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Garden Alliteration Poems

These Garden Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Garden. These are the best examples of Alliteration Garden poems written by international poets.

A Glorious Alchemy
Dewey decimals assemble our common presence. Your horticulture hands hide that landscaping manual's lengthy title, but this is my isle and I've held that identical...

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Categories: books, desire, earth, garden,

Never Let Me Go

 Nameless nomad from nowhere needed nestling niche
 Emotions enveloped evermore excitement exuberant
 Vague venture veered on valiant venerable voyage
 Ever eager to enter enticing...

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Categories: how i feel, love,

Premium Member Moon Glade Ocean Mermaid
I Wondrous Waxing Mystical Moon 

Splashing and sparkling upon cool cerulean crystal coast line,
I flirt with memorizing mermaid slinky scales of sensuality where
spying sailors forage...

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Categories: adventure, boat, color, moon,

Premium Member Kew Gardens Spectrum
In Kew Gardens I feast on				
daffodils and swans and honk-				
ing geese in turf protection mode				
and one spectacular show				
from a strutting peacock’s tail,				
its color chart exploding					

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© Bill Keen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: assonance, bird, color, garden,

Premium Member Hello Soulmate Hello
Lingering scent of the sensual enchantment passionate perfume tingled the very toes of my father’s heart, for he knew he danced closer and closer to...

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Categories: abuse, boat, destiny, sea,

between new nightmares
and day dreams
of a better life
lay reality resurfaced
tight with taut brutality
unspeakable thoughts drift
down through time's flash
triggered not there
not then
but now and here
her mind...

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Categories: conflict, courage, dark, hope,

Premium Member Trinity
I Body
The presence of the essence of flesh, blood and bone.
Flesh feeds the needs of energy, space and filigree lace.
Veins are trains of life with...

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Categories: imagination, inspiration, metaphor, moon,

The Triumphant Tragedy
Hard to bear     and heart breaking,
The bitter sight     of the shining One,
Broken in body   ...

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Categories: celebration, christian,

We went Haywire

The fruit of horrendous hurry
Hung appeasingly aloof
On a green tree with white lumpy leave
Situated amidst a green garden 

We harvested it imperiously
The day...

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Categories: 7th grade,


With such feminine flamboyancy
this maiden sways in breathtaking  movements
flashing, flitting, flaming a sweet minuet--
beneath a mural of moonlight’s alchemy,
her flared gown fair as sequined...

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Categories: flower, magic, summer,

Premium Member Memories and Mourning

Trickle tender tears - those that take their time
born to bathe and baptize bereavement;
dew drops drowning fragile petals of forlorn feelings ~

aged and alone
senescent sentiments...

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Categories: bereavement, emotions, grief, loss,

Premium Member FLORAL

Scented silence speaks
Primal poignant peaks

Floral fragrance fond
Precious pleasant pond

Sunshine shadows shade
Mindful moments made

Peachy perfumes prize
Sensuous sweet surprise

Garden glimpses gaze
Meeting misty maze

Dance dreamy drool
Sense such stillness...

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Categories: allusion,


lemon drops and lollipops,
spoiled lady with curlicues,

trilling lattice in garden
of words, dreadlocked with

little keys and lovely lyrics,
dulcet and vainglorious.

eye clouds lifting long...

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Categories: boy, girl, metaphor,

Promised a poesy garden
In the shadows of a
    darkly relinquished night,
 an unrelenting musing beast struck
       presenting a proposition,

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, art, assonance, fantasy,

The Monstarrette mysterious mountainous  MAVERICK MANSION. 
STILL MAINTAINS its master piece LEGACY. WITH  its 12 bedrooms,
8 bathrooms.  A BEAUTY NO DOUBT. ...

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Categories: baseball, beautiful, beauty, blue,

The first poem
The first poem

I am a woman in mid life now.
finding myself pensive and reflective.
Working in my flower garden
on a sunny Sunday morning.
Then a poem pulls...

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© Jude Kyrie  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, beautiful, car, life,

Premium Member Wind Element
I am rarely weary of watching the wind with its wondrous ways
The breeze dances delightfully through the budding branches
At times it tumbles and turns and...

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Categories: wind,

Premium Member They Are Only Words Or Are They
GOD:   Good, Goddess,Giving,Gem,Glee,Goodness, Gorgeous, Gift ,Glad, Giddy, Giggle,               ...

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Categories: art, imagery, meaningful, words,

Blissfully unaware of the DANGER in the GARDEN
Flowers bloomed, blossomed and burgeoned the big way
But in vicinity of mankind, there is no leeway
Public in Park...

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Categories: flower,

Moon Diamonds
O' holy and enchanted garden,
I have seen the curling ivy 
scaling your wide walls,
their tender tendrils
twisting toward the tepid moon.

Through the brick and 
greenery deep,...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, dance, fantasy,