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Addendum Poems

Addendum Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of addendum poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for addendum.

New Poems

An Addendum to the List of Universal Truths
An addendum to the list of universal truths:
social media can be — no, is detrimental to ones mental health
stop engaging 
open your eyes 
post your comments using your voice out loud
post your pictures in real time through your actions 
live,...Read More
Categories: addendum, anti bullying, computer, corruption, for teens, identity,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member happy larks 4th poem
Have nothing to say, but lots to write
Can’t see in the dark, will wait till its light
The birds are still nesting, there’s nothing to do
But before I do back to bed, how are you?

Happy Lark is poverty stricken, nothing would...Read More
Categories: addendum, funny,
Form: Rhyme
A Toe
Take the left toe on the left foot
The second one in from the end
Between the little and middle 
Focus on its majestic quality
Though alone and forgotten in a sock
Keep it with you at all times for luck
In an iron boot...Read More
Categories: addendum, appreciation, identity, image, meaningful, mystery, ocean, silly,
Form: Free verse
An effeminate young husband named Ben Dawes
Sought a sex change in spite of his in-laws.
He made the decision,
And got the incision,
And he now has a yang where his yin was.

Somewhat "butch" Betty Lou is his spouse.
Unlike her folks she thinks...Read More
Categories: addendum, confusion, gender, humor,
Form: Light Verse

I ham aghast at increasing banality, deviltry, ferocity,

   imbecility, liability, obscenity, rapacity, ugly

   offal popularity witnessed by Donald trump

hence aye aerate thoughts, 

   how ass a nine his banal, demoniacal, 

 ...Read More
Categories: addendum, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Cowboy

Viking Cruise
They read all about the Viking cruise
going for the first time they hadn't a clue
the addendum read
and actually said
no raiding allowed which means the fridge too!

9-12-17...Read More
Categories: addendum, boat, humor, vacation,
Form: Limerick
Pesky Soprano
Female skeeter singing for a favor
wanting my blood for her next caper
she's playing with fire
her future looks dire
joining others on my wallpaper.

For Lin's "Drawing Blood" Join In Poem
Addendum: Had to change the gender of the mosquito because found out only...Read More
Categories: addendum, humor, insect,
Form: Limerick
Eileen was born 80 1/2 years ago
on the first day of winter on the ground a bit of snow
with a twinkle in her eyes and a healthy glow
having both outer and inner beauty to bestow,

Second oldest girl who blossomed and...Read More
Categories: addendum, for her, mom, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
The Democrats are liberal
Republicans conservative
the pendulum swings left to right
never stopping in the middle,

Either way both parties
are basically the same
like a chameleon they know
how to flip flop and change,

The current paradigm shifting
to a more religious right
this way the Johnson amendment
is...Read More
Categories: addendum, america, destiny,
Form: Free verse
The Genius
Nikola Tesla came to America in the 1880's to work with Thomas Edison,
a lot of his brilliant ideas getting patented by others who had a bank run,
today being the anniversary of his dying poor in a hotel in New York...Read More
Categories: addendum, betrayal, blessing, for him,
Form: Clerihew

If I Were An Elephant
Living in the wilds of Africa,
with my Mom and aunties by my side,
following the herd to the watering hole,
as we looked out for the lion pride,

We got our fill of water,
and played and squirt our enormous selfs,
cooling off from the...Read More
Categories: addendum, africa, animal, business, murder,
Form: Light Verse
God Bless This Mess
My closets and garage overflowing with my stuff,
I couldn't afford to rent a storage unit because of the cost,
putting piles of our old clothes and shoes in various rooms,
one day I wanted to sweep and couldn't even find the broom,

In...Read More
Categories: addendum, confusion, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Lucy's Health Advice
Ethel called up Lucy
and didn't think twice,
asking her friend Lucy,
for health advice,
feeling under the weather,
and running out of fuel,
thats why she depended on Lucy,
she'd know just what to do,
so Lucy mentioned to Ethel
her own new health regimen,
which she started today
taking...Read More
Categories: addendum, best friend, health, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Old Pals Espresso and Deli
We are not your average - coffee shop and deli.
Here the atmosphere is happy - and the owners are friendly!
We can start you out with coffee - or something else if you desire.
Our goal is to please you - so...Read More
Categories: addendum, celebration, drink, food, giving, happy, meaningful, people,
Form: Rhyme
Georgia's New Age Stonehenge
I've never seen them before,
but know they're in Elbert County, Georgia
put there by a mysterious man
by the name of R.C. Christian,
who put them on display
in dixieland, 1980 circa,
They have 10 new age rules,
which are occultic in my view,
stating that he...Read More
Categories: addendum, nature, religion, scary,
Form: Light Verse
Sole Survivor
Sitting with my Mom on the flight,
I could hardly contain my excitement,
flying from Lima to Pucallpa, Peru,
to meet Dad and friends for Christmas,

Sitting on my seat by the window,
noticed heavy black clouds we flew in,
We stayed calm but shortly thereafter,
from...Read More
Categories: addendum, adventure, death, flying,
Form: Light Verse
Through Their Eyes
Wearing all black
so I'd blend in with the night,
waited in a city back alley
till the time was right,
hearing approaching footsteps,
got my knife ready,
steadily and quietly
creeping up upon him,
plunged it in his heart
so he'd die instantaneously,
grabbed his wallet
and got out of...Read More
Categories: addendum, addiction, murder, drug,
Form: Light Verse
Childhood Beach Outing
Dug deep down inside
and pulled out the memory file
about being a child
with my family for
a rare outing at Jones Beach,
we were all there with
my Moms picnic basket,
just in case we got hungry,
we'd eat one of her special treats,
My Mom didn't...Read More
Categories: addendum, beach, childhood,
Form: Light Verse
Amish Saga Finale Part 3
So after I told the crowd
in the store that I was
not Dolly Parton,
they quickly went away
disappointed and forlorn like,
going over to the dairy
to pick up some milk,
tried to stay calm as I
noticed pictures on
the back of the milk cartons
of my...Read More
Categories: addendum, adventure, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Everything Is Not As It Seems
Back in '63,
I remember vividly,
only 6 years old,
and watching our
black and white tv,
showing Lee Harvey Oswald
being escorted down the hall,
handcuffed and under arrest,
when out of the blue
Jack Ruby walks up and
shoots him in the chest,
I was little, but knew in...Read More
Categories: addendum, allusion, america, remember, , memorial,
Form: Light Verse
Close Call
As I read todays Sunday paper,
it brought back a lot of heartache,
it'll be 5 years this coming Wednesday,
when there was a terrible outbreak..
I remember when I was little,
and for the first time saw
The Wizard of Oz,
thought the twister in it...Read More
Categories: addendum, fear, memory, natural disasters,
Form: Light Verse
Mohave Valley Raceway
Mohave Valley Raceway is the place to be.
Lots of awesome people and races to see.
And should you happen to have a date come Sat. night.
Bring them to the races - it really is all right.

Drivers come from all over -...Read More
Categories: addendum, car, drink, family, food, fun, race, sports,
Form: Rhyme
Stop and
Stop and smell the flowers as you walk along the way.
Let their fantastic fragrance remind you about the joys of play.
Stop and drink the coffee savoring every sip.
While remembering fondly of your favorite vacation trip.

Stop and plant a tree, help...Read More
Categories: addendum, community, earth, family, feelings, love, nature, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ADDENDUM

The prerequisites have been established.
The requirements have been met.
The struggles have been suppressed.
The strife is the burden that coexists.
Now when it is time to make a transition,
We must not ignore that
The United States Constitution is in need of political activism...Read More
Categories: addendum, america, color, community, culture, destiny, education, environment,
Form: Imagism
No Offense
Pondering from perch the other day,
a thought grew as two conversed.
Addendum to what you have to say,
gives quarter to him, sacred cursed.
Utterances,hurtful, make others tense.
Apathetically dissuaded with "no offense".

In a tandem embraced scene 
fearful men wage war with a word.
Cutting...Read More
Categories: addendum, america, anti bullying, community, friendship, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme