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Voice Acrostic Poems

These Voice Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Voice. These are the best examples of Acrostic Voice poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Resolutions

Reverberating through unspoken hopes,

Expanding in that secret space,

So many resolutions now given voice,

Opening doors to conversations between visions,

Like phantom tales of great quests,

Uplifting rhythms –...

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Categories: future, hope,

Rochelle Anne
Ernilando l. Tugaff

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Categories: beauty, bird, flower, garden,

G – Grime the walls
R – Reflect your souls
A – Joy or anger
F – Safety or danger 
F – Freedom is all yours to take

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Categories: anger, art, hip hop,

Read between their lines carefully
East, West understand their logic peacifully
Solidify their potentials proudly
Outline the deadlines of cell and see...
Look out for poor grains of life

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Categories: adventure, angel, appreciation, beauty,

Premium Member Great Escape


Glorious, these midnight dreams they come, 
reaching deeply into the vast aching of my desperate need,
euphoric visions of sublime tranquil beauty appear
as I slumber neath...

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Categories: dream, love, sensual,

Premium Member Great Escape
gone are the things that move me,
real and unreal. gone is the voice that
echoes my essence through me.
after the stuff of routine is done,
this mind...

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Categories: absence, depression, health, sad,

Sonorous Voice
L-et the sonorous voice of faith
E-xpose the lies of the devil; 
N-ever let the good act turn
I-nto deed dark and

D-on't let the sonorous voice of...

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Categories: birthday,

Favoured poems allow me to feel blessed, letting me rejoice
Announcing soul’s gratefulness midst apathetic noise 
Vouching expression anchored upon faith’s poise
Optimizing reflective times, despite doubt...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Sing Happy New Year
I-t's time to sing happy new year, 
S-how your joy and mirth; 
A-llow your heart to beat in rhythm, 
B-ecause today is your birth.
E-agerly sing...

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Categories: birthday,

Sing A Love Song
J-ust let foggy Friday fade, 
E-vading the sky so wide; 
N-ew dawn has broken, 
N-o more pain

D-on't let the hurt remain, the raindrop passes by;...

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Categories: birthday,

Silent Waters Run Deep
S-ilent waters run deep, 
M-aking the river stay serene; 
I-t's truly nice to know
T-hat the insight is

G-et the message from the words, 
U-sing not the...

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Categories: birthday,

Silence Of The Night
A-nother night is serene, 
N-othing is heard but silence; 
G-oing to bed may be later, 
E-ach tick is in good sense.
L-et the voice of the...

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Categories: birthday,

Targeted Individual

  T earing at the seams to scratch its way inside
     E mpty hollow being with the lonliness that I...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, dark, emotions,

Premium Member Deborah Rozeboom - Favorite Teacher

During one year of my high school (I can’t remember which),
Everything was beautiful in one particular class.
Books were not required.
Only imagination and creativity were
An outstanding...

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Categories: teacher,


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Categories: beauty, inspiration, marriage, prayer,


Polite mannerisms 
Often go unnoticed or ignored
Elephant trumpeters marching in the room
Talk of fiction and tall tales
Regarded as falsehoods or popular talk
Your voice and perspective...

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Categories: corruption, humor, poems, poetry,

Mother Teresa

Mary Teresa of Albania became Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
Overcoming many ups and downs on the pious path she set.
Tormented by the agony of the poor...

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Categories: devotion, giving, mother, sympathy,

Premium Member Calliope-inspired by Vijay's Comment
Can't explain
an emotional surge
lingered in thoughts
listless soul speaks
in metered gasps
of breathless sighs
pulse of words fall
eminent on page

September 1, 2019

just scribbling inspired by Vijay's comment on...

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Categories: muse,

Share The Good News
S-hare the good news, 
T-ell them about master plan; 
E-ternal God's design
P-erfectly saves the man.
H-and the good news to all, 
A-im to spread the gospel;...

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Categories: birthday,

Was Never
Do you remember, how the dumb things would make us laugh?
It makes me think, was there a wall before our path?
Remember the late nights on...

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Categories: 12th grade, absence, depression,