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Yellow Alliteration Poems

These Yellow Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Yellow. These are the best examples of Alliteration Yellow poems written by international poets.

by the water's edge
By pebbles bubbling where tides ebb,
yenning yellow yawns of a yesterday ~

Tis a return to what was my present 
Haven’s healing this heart’s beseech,
exploring old...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art,

Premium Member BY THE WATER'S EDGE

Beloved bohemian bucolic bluegrass 
Yielding yonder a yellow younger yesterday 

Tattered thoughts travel to the twilight temple 
Hillside hoisted homage of honeysuckle happenstance
Elusive enchanted elixir...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, mystery, nature,

Premium Member COLOURS

Love lights
Blooms bright

Hope hues
Craft cues

Faith frees
Soul sees

Set stage
Red rage

Briskly booze
Orange ooze

Bullish bet
Yellow yet

Mull maze
Green gaze

Still sight
Blue bright

Tasty tribe
Violet vibes

Bloom brave
White waves

Nude noise
Pink poise

Mellow make
Turquoise take


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Good Evening Promenade

This night the moon cast a light
for just a moment, a trust, a lust,
a gaze at the lingering lazy crowded stars.

The wind decided to play,...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, night, wind,

Bitter Fruit

Taste the hate,
the poisonous juice from the bitter fruit
Evil seeds
being spit out of the mouth,
deadly wormwood desires formed at the root
Chew the rancid leaves of...

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Categories: dark, hate, spiritual, truth,

My Animals ABCs
An alligator always ate addax and antelopes.
Baby bats began bouncing before burping 
Caterpillars climb cable crossings carefully
Dingos don't dine delicately during dinner.
Eager elephants enjoy easily...

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Categories: animal, funny, humor,

People and Food ABC's
Alice and Alex always ate apples.
Bobby brought baked beans
Carol cooked cleaned catfish
David decorated delicious donuts
Ellen endured eating eleven eggs
Freddie fried five fish
Gina grabbed green grapes.

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Categories: food, humor, people,

Premium Member Summer Solstice
Shimmering in the heat of the sun
Time stretched golden landscapes
Summer solstice, sunrise to sunset
Yellow orb sinking in fluorescent sea

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Categories: sea, summer, sun, sunset,

Infants, infants, 
Infants are like Ngwuor. 
They intoxicates like, 
White hot. 
Some are as whites as firmament 
While some are as black as charcoal. 

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Categories: beautiful,

My Head Full of Stars
Lost in a dream I was 
The only way you want me too 
By far the best thing ever is 
Me waking up to a...

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Categories: addiction, age, analogy, anxiety,

Definitely dealing delicately in dense danger.
Peculiarly perplexing poking pioneers of pride.
And catching coding cautions
When windy weather was wasted warming 

Worries with a whistle when we...

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Categories: weather, winter,

Premium Member Cynosure
As the hour hints, I rush madly to the moment, 
anticipating an impulsive alluring light show.
I stare at the sparkling sky as a spectator.
Each rich...

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Categories: color, creation, nature, sunset,

drink drive
Does heaven have a phone number?

Mommy went to heaven,

but I need her here today.

My tummy hurts and I fell down;

I need her right away.



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Categories: scary, sorry,

Premium Member Lace of Leaves
Crisp characters falling from firm oak,
sway and swirl to soft beats of autumn. 

Running rainbows reach to the birds
with feather flair, then delight in death.


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Categories: autumn, nature, yellow,

This Thing Called Love
This Thing Called Love – 4 Lines

After feasting on this amazing THING called love all through the NIGHT,

we sweetly sip from silver goblets, aged wine...

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Categories: dance, love, romance, wine,


Roaring radiant raging...

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Categories: earth, fire, grief, memory,

Premium Member Daydream
Red rambling roses.
Pink parading  pansies
Yellow yawning ylang ylang
Scarlet shining strawberries

Gorgeous growing gardenias
Beautiful bending bracken
Lovely lilting lilies
Attractive ambling agapanthus 

Carefully crafted
Meticulously maintained
Fastidiously fashioned
Delightful daydream

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Categories: beautiful, dream, flower,


black tar sweats, squabbles, shakes in the glare of the ocean of blue.
white light engulfs the sky. 
stealing the heat we grip the ground...

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Categories: bullying, childhood, identity, imagination,

My Love ,My Wife,
My Love ,My Wife,

It’s all love,
It’s Red,
Red is love,
My Love, Love you,

Red color of Love,
Blood is All Red,
From a Black, White, yellow, Albino
It’s all Red...

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Categories: devotion, family, feelings, i

Premium Member Woodstock
~Woody Wood From the Hood~

Deep, inside yourself, you walk a sour way of life,
Carving my name, on every tree with a hunting knife
You log in,...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, animal, bird, character,