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Addiction Alliteration Poems

These Addiction Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Addiction. These are the best examples of Alliteration Addiction poems written by international poets.

Age of Staggered Man
This Age of Staggered Man
Needs a timely thought 
The Invincible Destiny is hovering over head
Why the youth is being wasted 
O'er things which are dead?


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© uma Kapur  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 12th grade, addiction, conflict,

Open, my, empty eyes I'm in, hopeful heaven

open, my, emotional eyes I'm in, helpful heaven

elegant, epic eyes I'm in, high heaven
 entertaining eyes I'm in...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, appreciation, encouraging,

I am high on strife,
Drunk on delusion,
Stoned on seclusion,
Intoxicated on exploitation.
I'm ed up on failure,
Alienated on anger,
A junky without joy,
A staggering stranger
To those I love...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, angst, poetry,

never mind the pain
never psyche the pain 
never swapping mind for psyche
never mind the pain
never mind the nuisance 
never miserable, mild mind the persistent, pain...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, pain,

Premium Member Soul Ink
I Dried Ink

My soul bled and bled dreadful dread…
Affliction of addiction for a decade where
My tree of life rotted with rancid rankled roots  

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Categories: addiction, corruption, moon, recovery

Remission of love
I kind of getting in motion just to control my emotions.
With every condition 
I find nothing but division in every portion.
All positions seem to be...

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Categories: anniversary, betrayal, break up,

Premium Member Fear's Flame
She cried somber tears with each sad suicide attempt, 
      delirious due to drunkenness as dying is what she dreamt.

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, sad, sister, solitude,

addictive ampoules annihilate after alluring
amphetamines acquaintanceship assuages 
agonizing aches also advocates amorousness
assiduously activating admiration
aggressive attacks assault afoul 

affable affinity and affectionadumbration
anatomical accidental addiction attested as academic,
although afterward abnegation absolutely...

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

You go to a party, not knowing im going. 
You are dancing and I see you, your drinking, I see you. 
You slow dance with...

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Categories: absence, addiction,

pacific papa pedals perspicacious persiflage panacea
the following sloop of words rowed and towed together as they 
came into my periscoptic poop deck with slight emendation 
from thee oar ridge in...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, america, angst,

Fate of a Berk
Once in a time a story begins
So many believe and some repent
People do live in a kind of teases
But a few of them do live...

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Categories: addiction, africa, analogy, art,

A preoccupation
The United Kingdom – which direction?
Is there any detection
Of a slight hesitation
As all this political diction
Is becoming an addiction
HardBrexit, a continual affixation
A convulsive sensation
A preoccupation

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Categories: addiction, break up, perspective,

My Head Full of Stars
Lost in a dream I was 
The only way you want me too 
By far the best thing ever is 
Me waking up to a...

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Categories: addiction, age, analogy, anxiety,

Premium Member Fallen Flower Flame
I painted the pests of parasites onto my own petals, blossoms and buds.
Wilted and weak, I remained bleak from all the blackouts.
Nauseous from ignoring mother...

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Categories: addiction, birth, books, metaphor,

A Litany Alittered with Alliterations

Fashioning the favourable foul,
Cutting the caustic cordial,
Rearing a rabid recall.

Pardon the potion
When blind and blundering
We fathom the favourable foul.

String along the slug
When casually and crazed

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© Margo Cami  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, wisdom, word play,

my true boyfriend
my true love name Im break down each letter with reason why
e ffortless supporting his family
d determined to never give up
d diversified for his age

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Categories: addiction, age, emotions, boy,

Premium Member His Hunger
Is he absurd to appreciate the abnormal?
Is it admirable to accept her appreciative acrobatic antics?
He's a cool cat, she's his celestial canary caught.
A kept creature...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, desire, psychological,

delighted bleeding
blood, death, darkness.
i'm watching 
mystery,horror, insanity.
it's on the screen
violence, depth,desertion.
i can't look away.

why don't i want to?
it's so pretty.
it's wonderful.
why am i still smiling?

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, angst,

little nubile  delights
with  sweating bodies
and bare feet
holding hands 
and  kissing...

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Categories: addiction,

I love the way you smile at me
I love the way you stare at me
I love the way you talk to me
I love the way...

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Categories: addiction,