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Memory Alliteration Poems

These Memory Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Memory. These are the best examples of Alliteration Memory poems written by international poets.

Today is a memory
It is a commitment
In the scented valleys of time
Between the human and the

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© Seema Ali  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, age, allah, anti

Premium Member Magnificent Masquerading Marauders
Magnificent marauders masquerading magically might mean 
Messy mollusks masticate marbled marigolds momentarily. 
Moreover, momentous mosquitoes might make marvelous mini-muffins mixing marmalade momentarily. 

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Premium Member ON THE VERGE

Sense spacious silence speak
Prize primal pattern peak

Void vets vibrant vile voice
Cream clumsy changing choice

Toilsome thoughts tunnel time
Meet moist motionless mime

Feel fond fancy flavour
Opt old odd...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member When A Lark Sings
I listen attentively when a lark sings
Singing never a sad song
Singing fondly to fools, kings, all and sundry
Always singing with melody and mirth
Calling at the...

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Categories: assonance, bird, happiness, Lullaby,

Premium Member Memories and Mourning

Trickle tender tears - those that take their time
born to bathe and baptize bereavement;
dew drops drowning fragile petals of forlorn feelings ~

aged and alone
senescent sentiments...

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Categories: bereavement, emotions, grief, loss,

Written in my heart
Written in my heart 
Is my love for you. 
The story began once
We shared moments of intimacy. 
The feeling of magic
Began in my heart.
The love...

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Categories: africa,

Premium Member Temperance Rising
I Dove Determination-Body

Dazzling pearl flight in eternal dancing delight
Doves! Season me in the Four Seasons

Spring-Unfetter the umbrellas perched upon my mountains of pain and
exculpate me...

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Categories: appreciation, bird, body, courage,

Me and My Poetry
Poetry is like the air I breathe,

Reading is breathing in and writing is breathing out.

Two of which I cannot live without,

Poetry is like my heart,


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Categories: memory, poems, poetess, poetry,

In memory of her
My love, do you still remember me?
The vow  we made under this mango tree
I was younger then while you were old enough
But in my...

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Categories: arabic, assonance, bereavement, bird,

The Chant of Childhood
May the chant enchant every cheerless chimp:
Like chilled chocolate! And change every ‘pinch’
Of choosing to choke by life's choky chess
Into charming march of a cheerful...

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Categories: childhood, chocolate, life, memory,

Premium Member Under the Waxing Moon
The Moon is almost...

Sullen skies forewarn the frozen shroud.
 Gale November winds sway bare limbed
trees, whistling in chorus with arrows of
Geese straining to steer south.


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Categories: mystery,

Premium Member POIGNANT

Memory mulls
Distant dreams dull

Fate fumbles fear
Slow stumble steers

Waltz walking wild
Chance cheeky child

Thoughts trouble tears
Clumsy choice cheers

Bright blooming blunt
Sweet saying slant

Wild willing ways
Spread succinct say

Crisp crafty...

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Categories: allusion,

The regret of marrying to the world

The day soul sweeps the air, the knock of tears never benefits, all the 
Enjoyments with red alert and maple of crystal cry which doesn't...

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Categories: emotions, remembrance day, silence,

21st Century Love
The nitty-gritty about LOVE it is that she is willing and submissive to render bright light to the world of mine.
Butterflies are buzzing their LOVE...

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Categories: memory, poverty, surreal,

Premium Member MEMORY

Last light
Seek sight

Kind keep
Sound sleep

Dreams dance
Thrill trance

Sights sweep
Daze deep

Free fall
Apt all

Taste tears
Free fears

Mind makes
Treats take

Fall fast
Love lasts

Pure peace
Etch ease

Sweet stay
Pure play

Glimpse grace
Free face

Rich rounds
Grand grounds


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Categories: happy,

Premium Member Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, Canto 4, K35
Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, a random example: Canto 4, K35 by T. Wignesan

alukkaaru avaavekuli innaacchol naangkum
ilukkaa iyanrathu aram (refined, shorn of...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alliteration, memory, poetry, tamil,

Memory lane
Memory lane

As I walk down the memory lane,
plateaus of emotions whine and wane,
Grace on face stays
while smile deepens
and wrinkles sprinkle
the essence of pretence in time.


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Categories: memory,

Poet Destroyers Poem in Hindi -Like Ice

Irma Linda or PD (Poet Destroyer) is a good friend of mine and a very prominent and dynamic American Poet of Poetry Soup. The list...

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Categories: introspection, , Lullaby,

Premium Member MEMORY

Love lives
Grace gives

Light lines
Feel fine

Grand gist
Lines list

See sense
Treat tense

Sight shows
Grand glow

Pick play
Dream day

Heed hurts
Dust dirt

Time tells
Dream dwell

Wise ways
Pure play

Feel flow
Sound show

Art airs
Fun flair

Grand good
Moves mood


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Categories: change,

Like Ice --- THE WALTZ
"Black Ice"

Sorrow flows from the first sunrise 
Eyes deeper than winter and rainfall
A painful combination never felt before 
At core death awaits

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Categories: absence, allusion, color, dance,