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Ageless Poems

Ageless Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ageless poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ageless.

New Poems

Premium Member Awakenings
For years she had slowly slid from well cared for home 
to musky boxes and rugs.
Sitting in a chair, watching old movies,
pretending the devastation around her had not occurred.

Her senses deadened, she neither saw the clutter
nor smelt the molding curtains...Read More
Categories: ageless, angst, depression,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Death of a Poet - Leonard Coen
When you died
My heartache reached my bones.
You seemed an old soul, but ageless.
Your death caught me by surprise.

Your deep, long, full voice
never to sweep through a room.
Never to fillet my soul
or plunge cold reality into my heart.

The lingering lines of...Read More
Categories: ageless, death of a friend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member False Dawn Day
Away from heart and hand 
With smiles loving embracing

Why dream I of fertile flowered valleys
And chatoyant streams that lie outside soul’s watchful door?

Why not flowering here
With barefoot wading bringing tingling delights?

Perhaps just yearned for foolish feelings, you say 
Sighing within...Read More
Categories: ageless, 12th grade, adventure, life, people, self, success,
Form: Free verse
Curiosity's bane
A tree, a seed, prescribed, off-limits.
Naked, clothed, some years, fresh still,
Fair, hell, firm, etc.
Dangling tags, seen on anything

Man learns, as his feet stands and sits.
He meets firm labels and loud leads.
Patterns his feet flow in, with ease.
And ends, well-clear from...Read More
Categories: ageless, dark, desire, heart,
Form: Free verse
Strange Wind
There is a strange wind blowing in the town and I don't know where it is bound.There is a strange wind blowing in the town and destiny is moving from door to door.Short wind, wide wind, narrow wind, and all...Read More
Categories: ageless, america, beautiful, betrayal, character, courage, future, gender,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Tree of Life
Tree of Life
From the fertile ground, its form took shape 
As the sun began to climb the forest sky
 Sunshine drew a crown of leaves upon its limbs
And the blossoms filled the forest 
      ...Read More
Categories: ageless, beautiful, myth, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Slow Hands Flies
The Slow Hands Flies

'Your soft slow hand feels like flitting fireflies ' 
Albeit, naught fireflies had, but slow hand flies,
Here in Hawaii where our slow hands rise,
E'er so smoothly, while they lift to the skies,
Their flowing long arms stretch lengthwise,
Everybody...Read More
Categories: ageless, dance, meaningful,
Form: Monorhyme
Lovitivity v1
Time is the recorder, measuring events that expire
And not the Judge, deciding when events transpire
it silently and anonymously prints beginnings to endings
The world juried our Love affair
Earth’s, Mountains and Rivers observes Us moving as fast as a locomotive
Its verdict mellow,...Read More
Categories: ageless, earth, i love you, love, space,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Standing Stones

They reach away from our reality
as if we are a momentary blur.
Here by the ice-gnawed stones,
my mind is a broken-jaw,
bones rattle in fissures of time.

Menhir, dolmens and megaliths,
under the blunt teeth of ageless winds
the stones raise their wilderness questions
while the...Read More
Categories: ageless, poetry, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Sonnet on a Could-Have-Been

Iberia, I long to breathe you in
as long ago I did. . . and then exhale
sangria nights with lace against my skin!
Sweet temptress draped in beauty, you unveil
Flamenco’s soul, exhuming history -
impressions left by ancients on your face -
from Roman...Read More
Categories: ageless, places,
Form: Sonnet

Breathe Deep
Here you collapse, crying alone
Does the ocean make you feel 
Like all your desperate appeals
Break futilely as waves 
On impassive stone? 

Let me shake this icy rain off you
Let me drape this purple cape I made you
On your sorrow 
Your...Read More
Categories: ageless, beach, beautiful, best friend, deep, loneliness, love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Ode To Survival
Ode To Survival

As I sit here in this still cemetery facing nomadic west,
Under these ancient oaks with deep green leaves descending,
I see the ghostly dead before me rising up as star zephyrs,
The men and women that once spoke a multitude...Read More
Categories: ageless, death, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 'Before My Pen is Hushed'

      Before my flowing, poetic pen is hushed in Quietus,
And I have reached my journey's end with folded hands;
            Departed into my dreamless sleep...Read More
Categories: ageless, deep,
Form: Epic
Metaphor For Panorama

Visage of spring time shines on convivial tapestry
Monet’s radiant landscape of vibrating elegance
With the sparkling blue lagoon of dreaming eyes
And the petals of blooming lotus of luscious lips
Painted on the satin canvas of cute countenance
Engraving the narcissistic features of innate...Read More
Categories: ageless, age, me, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member There I Am Ageless

I peer at myself in the mirror.
My forehead is nice though I like it covered with bangs.
Lines there are to be expected,
and so too, the crows’ feet at my eyes.
At the base of my forehead are dark brown brows.
They are...Read More
Categories: ageless, age,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Old Woman

She slipped into a coma,
fell away,
her ghost groping;
not blind, but blinded,
as if the life in her head
were too bright.

We bundled her things,
squeezing shoulders,
taking deep breaths
dizzy with relief.
A nurse hastily covering
gray naked toes.

The old woman found herself
on her mother’s lap.
Dead pets,
impossibly...Read More
Categories: ageless, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Wisdom of Age
Many longs years has he; this man.
He doesn't speak often.
Some listen, some turn away.
Walk away, you will be back.
His words are ageless;
children smile; knowing what he is saying.
Listen to this old gentleman;
he knows what he speaks;
past, present and future lives.
Knowing...Read More
Categories: ageless, africa, age, black african american, blessing, courage,
Form: Free verse
Glass Shadows
POEM " GLASS SHADOWS " by martin gedge

Passing shadows in a frame
reflections in the mirror
memories in a life I've been
to footsteps leading here
ghosts that haunt my every move
to check inn side my brain
marks upon my flesh and skin
while breathing down...Read More
Categories: ageless, dark, death, earth, fear, life, light, mirror,
Form: Rhyme
Moring of the Great Horned Owl Part 2
Part 2

With a height above the field less than 
his body’s length and only seconds away
to his kill, the great bird swung his wings
back and upwards in a dramatic gesture, 
breaking his speed much like a jet reverses 
its engines...Read More
Categories: ageless, death, life,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member The Vanity of the Flowers
Blooming colors in shade and sun;
Fragrant elegance, not to be outdone!
In field, garden and flowerpot,
The rose, the violet, and forget-me-not.

Proud and erect upon the stem,
All who pass must notice them!
Pastels and deeps; an array of brights,
Blaze the days and scent...Read More
Categories: ageless, beauty, flower, nature, nice, summer,
Form: Personification
Ageless Rules Of The King


Topic: Birthday of poet Arun Kolatkar (November 01) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: ageless, birthday, poets,
Form: Acrostic
Sphere of love
Sphere of love

love as form stretches into visions everywhere,
when culminate to the love of formless sphere.
The world is the dreamers rainbow for sure,
miracles happen when you don’t need them anymore.

Space is born and may esteem to might,
Lovers have the honor...Read More
Categories: ageless, love,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Read Between The Lines

It was the point of a meaningless moon,
That being dealt life, its absolute gloom,
Vague stars shone hope to reposed past of Earth,
Dusk hath casts a crazed eve, pure hueless girth,

Joint lives of suave views have spread neath vain space,
Twain hearts...Read More
Categories: ageless, crush, imagery, kiss, life, loss, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Endless Thoughts
In assorted hues till endless is broken,
A mortal mind wishful and boundless
Will as ripples circling on the deepest water,
Awakens joy - furies in trends so ageless
Until deaths’ encrustation suppress. 

Endless thoughts ebbs mental captivity, 
There vast of flairs, it owns...Read More
Categories: ageless, memory, uplifting, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fleur Fluency

My (bleeding) heart is filled to overflowing, 
To see any growing glad(iolus), garden glowing;
Each sun peached, (petunia) petaled delight,
Is frozen in precious moments of pure delight,
From bursting buds, to the spicy boom of blooms,
Nature is most generous with their heady...Read More
Categories: ageless, beauty, color, flower, imagery, nature, senses, sunshine,
Form: Rhyme