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Adjoined Poems

Adjoined Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adjoined poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adjoined.

New Poems

Premium Member Halloween Moon
     At the enthralled hour of All Hallow's Eve,
the night in frenzy clangour turns ghostly gray. 

     Billowing clouds slowly swirl in anger
round the formidable, full mysterious blood-red moon.

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Categories: adjoined, halloween, moon,
Form: Free verse

Elliptical Part2

               The moon is the compass to more than lunatics 

 the world shines forth on course to break the habits of Heretics

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Categories: adjoined, birth, blessing, care, child, children, family,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Dust Sucker
Konrad’s hoover hovers from wall to wall in the back room of his mind

A partial vacuum once the power switch is on and all neurons are firing

Time for a good clean up the curtains have been drawn for far too...Read More
Categories: adjoined, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Leaving the earth
an idea with
to all men of vision
this objective could be
but at what cost
is it to 
for the cost will be
far from 
the sacrifices cannot be 
to achieve this
fated goal
will cost many of
the cost will be more
than monetary means,
it...Read More
Categories: adjoined, desire, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member I Feel There Is More

I recognize the subtleties of love
its reality,
is easy to see.
An emotional kiss sent from above
to bless the frightened
amidst enlightened.
I understand the desire for passion's flame
and sense how disappointment can turn to blame.
For, I feel there is more.

My heart starts pounding...Read More
Categories: adjoined, 12th grade, emotions, feelings, heart, how i
Form: Rhyme

Know You
He used words like blameworthy, obligation, and ipso facto
It was nice meeting kin, at once distant and adjoined
at the hip, though
I wonder if his blood runs cold or hot
Do you like what you are?
Or lament what you're not?
So seldom I...Read More
Categories: adjoined, community, friendship, hope, longing,
Form: Free verse
Where Once Stood Man
What is it that our
vaunted intellect supposedly conveys?
That benefits the air and sea, 
summits, life and
broad expanse of land?

Suppose that we 
at some stark moment
vanished one and all—
adjoined by all
matter and assemblage from
our forced and plundered reign?

In absence then of...Read More
Categories: adjoined, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Yesterday's Kerfuffle
At the capitol rotunda
Two senators faced off on
Gun rights versus oversight
Each side bunkered in
Intractable, their way to win
Sharp tongued irate debate
Open thinking went kerplunk

Head to head, noses pressing
Like two rams rutting
One grabbed a neck
The other ruffled hair
Both leaned into a...Read More
Categories: adjoined, abuse, conflict, emotions, feelings, imagery, political, society,
Form: Free verse
Hochstzal 25 Worte
Höchstzal 25 Worte! 

I hear, I listen, I read, I observe, I sense; there are words flying around everywhere and from everyone including me, at an awesome pace.

There are things in life that don’t add up and make a perfect...Read More
Categories: adjoined, endurance,
Form: Free verse
To the Wilderness and Beyond

Beyond the destruction, a journey to the south
The bearing of a promised child
Unto Abraham and Sarah, within their latter stage
The joy of Isaac
An awesome wonder
Hagar and son, of company within the tent
In playful sight, both sons adjoined
A jubilant feast, with...Read More
Categories: adjoined, inspiration,
Form: Free verse

A Plot in Vain
Many a flame, brightens the sky

Such events to re-enact

A plot in vain that would underlie

A pre-determined pact


Brought up as a Catholic child

Beliefs that would not wane

The distinct view of Protestants

Reflecting royal reign


The disapproving treatment then

Catholic Priests and all

Of...Read More
Categories: adjoined, children, education,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Alternator World
Your world
My world
Alternate universe
Alternative perspective
Your world is the alternator that holds the charge to power my voice to become a conduit of alternative perspective. This is simply because your world is the same as my world. It is our world....Read More
Categories: adjoined, perspective, simple, word play, words, world, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To our Union
A moment so precious as they stand and await
Bands that will unite them from their very first date

Coupled to union amidst family and friends
Detours and paths life to their adjoined intend

Everlasting their love as they commit to their vows
For soon...Read More
Categories: adjoined, celebration, cute love, husband, kiss, marriage, wedding,
Form: ABC
The Birth of Jesus Christ
Mary and Joseph fairly did it,
That night when they each gave, 
Everything to the other, 
In energetic zealous rave.

Heaven and earth co-aligned, 
Stars shone just on them,
Nature whispered unabashed,
As their voice was of 1000 men.

Morality and good were with themselves,...Read More
Categories: adjoined, child, christmas, faith, god, jesus, religion, religious,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Brothers of The Pen
KP: With embellishment aborted, 
sidewalk and street talk wail from paper. 
Tears vividly seen because cursive one's don't wipe away. 
An intrinsic institution allergic to plagiarized allegiance, 
we're born and bred to bleed blue from womb, and the wound. 
Traits...Read More
Categories: adjoined, emotions, friendship, thanksgiving,
Form: Free verse
Books Etched in Stone
The community cemetery adjoined
the rear fence-line of his property.
Broad, rolling green acres landscaped
with varieties of shrubbery and trees.
Monuments in lines, rows, and diagonal patterns. 
Most of them simple, monolithic.
Carvings, etchings, and brief epitaphs 
carved in granite or marble

The stones, like...Read More
Categories: adjoined, appreciation, memory, remember,
Form: Prose Poetry
Pai I Miss You
Today I came across your picture, I almost shed a tear.
I faced the mirror, dug for resemblances of your features in my mixture.
There is no doubt you are my father
and I don't want to alter the design of our feather.
...Read More
Categories: adjoined, father, i love you, missing, sorry, together,
Form: Free verse
 Let me bring you to a world where love has no  limit.
The feelings of devotion lie in between you and me,
You are Adan and I am Eve on the first day that we'd met
We are formed by the...Read More
Categories: adjoined, friendship, heart, how i feel, love,
Form: Narrative
lust in love
Wriggled in her arms.
Lost in an adventure of romance, moving far afield.
Though I have no weakness for writing, 
my story got underway.
Wallowing in the admiralty of her beauty
Adorned with beautiful antique ornament
Adulterated with the laudable attribute of nature
Epitomizing the 6th...Read More
Categories: adjoined, anxiety, for her, girlfriend, love, soulmate, sweet,
Form: Free verse
My Birthday is Here - PLEASE READ IMMEDIATLY -
Just to let you know,
A very special day is approaching

Taking place on May 24th

The day I was born
And my mother and me adjoined

Cuddled and comforted
In each other's love

Tomorrow is the day
That I turn thirteen

Finally I will have...Read More
Categories: adjoined, adventure, childhood, daughter, family, happiness, health, hope,
Form: Couplet
If I had a Child
If I had a child,
I would stroke her head for a while

As she drifts into a trance of sleep,
Counting one-by-one the sheep

Found in her imagination,
She can live within her creation

When she is finally as quiet as a mouse,
I will turn...Read More
Categories: adjoined, caregiving, daughter, family, children, imagination, peace, people,
Form: Couplet
My Last Word
Someday at any time I could be gone…
When it happens don’t you dare be sad?
I am saved and living in God’s great beyond,
Enjoying the best times that I’ve ever had.

Now I hope to be caught up into the cloud,
However God’s...Read More
Categories: adjoined, death, dedication, devotion, faith, family, father, funeral,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Two Hearts Beating as One
We walked the beach one moonlit night
Our lunar orb shone down so bright
Darkened shadows consumed the land
This night we walked hand in hand

The summers breeze was fading away
As night birds glided in hidden display
Chromed crests topped the gentle waves
As a...Read More
Categories: adjoined, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passionnight, dark, dark, love, night,
Form: Quatrain
Room dimly lit
Clutter and dust
97.1FM newest Jam
Faintly heard
In the background
Along with
Humming sounds
Chanting from the computer
Squeaky chairs
Paper shifting
Telephone ringing
In adjoined office
Shared with my co-worker
Avoiding intrusion
We talk in a whisper
Looking in each others
Sexual Tension
Bouncing off of us
Heartbeats in sync
Teenager’s first crush
We both
Intensively...Read More
Categories: adjoined, love
Form: Light Verse
Happy Valentines Day
This poem is dedicated to my loving wife.

Our hearts adjoined some ages past
In the summertime of our lives.
Oh! How swiftly the time has passed
Yet your lasting beauty belies
Those years that etched your comely face.
But now we reached life’s wintertime
Together still...Read More
Categories: adjoined, love, wife
Form: Rhyme