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Child Acrostic Poems

These Child Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Child. These are the best examples of Acrostic Child poems written by international poets.

She walks like thunder and laughs like a child
Cries like the rain and smiles like the sun
Loves like diamond and breaks like glass
Talks line an...

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Categories: muse,


Christmas comes in long nights of winter
Honoring a child born so long ago
Restoring hope for peace on earth
In angel’s songs and shepherds bowed low
Sleeping child...

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Categories: angel, christmas, holiday, jesus,

Premium Member Watch Children Laugh
With an open heart and a loving mind
Affection flowing from my grateful pores,
The sight that so beautifully spends my time,
Children laughing and playing out of...

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Categories: child, grandchild, joy,



          Joyous entrance to begin a year

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Categories: january,

Premium Member Leave Me Alone
Leave me alone please, the disturbingly patient but truly sick woman said.
Every time she was mysteriously interrupted, she was brought out of bed.
After the six...

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Categories: how i feel,

Premium Member Children Should Be Immune To Cancer

Cancer strikes terror in people.

Awful prognosis, scars a family.

Nasty disease that hurts and kills many.

Children should be immune, but they are not.

Everyone thinks they know,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Whimpish
Wrong in taking risks, acts too fragile like the fish
Highest level of this strong will ends in a wish
Improper experience, lacking growth, and childish
Mama is...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, character, child,

Odatella be otis, ye bellos i am not infantile villain odeeon me
Sake it Salem, be clivas, be  yet   homage  as the...

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Categories: abortion, adventure, age, allah,

Christmas brings all kinds of things
Happiness for starters and Christmas bells
Ringing loud make us want to sing
It also brings great smells
Smells of pumpkin, cinnamon and...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, christian, christmas,

Remembering the precious time we shared
Although it went to quick a fleeting glance
I bear the sadness of your birth and death
Never far from my thought...

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Categories: angel, baby, bereavement, child,

Premium Member C H R I S T M A S
Child-like enthusiasm at Christmas time is not easily duplicated.
Hearty laughter surrounds a family reminiscing about other Christmases.
Rich pastries, cookies and candy only found once a...

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Categories: holiday,

Premium Member Spring To Life
Sagas of my arrival are told each year
Proud of my stats in producing cheer
Reviver of warmth, God uses me
In the deed of producing fine flowers...

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Categories: beauty, flower, god, spring,

Premium Member Flaking Frescos

Breathtaking beauty blazes the trees,

Each leaf a canvas for nature's brush.

Autumn mixes colors to please 

Unveiling shades that make green leaves flush. 

Tinged yellow, orange,...

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Categories: 10th grade, autumn, beautiful,

Premium Member Child Abuse

Child learns to be
Hyper-vigilant, secretive, quiet, unseen, un-hungry,
Initiate to violence, hiding in corners, 
Little relief or sleep, waiting and fearing,
Disturbing feelings of mass destruction

Adult stuff...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse,

Cheeky monkey
Hello trouble!
Everything to be tidied up,
Everything, I said!
Kiss Daddy? 
You cheeky monkey!

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Categories: child,

Pampered like a child, Lord, your grace
Abounds in my heart; and on my face,
Reverence for you beams with gratitude
Affording me with a humble attitude.
Demonstrating your...

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Categories: spiritual,

Pure Heart Of A Mother
P-ure heart of a mother 
U-ses complete care and love; 
R-igorous attention to her child 
I-s inspired by God above. 
T-he pure heart of a...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member My 1960's Acrostic
T	The Beatles and the Monkeys are here
H	Hippies are spreading free love and good cheer
E	Everyone recognizes the yellow happy face

S	Signing up for the draft is a...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Juneteenth
Jesus said no man knows the day or hour
Undoubtedly, in which He will return in power
Nearer we are to that time approaching
Evidenced by sin's rapid...

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Categories: bible, christian, heaven, jesus,

Eyes Of A Child
I-n the eyes of a child
N-othing is a deep secret; 
C-hasing rainbow is a dream, the view is far from fret.

L-et the eyes of a...

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Categories: life,