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Psychological Acrostic Poems

These Psychological Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Psychological. These are the best examples of Acrostic Psychological poems written by international poets.

In Celestial Limbo
I  Into the void my eye peeks,
N  Never faltering from it’s path.

C  Cosmic dust
E  Exudes etheric bliss, as I float
L ...

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Categories: philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological,

Just Believe In Yourself
B  Believe in yourself
E  Everyone need someone to believe in them
L  Love yourself and have faith in your own value
I  In...

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Categories: appreciation, confidence, courage, faith,

Premium Member Demeanour
Distinct and upright for maturity to be in diaper
Eyes replacing lips, saying words more than that of a rapper
Mouth closes itself, only to open and...

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Categories: celebration, celebrity, character, mythology,

 Synchronicity is something
You see, hear and feel everywhere
Never boring
Comes along without cares
Hearing the same words, music, phrases
Randomly repeating more than
Once or twice in separate...

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Categories: how i feel, inspiration,

Rebecca a 1940 psychological thriller film,
Except the Rebecca is no superstar;
A lady she is there’s no doubt about it,
Ensured they told me, she is from...

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© Dedu Son  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fun,

If you think I am mad
Then you are wrong
I am indifferent to how my ancestors were done
Raped, beat, slaved and hung
Yet you say we still...

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Categories: america, conflict,

by:  Eric L. Boddie

Sin only shuns
Satan owns society
Stress owns success
Success offers selfishness
Selfishness outshines sight
Sight outweighs spite
Something overwhelms solidarity
Serenity only succeeds
Streaks only sustain
Simplify our situations

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Categories: humanity, identity, inspiration, integrity,

42 Seconds
4- 4 minutes have passed.
2- 2 seconds have gone by.
S- Second hand on the clock still stays.
E- Every number stays too.
C- Continuously, the skinny hand...

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© Ibidun O.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cool, history, life, poetry,

Premium Member Philosophizing
People like to analyze what they do,
Hoping to discover just who they are. 
It's one way to see our species anew 
Little groups we can...

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Categories: deep, fate, feelings, humanity,

Certain times we find everything hectic,
Optimism fading away; a silent volcano
Melting within us. Enslaved by cynicism,
Priorities we’ve made for ourselves map
Light, faded tracks in our...

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Categories: conflict, deep, happiness, imagery,

In walked the psychotherapist

New moon like cute and graceful

Twinkling eyes to speak in smile

Everyone looked happily at the

Reassuring beam calm and cool

Every word that for...

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Categories: beautiful, faith, image, inspiration,

Many unbridled blunders have slipped from my naïve soul, but

I have learnt to never whine each time I falter, though

So many lessons here and untold...

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Categories: anti bullying, psychological,

Reduced to nuggets of the dacoit time
Under the burden of spent splendour
Shattered silhouette in a shabby corner
The inexorable skeleton of lovely life 
Entreats the Grim...

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Categories: change, cry, destiny, metaphor,

Anti social
 Ain’t I coward no more? Forsaking everything to be myself again.
 None of it is what you wanted? You said so because you are...

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Categories: irony, psychological, social,

Premium Member Spectacular

S pectacular scenes of serenity
P lease me to a superlative degree
E cstasy completely overwhelms me
C limaxing in total tranquility
T remendous feelings are aroused in me

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Categories: appreciation, emotions, feelings, happiness,

My Favourite poem O DEPRESSION

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Categories: meaningful, people, poems, poetry,

Climbing the Penrose stairs - INFINITIAN
A climb up stairs that have no end                 ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, art, image, imagination,

Panic Attack
Pulse is racing
And chest tight
Nerves are shredded
Ice in lungs
Can’t see through tears

Arrhythmic pounding
Time is near
True or not
Ain’t seeming clear
Can’t you help me, in any way?

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Categories: angst, anxiety, body, confusion,

An amoral appetite
Promiscuous at play
Hot, horny, heavy
Romantic and risqué
Obscene unto obsession
Dirty with desire
Indecorous indulgence
Shamelessly salacious
Immoral and impure
Anxiously addictive
Carnal with no cure...

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Categories: addiction, desire, fantasy, passion,

Premium Member The Sherlock
Stealthily, he observes his subject, often in disguise.
Habitually, he delves into the opium world, to explore.
Eyes darting, ever alert to details, however insignificant.  

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