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Admirably Poems

Admirably Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admirably poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admirably.

New Poems

Incumbent onus to stem tide of global warming
Plethora of humans (think overpopulation)
directly linkedin to planet Earth dire strait
re: environmental catastrophe, née debacle
teeters along brink tipping point inevitably
pitching civilization headlong into oblivion
Homo sapiens (minus those living off grid)
admirably self sufficient unto themselves,

perhaps ecological intentional community
while yours truly, one...Read More
Categories: admirably, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Joshua
Jovially, you approach life, with jokes to share.
Optimistically, you view obstacles as opportunities.
Sacrificially, you ensure safety for loved ones' care.
Honorably, you'd rather do what's right than appease.
Understandingly, you unfold patient behavior.
Admirably, you exhibit traits of a savior.

For my dear husband....Read More
Categories: admirably, blessing, dedication, family, hero, husband, love, meaningful,
Form: Acrostic
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 38
Day 38

Pugnaciousness set aside, 
Phantasmal was the anticipation, 
Possessing each moment
Some shutter fell over him
He knew, at least, that he had me 
He knew that I cared enough
Ours together, in his hands and mine,
I gave him the means to perceive

He...Read More
Categories: admirably, bible, black love, feelings, poems, sad love,
Form: Epic
What's new with me Matthew
What's new with me...Matthew?

Well for starters Nationwide
road service emergency
one man cutting crew
with battery charger in tow knew
exactly why no juice (think electricity),
his hunch found trunk light kept lit,
an innocent looking (to me or you)
lady's handbag accouterment,

fifty shades of blue
stuck out...Read More
Categories: admirably, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Free verse
While rummaging thru papers to shred
While rummaging thru papers to shred...

Earlier this November fourth
two thousand and nineteen
your truly long in the tooth 
( dentured) wordsmith
rifled thru miscellaneous papers to shred
unwittingly chancing upon

report cards enlightening me,
academic, emotional, social...
characteristics, née significant
figurative "red flags,"
(no not signifying me being...Read More
Categories: admirably, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Free verse

Weird fake news
Weird "fake" news

This pencil necked geek
did hair thru the long grapevine
actually following false tidbit
originated within imagination i.e. mine,
while stationed at Macbook Pro
laptop - time already inching close

to hour of rise and shine
yikes still no bloody poem,
though with futility, I keep...Read More
Categories: admirably, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, grave,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Allotment
I have been Intrusted with knowledge! 
Completely incrusted with time,
Admirably holding onto wisdom,
Lost for thousands of generations. 
Set free like the busting of Hoover dam.
Overflowing rapids of life altering thoughts,
Of all the great thinkers,
Hoarded up condensing it’s
Own energy from all...Read More
Categories: admirably, deep, desire, inspiration, inspirational, literature, meaningful, writing,
Form: Free verse
Former subjects of the crown
Close on three hundred fifty years ago
American independence
not foregone conclusion,
British soldiers in league with Hessians
witnessed successful campaign battles
admirably groomed unbridled

staunch defenders, viz King of England
fought pitched battles
within keystone state i.e. Pennsylvania
particularly tri county area
Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester
routed Continental Army,

within thick...Read More
Categories: admirably, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure, america, father,
Form: Political Verse
The Coming Together of John and Joan
On a day a number of centuries ago
John Calvin met the great heroine, Joan of Arc,
they both had much indeed in common
in their lives, on God's side, they made their mark

Both were born and came from France
so language was not...Read More
Categories: admirably, christian, french, history, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Gettysburg Address
President Lincoln was at his best
As he gave the Gettysburg Address,
That speech, so admirably succinct,
Each compelling word distinct.
Perhaps most memorably clear:
"The world will little note.....what we say here,
While it can never forget what they did here" -
A prediction undoubtedly sincere,
And...Read More
Categories: admirably, appreciation, history, war,
Form: Couplet

Mere Minutes Into May Sixth 2019
Mere Minutes Into May Sixth, 2019

Heron entombed within b44 man cave
at Highland Manor Apartments sitting
in catbird seat after shower and shave
attuned to silence permeating airwave
wondering what comprises silence music

to these keenly attuned ears as agave
tastes sweet on tongue curious just...Read More
Categories: admirably, anxiety, dark, destiny, father, health, husband, money,
Form: Free verse
Matthew Scott Whar Art Thou Spunk
Matthew Scott, Whar Art Thou Spunk?

Nobody, but yours truly
bore deeply and countersunk
his spontaneity satisfactorily
lightweight corporeal mein kampf,
didst more than baptize or dunk

cuff, which admirably aided to flunk,
(whereat no universal solvent,
could (kant) kelp dissolve barnacles
of sea sonned gunk),
asper thickly congealed

encasing this...Read More
Categories: admirably, 7th grade, absence, age, depression, humor, longing,
Form: Bio
Premium Member HEAVEN--Home Everyone All Very admirably Everyone Nations all

H----Home for the worshiper of God

E----Everyone is welcome

A----All in submission rejoicing and praising

V----Very admirably

E----Everyone on one accord

N----Nations all rejoicing acknowledging, following, worshiping God

written by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018
...Read More
Categories: admirably, appreciation, caregiving, deep, devotion, god, world,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member From Now On
From Now On

From now on my love shall saliently spawn…
soaring thru the infinite abyss,
I send you this gift as I set it admirably adrift…
sealed with a sensorial kiss,

My eyes awaken in the morn only to adorn…
your face the launcher of...Read More
Categories: admirably, hope, lost love, passion,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Life


Miracle of birth enshrines an ethereal event
Whether in poverty or affluent wealth.
While some are blessed with enviable health,
Some get saddened by persistent illness.

Life distressed by destitute and hunger
Submersed under depths of gruesome sorrow,
Eminently thrives to awaken from slumber
To reach a...Read More
Categories: admirably, life,
Form: Verse
The currents keep up sparking up and down
Such elegance, your life had more scenes than an epic flick
Defined humanity you did, even in death you deserve a crown
Singlehandedly you kept the white fleas a bay, fielding stick
Madiba, the Great artist,...Read More
Categories: admirably, appreciation,
Form: ABC
Talking house
Standing on a ridge a sight can be seen. The kettles were choosing a queen. Bouquets were bought for the waters within. For waters will want wonderful and wonderful it was. The chosen kettle was a marvel. Complete with glowing...Read More
Categories: admirably, analogy, august, baseball,
Form: I do not know?
Lindsay Lohan - part one
     Perhaps in another i.e. alternate world, this middled aged (baby boomer bona fide bra burner) of two well nigh near grown daughters felt caught in an invisible whirled wide web The Parent Trap. 
 ...Read More
Categories: admirably, celebrity, sexy, smile, sweet, teenage, woman, youth,
Form: Narrative
fodder cable cars are jousting with clams today
If you are going to attempt a waltz in a spotty teapot costume complete with a lid then do remember not to partake in tea drinking beforehand because the liquid might ruin the material and thus render the authenticity of...Read More
Categories: admirably, art,
Form: I do not know?
Making a big pie by Mr E Fortisque
It is time. Yes. It is time. Time for all time telling devices to climb up trees. The grandfather clocks can climb the oaks. The watches can climb the willows. The alarm clocks can climb the alders. The mobile telephones...Read More
Categories: admirably, art, august,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member THIS TITLE BE
Enters entitled, exits entitled; "Oh where art thou," this title be?
Entirely composed of humans in this entire amenity.
Humanities amenities entirely entitled to a life less entirety.
Entitled to less entirety than one could humanly admire, admirably.

Entirely composed of humans in this...Read More
Categories: admirably, assonance, metaphor, word play,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Pandora's Temptation
For the third time Pandora stands before the box
Inlaid with jewels ivory and gold
In her hand is the key – she closely examines
Intrigued by its intricate patterns - so ancient- so old

Her Creator’s mandate she has obeyed
She won the love...Read More
Categories: admirably, desire, hope, love,
Form: Dramatic Verse
My One and Only Blood-Sister

My One and Only
Dares to cross the lessor traveled bridges & climb the fjords to the freedom of               not allowing others to define her...Read More
Categories: admirably, birthday, courage, i love you, i miss
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Scrumptious Scrap
Scrumptious Scrap

‘Twas Love I thought in my valor days
With air perfumed intoxicating daze...
Time stands still in the Valley of Love
On passionate peaks where Angels shove

Whirlwind wines of saporous sites
With poison ivy’s approaching, apatite’s
Is it Love?... is it really really true?
An...Read More
Categories: admirably, betrayal, lost love, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member When I Was Drunk and Wanted Big Words
We are all improbable in our own way, 
and who can augur the future?  
I never could have laid out my course in advance, 
though in looking back it all makes sense, 
even if it was me flipping a...Read More
Categories: admirably, addiction, drink, earth, wine, word play, words,
Form: Prose