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Adjourned Poems

Adjourned Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adjourned poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adjourned.

New Poems

Department Meeting
I called a department meeting this morning.
I said to everyone,
"I want to run the race".
But lungs said, "You cant be serious"!
So I decided to swim the river.
But legs said, "No way mister, not today"!
I suggested to bike the mountain trail.
Knees...Read More
Categories: adjourned, age, health,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Unbaaaalievable

Are you a sheep cause your body is unbaaaaalievable
That's clever, but I just lost control of junior's arousal
Causing me great concern
The court is adjourned
Methinks the verdict's guilty coz the crime is habitual

...Read More
Categories: adjourned, stress,
Form: Limerick
Time Adjourned

 The throb of the obeisance is to
   alternate a action of speech at a unset action .
 Yet to breath into a beautiful desire, called Life.
   Not long til the sunrise and the fate is...Read More
Categories: adjourned, confusion,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member On a Passing Cloud There Floats A Dream

On a passing cloud there floats a beautiful dream, an untold one, a secret mission, a magic quest.
Unobserved initially as the sun has gently and graciously adjourned only minutes ago.
Tomorrow’s whispered truths stir in my writer’s heart, as I ponder...Read More
Categories: adjourned, dream,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mill Wheel
The Mill wheel wouldn't turn until the Spring;
the blast of Winter's cold cased it in ice.
Its mighty power adjourned by season's chill
and useless now, it rests until the thaw.

A blizzard piled the snow in massive drifts
that made for good, steep...Read More
Categories: adjourned, winter,
Form: Blank verse

Flies Die By The Windows
I didn't ask for them to invade my prison-kingdom, 
Of zirconium, old oak and iron. 
Of wilting lavender on the windowsills.
For years I heard them but didn't see - 
The humming of the horse fly, boring
Into the orifice of my...Read More
Categories: adjourned, dark, death, introspection, loneliness, philosophy, psychological,
Form: Free verse
The 1st Television Misogynist
He was small and portly but their leader
didn't want anyone in the club being a cheater
with everyones full attention while seated
he reiterated his drastic thoughts and feelings,

Explaining to his buddies to steer clear
of the feminine gender some held dear
saying they...Read More
Categories: adjourned, humor, nostalgia,
Form: Light Verse
Letter to My Daughter

this poem reshuffled cabinet 
the rhythm resigned the president 
its metaphors adjourned parliament

my daughter 
awaken sleeping patriots eating peanut in slogan darkness 
rise dozing voters in the warmth of political acid 
awaken struggle heroes in graves tired...Read More
Categories: adjourned, africa, allegory, allusion, anger, anxiety,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Spelling Bee
Happily,  I entered the class
I laughed with friends,  but then alas
Joy was replaced with sudden fear
Knowing spelling bee time was here
Last time I had misspelled ADJOURNED
My tongue went dry,  my stomach churned
Now one by one the others...Read More
Categories: adjourned, education, school,
Form: Rhyme
I am disappearing,
Fading into quantum theories;
I’ve got a time travel problem 
And astronomical burns.
Surely I am flying,
But clearly I am dying.
I will never pass 
this test with colors flying.
I don't believe you most the time, 
My goblet tips and spills...Read More
Categories: adjourned, analogy, space,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Owl Parliament, Eagle Owl Presiding
Owl Parliament is now in session, so be quiet please.
All whistles, hoots, growls, grunts and screeches need to cease.

As the largest of you all, I’m in charge, you see.
Not to mention, I have killed four warthogs and a monkey!

Sir Snowy...Read More
Categories: adjourned, bird, , cute,
Form: Couplet
Poets Dozen Ordered
Nervously gazing 
Across the table he stared
Watching my silence 

My hunger ceasing, As a Poet's Dozen ordered 
Sipping a glass of wine, Becoming much more forward

Now served our dinner, Filling our mouths blind with food
Emotions much less suppressed, As its...Read More
Categories: adjourned, boyfriend, first love, girlfriend, poetry,
Form: Haiku

this static quiet...

fills my space 
the air hangs
dense and muted
my fingers type
numb floating


rest slightly bent
hurt dripping off
the tips deferred
now adjourned

another tortured

R.I.P.   Scott Weiland

© Kim van Breda—4 December 2015

...Read More
Categories: adjourned, loss,
Form: Free verse
I was up early had a shower and was smelling 
like newly opened jar of honey.
Underwear and clean socks a must and I combed 
my five strands of delicate hair. 
The pacemaker did not work properly, not that
I had...Read More
Categories: adjourned, courage, humorous,
Form: Blank verse
Distant Love
You left me a note to say goodbye,
Don't know what to say, I want to cry,
Every second my heart breaks into shards,
Because letting you go is just so hard.

The moment I first met you,
I knew in my heart I was...Read More
Categories: adjourned, depression, desire, destiny, feelings, goodbye, joy, longing,
Form: Narrative
The Lone Dissenter
There he stood up on that hill with constituents on each side
Oh what strength and will for what this certain democrat tried
Speaking of the Unborn and their right in making Them an issue
But in for such a fight in his...Read More
Categories: adjourned, death, life,
Form: Rhyme
Safe crossing
Safely now, 
your heart's arrived,
across the bridge
to the other side

It's beat again
a joyful song,
a dirge no more
as 'twas for too long

The frost retreats,
the warmth's returned
the heat of passion
was but adjourned

The journey's done,
new worlds await
a heart that's freed
now, from it's weight

Note:...Read More
Categories: adjourned, blessing, dedication, farewell, love,
Form: Rhyme
GREEN Chapter Eight
"We got trouble.  Violet has been murdered.  An organization by the name of the 
Green Nation is trying to step on our toes.  They murdered Violet and left a note".
"Malik why am I'm just now hearing about...Read More
Categories: adjourned, black african american, community, conflict, corruption, love,
Form: Narrative
We fight like we were scheduled
Almost like it was premeditated
Opinionated like leaders of our debate teams but not liberated
We continue long after it ends hence we aren't celebrated

Our happiness is however taxed
Maybe our feelings have changed
Though it's been a minute...Read More
Categories: adjourned, conflict, confusion,
Form: I do not know?
GREEN Chapter Seven
Whipping out his cellphone Malik dailed 
Mecca's number.  "Hello Mecca COME TO
his call and dailing another number.  "Hey 
Categories: adjourned, black african american,
Form: Blank verse
GREEN Chapter Seven
The three men picked up Violet's lifeless
body and put her into the trunk of 
Mecca's car.  After they droped off 
Violet Malik called a meeting with the 
Black Crime Syndicate.  The meeting took 
place on the south side...Read More
Categories: adjourned, black african american,
Form: Narrative
Falling Skyward
What else  is left for me to do 
But to look towards the sky 
As ground below me tears in two
Right as I learn to fly,
Not on wings or magic cloths
Concerned in fairy tales
But in things that rose aloft
Adjourned...Read More
Categories: adjourned, inspirational
Form: Light Verse
Fearing the storm we hereafter
Fearing the storm we hereafter
Have sadly adjourned;
For the tapestry and
It's symphonies directed to me in three's,
I cannot abstain the thought,
It's touch
Nor it's feel.
Caress it with my adamant hands it harkens back
An age,
Where the mind was conjuring secrets with it's brothers
and...Read More
Categories: adjourned, bereavement, blue,
Form: I do not know?
A Letter to Eleanor
Observers of things forgotten,
Poets of unspoken tongues,
Lovers of love lost, 
Have adjourned.

I shall love you,
Because I can,
And I shall lie,
Because I can.

We will rise 
From where flowers once bloom’d,
And take this world with
August Benevolence.

And I shall call for you,
Because I...Read More
Categories: adjourned, betrayal, change,
Form: Prose Poetry

While suspended above reality

This choice I had to make

A few more seconds in slumber

So reluctant I was to awake

I settled for cocooned bliss

To content to be concerned

Oblivion beckoned enticingly

My life was thus adjourned.

...Read More
Categories: adjourned, dream,
Form: Free verse