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Adamantine Poems

Adamantine Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adamantine poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adamantine.

New Poems

I Yearn
I Yearn

I Know not really what it means
A visceral soft shadowed want
A thing I noticed first beyant
In Spain
The nape the neck the hooded eye
The mothered mumble, moan, mien
I had my first real yearning then

In the flimsy glow of that adamantine...Read More
Categories: adamantine, art, lost love, love,
Form: Blank verse


Chubby like a new born,

Crowned with lustrous black tresses,
Dark eyes laced with long lush lashes,
Full succulent lips that defies the science of make-up.

Her soft ebony skin, deeply oiled, tinkles in the Sun,

Well sculpted bosom rising and falling seductively,
With every step...Read More
Categories: adamantine, africa, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ROCK


Torrid     Ardent

Baking     Sweltering     Withering

Charcoal     Graphite     Corundum     Brilliant

Shimmering     Sparkling    ...Read More
Categories: adamantine, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Diamante
Finally Forgiven
I watched her flowers wilt-
Somber, as my tears
were unable to resurrect
their perennial luster.

My bones brittle under the weight
of her cold, and lying smile;
I tried to sew my seed. 
Foolishly plowing in soil muddied 
by blood that was quickly becoming 
clotted...Read More
Categories: adamantine, deep, for her, garden, life, lost love,
Form: Free verse
The Price of Valor
Agony is nigh ever-present in humanity. 
It is the nefarious antagonist that unabashedly lurks in the shadows;
And With detestable malice, it strikes with a hellish wrath. 

This abhorrent lash is the unintentional crafter of heroism.
It inadvertently forges a shield that...Read More
Categories: adamantine, courage, emotions, inspirational, pain, strength,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member One Stone
My one and only stone has been broken into two,
leaving me breathless-
I’m so restless, 
one turns into a gray boulder, 
the other granite blue-
What’s a lonely girl to do, 
when she’s relentless,
getting older, 
and cemented onto you.

Each droplet of rain...Read More
Categories: adamantine, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Reparation - For Memorial Day
A bent knee ...

Cloaked in black nylon, a briny drop from
The smooth cheek, contingent baptism
For a closed hand, it's precious cargo,

Now consecrated by circumstance and
Fate, moments before this it was but
The root-stuff of weeds and worms,

Now the sacred repository for...Read More
Categories: adamantine, appreciation, bereavement, grief, loss, war, , memorial,
Form: Free verse
A Penny for the Poor
Fire lets there be light in the wintry ravines
that hide between mountains of nickel and iron.
Illuminated by spouts of trickling light,
you tickle my eyes and rinse my sight in delight.

Adamantine beauty shorn from the earth's belly.
Tempting fingers, enticing tongues.

I touch...Read More
Categories: adamantine, imagery, senses,
Form: Imagism

Shrinking violet ~rise~
Stay not in ultraviolet haze

Lovely ~lavender~ destress
Unfurl your coltish legs

Adopt Eve’s consanguineous power
Release your adamantine eyes 
Prisoners of those timid lashes

Stimulate the dulcet of your fluted voice
Those chords of human praise

Train your horsepower spirit
For adventure of ~olympic...Read More
Categories: adamantine, adventure, confidence, self,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Autumn Atonement - Continued
How we loved the same
Foods, had the same dreams,
Wanted the same future, longed for the
Same life together, loved the same movies
And songs and books and colors and clothes
And people. How we knew what the other was thinking
Without a word being...Read More
Categories: adamantine, autumn, heartbreak, metaphor, october, sad love, soulmate,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Way of Love
When love arose in your heart
Like a potent wave of a turbulent sea,
I remained in the seashore
Being the strongest boulders and pebbles,
Then people around praised my vigour,
My adamantine quality, and 
I made love to you; in every minute
Twice you kissed...Read More
Categories: adamantine, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Deja Vu
Somewhere, in my subconscious mind, I'm consciously unconscious, as I stand here still, very still, 
Adamantly adamantine; still time's running past me in a stiller stillness. 
I stare at things, and look right back, to see the things look back...Read More
Categories: adamantine, confusion, mystery,
Form: Blank verse
Hold my gaze in a drop of dew
There is nothing left of life
 that death cannot resolve,
 times velocity spins on stolen lips
 and minute pieces of adamantine
 pierce the edge of soles
 worn with pain 


Right here,
 Where night and dawn merge
 the membrane strains
...Read More
Categories: adamantine, death, grief, life, love, peace, universe,
Form: Free verse
A Man of Green
A Man of Green
(Valentine’s Day)

Blast breathed, bob booted, fiercely tramping, he sweeps down upon the land, hard browed, frozen white, bellowing, 

Rude Boreas, the prince of winter, rages, the very rocks withering in his path, his power ultimate, the cold...Read More
Categories: adamantine, valentines day,
Form: Blank verse
Dawn Is Not Yet Rested
Dawn is not yet rested upon the tree tops.
The ancient night of our souls lingers
protracted in the adamantine winter.
Dew buds are unmelted; 
the road is swallowed up by dark.

Yet this time above all others is Apollo’s, for he returns!
Even now...Read More
Categories: adamantine, nature,
Form: Blank verse
Adamantine Tears
Angels tears hover still solace in the soul
 Blessing the opaque kiss
 Amongst the winds each touch , I feel in each twilight
 Sketched in painted horizon aspiring lights

 Angels tears shelter my being
 priceless showered lights seen
 Prelim the...Read More
Categories: adamantine, black african american, inspirational, time,
Form: Free verse
Think of all the magic it could bring
If you could enunciate that earth-shattering meme
That toy of a mess, that joke of suffering
Think of all the portraits that would immediately be torn out the window
With Alice, we know not where to...
The...Read More
Categories: adamantine, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mayday Memories
As a child at play
In the merry month of May
Wallowing the hours away
As one would surely say

Lying neth old sweet gum tree…
sipping a glass of sassafras tea
A pork chop tied to my neck you see…
possibly the dog will play with...Read More
Categories: adamantine, love, dog, dog,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Self Wealth Deficit
Wealth of two masters…
`Tis an amazing thing
One mysteriously an illusion…
                              ...Read More
Categories: adamantine, inspirational, power,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Adamant Glitter
The glitter of everlasting Adamantine the tower of sunlight does 
not exceed its grandeur of brilliance. 

One of a variety immovable monument of stones thus stands its 
ability radiating from a white throne within the city of God. 

We shall...Read More
Categories: adamantine, allegory, city,
Form: Free verse
Tip of Your Nose

I knew that for me it was you 
that day I first spied your brown eyes, 
and my gray adamantine skies 
got all sparkly and soft and blue.  

I proposed the tip of your nose, 
with its little mounds...Read More
Categories: adamantine, passion, me,
Form: Romanticism
Bronx Teacher 2010

153 Street Station is clean
Down sturdy metal steps through 
old Yankee Stadium field
where Ruth and Gehrig ran.

Pungent in the nostrils piss follows me
Up the hill where supers sweep trash 
from yesterday’s deals and conferences
Broom bucket hose black bags.

Mothers pull young...Read More
Categories: adamantine, educationworld,
Form: Narrative
Solar Plexus Sun of The Soul 2

Centre, She, who holds the light
Connection abundant placed to description
Concentration, He, in all the names
Of beauty
Filtered from the through put out pouring skies
Entrusted to perception
Before these provoking eyes

Solar Plexus

Third state consciousness and invocation
Her Aeon vibration
These propositions to ignite
The sleeping mirror...Read More
Categories: adamantine, devotion
Form: Free verse
Speak Ye Parts of Speech
sometimes they appear effusively ebullient
need curtailing, pruning
succinctness of clarity demands simple concepts
a fresh way to express tired vernacular
see contrasts that light and dark embody
simile is like a bridge, connecting this to that
ideas behind envisioned conditions
what is seen, what is known
cupid's...Read More
Categories: adamantine, on writing and wordslight, light,
Form: Light Verse
Adamantine State
Pernicious weapons shall not devastate
An unvanquishable nation, an indestructible state
Lust for blood rips thousands’ bodies apart
Each slaughtered by a master of slaying art
Salvaged from inhumanity of humankind
They rise to Heaven for eternal peace of mind
Into the air, their invincible spirits...Read More
Categories: adamantine, life, loss, political, sad, war
Form: Acrostic