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Corruption Acrostic Poems

These Corruption Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Corruption. These are the best examples of Acrostic Corruption poems written by international poets.

E-dging ever closer to a
u-niversal link between the
p-eople who oppose all
h-ateful despots who encroach
o-n precious freedoms be they
r-ight or left wing motivated spectres
i-n a world...

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Categories: care, corruption, courage, dedication,

Welcome to Trump Land
I name call.  Berate.
Manipulate.  Dictate.
Pressure.  Bully.  Fabricate.
Endlessly lie and discriminate.
Accost.  Harass.  Intimidate.
Cackle loud as I Twitter hate.
How else will...

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© Deb Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, bullying, corruption, discrimination,

rEQuiem for a nightmare
Imagine Earth itself to be just another Troy, from which, after having raged
In countless battles from Tyre to Megiddo has not been conquered, only aged

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Categories: 11th grade, adventure, anniversary,

Targeted Individual

  T earing at the seams to scratch its way inside
     E mpty hollow being with the lonliness that I...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, dark, emotions,

Premium Member TULSI GABBARD

T-Tulsi is tenacious and not one
to take any guff!

U-Unshakeable and uncrushable
under "missing email"...

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Categories: anti bullying, corruption, humor,


Polite mannerisms 
Often go unnoticed or ignored
Elephant trumpeters marching in the room
Talk of fiction and tall tales
Regarded as falsehoods or popular talk
Your voice and perspective...

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Categories: corruption, humor, poems, poetry,

Premium Member This All Could Be

Transitions towards a worldwide truce
Highlight our hearts, hopes, hymns and 
Inspire us to embrace peace as a truth
Spread globally strong from love’s roots.

All prayers seek...

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Categories: change, corruption, freedom, inspirational

Premium Member Apocalypse---

Abortive gorgons cling.
Political messiahs creep.
Other dystopias eschew.
Called messiahs lament.
American messiahs laze.
Lyrical raptures luxuriate.
Youthful doomsayers linger.
Private revelations lurk.
Startling revelations cower.
Environmental catastrophes cavort.

Written by James Edward Lee...

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Categories: assonance, community, conflict, corruption,

Imparted with divine nature* thru my Saviour
Dead to self am I toward righteous behavior.
Empowered by Holy Ghost’s ministering might
Nourished spirit of mine seeks to shine...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, faith, god,

True Justice

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Categories: community, jesus, love, people,

  Totally typical of you to doubt me so, no doubt
Yet, there were times when you helped me out
Pain and suffering doesn’t last a...

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member Inebriate
Insanity constantly enslaves and mocks
No break, no pause, the appetite always knocks
Enough, never registers, his life, it sucks
Beer and gin, in his long gut line...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, drink, wisdom,

Premium Member When You Vote
When you go to the polls to vote,
Have knowledge of your candidate choices.
Each voter must have education and hope;
Now people constitutionally, do have voices.

You will...

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Categories: community, courage, education, leadership,

Premium Member Thanksgiving
There’s so much that, 
has to be answered for by government rats.
Another thanksgiving; 
new stories folks will impart to the living.
Kind souls remember the pain,...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, dark, death,

A – Again and again
F – Freedom is
R - Reduced
I - Into
C – Conformism for lack of
A – Alternative opportunities

A – Another man
F – Flees...

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Categories: adventure, africa, beauty, community,

Them belly full
Them belly full
but they are hungry
very hungry
A hungry MAN
is an angry MAN
Most of them betrayed
while they are
shocked and broke
Vision is blurry
as worrying
is looming

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Categories: corruption, dream, freedom, humanity,

P laying as clever and dirty as possible
O nly speaking from one side of your mouth at a time
L obbying for individual gain
I ndifference to...

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Categories: corruption, political,

Premium Member NEW ORDER

S ucculent forests now barren, almost dying
I n the hands of thieves hungry for fortune, while
G lobal warming  crushes nature’s environ
N otwithstanding  war’s...

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Categories: corruption, life, society,

sign of the times
Standing still is certainly not an option 
Ignorance of technology expect corruption,
Guarantee your safety, protect your identity 
Never divulge passwords, just think security,

Over decades so...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: identity, internet, technology, today,

Premium Member SIGN OF THE TIMES

Sinister snarling swindling scandalous scoundrels secretly slither shamelessly
Implicitly interrogated ‘bout innermost insidious illegitimate impertinences
Ghastly Grotesque grimacing gumption gorging gruesome gimmicky gossip
Netherworld’s nauseating narcissistic nefarious nature...

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Categories: corruption, dark, humanity, society,