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Loneliness Alliteration Poems

These Loneliness Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Loneliness. These are the best examples of Alliteration Loneliness poems written by international poets.

must be a refuge
in deserted mountains
loneliness of the eagles
remain in minds

no inquiry 
in some experience

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Categories: allegory,

a thin gush spreads
deep into your hearts

do you know, why

doors close down to darkness
loneliness remains inside

now night, are you cold

one question falls to deeply
unanswered to...

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Categories: allegory,

watch my eyes

unknown missing here
hearts got used to absence
loneliness provision takes in souls

listen my heart

desolation dominant here
roads returned to the desert
mirages seen far away

notice my...

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Categories: allegory,

I got up early this morning
as I have a job
I went to look at the sea
as one person waits

they said that loneliness is difficult
as easy...

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Categories: allegory,


Barely holding on
Stretched to the max
Beaten into believing
I’m not worth having.
All I did was love you 
Thought we were one 
Brought into union of...

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Categories: break up,

Last night
In the cradle of our candle light last night...
We settled and sizzled in the moonlight.
We danced through the dense of the darkest night.
Like a cutest...

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Categories: cute love, humorous, husband,

Premium Member Solar Eclipse Kiss
Moon tumbles into the tunnel of mad tribulation.
Only in her dreams, her desires exalt into an empire
from her orb of opulent observations.
For their relationship of...

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Categories: bird, destiny, longing, love,

Premium Member Tyrants of the Ruling Sun
Tyrants of the Ruling Sun

Let the universe swallow my slaving soul
As the sorrows surround the sinking shoal
The light lingers before it falls on my face

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, loneliness,

Do you know a life of loneliness and one filled with pain,
living a life with nothing to gain,
Surrounded by darkness, overwhelmed with shame. 
A life...

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Categories: africa, allah,

In my night journey

 I travel in my imagination to talk to the sky about the sound from crying 
 Mum, the coastal area erosion my interest to...

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Categories: blessing, loneliness, love, ,

Music from the stream

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Categories: depression, emotions, fairy, farm,

Can I Get an E
explanations of life's complexity seem more like 
eager delusions designed to keep us tame, all my 
energy is sucked out of my soul as I...

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Categories: confusion, crazy, emotions, grief,

Stretching, snaking, sliding into the fog

A bridge makes its way across the divide

Stepping, striding, stamping like a clockwork cog

The man, cloaked in shadows tries hard...

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Categories: adventure, conflict, confusion, identity,

Its not my luck
but GODS love
have no pain
for no satisfaction

borrowed love
with no pride
to eradicate anger

The promise of love
a stale smell
becomes trend
and infection

I am still there

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Categories: desire, hurt, loneliness, pain,

Facebook twitter tumblr 

reddit soundcloud snapchat

4chan imgur instagram

youtube vimeo vine

I tip toe from one to another

on a hypertension link

a thousand different ways

to relay what you...

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Categories: computer, culture, imagery, internet,

Life and death
Scattered scars
Deep dark depression 
Trickling tears
Living life lonely 
Leaving life laughing 

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Categories: death, depression, loneliness,

Delirium delves deeply
Deeply dense
Derivatively dying
Dancing deliriously
Driving deeply densely

Happily hastily 
Honeyed homeliness

Lying loneliness
Levitating loveliness

Delirium doubly
Dealing deftly deathly
Deeply delving deliriously....

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Categories: anxiety, art, bangla, color,

The Sound Of Suicide
People, looking like ants scurrying down below
Nobody see's me, nobody knows
The pressure I feel, and how I'm alone
A whole world full of people, and not...

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Categories: absence, leaving, loneliness, silence,

DARK and GREY Night
When wise winds whispered
touched the tall tree tops,
branches opened like arms
to welcome the silent snow.
	Night was all dark and grey,
	moon buried in loneliness,  

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Categories: dark, dream, loneliness, night,

Thus Does True Love Flow
Betwixt earth and sun the darkness comes,
As each day I’ve loved you so,
But thro’ right or wrong my love goes on,
For thus does true love...

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Categories: desire, loneliness, longing, loss,