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Murder Acrostic Poems

These Murder Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Murder. These are the best examples of Acrostic Murder poems written by international poets.

An age of convenience 
Brutal and unyielding 
Omits true compassion 
Relating to human rights 
Treating the unborn baby 
In a murderous fashion 
On the pretence...

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© W.A. CHOLT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortion, evil, murder,

Sue's husband was a control freak
Ted told her what to do and when to do it
Right down to what and when to eat 
And what...

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Categories: abuse, dark, relationship,

Premium Member M O N E Y
M	Makes some people crazy

O	Ordinary people kill for it

N	Not often, but sometimes…..

E	Everyone might agree

Y	You need some of it to get by, but not a lot.


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

Premium Member Native People
Noble heritage they cannot erase

Ancestor’s plight laid bare for all to see

Tribal identity etched in each face

Invincible spirit our pedigree

Various attempts meant to “civilize”

Expanding demands...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, courage, discrimination, murder,

I always think, big big and bigger
Less do I forget, asking why and why?
Of all that happen, not a moon bigger
Very little do care, why...

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Categories: africa,

Premium Member Sign Of The Times
Striking teachers demanding higher pay
Immigration hiccups giving "dreamers" a migraine
Gun violence perennially choking America's throat
Numerous scandals plaguing Washington politicians

Outspoken Parkland student activists take to the...

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Categories: analogy, angst, humor, metaphor,

Sign of the times
Scandalous governments

Inflicting misery,

Genocidal tendencies

Nuclear threat,

Our humanity next

For extinction,

This malicious legion

Harnessing hate and greed,

Extermination of other species,

Trespassers on nature

Insanity is their policy,

Murder and maiming vicariously,

End of...

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Categories: death, earth, environment, hate,

Premium Member HUMANITY

He sneaks stealthily
Making use of the shadows
Analyzing the surroundings
Nondescript in appearance
Indiscriminate in his selection
The shooter
Yellow coward

16 November 2017...

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Categories: betrayal, death, evil, hate,

Erased memories
I once wore thoughts of you like a golden robe
I held onto them like a king who never lets go of his scepter 
In my...

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© Collins Cp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: poetry,

Food poison
Food poison 

F-fast cash is making china crazy
O-only what they think about africa is
O-only how to sell their fake
D-deadly poisonous food as

P-people unknowingly eat
O-over and...

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Categories: abuse, africa, hurt, murder,

Knowing precisely the consequences of my actions didn't stop me.
If anything, it made my desires burn bright
Like a fiery beacon. 
Looking back now, I can...

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Categories: murder,

Premium Member Denouement
Drama heightened on the makeshift stage...
Eve, protaganist, looked with murder face.
Not daunted, she, but the
Others looked uncomfortable on scene.
Unspeakable took place!
Eve, with murder face, drew

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© Julia Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imagery,

Through their eyes
Trembling with anger, I fall to my knees.
Hiding in the darkness, amongst the trees.
Running from these monsters, I will do no more.
Only my own revenge...

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Categories: anger, dark, death, fantasy,

Premium Member Criminal Minds
Crimes twisted and horrible are solved by a group of Elite FBI profilers,
re-runs I watch even though I have seen them several times, it matters...

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Categories: murder, mystery, violence,

rain drips on roof .    .    .
Establish Your Kingdom on Earth
a sense of solitude collides in my heart
Maybe...I can...

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Categories: grief,


Blow hard

Back Biter
Anti - Christ

Oval Office                   ...

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Categories: america, angst, betrayal, corruption,


Reaching to the sky in terror, another helpless victim of an
Inconceivable crime cries out for mercy. Blood curdles as screams 
Pierce the night of London...

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Categories: dark, death, murder, mystery,

MOZART acrostic

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Categories: music, children,

Premium Member taliban
T	hose beautiful little girls you tried to kill
A	 s they waited in their school van at the end of the day
L	ive another day to remind...

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Categories: angst, people, places, war,