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Dog Alliteration Poems

These Dog Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Alliteration Dog poems written by international poets.

Pigeons Prefer Peaches
Permit me to present a dark bird named Gypsy;
Pardon her silliness if she seems somewhat tipsy.
Pretending to be sinister, she’s one boorish brute.
Pecking in my...

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Categories: imagery, wine,



Peter’s pesky Pekinese Pepe
produced puddles of pee
proceeded by piles of pernicious pongy poop
Pauline's plimsolls got plastered!

PLEASE use plastic pooper pouches Peter
Pick up your pestilent...

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Categories: anger, dog, environment,

Premium Member Devious Darwin's Delightful DogDeanie
Dependable, DogDeanie was deliriously dainty, despicably delightful,
And delicately but duplicitously decorated, by dubious Darwin, who
Depended on DogDeanie to deliver delectable, delicious, dorm dolls
To Darwin’s Downtown...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Winter Beach

Winter beach

Cool breeze, Leafless trees, Arctic freeze

White cap waves, crumple and cave

Solemn solitary Seagull, pestering peckish people

Sandy seaweed soaked, covers beach cloaked

Frozen fisherman, fearlessly on...

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Categories: beach, beautiful,

Real Life Repeats
Down in the dumps
Ducks drop in dams
Design the due in daily dots
Documentary life dreamt as a slept dog.

Do or die
Doesn't go down
Deplete or defunct
Dim fights...

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Categories: life,


Cheer clusters charm
Ample art arms

Charm clearly crafts
Deeper dream drafts

Wonder words wealth
Hope heightens health

Grandeur’s grand greet
More money meets

Prize profound play
Wander wise way

Frame funny face
Gain gifted grace


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Categories: allusion,

Life is
Life is a pile of misfit clothes leaving a walkway to my door
it is a series of unfinished to do lists lost on the floor

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Categories: analogy, change, endurance,

Premium Member UNNERVED

a fresh grave, gravelly dug,
collar gathered and put upon.

the doghouse, below the gloam,
godforsaken with a gaping hole.

guard of gray-glass, at midnight,
hardly hinders gathering ghosts.

unnerved fear...

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Categories: death, dog,

In the worst of the mist
take the dog for a walk.
Through the drib and the drab
we slog through thick fog.
With the rain once again
and the...

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Categories: weather,

Premium Member On A Dog Named Rose
Rosy Rose rose above the rows of roses....

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Categories: dog,

Lil Dog
Perky, pesky, pretty-petite;
yippy, yappy, always-in-need-of-a-treat.
Loving, lazy, little-lump;
Cutie, cuddly, see-how-high-I-can-jump?
Spoiled, sneaky, snacky snoot,
Munching on old chips, teething on mum's leather boot,
overly-sweet, oogling oaf,

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Categories: animal, character, dog,

You've been a peon, lowly pawn your whole life
Never amounted to much,
nothing much ever went right
Grew up dirt piss poor,
never knew the reason why
you were...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, life, metaphor,

Murder in June
Fangs, bloody and red
Tires, barren of tread
Fire, rising above
Heart, devoid of love
Skies, cloudy and grey
Price, too high to pay
Time, now has run out
Mind, filled now...

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Categories: absence, animal, death, dog,

Common complaints causes construction cautions
Builders  banging boulders 
Battling brash big mouths
Next. Frightening fractured 
features free of foundation

Opened and operated officially
Neighbors napping lacking 
Sleep slowly...

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Categories: appreciation, community, conflict, confusion,

Lucky at Home
You’d think a dog named Lucky,
Would lead a decent life.
But Lucky had his troubles,
And they followed day and night.

One day Lucky ran away
In search of...

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Categories: devotion, dog, children, fun,

DOn't bite the hand that feeds you
Don't burn your bridge behind you
Don't cast your pearls before swine
Don't change horses in midstream 
Don't count your chickens...

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Categories: age,

Premium Member CRAZY MAD DOG
Charm courts calm cheer
Romp ruffles rear
Ask and appear
Zoom zesty zeal
Youth yelling yield

Mind mourning mate
Airing apt ape
Discern debate

Dice dewy drop
Offer opts ops
Glimpse gracious gob

Best blooming blot

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Categories: angst,

Hair and nails
have you ever seen
a bird uncombed
or a kittens hair disshovled
is a lions mane unmanagable
or a rodents fur in stubbles
the wolves teeth
are always straight 
never a...

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Categories: age,

My naughty brown cat’s 9 lives are still intact
She is very fit as a matter of fact
Thanks to the wiry little dog of my neighbor

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Categories: cat,

Wondering Alsatian
As I wonder about with a weary waggling weak tail,
looking for a peaceful perfectly polished place to rest,
since I have no more real relatives,
I seek...

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Categories: animals, depression,