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Depression Alliteration Poems

These Depression Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Alliteration Depression poems written by international poets.

Mommie do I have to eat these green beans and broccoli?
Mommie do I have to deplete these green beans and broccoli?
Man, mama yo sure is...mean

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Categories: abuse, adventure, analogy, depression,

The helm of darkness

It was a long fretful watch
Stretching years of secrets divulged 
Ifs and whys splashed everywhere
As one whose yearning eyes awaits

The forms, they...

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Categories: cancer, dark, depression,

For A Deep Down Debted Chat
Out there alone in the deep wide sea,
Catching some fish I sat,
Came around me this busy bee,
For a deep down debted chat.

Among ~dasvidanyas~ and ~privets~...

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Categories: anxiety, best friend, depression,

By The Water's Edge
Suddenly sitting soberly at the water’s edge,
Averting and avoiding the sun by a straw hat,
Watching wearily the tide rolling away,
Wondering why wastefully I lived my...

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Categories: depression, stress,

I will breathe in your rarefied air
When you said to me,
"Climb up here,  It's pollution free."
Sacred. Safe.
Your rarefied air.
Calculating, you seemed so free.
Safeguard. Sage.
I said I could breathe...
Underrated your density.

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Categories: education, identity, mentor,

Its a myth
Sitting on top of th tower 
Beside the window 
Down my eyes gaze on the way we met
Tears run down my cheeks like a sad...

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Categories: allusion, crush, cute love,

Deceit devastated me!!!
…debilitating my dignity, darkening my disposition
…directing me to despair…
Then dread defrauded me --- doomed were my dazzling dreams!!!
…dictating my disaster-denial, discouraging me
…dwarfing my...

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Categories: christian, courage, dedication, devotion,

Premium Member A Shy Secluded Sun

The drumming drip- drip- dripping drops of rain
draw pitter-patter patterns on my brain.
And I'm slowly slip sliding past insane
as each dripping drop delivers more pain.


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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, environment,

Premium Member The Final Story
The Final Story

A ragged rhapsody ruminates in relentless repetition as the fathomless

fugitive foments fearful fragmentation thus ethereal eternity engulfs

egregious expropriation of quietus’s quiver quaking querulous...

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Categories: death,

Eks Nie Meer Lus Nie
Swart trane
Donker gees
Gebroke hart
Eensaam siel

My lewe het tot stilstand gekom toe ek jou ontmoet
My lewe het bedoeling gekry toe ek jou ontmoet
My lewe is nou...

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Categories: africa, beautiful, cry, culture,

Premium Member Tyrants of the Ruling Sun
Tyrants of the Ruling Sun

Let the universe swallow my slaving soul
As the sorrows surround the sinking shoal
The light lingers before it falls on my face

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Categories: depression, heartbreak, loneliness,

Music from the stream

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Categories: depression, emotions, fairy, farm,

Sound of change
I feel that someday there is gonna be a change
          A change of mind

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Categories: dream,

They came to me and said we have a diagnosis, after a few weeks of tests, its no longer a guess.

What i no longer have...

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Categories: boxing day , deep, depression,

Like Ice --- THE WALTZ
"Black Ice"

Sorrow flows from the first sunrise 
Eyes deeper than winter and rainfall
A painful combination never felt before 
At core death awaits

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Categories: absence, allusion, color, dance,

Flowing like a stream
Bursting like a waterfall
Falling like the rain
I cry of happiness,
I cry of pain

Tears are my weakness
It makes me feel small
When I know...

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Categories: beauty, care, childhood, cry,

West Texas Wildflowers
West Texas Wildflowers
Waving in the wind
Weather-worn whispering
Whirling warnings to my window
As I water my wallflower
The weeds won’t stop growing
So I whistle the wisdom
I once welcomed

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Categories: conflict, depression, destiny, nature,

I look at the horizon of life,
the destiny of our country
No love,, passing infatuation
with crucifixion of hearts and souls

worsened by highhandedness
closely followed by...

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Categories: betrayal, chanukah, corruption, depression,

I Drew Lines
I drew a line in the chalk 
I tasted freedom
I touched the moon
I saw the air conforming around human nature
I danced in bliss
I smelt emotion...

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Categories: depression, drug, emotions, freedom,

Life and death
Scattered scars
Deep dark depression 
Trickling tears
Living life lonely 
Leaving life laughing 

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Categories: death, depression, loneliness,