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Animal Acrostic Poems

These Animal Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Acrostic Animal poems written by international poets.

Premium Member ZOO--
An Acrostic by James Edward Lee Sr.

Zoological gardens steady shine
Owning old young bear cubs
Old gardens  glows and glimmers

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2019...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, animal,

3-word Poem
A Hollywood Handbag's Response to the Latest Gossip


Contest sponsored by Mr. Bobby May, international poet. Submitted this day the 24th of February, year of...

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Categories: animal, dog,

Premium Member January
Juggernaut winds howling south;
Arctic colds, chill, in their mouths.
No respite through winter days
Unless north creep sunshine’s rays.
And the groundhog comes too late
Relegating to its fate

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Categories: animal, fate, january, nature,

Needness is alone
Needness is alone 

How my ruffness going like a rock fall from the mountain 

How my eyes catch the movement of my life to not...

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Categories: animal,

evil woman
she curses him
insults and curses
she speaks ill of him
and makes him target
in her verses
she screams to curse
and speaks to unravel
and her mind is sultled...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, angel, anti

Great are the savannahs
It's amazing to see them
Right where you always roam
Always in search of food
From the treetops you look down
Far and wide is your...

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Categories: africa, animal, appreciation, earth,

Premium Member The Leopard
The most elusive of all the big cats. A patient, intelligent, efficient
Hunter prowling and striking at prey with deadly intent and precision 
Enigmatic. Adaptable. Strategic....

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member SEAHORSES
Swimming side by side in unison among red coral,
Entwining occasionally in their colourful pre-dawn dance,
A pair of small creatures resembling 
Horses of the sea 

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member Elephants
Eons of majesty, nobility, pride
Lore of wisdom, insight, statues idolize
Empathetic and kind, they shield and abide
Perseverance through vanishing lands, through hunter's knives
Hallowed grave sites, they...

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Categories: animal, spiritual, strength, wisdom,

Premium Member Crocodiles Lying In Wait
C	Crocodiles lying in wait
R	Relaxing, dreaming of fresh meat
0	Ordinary floating
C	Choose their prey carefully
K	Kin to an alligator?
0	Oldest kind of creatures
D	Doing what comes naturally
I	Indigenous to swamps
L	Longing to take...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

I wish I was
I wish I was an eagle soaring

With golden wings of light

Incandescently gliding across a moonlit sky

Swooping, diving, rising upwards

Harbouring dreams of a new age

Idyllic is...

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Categories: animal, bird, immigration, mountains,

Deadly humanity

Exterminating all

Forests along with animals, 

Outrage should be how we feel

Restitution should be our aim, 

Eradicating corporate greed

Senseless destruction, 

The cutting and burning of...

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Categories: environment, inspiration, tree, uplifting,

Lickety Split
Lightning striking a wooden gate
Iridescent rainbow colors that seem to fluctuate
Cheetahs chasing after their prey
King Cobras lunging bite's that can slay
Eyes sending messages to the...

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Categories: animal, nature, technology,

Premium Member Lance Out I Strike With Line LICKETY SPLIT GIDDY UP HORSE

L-   Lingeringly lively
I-   Instants in a jiffy
C-  Chop-chop
K-  Kwikly...

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Categories: allusion, animal, engagement, travel,

What are the ocean like?
How do you traverse them?
Are they as vast as we imagine?
Long and deep are your travels
Everything you do is massive
Sometimes I...

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Categories: animal, beach, deep, earth

Premium Member C A T

Cautiously, creeping, close to the ground

Aloof,  mysteriously independent. Assertive about what food he’ll consume,

Trickster, sneaking around, following his own agenda.

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Categories: animal, cat, children,

Premium Member Carmel
         Canine Companion, buddy and pal
         Always do everything...

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© Amya Ranck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, best friend, dog,

Premium Member DOLPHINS
Delightfully friendly dolphins can live for over forty years 
Observe them swim with synchronised movements
Leaping out of the water in perfect unison
Prey such as fish...

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Categories: animal, anxiety, nature, ocean,

So many stones have been thrown at me, 
That I'm not frightened of them anymore, 
And the pit has become a solid tower, 
Tall among...

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Categories: animal, arabic, business, candy,

Premium Member Time to Travel
N ovember is when we see family
O n the Blue Ridge Parkway we do ride
V ery vivid Reds, Oranges and Yellows on the trees
E very...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, mountains,