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Surreal Alliteration Poems

These Surreal Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Surreal. These are the best examples of Alliteration Surreal poems written by international poets.


Does a banished beacon beckon?
But of course all beacons beckon
But only briefly if not brightly
Though never as boldly as the baritone
Before balancing bagpipes blowing ballads

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Categories: fantasy, humorous, nonsense, sound,

Premium Member Ball And Chain
Hassan harbours hard-worn hardship in his heavy homeless heart

Drones dereliction devastation and dire disintegration of daring dreams

Dear daughter dead at dawn Delisiha demised dismembered decapitated...

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Categories: war,

which color is hot for you
how many you can get intimate
in a surreal realm

is it possible to revel the truth...

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Categories: allegory,

21st Century Love
The nitty-gritty about LOVE it is that she is willing and submissive to render bright light to the world of mine.
Butterflies are buzzing their LOVE...

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Categories: memory, poverty, surreal,

Premium Member MOTIVE

Surreal sure sense
Treat trouble tense

Live livid lines
Feel frenzy fine

Mind murky moves
Gain gathers groove

Be beyond bright
Face freaky flight

New notions niche
Ripe rapture reap

Set sacred sight
Lush lovely light


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member DAWN

Sparkle spreads sight
Lifts lovely light

Dawn drizzles dream
Sweet sensuous streams

Feel fancy fire
Sizzling sounds sire

Taste tensile touch
Move moments much

Rapture rooms rich
Nurture nice niche

Bright blossoms bloom
Zesty zeal zooms


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SURREAL

Spread sweet sour
Haste heaps hours

Deep dream dear
Niche nice near

Frame full fuzz
Bear bright buzz

Surreal state
Form fits fate

Glimpse gain grand
Boom big brand

Daze drills dance
Choice charms chance

Leon Enriquez

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member PONDER

Lovely lines leap
Seek surreal sleep

Joy jumpstarts juice
Flame frozen fuse

Deep dizzy dream
Tell touching theme

Lines linger lost
Craze crafting cost

Veer vibrant voice
Charm cunning choice

Ply petty proof
Taste timely truth


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MIME

Moments move mime
Touch treasures time

Glimpse gentle grace
Feel fleeting face

Jest jumpstart joy
Ply precious ploy

Seek surreal sights
Live lovely light

Mime makeshift moves
Groom glossy grooves

Now nurtures near
Feel fumbling fear


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Categories: allegory,

Balloons, Cats, Drinks Except the Curry
better to be back in black
said Brett Boe
Coca-Cola for coy cat
replied Carla Coe
draw the duck down in dew
whispered Donna Doe
fries feed feisty firebugs
claims Frankie Foe

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Categories: surreal, word play,

Premium Member MYSTIC

Sense surreal strains
Prime profound pain

Mind mystic moods
Grief gathers good

See sensuous sights
Lift laughter light

Charm crafts crisp cheer
Nurture nice near

Freeze-frame fond fest
Zoom zealous zest

Bloom beaming boom
Rapture reaps...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MOVES

Sense surreal sounds
Prime praise profound
Rapture rooms round

Feel fragrance free
Mindset moves me
Bright blessings be

Though thoughtful thrill
Wonder works will
Fine flavours fill

Meet moments meek
Succinct strains seek
Pick poignant peek


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member POISE

Prime poignant peaks
Sense stillness speak

Obscure odd opt
Surreal streams stop

Intent inks ire
Succinct sweet sire

Sigh simple say
Sensuous signs stray

Explore each etch
Sparkling strains sketch

Leon Enriquez
26 October 2015

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Categories: change,

Premium Member GLIMPSES

Glimpse glowing grace
Lift lovely lace

Intent imprints
Muse moves moist mint

Prize pleasures peak
Still symbols speak

Explore each etch
Still surreal sketch

Leon Enriquez
27 September 2015

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Categories: allusion,

One fleeting Friday Freda Foster fretted at the frog pond. She  said" This was suppose 
To be my day."
I said yeah, go on. "I've...

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Categories: angst, dance,

Premium Member BECOME

Joy's jazzy jump
Hurls heavy hump

Pick pickled poise
Value vain voice

Treat tickled tricks
Poignant play picks

Live laughter long
Sweet smelling strong

Leaping lines laid
Primal poise paid

See sensuous sway
Plot private pay


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Categories: change,

Premium Member SENSORIAL

Alliteration #3: 

See senses stream sight
Live love's lofty light

Charm catchy clear choice
Narrate nature's noise

Offer only one
Dazzling dream dance done

Honour honest hope
See smiles sculpting scope

Feel flooding...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SURREAL

Alliteration #2: 

Sense sweet soul stirrings
Feel flavours fleeting

Realise rapture's rooms
Being blesses bloom

Claim cheer's charming choice
Promise piquant poise

Fleeting form figures
Lasting love lingers

Taste troubling tensions
Aim artful action


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Categories: allusion,

As I Fade Away
I passed strangers with their secrets 
The other day
Something surreal and macabre
I faced this lonely road alone
I walked this blind street 
With a faultless mischief...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member MINDSET

Move most meekly mild
Cheery clever child

Hear hidden hopes hitch
Buzz bright blossoms bridge

Listen lovely lines
Bring boom's blessing brine

Rich reaping rowdy
Seek senses steady

Now needing nothing
Spread surreal seeking


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Categories: blessing,