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Actualization Poems

Actualization Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of actualization poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for actualization.

New Poems

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“To be or not to be: that is the question” - William Shakespeare

I am ...
Breath-to-breath the breasted thrums
A coursing quick to sear the veins
Molten marrow, binding beast
To the neural tap-dance
Bloated brains borne
A-back their own

I am not ...
Insignificance-to-oblivion the silent pulse
A...Read More
Categories: actualization, appreciation, life, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member my heart's lullaby tale
the ambiance of my rhythm
soars with my rhyme,
feeling the intensity of why
i can’t live without my muse-
for there are heights yet
needed to be reached,
inspiration craved from none

without poetry i would wither into who i used to be,
a woman of dawn...Read More
Categories: actualization, life, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member She Burns Brightly
in the void,
an ebullient life.

Gaia boils
with frustration,
on a flaming scale;
a Deva enflamed,
still destruction’s

Name nailed
in the cosmos,
she prevails;
light years
dare not erase
her sacred face.

God’s other child,
spinning wild,
dervish pyre;
sits in splendor.
this enlightened 
wily cosmological

Her passion burns
amid the churns;
some day
she will burn...Read More
Categories: actualization, planet, poems, poetry, space, star, universe,
Form: Free verse
Nefarious Neurology
The dopamine seductress
Invigorating your animal instinct
Revitalizing your susceptibility to pleasure
and inclination towards familiarity
It is the most diabolical influence
Acting with no regard for psychological longevity
Torturing the pathways into surrendering
to an influx of degenerative saturation
Fulfillment falters
and self actualization settles prematurely
As...Read More
Categories: actualization, psychological,
Form: I do not know?

We have been here as one, bonded by oaths,
Suffering and smiling, smoking and drinking beer,
Because we got a lot of things to bear,
Yesterday, we rose to limelight,
Today, we are neglected and broken.

We are brothers, comrades and not just youths

The suicidal...Read More
Categories: actualization, betrayal, pain, political, religion,
Form: Free verse

Sought Spiritual Enlightenment I Did
Sought Spiritual Enlightenment I Did!

Sought spiritual enlightenment I did
Looked for some kind of self-actualization
Read a whole lot of sacred texts
which taught me of creators, and adversaries gods, and goddesses
stories of heroes, and heroines,
religious leaders professing their faith to both righteous...Read More
Categories: actualization, god, growth, i am, journey, longing, religious,
Form: Narrative
President Elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 2024
President Elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - 2024

Circa...Approximately one month
following her thirty fifth birthday
October 13th, 2024
AOC became the first
female commander in chief,
and youngest person ever

to assume Oval Office
amidst landslide victory
among competing candidates
ousting current establishment incumbent,
elected to serve United States
despite being neophyte,

she...Read More
Categories: actualization, america, angel, blessing, faith, hero, humanity, inspirational,
Form: Epic
The Man Who Always Says Tomorrow
The Man Who Always Says Tomorrow


He was always busy,
Serious and hardworking
Just like you.
He will get married to the love of his life
Soon, just like you.
The man whose dreams scared people away.
Only a few knew him, just like you.

He thought his...Read More
Categories: actualization, art, beautiful, birth, books, encouraging, fantasy, fate,
Form: Didactic
The Path To Least Resistance
The Path To Least Resistance - 
By: Sue S. Side

Amp pull ease just sparked insight,
I suddenly became aware,
(actually self actualization
came ohm to roost - dare
ring with mighty stir since this

Earthling orbited thru the atmosphere
back in time many a passing,
quickening, and...Read More
Categories: actualization, 7th grade, age, cry, dark, goodbye, kid,
Form: Bio
Beyond the sky
Beyond the sky

The plain ground calls,
Like drop of water falls,
Offering bed of roses,
A real or an imaginary paradise it poses,
Below, I wasn’t ready to break more walls.

The blue bowel above remained visible,
Reminding me to soar – it’s advisable,
A much more...Read More
Categories: actualization, endurance, life, recovery from, truth,
Form: Limerick

As the wolves over the rocky snow
Strikes for food and supremacy with
Fierce claws and devouring strength
So lies the desire on all to lead
As the mountain stands tall and
Proud within our land and coast
With all eyes pointing to their
Structural beauty so...Read More
Categories: actualization, 10th grade, 11th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Lyric
Mundanity Doth Not Spell Ennui
Nor do I feel free
akin to noble savage 
(gratis to Jean Jacques Rousseau)  
completely unfettered, and able lee
to fend off unseen banshee,
comically swatting for all to see,

though today February Eighth,
2019 quite similar (i.e. dime
a dozen) to many previous twenty
four...Read More
Categories: actualization, boy, childhood, confusion, destiny, father, fear, health,
Form: Narrative
Congested Without Psychological Rheum
No antihistamine can 
unblock the lifetime
accumulation of stoppered emotional gunk
zapping, undermining, and polluting spunk
mine early life in retrospective avast flunk
stripped mined wasteland qua sinkhole,

where eternal reverberations soundlessly plunk
inescapable deafening, and
blinding this targeted
"scapegoat" bullied by most every punk
wrathful verbal sucker punches,
whereby...Read More
Categories: actualization, abuse, analogy, anti bullying, baptism, conflict, discrimination,
Form: Personification
Lavish Praise Not Sought
Painful self actualization
quickly brights to light
paltry reasons (with or
without rhyme) a desolate sight
within blinkered mindseye hindsight

grotesque grimace shocks with affright
desolate landscape 
precipitated when airtight
vacuum sealed sequestered,
muckraked, furloughed...

which past existence now doth bite
back with a vengeance more agonizing
than any imaginable plight
feeble...Read More
Categories: actualization, dark, desire, memorial, my children, philosophy, prayer,
Form: Metrical Tale
Shari Todd Harris Dunning part1
No acknowledgement could be 
commensurate nar e'er 
equivalent to countless years (scores of orbitz  
of unexplored wonder) – left...
(with millstones around neck)

to atrophy on severe truncated 
limb mitts, now cause
for silent lachrymose as this 
brother doth brook a wake

his...Read More
Categories: actualization, forgiveness, heartbreak, hope, marriage, me, meaningful, mystery,
Form: Bio
Trenchant Recalcitrant Poet Welcomes Animadversion
(alternately titled: aery diction galloped jocosely)

Abbreviation asper "FAKE"
abdication (wishful thinking),
an aberration Trump accepted
abjuration (or alternative) i.e.
ablation, thee apprenticed

president, would never forsake
abnegation (sooner his cold,
dead paws pried loose Putin
on the Ritz Carlton), this
abomination, his indiscriminate

abrogation appears (underwent)
acceleration autocratic accentuation
Americans aver acceptation,
acclamation,...Read More
Categories: actualization, 12th grade, fate, goodbye, hyperbole, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
There’s a turning point in life which
only happen once in a lifetime.
But I have to do it – for myself.
I need to fly, I need to recreate,
I need to search new horizons,
Till I’ll find happiness on my own.
But searching won’t...Read More
Categories: actualization, age, appreciation, goodbye,
Form: Free verse
Prevarication Invites Animadversion Plus Aggravation
After beguiling charisma,
damnable excoriations fixedly,
gamely, horribly, insult jesting,
kibitzing, loosely mindless nattering,

outlandish pablum, quintessentially
representing senseless trumpeting,
unswervingly vapid wordy
yawping zest.

If ye did not already guess from thee 
above blimey claptrap, Das English flap
doodle glib human incorporates jokingly,
kookily, laughably mashedup nonsensical, 

oddly, peculiarly,...Read More
Categories: actualization, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Light Verse
Upon The Firmament Of Hindsight
No rocket surgeon,
     nor brain scientist called upon
but only Rudolf the red nose reindeer
solicited as psychological mentor
yes...undoubtedly countless
     decades removed since queer  
(not very gay at all!)
    ...Read More
Categories: actualization, 10th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
It Fades as it grow
It fades as it grow,
walk out while expecting it to stay longer.
Stunning roses and lilies invite mournful congregation,
champagne toast changed to a pool of blood.

You never sure if is genuine or staged,
sometimes confuses black and white.
Both opportunists and optimists are...Read More
Categories: actualization, 4th grade, anger, art, break up, conflict,
Form: Verse
Fragile Stems

The fragile stems that were 
unnoticed, broke out from the underground
found their way to the earth surface
and smiled to sun for the first time 
They were embracing the warmth of it.
Their inside out showed bellies of
cream yellow colour in...Read More
Categories: actualization, africa, art, beautiful, bible, black love, cool,
Form: Name
Premium Member Servant To Poetry
That's what I am
A Servant To Poetry
I'm dominated by passion
with Muses spreading their light
I've sacrificed myself
freed myself to be ruled
my total being possessed
by forces that overpower
my actions, thoughts
It's as if I am
alienated from reality
in my own domain
in the zone of...Read More
Categories: actualization, devotion, inspiration, writing,
Form: Free verse
A good teacher is nectar to learners
a good teacher is nectar to learners
they sip honey from his brain in freedom
and construct knowledge, skills and values

a good teacher is nectar to  learners
the slow ones find good time to explore
and select petals to obtain mode for self-reliance

a...Read More
Categories: actualization, metaphor, teacher,
Form: Free verse
I just heard
So recently I heard that the present is past
And the future is now, a nudge to peruse fast
Maybe I should have been let into this data sooner
Maybe if I had subscribed earlier

But instead hobbling because of a mislocation of application
On...Read More
Categories: actualization, desire, education, feelings, growth, imagination, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Farewell, Phantoms
I, heart on sleeve ... proudly?
I suppose, in a contrite way ...
But it's beyond my breadth
To control, so it is what it IS.
Indeed, I am a "piner", pure,
I keep memories replete
In my pocket, like so much
Gleaming, priceless gold,
And I take...Read More
Categories: actualization, hope, lost love, relationship, true love, wisdom,
Form: Free verse