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Sick Alliteration Poems

These Sick Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Sick. These are the best examples of Alliteration Sick poems written by international poets.

Laughter is the Voice of a Rainbow
Why do people thank the care provider?
They only wipe the treasures on the luxury-loser.
Shower their new normal, an exhausting mortality,
as the person struggle to clean...

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Categories: absence,

What Must I Write
What Must I Write ?

I don't know
I don't know

so should I waste ink 
people will think I'm sick 
I don't know 
I don't know

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Categories: poetry,

Sorry State
Self-flagellated sinuses
Sandpaper swallowing
Sinuous snot surmounted sneezes
Strange sultry speech sounds sexy
Stupid sickness
Saturdays should be savored....

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Categories: sick, silly,

Golden Kisses
Golden Kisses!

Golden Kisses! 

Not so rich a family.., but with a cute little girl all so lovely. 

one time mother goes sick, not many to...

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Categories: baby, , cute,

West Texas Wildflowers
West Texas Wildflowers
Waving in the wind
Weather-worn whispering
Whirling warnings to my window
As I water my wallflower
The weeds won’t stop growing
So I whistle the wisdom
I once welcomed

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Categories: conflict, depression, destiny, nature,

Premium Member CHANCE

Wear witty way
Dream deeper day
Seek sublime say

Charm cheeky chance
Drill dummy dance
Treasure true trance

Nurture nice notch
Weeping words watch
Prance pleasant porch

Chance conscripts clay
Pickled plots play
Sad sorrow sways


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Categories: allusion,

My boss bargains by Brooklyn bridge
I find fluffed feathers in my fridge!
At night, nostalgic nooks are found,
I see the hunter, herdsman, hound.

All say it's nonsense!

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Categories: sad,

The Wild Winds - Not the Williwaw
As the screaming Sirocco swept the sands,
Suffocating the Shiekh's Sixth Sick Sheep,
It's sister, Simoon, soon sought to strike
The sweat-suffering Sultan's sweet sleep.
Then came the Khamsin,...

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Categories: fun, humor, nature, wind,

Simon Says
"You Wanna Play!!!"

Deep into the forest
I found a wooden doll 
Porcelain eyes, creeping from behind 
Like TV, the music haunted every step 
Falling into a...

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Categories: adventure, courage, dark, evil,

Political Plight
Critically, we cried for comedy;

But we saw terror and tragedy;

The people's plight bank overflew;

Our injuries were saltened an' made anew.

Before the polls for us they...

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Categories: change, corruption, devotion, faith,

Resignation registration affiliation with
Other companies.
Instigation not fun to see.
Outstanding subtleties 

Nature's nourishing NECTAR needed
Surround sounds astounds naturally
Imagination imagery MAGICAL ecstasy
These are the tides that ATTRACT...

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Categories: dream, tree,

Images of feathers
"Once upon a midnight Poe"

Underneath the midnight mask, I remove the makeup at last,
The moon is anvil to my mood, mooring along the vacant vast...

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Categories: allusion, devotion, loneliness, muse,

Circular -The Throne Is Vacant-
One savior down.
A king to end all kings.
He's a healer but he can't fix us all.
So invent a disease.
This king brought to his knees.
He's our...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member The Good Disappear
Somedays there are no

words to ward off grief

I really tried.Maybe

I got caught up maybe

I ignored the signs.

Sign's saying

"you needed a relief ".

Maybe I was reading...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, journey,

Love Ain't Love
Your heart can't even beat, because 
it's swollen. 
You can't even dream,
because the dream is over. 
Your blood use to be warm
until the love got...

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© Nas Payton  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence

I Am
I am 
I am sick and tired of who I am
I feel like I'm stuck and I can't get out
I am annoyed of her 

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Categories: teen,

you stole my heart
Words! Those words took me to heaven. Had I known that they were just whispers,  the words that fed my smile and gaze my...

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© betty njie  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: courage, devotion, words, heart,

Premium Member hubby having hysterics alliteration contest
Parents pushing perambulators
Meeting many mothers
Coffee , cake and chat
Babies bottles to boobs
Hurry home to hubby
Hubby holding hooter
Nappy, not nice.
Baby blowing bubbles
Shower sex sleep
Luxury, lazy lie-in

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Categories: baby, humorous, husband,

The Environment, My Home
My Environment is my only homely home
That I know. Plants and animals alike love this lovely home.
I love to sit and marvel at the beauties...

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© Nsah Mala  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tree, hate, environment, hate,

Premium Member Six Simpering Thick-skinned Shifty Spinster Sisters
Six simpering thick-skinned shifty spinster sisters stiffly sit
Stitching sticky skid-marked scivvies of sixty sick stingy sailors.
Six sick from stitching scivvies of sixty sick scrimping sailors

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Categories: funny, sick,