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Funny Acrostic Poems

These Funny Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Acrostic Funny poems written by international poets.

Boat Similes
Abacus yacht boats pleasy
Banana boats are queazy
Catamaran boats squeezy
Dinghy boats all out easy
Eagle Craft boats too cheesy
Fishing boats yet so breezy
Game boats crazy uneasy
Houseboats creepy...

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Categories: simile,

Premium Member Strawberry Ice Cream
Dish held my sugar cone
Ice cream of plump strawberries they were not alone
Sunny afternoon this was sweet when I was young
Hushed my talking tongue.

Date Written:...

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Categories: cool, fun, love, summer,

Premium Member Daddy
Daddy you are the very best
Always loving and so kind
Doing homework~helping me to learn
Doing shopping together is a real treat
You were my angel sent from...

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Categories: child, love, memory, school,

Premium Member Purple Rose Flower
Purple is a royal color
Unknown to many
Roses come in many colors
Pretty flowers in many sizes
Little roses are so very sweet
Eleven is not enough~twelve is always...

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Categories: flower, love, purple, rose,

Premium Member What Fascinates Me
Please say thank you~don't be rude
Ever sit and watch people feud
Over the hills and valleys to
People say crazy things that make me come unglued
Laughing until...

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Categories: blue, crazy, fun, humor,

Premium Member HOPE
Hope is something we all need
Over each twenty-four hour period
People die without it
Everyone needs hope to survive 

Date Written: 4/11/2022

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Categories: day, night, people, time,

Premium Member Weather
Windy today so hold on to your hair.
Easter is on it's way with snow in the air.
Air filled with pollen so hide for a few...

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Categories: flower, rain, snow, sun,

Premium Member World Peace
World peace one cannot buy
Over the sky
Round the mountain's eye
Lands near~~far and high
Decades this has been the cry


People ask why
Everyone wants to say to...

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Categories: cry, evil, goodbye, mountains,

Premium Member Leon
Eager to try new things
Ornery and funny
Notorious for being hard to wake -up...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member HOPE
H ope for a better tomorrow
O n this earth
P eople will survive
E verything 


Date Written: 2/1/2022
Note:Acrostic Write

Honorable Mention

Hope Contest Judged: 2/16/2022
Sponsored by: Mohan Chutani...

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Categories: earth, people, together, world,

An Adjuration from Azure Skies
A   Azure heavens charged with God’s delight
N   nestle fine-spun ‘round the radiant sun.

A   Adjuring men to look up outdoors...

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Categories: 11th grade, appreciation, blue,

Premium Member Heavenly Angel
Have you ever hear an angel speak
Every day an
Angel will speak to me
Very softly
Even when I want to sleep
Nearly all the time
Loving words she does...

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Categories: angel, hello, spiritual, sweet,

Premium Member Winter
Winter is on it's way
Ice to skate on not clay
Nice day to go out and play
The huge clouds are all gray  
Even the sun...

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Categories: day, fun, rain, sky,

Premium Member Tainted Dinner
The meal seemed amazing
Apple pie hot out of the oven was blazing
Ice cream with caramel sauce made it very pleasing
Now one more toast we are...

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Categories: celebration, drink, family, food,

Premium Member Sweet So Sweet
Sweet so sweet just like candy corn.                  ...

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Categories: candy, day, kiss, love,