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Afternoon Poems

Afternoon Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of afternoon poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for afternoon.

New Poems

Premium Member and I recall
and I recall 
dad's work shed to this day
the scent of wood and dust in the air
cobwebs in corners and crooks
sun flooding in through windows
his scarred and scored wooden work table
with the countless tin cans of nails and screws

dad...Read More
Categories: afternoon, memory,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Death Took a Day Off
Death called Illness 
I have it! She screamed.
Illness began guessing. The black plague? The white plague? 
The red plague?

What the heck was the red plague?
Death remembered suddenly why she never called Illness.
I have to go, she said. I have a...Read More
Categories: afternoon, death, fantasy, heaven,
Form: Free verse
Black Family Reunion

We at the family reunion, and if you know anything about the Black Family Reunion
You already know it was like a 3 ring circus
Wow, so where do I begin.......
Of Course you know we had that wild trash talking uncle on...Read More
Categories: afternoon, family, fun,
Form: ABC
The Mad Rush
They swarm the street like mad ants
Scraping up all that the can find
They are panic buying while some people are crying
The people are anxious and they are moving in a rush
Something is swirling in the air and it is causing
the...Read More
Categories: afternoon, city, community, confusion, courage, desire, encouraging, environment,
Form: Narrative
Au Revoir
au revoir
to light of painted day
strong enough
if one could only say

we can't say
no we can't say

so we sing in notes and keys
of love and life and liberty
broken trains
  _of thought
those we need
and those we sought


and after, the storm
where unicorns...Read More
Categories: afternoon, dark, light,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Window
I know of doors inside my mind
That are easy to unlock.
Like Sundays: 1970
'Late Afternoon O'Clock'..

..The sun's warm rays have faded
And an icy chill has set
And the damp towels on the washing line
Are as dry as they will get.

I'm looking down...Read More
Categories: afternoon, change, childhood, family,
Form: Rhyme
Lady Moon
I walked under the gentle snow 
Watching as each snowflake fell 
Becoming colorful under the midnights glow .
The smell of hot chocolate filled the air , bringing feelings of a time old friends and I would share . 
I carried...Read More
Categories: afternoon, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Remembering
.                                 This morning I'm still smiling  ...Read More
Categories: afternoon, love, morning, remember,
Form: Lyric
Doing Time
On a dark and rainy afternoon
Whence I’d been sentenced to my bedroom
For my crime of failing to take care
To not be a pain in my mother’s derriere 
As it happens, I was a lad of six
Full of mischief and annoying...Read More
Categories: afternoon, 2nd grade, appreciation, books, literature, true love,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Quarantined

Waking up to this strange dream
First sight is the checkered ceiling
Then the antique bathroom mirror
I see old age and worried red eyes
I see another drawn day of breathing

My beard is out of control with grey
I am home now and...Read More
Categories: afternoon, america, anxiety, fear, life,
Form: Free verse


Yesterday as the afternoon was coming to a close
The doorbell rang, it was Vanessa holding a beautiful rose,
For you I have just snipped it,
Still communicate, two metres apart seems fit,
Was touched, Vanessa and Neel’s, best neighbours, it shows!
...Read More
Categories: afternoon, friendship, rose,
Form: Limerick
In falling rain
In hot sultry heat of afternoon
	electric charge in the air does grow
every touch with tingles filled
	tension swelling growing is

soft breeze whispers through
	pressing cloth again swelling curves
moisture clinging showing all
	soft warm drops begin to fall

lush full redness of cherries ripe
	pressed with...Read More
Categories: afternoon, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I washed my hands
I washed my hands this morning when I visited the loo,
Then went and touched the tap, which you really shouldn’t do,
And then I scratched my nose, because I had an itch, 
Then with my bare hands I went and pulled...Read More
Categories: afternoon, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
A pleasant fall day
	out for a drive
a few errands to run
	in warm afternoon

traffic was light
	and the weather was good
and I thought that
	everything was going good

then with my ear
	I heard a strange sound
wasn't sure what was
	like someone hitting a pan

as my...Read More
Categories: afternoon, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Text
It was the kind of afternoon
where texts accumulate,
ding after ding ignored.

An hour later what she reads
makes her stop walking,
midway between her car and apartment door.
Effective immediately she has no job.
All restaurants and bars are closed,
by order of the Governor.

While...Read More
Categories: afternoon, stress,
Form: Free verse
rumple my stilt skin
when younger 
i knew none 
of this that
you call

so so awake
all this time
my beard
has been

but now
it's a bit
two in

and after
i finally
to agree

my eye
lids lets
let them

close...Read More
Categories: afternoon, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A World Without Pity
After wishing me a good morning, he said that it was all set,
It was time to raze the house, even though I wasn't in debt!

But they wanted to build a big highway, exactly in this spot,
Like a beaver zealously builds...Read More
Categories: afternoon, adventure, fantasy, home, lost, time, world,
Form: Couplet
If you are like me

If you’re like me and gingerly dare 
to think of yourself as no more than a fair
dabbler in lite verse but never as a poet,
an unmerited conceit as inappropriate
as placing my dabblings in the same class
of versifiers like that of...Read More
Categories: afternoon, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member DisEmpowering Viral Violence
I am struggling
to avoid that "I told you so"
and self-congratulatory voice.

I do feel under-appreciated
but I don't feel any happiness
about the Virus
as vindicator of my beliefs
about the political and economic power
of public health and safety platforms,
which are also personal wealth
and fundamental...Read More
Categories: afternoon, america, community, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Contentment in the Afternoon
Sitting in my chair
as comfy as can be.
Just me, my son and my old dog
to keep me company.

Many years it’s taken,
your almost 41.
The obstacles along the way
that we have overcome.

There’s money in the bank
(a little savings too).
I get my new...Read More
Categories: afternoon, appreciation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member He Wears a Blue Hot Uniform
On a hot spring afternoon, a wet postman
Hurries down the sidewalk home.
I catch him stepping on a new white iris,
And were I not alone, I would but
Scold him, but I would not, instead,
I wouldst hand him a cold coke for...Read More
Categories: afternoon, poems,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Their Love Story
My aunt and uncle told a story,                                 ...Read More
Categories: afternoon, friendship, love, poems,
Form: Rhyme
Afternoon Rain
Afternoon Rain
{Free Verse}
Aug 21, 2019• Copyright © daniel miltz

  Like, lollygagging by a waterfall
    Watching the clouds deliver 
      A daytime, honey drizzler
      ...Read More
Categories: afternoon, rain,
Form: Free verse
If You Had a Fear
David: I’m sitting here
Without a fear
Without a tear
In my sad oceanic, 
Unhappy universe eyes
Oooh. Oooh. 

Kalona: Rejecting your g'byes…
How time surely flies
Wooh oh oh 

David: I can see right through 
Your deceptive lies

Kalona: I want to see right through your...Read More
Categories: afternoon, beauty, deep, desire, fun, happiness, happy, hope,
Form: Lyric
Lost in Havasu - a song dedicated to Shawn Mendes
I can’t take anymore of this…
I wish you had mercifulness…
Tension slits me like a knife…
All my life...all my life...all my life...

Don’t let go and stay close to me (I’m wanting you oh so badly)
I know I look like a disaster...Read More
Categories: afternoon, deep, fear, hope, lost, lost love, passion,
Form: Lyric