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Cheer Up Acrostic Poems

These Cheer Up Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Cheer Up Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Cheer Up poems written by international poets.

Dangerous Mind
The mind is a most dangerous thing,
Forcing memories into replay,
Endless relived moments drowning bring
Snippets in time more real than today. 
Paralyzing sadness is trouble
Which the...

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Categories: cheer up, cinderella, encouraging,

Jubilation-filled journey awaits me this New Year and its wondrous days

Assured by my Almighty God*, commencing in January with His anchoring grace

Nourished thru His love,...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, cheer up,

Premium Member Buoyancy
Bright light so useful, suddenly goes off
Under great pressure for love to rebuff
Open challenge for living to be tough
Youthfulness, marred by emotional cough
And surrounded by...

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Categories: beauty, cheer up, feelings,

Red Array
G-ray clouds have gone by, 
R-aindrops fade away; 
E-arly dawn has broken 
T-o cheer up the Sunday. 
H-appy day of her birth 
E-liminates the long...

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Categories: birthday,

Who do you think you are?
How did you think it would end?
Averages, so bad
Total it
Even the ones you don't
Verify the lies
Even you told

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: break up, cheer up,

Stop this pounding in my head
Tired red eyes full of dread
Reading lines and lines of words
Every time I stand it hurts - ouch!
Sleepy mornings go...

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Categories: cheer up,

hangover reflections
Hang Over Reflections

Last night a Korean friend from Virginia came for a two week visit He brought with him a 30-year Bottle of Ballentine whiskey....

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, celebration, cheer up,

All is well, God’s in full control ever
Lifting your spirit; leaving you never
Leading thru His light as your faith-driver!

In this dearth-despair midst ailment’s fever
Still, God...

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Categories: blessing, cheer up, encouraging,

Premium Member MIND LOST TIME
Something tells me in the passage of time,:   I'll no longer be losing my mind

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2018...

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Categories: anxiety, character, cheer up,

One Smile Comes From You
B-eautiful Monday breaks, 
E-rasing the Sunday night; 
V-ile weather disappears, 
E-ven the dusk and twilight. 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
L-ighting up the day; 

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Categories: birthday,

I missed u
I inside me you dwell

M missed you day n night
I  i found you are the only delight
S so don't  leave me time n...

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Categories: absence, allegory, allusion, angel,

D- Do you know where he/she is?
I- I cannot find him/her?
S- Shouldn't I have been with him/her, then none of this wouldn't have happened?
A- All...

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© Ibidun O.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, cheer up, deep,

Hidden under the honeysuckle
and hibiscus
Lies a stone.
And as I sit, drinking a gin and tonic
Looking over the spent plates
where crusty bread
fried calamari, which is a...

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Categories: absence, america, art, beautiful,

Let The Fire Inside Ignite
N-ight chill has turned
I-nto one warm sunrise; 
D-ecember sixteenth morn
A-ims to dry your eyes.

R-ed beacon in the sky
E-liminates the rain; 
V-ile weather turns fine, 

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Categories: birthday,

Keeping Your Eyes Aglow
M-orn fifteenth February 
I-s lovely, fresh, and warm; 
D-awn is keeping you 
A-way from any harm. 

S-un has come shining 
T-o brighten up your day;...

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Categories: birthday,

Allow Your Heart To Glow
A-llow your heart to glow, 
N-ew day sets things aright; 
G-ray clouds don't gather, 
E-arly Monday morning

F-rom dawn till dusk, 
E-ach mist isn't in view;...

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Categories: birthday,

M atching
A shes with
R ejoice of the
C heerful season
H our!

Copyright Rita Solis Radius. 3/1/17. Acrostic poem MARCH. All rights reserved....

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Categories: cheer up, faith, joy,

Spring Is Coming Soon
Society anticipates every late March,
Patiently awaiting the seasons rain drops,
Rain soaked ground all around,
Inadvertently will help nature rebound,
Galoshes put on little ones feet,

I remember my...

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Categories: cheer up, nature, rain,

Kind Words Of True Wish
K-ind words of true wish, 
U-sed without any lie; 
R-emembering your birthday, 
T-wenty-seventh morn in July.

C-orrect words of true wish
L-et your face wear a smile;...

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Categories: birthday,

Make It To The Top
R-adiance of reflecting rays
O-f the sun spreads everywhere; 
L-ightness lets the dawn
A-chieve the time to shine brighter.
N-ight before the early morn promises to vanish at...

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Categories: birthday,