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The Man…The Spirit His name was Dr. Martin Luther King; He was a peace-loving human being. HIM Preaching peace and love– A mountain top of a man:- Martin Luther King. THE HUMAN DOVE He came bearing a dream for humanity Teaching nonviolence, peace, and love He was a drum major for human equality Sent down to us by the Creator from above. THE TEACHING KING King taught Nonviolent ways Towards the justice we sought– That injustice had numbered days: Give praise! KING’S DREAM For too long, The Dream has only been surreal; One that has been obstructed but not deterred. In due time, it will become absolutely real! For too long, The Dream has only been surreal; With hope, faith, and time, come what God wills. What God has promised can never be deterred For too long, The Dream has been only surreal; One that has been obstructed but not deterred. THE INSTINCTIVE DRUM MAJOR A drum major of peace, A drum major for love, Marching for our release; With guidance from above, He marched nonviolently:- Demanding that we be free. He had a worldly dream, Fused with equality For all like you and me; He loved all human beings Regardless of their race:- He marched the justice pace. Serving humanity, He sought mass unity And died for you and me:- Serving us, he served God In whom he put his trust; In his footprints, let us trod! HALE TO THE DREAM WEAVING KING A mountain of a man was he, Conqueror of Sisyphus’s failures; Leading all eyes focused on the top With echoing bells of freedom Ringing out over the hills and valleys Jingling echoed peace, love, and due justice. Though the king he was–yet–he Lived and died a humble servant; Serving the living God of healing mercy In labors of love towards fellow beings:- And with mission purpose accomplished, He ascended the eternal heavenly mountain To that waiting house not made by hands. However, he left us here with the eternal hope Of our eyes’ coming liberation prize which He assured was coming–although not in his lifetime Nor before the tortuous times yet before us–for God Had never yet failed to deliver what He has promised. Yes, in the spirit of Jesus, he assured us That the Dream will become a living vision And the living vision will become a total reality; Indeed, he assured us that God is a God of deliverance And has promised us our rightful place in Earth’s Promised Land and that despite any Pandora Box-like pandemonium To come, God remains in charge and will eventually send The Sun and Moon of His Promised Bright Tomorrows:- Thus, in these present victimizing dark times of Catastrophic and calamitous uncertainties–as we Commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day (this year), Let our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits be fired up By the fueling words he poured out to us over nearly Half a century ago (1963) and still remain as igniting Today as they were so many moons ago: “God…gives us the interior resources to Face the storms and problems of life…Let this affirmation be our ringing cry. It will give us courage to face the uncertainties of the future. It will give our tired feet new strength as we continue our forward Stride towards the city of freedom.” “When our days become dreary with low hovering clouds And our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, Let us remember that there is a great benign power in The universe whose name is God, and he is able to make A way out of no way, and transform dark yesterdays into Bright tomorrows…” (Indeed…) As we commemorate The Day of our modern-day prophet, Martin Luther King Jr., may his spirit be the wind in the sail Of our precious tinder life raft–in today’s rough and turbulent Sea of life–that we may in Peace, Love, and Truth–reach our Redemptive shores and ascend beyond Sisyphus-like efforts To that mountain top where we all shall come to live in Peace, Love, and the due Equality that should rein in a world of the Children of the one blood of our one God–in the blessed Trinity. KING’S DAY… Martin Luther King Dream deferred but not deterred:- Reality lives… It’s Martin Luther King Day… Dream deferred but not deterred:- Liberty is on the way… His speech…not just words heard.
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