into prez Donald's bay,
where one bum wrapped aforementioned
toilet finely (and finally) enthrones
derriere exquisitely, and,...Read More
Categories: anathema, abuse, betrayal, deep, environment, fish, golf, perspective,
Form: Political Verse
Bad Character
Bristling, brazen bodily harm
Beat the diggings, darn his composure
Stalwart, states so smug, self satisfied
His wounded victim flees
Those with soul and feelings flee
His epitaphs burn deep
Like searing acid in the open wound
Scream to high heaven
Yet mugged, mouth stuffed
almost to suffocation.

He has...Read More
Categories: anathema, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Embrace The Chaos, Part I
The Islamists claim that their views
are the very words of God,
and when they try to make it real,
it just ends up in death and rot.
They can’t stop folks from drinking,
or bringing music to their ears,
can’t stone all the ‘adulteresses’
if they...Read More
Categories: anathema, america, freedom, how i feel, philosophy, political,
Form: Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty Or Mess Of Pottage
                                       ...Read More
Categories: anathema, allegory, america, analogy, history, humanity, lost,
Form: Prose Poetry
Tongue Waggers Sent To Coventry
Tongues loose, tongues in a hangman’s noose
Wag without care to declare nonsense
As wisdom salvaged from the sluice
Where nonsense whacked common sense 

Lost in a sea of error whose terror
Harmed victims concealed by protagonists who opted to promote
The cult of nonsense...Read More
Categories: anathema, poems,
Form: Free verse
The sun dappled patio 
     irresistibly beckoned 
     pillowed pad to bedeck 
     cement spongsbob
     square pant sized couch cushions
   ...Read More
Categories: anathema, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Two Besotted Beggars In Our Lives
Prejudice and malice
Both besotted beggars
Gamboling, galumphing, griping and gripping a solstice
In limpid lives whose tigers and daggers

Stagger, simulate and strut along
Oblong, wrong on a song gong
Sloven and driven

Unexpectedly pop up in interpersonal interactions
Writhing like serpents
Wreaking heady havoc in their insurrections
Contents,...Read More
Categories: anathema, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Anathema
Ambivalence and anxiety
Motivate or moot?
Benefit or blockage?
Intensify internal indecision
Trajectory or tranquility?
Inquire into impassivity
Observe oasis
Noble nonchalance noteworthy...Read More
Categories: anathema, anxiety, conflict,
Form: Acrostic
The Battle of The Lamb
The pattern of my world has become
Sleep and War; war and sleep
I’m on the edge of the convergence between:
The deepest, darkest of night and the brightest of light
Yet, I’m a Lamb that desires peace
And this constant war is an anathema/antithesis...Read More
Categories: anathema, christian, god, introspection, jesus,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far…
Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked earthling near death owing to drowning. Sam (Ka ‘Lo - ‘A Mighty Eagle’), was despatched...Read More
Categories: anathema, adventure, romance, science fiction, sensual,
Form: Narrative
Replay 2013
Places to visit.

This body aches to fake another day
to stay one step ahead
but if there was another way
I think I'd stay in bed.

Not built to last
finished now and cast adrift
and yet my spirits lift
when I gaze upon the face before...Read More
Categories: anathema, appreciation, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme

Sitting quietly chatting sipping
fragrant coffee steaming.
Mind eyes mind's eye, all independently wandering
 'let slip' reins dangling.
Peace, as they individually pursue 
their individual endings. 

Activity, a quorum and a ladder 
gather them together,
a 'sale' sign erected in a bookshop window.
Initially eyes...Read More
Categories: anathema, allegory, culture, imagery, imagination, introspection, irony, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Rapa Nui

Of hate they say the devil has a plan
to succumb each
the mania ferocious chemicals of fear
aye the trickster rubs his gleeful hands
as the collusion of men
give to evil
true evil in the intrigues of ego
bid their righteous anathema
upon a perfection
so wrought...Read More
Categories: anathema, child,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Red and Blue Estrangered Families
Dear Siblings Three,

I was reading a story
in which some siblings became estranged
after their parents died,
while others moved toward greater solidarity.

This is a variation on a diaspora story.
But, here growing physical distance
is seen more as a geographic effect
than a political cause
of...Read More
Categories: anathema, earth, faith, family, health, integrity, religion, usa,
Form: Political Verse
Mere Entertainment
They laugh and roll their eyes when I
stand up for heroic western types,
for pulp-adventure, and old-school action,
they say this shouldn’t bring satisfaction.
With a haughty air they claim it’s cheap,
‘mere entertainment,’ and nothing deep.
As if popcorn films stink up the joint,
methinks...Read More
Categories: anathema, art, creation, how i feel, judgement, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member This Is Feminist Us
It's peaceful here in my backyard.
The crows sound happy
with warm October sunlight.

I just read about a deadly gathering in Las Vegas.
Absence of sun-drenched peace.
Inconvenient this time of lost loss.
Death is always inconvenient,
even when invited.

A veteran,
about my age,
this shooter.

It took more...Read More
Categories: anathema, anger, fear, humor, integrity, mental illness, military,
Form: Political Verse
Antediluvian Forces
An anathema, a curse much worse
Long before the pope's decree
Everyone goes astray and stays that way
Antediluvian forces are hard at work
Born without army uniforms on
To never die
A quirk built into human nature survives
To restore order to its rightful place today
Enlightened...Read More
Categories: anathema, age, bible, confusion, fate, judgement, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Free verse